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10 Creative Promotional Ideas To Put Into Play This Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is approaching (it’s April 22 every year), and you know what that means: It’s time to green up your marketing. For businesses, promotional ideas for Earth Day are plentiful. You can do something good for the planet and create some good will, all while promoting your company on the greenest day of the year.

By participating in Earth Day, you’ll be joining with more than a billion people in 190 countries that are taking action to make the world a better place. Whether your business is deeply rooted in the eco-friendly movement, or this is your first year to do any kind of Earth Day promotion, we have 10 clever ways your company can get involved this Earth Day. Let’s take a look.

1. Hold a contest.

Get your employees, customers and the local community fired up for your company’s Earth Day contest by announcing it with promotional products. It could be any kind of contest: art, photo, essay, logo design. Create a hashtag for your contest and promote it in social media. The winner scores some awesome eco-friendly swag with your company logo. And depending on the type of contest, you might score a cool new logo or piece of art for your office.


custom mug

2. Green-ify the office.

No, we don’t mean unloading a pallet of philodendrons in the break room (though that’s not a bad idea) – we’re talking about greening up the kitchen. Replace Styrofoam and paper cups with reusable custom mugs. You’ll slash expenses in the long run, and staffers will have an eco-friendly way to sip their morning java.





 3. Give out green freebies.

For your Earth Day promotion, think green – literally. Check out what kind of Earth Day festivities are happening in your community, and get involved in the action by handing out promotional items in the color du jour: green. Stay true to the theme of the day by having employees in green custom t-shirts doling out the promos.


custom notebooks

4. Help out a local school.

Would a team of your employees enjoy reading to a class of young students (bonus points if the book is about Earth Day!) or helping them plant saplings near the playground? Reach out to some schools to see where your help might be needed. Make sure to take some leave-behinds promoting your brand – think recycled pencils or eco-friendly custom notebooks.




5. Swoop in as a sponsor.

Look into the Earth Day marathons, walks and runs that are happening in your hometown. You’ll get some major exposure for your business on banners, t-shirts, and registration bags, and you might be able to set up a booth on-site to promote your brand and hand out promotional products.


custom lunch bags

6. Lend a hand at lunchtime.

Give employees custom lunch bags. You’ll be helping them reduce their eco-footprint (no more brown bags) and save money on lunches out, and you’re providing them with a useful gift that’s relevant not just on Earth Day, but every day.





7. Seek out co-branding opportunities.

Earth Day is a great time to connect with like-minded local businesses to promote green initiatives. By collaborating with another business (or two or three) on promo items for Earth Day, you’ll be maximizing your marketing budget while reaching new audiences with your marketing message. Here’s an example of a co-branding campaign done right.


personalized bookmark

8. Make an impact with a mailing.

Inspire your customers on Earth Day by sending them a mailer with a promotional seed kit or seeded bookmark. Get creative – use the mailers to announce a new product or promotion, a green initiative your company is putting into play, or include tips for living a greener lifestyle.







9. Host a donation drive.

Become a rockstar in the community by turning your business into a drop-off location for items people wish to donate or recycle. On Earth Day, nearly everyone wants to chip in and do something for the planet, so be prepared to handle the scope of the project. Recruit volunteers and get employees involved in organizing recyclable goods and donations. Make it fun – hand out a cool promo item to everyone who drops off a donation, or hold a raffle with bigger promotional prizes.


custom golf tees

10. Go green on the green.

Marketing to golfers? Hosting a tournament? Make the switch to eco-friendly golf tees. It’s a simple way to position your brand as environmentally responsible. You have lots of options, too, such as handing out golf tees individually, or tucked inside an imprinted pouch or box.






Don’t just sit on the sidelines this Earth Day – plan a promotion to get your business involved. Participating in Earth Day – even if you just pick one of the ideas we listed above – demonstrates that your company cares about more than just the bottom line. You’re showing that your business is an active member in the world community, in tune with what’s going on, and intent on making a difference.



Swing In To Spring: 2014’s Golf Trend Alert

As spring rolls around and you start planning a corporate outing or charity event, you often find yourself scoping out the nearby golf courses. With an estimated 27 million adults who play the sport, 36% are managers and professionals. What better way to promote your brand or cause than some golf-themed swag? With golf being such a popular sport among both men and women of many ages, promotional golf products are a no-brainer. The merchandise is useful and functional, and as a result, it stays in the hands or bags of your recipients.


Puma custom polo shirt

So what’s on trend in the golf world this spring? In apparel, it’s all about comfort, function and style. The Pantone fashion color report predicts soft pastels paired with vivid brights for spring 2014. Expect to see lots of color on the course this year. Patterns to look for include color block and stripes.









Travis Mathew spring styles

Travis Mathew is a key brand to keep on your radar. After the launch of its golf line in 2008, this progressive apparel company has become a fashion must-have for golfers. This year the Travis Mathew team will be represented by PGA golfers James Hahn, John Mallinger, Chris Kirk and Max Homa. Check out the new Solana No.1 Spring Collection.









