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Why DHL’s Guerilla Marketing Stunt Rocks – Real Or Staged

We love seeing awesome guerilla marketing campaigns unfold, and DHL’s latest stunt certainly got our attention.

The shipping giant, in a brazen move to one-up its competitors, got them to advertise that “DHL Is Faster.” It hired rival companies such as UPS and TNT to deliver huge black boxes to addresses that seemed impossible to find.

Here’s where the promo shines (and gets delightfully sneaky): The boxes were painted with temperature-activated ink that remained black in sub-zero temperatures. As the boxes inevitably heated up en route, they revealed the hidden message: DHL Is Faster.

What’s a delivery person to do? The boxes had to be delivered, and in doing so, DHL got free advertising – from its top competitors.

DHL sure pulled a fast one. Everybody who walked past the giant boxes (you couldn’t miss them) saw the bright red words: DHL Is Faster.

Before we give props to DHL for its genius guerilla marketing stunt, it turns out that the shipping company wasn’t behind it after all.

A DHL rep told the Consumerist that the company is aware of the video (which, as of this post, has more than 500,000 views), but did not set up the prank or have anything to do with the video production.

“This was not something that was initiated by DHL,” a rep for the company told Consumerist. “The video was created by an external agency for their own internal competition. We were aware in advance of the intention to use it for this purpose. We were not aware of any plans to share it externally.”

So while it’s not clear if the stunt was a legit prank or just staged for the video, we still think it’s super clever and give it two thumbs up for being some seriously sly marketing.

See for yourself:

DHL black box

DHL box

DHL campaign

DHL stunt

DHL guerilla marketing

DHL marketing


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A Guerilla Marketing Promotion That Hits The Spot

We love a great guerilla marketing promotion. There’s something so clever about reaching out to an audience when they least expect it. It’s a guaranteed way to engage the target market and create hype for a product or offering, and it never goes unnoticed. Guerilla marketing has that unmistakable element of surprise that gets people talking about the brand.

For hungry Brits, that element of surprise involved free bagels.

custom game

The New York Bakery Co., a U.K.-based bakery that aims “to make good bagels. Just like the ones you get in NYC,” dug up some research revealing that many Brits are simply too busy to pause for lunch.

guerilla marketing promotion

It’s solution to the country’s fast-paced lifestyle? A clever guerilla marketing promotion using arcade-style custom games that dispense bagels.

These “Bagel Grabbers” were set up in London’s bustling Hoxton Square and Shoreditch district to dispense bagel goodness around the clock. Way cooler than a vending machine, these custom games let users play for their logo imprinted food. People could maneuver the grabbing arm to try to get their preferred bagel flavor: cinnamon raisin, plain or sesame.

Each bagel was individually wrapped and sealed with a logo sticker to keep it fresh. What a smart way to target the masses and solve their mealtime dilemmas.

guerilla marketing

This guerilla marketing promotion puts a whole new spin on grabbing a quick bite to eat. We love it, New York Bakery Co. And we’re honored that you’re modeling your bagels after those found in our great city.

Promo know-how tip: Guerilla marketing promotions are a great way to solve an immediate need. Is your audience hungry, thirsty, tired, cold? Save the day (while promoting your brand) by using promotional items in a guerilla marketing campaign.