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Sweet Swag From The 57th Presidential Inauguration

Yesterday was Inauguration Day, folks, and today almost a million people are expected to crowd the National Mall to hear President Obama’s inaugural address. If you’re itching to commemorate the ceremonial occasion, there’s plenty of inauguration swag for sale—and it’s awesome.

inauguration swag 2013

From pop art buttons and pullovers to tube socks and designer tote bags, the political merchandise extends far beyond the buttons that have been political mainstays since George Washington’s inauguration in 1789.

Obama supporters can snap up their swag online or at an official merchandise store in D.C. The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), which sells the gear, says this year’s hottest items are tube socks, and yes, promo buttons. You can’t beat a classic, we guess.

For those throwing inauguration parties (if that’s your thing), there are champagne flutes to toast President Obama and even donkey-shaped cookie cutters to keep the snacks politically themed.

Of course, for those who want to show off the lovable First Dog, there’s plenty of Bo swag for sale, ranging from baby onesies featuring Bo’s pawprint to Snow Bo buttons.

Supporters can score swag at all price points, too. Buttons are two for $5, and for a cool $7,500, they can get an official medallion set with medallions cast in bronze, silver and gold. Talk about a major conversation piece for the home.

All the swag, from lapel pins to blankets, are American-made, and all proceeds benefit the 2013 PIC.

“They’re special reminders of the historic events of the weekend, and allow people to take a piece of the weekend home,” Matt Bevon, PIC national spokesperson, said in a TODAY article.

Even the President himself and Vice President Biden are receiving some swag today: Lenox crystal vases. It’s proof that when there’s a meaningful event, promotional products are just the way to commemorate it.


Election Swag: Eight Great Promotional Products From The Campaign Trail

It’s Election Day, and we can’t help but look back on some of the promotional products used on the campaign trail. Some promo items were traditional; others, creative and cool. And some were a little unexpected, which made them all the more intriguing. Jewelry? Dog sweaters? We’re listening.

Any way you look at it, these logo items were a brilliant way for Obama and Romney to build their brands and cement their names in the minds of voters.

Here, in case you missed them the first time around, are some of the more memorable promotional items from this election season.

promotional magnet

Obama vintage promotional car magnet. It’s a cool way to make people feel part of the campaign fleet.







custom decal

Romney custom window decal. When moms want the world to know who’s getting their vote, this promotional sticker is the way to show it.






promotional sweatshirt

Bo Obama custom sweatshirt. Bo is furry, loveable and cute, which means kids are totally on board with showcasing him on their apparel.






promotional iphone case

Romney custom iPhone case. Here’s a patriotic iPhone cover that lets people show their support while keeping their phone safe and secure.






promotional products

Joe Biden promotional products. Cup of Joe is clever, the custom can holder is handy, and promotional buttons are political mainstays.






custom necklace

Romney promotional necklace. This silver-plated ‘R’ necklace is something special for female Republican voters.







custom apparel

Obama custom dog sweater. When people want their pup to show their political leanings, this custom pet apparel is the way to go.






custom tote

Romney vintage promotional tote. Vintage is in, making this custom tote bag a trendy way for supporters to schlep their stuff.


Custom Lotion Sparks An ‘Eau’-Lection

Election-themed promotions are everywhere, and one that we find particularly creative uses custom lotion.

Bliss, the luxe beauty brand that’s made a name for itself with playful product titles, has launched a face-off between two limited-edition varieties of custom lotion: ‘O’bama and ‘Mint’ Romney.

custom lotion

Keeping true to party colors, the orange-scented ‘O’bama lotion is packaged in blue, and the minty ‘Mint’ Romney moisturizer is in red. Customers can pick a bottle for free after they spend $50 on Bliss products, or they can head to a Bliss spa location and snag one for $6.

How cleverly capitalistic of Bliss: Make the custom lotion a gift with purchase to inspire more spending, or draw people into a spa for some pre-voting pampering. That’s smart marketing with a political twist.

Of course, it’s all in good fun. Bliss’s president, Mike Indursky, told The New York Times: “There’s a lot of mean-spirited politicking going on. So we thought, ‘Why not have fun with it?’”

The custom lotion first appeared as giveaways at the Republican and Democratic conventions, and Bliss staffers polled attendees which candidate and corresponding scent they preferred. The company continues its ‘eau’-lection on Facebook and Twitter. ‘O’bama leads at 62% with ‘Mint’ Romney at 38%.

Bliss’s tagline for the lotion says it all: May the best scent win!

Promo know-how tip: Custom lotion and other promotional beauty products make excellent giveaways—especially when you’re targeting an all-female audience.


Political Promos: Ron Paul Custom Action Figures

If there’s anybody that loves promotional products, it’s our country’s politicians. For years they’ve branded bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, banners, flags, yard signs, and just about anything else they can fit their names on. But some candidates, like Ron Paul in this example, take promotional merchandise to the next level!

Ron Paul’s Revolution PAC announced yesterday a line of collectible action figures bearing the likeness of the Republican presidential candidate. These limited edition custom toys stand 12″ tall and come in two styles: “Commander-In Chief Paul” comes with a sharp suit and mini U.S. constitution; “Super Hero Paul” is clothed in a stylish cape. Both figures speak a message and come with a price tag of $94.95.

Regardless of your personal politics you have to give credit to the creative brains behind these instant classic political promos. Although they aren’t cheap they are sure to be in high demand among vocal supporters, and they even create an opportunity for Ron Paul’s campaign team take a jab at the other candidates: “This is the only way that Ron Paul can be bought,” says Revolution PAC chair Gary Franch.


Protest Promos: Syrians Release Imprinted Ping Pong Balls in Damascus

Check out this snippet from NPR. Apparently, political dissidents in Syria are turning to promotional products to sustain the momentum of ongoing protests:

A few weeks ago, anti-government organizers launched a new tactic; releasing tens of thousands of ping-pong balls across Damascus painted with the slogan, “Bashar must go.”

At first I was surprised that promo products had found their way into a political revolution. But then I remembered that politicians have been using promos to spread political messages for decades! These items are an affordable way to reach big groups of people, and they allow people to show unity and solidarity towards a cause. Both of these benefits are obviously important to Syrian dissidents, so it’s really no surprise they’ve started to use this strategy.

The full article can be seen here: With Police Lurking, Dissidents Meet In Syria


Custom T-Shirt: “Health Reform is a BFD”

When the health care reform bill passed last week, a pesky stage microphone caught Vice President Joe Biden eloquently explaining the historical significance of the bill to Barack Obama in no uncertain terms: “This is a big f&$#ing deal!”

Biden’s gaffe became a pretty big deal of its own as it was picked up by major media outlets, but now the Obama administration is cashing in. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with April Fool’s Day, but a pretty hilarious custom t-shirt that reads “Health Reform is a BFD” is now for sale in Obama’s official swag store.

The product description is pretty funny as well: “There are things that are a big deal — birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game. And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans. We worked hard together to make health reform a reality, and now you can celebrate this historic victory with this shirt.”

obama-health-reform-is-a-bfd-t shirt