BIOFUSION golf shoe

The new BIOFUSION golf shoe by PUMA, designed to give golfers both function and fashion, provides lightweight comfort, performance and style. Pros Rickie Fowler and Jonas Blixt will be sporting these shoes on the fairway this year.



Jamie Sadock golf collection

Let’s not forget about the ladies. With an increase in woman golfers, apparel has been tailored with form-fitting silhouettes and fashionable colors. For a unique style, check out Jamie Sadock’s golf collection, which infuses interesting patterns and bold colors. LPGA champ Beatriz Recari will be seen wearing Oakley apparel & Taylor Made headwear this spring.




Some new gear that was buzzing at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show were PutterWheel practice balls. This item is essentially a golf ball with the sides sliced off, designed with a red wheel liner. Set up your shot, and if you see red, you are not lined up correctly. The challenge is to stroke the PutterWheel squarely; a mis-hit will knock the ball onto its side. A great training tool that is sure to improve your short game, this item can be imprinted with any logo.



Ping gloves

Ping’s new Sensor Sport golf gloves made of cabretta leather and moisture-wicking material are one of the three in the new Sensor Cool line. These particular gloves help keep the hands dry and are durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions. They were recently seen on the hands of golf pro Bubba Watson.



For golf promo ideas, visit and shop our Top 10 Golf Promos.


See How VeraMeat Uses Custom Lollipops To Sweeten The Shopping Experience

custom lollipops

Custom lollipops aren’t just for kids. No, these tasty little gems are perfect for companies that want to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Nothing invites people to take their time perusing a place like having the sweet surprise of a sucker to enjoy. It’s unexpected in a retail setting, and it’s something people pay attention to. Shoppers now have a sweet treat as they contentedly check out your offerings.

Our client, VeraMeat, a jewelry company that began in the East Village and has since expanded to Brooklyn and Los Angeles, offers lollipops in custom-printed wrappers to anyone who stops in to browse its handmade pieces.

The suckers are deliciously on-brand, featuring a graphic designed for the company by illustrator Anja Slibar. Displayed in cool bowls (hand-picked by the designer Vera herself) that look like gold hunks of coral reef, the red custom lollipops immediately stand out.

“We decided to use these lollipops because we were able to customize the graphics, and they come in our store color: red,” says Lauren Wong, Art Director for VeraMeat.

So far, shoppers are eating up the promos.

“We are quickly working our way through an order of 1,000 lollipops – they are very popular,” Wong says. “People are always excited when they see lollipops.”

Lollipops Make Your Brand Pop

With any promotional product, you want the item to get picked up. You want your logo to get seen. Custom lollipops have all the charm and appeal to draw people over. They’re nostalgic in a way, reminding people of their childhood.

You might expect to find a jar of lollipops at the bank or doctor’s office, but when they’re placed in an indie jewelry store in the East Village, they give a certain edge to the place. They’re unexpected amid the eccentric and unusual pieces. Bright red lollipops next to necklaces with vampire teeth and daggers definitely catch you off guard – but it works.

VeraMeat wanted to give customers a little something sweet while they shopped, and people love the idea.

There are lots of ways your company can use promotional lollipops – tradeshow giveaways, mailers, party favors – but there’s something special about placing a bowl or dish of lollipops in a retail setting.

Lollipops are an edible version of rolling out the red carpet for customers. It’s like you’re saying: “Come on in and stay awhile!” They make your customers feel welcome, and they entice them to linger a bit longer. A sweet taste in your customers’ mouths creates an even sweeter taste for your bottom line.


Another Reason Why I Love The Promotional Products Industry: Professionalism

Optimized-tradeshow 17

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a tradeshow for our phenomenal sales team in Minnesota. As ePromos’ Senior Supplier Relations Manager, it is always a pleasure being around suppliers; especially 28 of our top suppliers. I always learn so much.

With any tradeshow, there are always last-minute things that happen. Shipments don’t come in, there’s thigh-high snow, ground blizzards, highs of -2 degrees, and rental cars that only go 40 miles an hour.

However, despite all of the above, the theme of this tradeshow was professionalism.

One example is shipping. You have to love it. Sometimes, you never know when express shipments will actually arrive. When a supplier’s display showed up eight minutes before the show was to begin, I witnessed direct competitors jump into action to help set up a display that normally would take more than an hour in five minutes flat. Professionalism.

Then life and business can cause situations where professionalism is necessary. Fifteen hours before the tradeshow was set to begin, a supplier rep (who had already arrived in Minnesota) was notified that his company had been sold. I was standing next to him when the owner called while the tradeshow was in progress to discuss his fate.

Instead of running out of the show, he said: “I am sorry sir, I am in the middle of a commitment to a customer. I can call you back at …” He performed the tradeshow on one of the worst days like nothing was going on. Professionalism.

