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Werner Co. Sponsors NCAA Championship Ladder, Scores Huge Brand Exposure

We have to hand it to Werner Co.—the ladder manufacturer knows how to get major brand exposure. It created a custom, nine-foot stepladder as the official 75th NCAA championship ladder.

When Louisville surged ahead to beat Michigan in last week’s NCAA championship game, that ladder gained Werner Co. some impressive exposure. Nielsen estimates that 23.4 million people tuned in to watch the game—a bigger audience than the last two men’s championship games, and easily the most-watched program on primetime TV last week.

custom ladder

As if that’s not enough, as the official ladder, Werner Co. was part of the iconic net-cutting tradition. The custom, in which the winning team gathers around the basket and collectively cuts down the net to celebrate its victory, dates back almost 100 years.

In the 1920s, the legendary Indiana boy’s high school basketball team would celebrate winning the state title by cutting down the nets as souvenirs.

The tradition lives on.

When the buzzer sounds, a ladder is positioned under the hoops and logo scissors (the scissors are, of course, sponsored too) are brought out.

“The net-cutting ceremony is a rewarding tradition for the winning team, and we are thrilled the ladder will be part of this unforgettable moment,” Chris Filardi, Werner Co.’s Vice President of Marketing, said in a press release.

Louisville took home the commemorative ladder to display for the next year. The ladder is remarkably unique, featuring plaques that highlight each year and the schools that won the tournament dating all the way back to 1939.

It was a glorious moment for Louisville, and Werner Co. was right there for it all. With that kind of brand exposure, there’s no doubt Werner Co. was a winner as well.

Promo know-how tip:

Sponsorship is a way to build prestige for your brand and gain that coveted exposure. Consider using logo signage and custom table covers for immediate visibility, and handing out promotional items to leave your mark on the event. 


The Fortune Cookie Takes A Self-Promo Slant

Cracking into a fortune cookie is an exciting end to the meal at many Chinese restaurants. Reading your fortune (“You will find a bushel of money.”) and those in your group (“Emotions can be sweet and sour, just like your meal.”) is fun. You never know what kind of nebulous forecast or stunning wisdom you’ll find.

fortune cookie

That’s what makes the fortune cookie perfect for a self-promotion campaign. Recipients are naturally curious about the message inside.

fortune cookies

Alessio Maria Centritto, a Sydney, Australia-based advertising professional, turned to fortune cookies when he was new to the country and seeking work. He whipped up a batch of fortune cookies, printed a link to his portfolio as the fortune, and tucked them in Chinese takeout containers. A red ribbon complete with a Chinese coin and the message “This is your lucky day” finished off the package.

Then he mailed them to a targeted list of executive creative directors at some of Sydney’s major ad agencies. For a man looking for work in a creative profession, he nailed it with this self promotion. It’s clever, inventive and a great way to showcase his creative chops. We love it.

As they say, “Fortune favors the bold.” We couldn’t agree more.

Promo know-how tip: Set yourself apart from the competition by creatively engaging your audience with promotional products. If fortune cookies aren’t your thing, we have over 15,000 promotional items to kick up your self-promo.


What Does Your Brand Say About You?

Branding is much more than a logo. Your brand is your company’s products and services come to life. It has a personality and character, and it should reflect your company’s core ideologies.

For a pediatric dentist in New York, branding centers around fun. From the moment you walk into his waiting room, you’re invited to have an enjoyable time. (Yes, even at the dentist.)

dentist office

There are hundreds of pictures of smiling young patients gracing the walls. These grinning faces show other kids that the dentist isn’t so bad, and they’re a fun way to commemorate the visit. At their next checkup, kids can try to spot their photo on the wall. It’s like a real-life “Where’s Waldo.”

From a branding perspective, this dentist really knows what he’s doing. How many dentist offices post pictures of their patients? Not many that we know. It’s a great way to make a name for himself and make a trip to the dentist a memorable one.

Promo know-how tip: Create a great atmosphere with your business to boost customer loyalty and referrals.


Rev Up Your Branding

We love spotting promotional products in use, so we got all paparazzi on this fellow today in New York City.

Check out his logoed backpack and hat—they’re branded with the Smithfield Foods logo and #43 for Smithfield’s sponsorship of NASCAR’s #43 Ford Fusion.

Either this guy loves spiral-sliced ham and the Sprint Cup Series, or he’s a Smithfield staffer who’s proud to show off his company’s brand.

We’re thinking it’s the latter.

That’s the power of promotional products—you don’t have to sponsor a NASCAR driver to get your employees or customers excited about your brand. If you really want to rev up your branding, high-quality, attractive and functional promotional products are the way to do it.

Promo know-how tip: Explore beyond traditional office items for your employees, as Smithfield has done with this sporty Nike backpack and cap. Think about it like this: You want the recipient to be proud to use or wear your logoed gift, so give ’em something good.


Promotional Ice Cream: Blitzburgh Crunch!

I was doing some grocery shopping last night when this interesting promotional food product caught my eye. At ePromos, we do everything from promotional popcorn to custom chocolate.

I live in central Pennsylvania, and as you might expect most of the state is going crazy about the Steelers’ 8th Super Bowl appearance. Well it looks like Turkey Hill found a way to capitalize on the buzz and excitement surrounding the big game with a special edition ice cream flavor – Blitzburgh Crunch.

promotional food item

According to the Turkey Hill web site, Blitzburgh Crunch is “sweet cream vanilla ice cream (uniquely shaded in Steelers’ gold) with chocolate cake crunchies and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl.”

As you can see, Turkey Hill isn’t exactly blazing new trails in the flavor department – but they are doing a great job of working with the promotional opportunities available to them. This product is all about using eye-catching branding designed for a specific targeted audience and specific period of time.

The lesson here is: If you’re trying to boost sales, don’t reinvent the wheel. Work instead to identify high-visibility promotional opportunities (like the Super Bowl) that can draw some natural attention to your brand with a relevant tie-in.

custom ice cream

There are tons of these types of opportunities out there, and a good marketer never lets them go to waste!