I am honored to work with some of the top companies, but most of all top people. It’s another reason why I love the promotional products industry.

Here’s another reason why I think the promo industry is so great.

Check out a few photos from the tradeshow, and for more, click through the album on ePromos’ Facebook page.

tradeshow 2

Optimized-tradeshow 4

Optimized-tradeshow 15


Top 8 Unique Promotional Items To Give Away At A Tradeshow

One of the greatest marketing and networking approaches is the tradeshow. Companies from all over the world gather together at convention to sell their business to the masses. There is one aspect of a tradeshow that attendees look forward to the most: the inevitable booth freebies. Everyone loves free giveaways, and no one expects to leave a tradeshow empty handed.

Having unique promotional items to give away at a tradeshow is an integral part of expanding your brand and making the most of the tradeshow experience. It can be tough to decide which items to invest your capital on with the different promotional choices available. Luckily, ePromos has simplified the selection process by identifying the top unique promotional items.

Get Remembered With Unique Promotional Items

frosted handle custom plastic bag
1. Swag Bag

With all the materials tradeshow vendors give away, attendees will need a way to carry all their corporate swag. A simple frosted handle custom bag will be a much appreciated item. This promotional item is also a strategic marketing tool since other vendors’ items will be hidden inside the bag with your company logo displayed on the outside.






custom lanyard
2. Custom Lanyards

Keep your logo out in the open with a custom lanyard. It is common for tradeshow attendees to be required to wear some form of identifying badge. Having a lanyard displays identification easily, and your brand will be out in the open as people network their way around the floor of the show.






retractable custom badge holder
3. The Name Game

A retractable custom badge holder is another way to put your brand out in the open while helping tradeshow participants show their IDs. An innovative feature of this badge holder is the ability to print ID photos on the underlay of the clip.










Bic Clic Stic promotional pens
4. Write On

Another classic and effective giveaway is the pen. A Bic Clic Stic promotional pen can easily be branded with the logo of your company. Likewise, its product life span continues long after the show, keeping your company’s name at the forefront in the office and at home.







promotional sunblock packets
5. SPF Protection

For summer tradeshow or outdoor events, a SPF 30 sunscreen promotional sunblock packet is a unique way to be remembered. Customize this distinct product with your company’s name or logo.







round custom button
6. Say It With Words

A round custom button adds instant flair to tradeshow attendees. Incorporating a clever image or saying onto the button encourages attendees to place the buttons on bags or clothing, giving your brand extra exposure.





custom gum pack
7. Chew It Up

Combat bad breath and potential sweet cravings with a 12 piece custom chewing gum pack. The sharing mentality means your custom gum pack will be seen by multiple tradeshow guests and beyond.







Top 8 Unique Promotional Items for Tradeshows by ePromos
8. Feel The Energy

A magnetic custom clip is a useful item for reminders, memos, and photos. A common refrigerator item, this memorable giveaway keeps your company’s name or logo alive for years to come.










No matter what you choose to giveaway, make sure you stand out from the crowd and give them something they will use. provides all the options you need for your next tradeshow.




The Craze For Koozies

It keeps your drink cold and your hand warm. For beverage fanatics, the koozie is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Originally invented in 1980 to keep a canned beverage cold, it has become a fun and cost-effective marketing tool. The best promotional materials are ones that people will actually use. Considering that you are investing capital on these goods, you don’t want to invest in items that will make their way into the trash or a junk drawer, never to be seen again. Custom drink koozies are inexpensive and a popular item among sports fans, picnic goers, backyard barbecues, or just people lounging around the pool on the weekend.

The Importance Of Surface Space

Promotional Koozies for your Brand by ePromos

The beverage koozie is like a blank canvas, providing plenty of surface space for your business logo, or messaging you would look to convey to your target market. From logos to images to promotional advertising, this marketing product is useful and always cool. ePromos offers an easy ordering process and competitive pricing on both neoprene and foam options. Likewise, we also provide a myriad of koozie types and designs, including drink insulators for cans and bottles that will satisfy your beverage-temperature-maintaining vision.

Koozie Up For Your Next Event

Custom koozies are also a fantastic way to market an event. When planning an event, you want to maximize your profits while keeping your marketing costs at a minimum. There are always numerous unforeseen expenses when holding an event, and keeping your marketing budget low is important. Custom beverage insulators are an inexpensive choice and can be designed with the date of the event as well as all the information to promote the event as well. In addition, they also make for a memorable keepsake for guests that will be used for years to come.

Promotional giveaways are another popular way to brand your company. From conventions to tradeshows, free merchandise is an attention-grabbing and satisfying way to reach the consumer. Likewise, a koozie also has a long life span making them a great investment, sure to be used over and over again. More than anything, the current craze is helping companies market at a minimum cost, and offers consumers a useful marketing product. Whether trying to attract new business or sell an upcoming event, a custom koozie will do more for you than just keep your drink cold and your hands warm.