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Top Custom Tech Tools For Travelers

I travel, not as much as I used to, but on average a week a month. Most of these weeks begin at 4 am as I fumble through the house in the dark so I don’t wake my kids. I’ve pretty much packed everything the night before, but I am usually panicked that I’m going to leave something behind.

Enough clothes? (Usually too many.) Check.

Cute shoes? Check.

Comfortable shoes? (It’s not always the same as the cute shoes … ladies you know what I am talking about.) Check.

Toiletries? Check.

Undergarments? Check.

Power cords and charging cables? Um, not always.

Let’s face it: Whether getting on a plane once a month or travelling in your car, there are always technology tools that can help you along the way.

The first thing that is a must for me is a bag. I have to have a functional piece that will allow me to carry my laptop. Here is my preferred bag when flying and my stylish choice when fluttering around town.

Other items I wouldn’t leave home without are:

1. 3-in-1 charger and ear buds.

This pack meets so many of my needs! Ear buds for the plane, car charger for the rental car, and wall charger for the hotel.

2. Power bank.

You can learn more about custom power banks here. I carry one with enough mAh to charge my tablet.

3. Media shelf.

This guy is super handy when at the airport!

4. Cord wrap.

I get so aggravated when I can’t use my ear buds.



5. Zoom travel outlet with USB ports.

Coming to the site soon! No more waiting on an outlet at the airport. Share the wealth with this soon-to-be-on-the-market product that turns one plug into four.


These are just the things that fit into my medium-size hand bags.

So road warriors, occasional travelers like me, or those of you catching windshield time on the way to work: Tech items are a must! Reach out to us on Facebook and let us know what you like to carry. We just might send you a surprise.


How To Use Promotional Products To Add A Personal Touch To Weddings

Promotional products can rock marketing campaigns, but don’t overlook their softer side—they’re also perfect for personalizing a wedding.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be unique and unforgettable, and custom products are just the way to infuse the big day with an extra-special touch. They can showcase the personality of the couple, and they can enrich the entire wedding experience for everyone involved.

promotional productsU.S. couples spend an average of $25,000 on their big day, according to The Wedding Report, Inc. With that kind of investment, guests should remember the wedding.

Promotional products ensure that the big day lives on. They commemorate the couple and the wedding, and they’re lasting reminders of the day that two people said “I do.”

Don’t think promotional products can only be used as wedding favors. We adore buttermints in personalized wrappers as much as the next wedding guest, but there are many other ways to personalize your wedding with custom products.

Here are some ideas for using promotional products to turn a wedding into a gorgeous, personalized experience:

Welcome out-of-towners.

When far-flung wedding guests arrive for the big day, treat them to custom bottled water and personalized snack packs. Go the extra mile by creating welcome packages containing custom bottles of shampoo or lotion. They’ll appreciate the kind gesture, and couples will be creating a personalized experience right from the start.

Thank the bridal party.

Promotional products become lasting keepsakes for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Whether it’s personalized tote bags or custom stainless steel water bottles, custom gifts are symbols of friendship and appreciation.

Enhance the décor.

Personalized banners or signs can both welcome and direct guests. Display them outside the venue, and station them at various places around the reception. Custom tabletop runners make a beautiful addition to the décor, as well as custom beverage napkins and personalized coasters.

Send guests home with something special.

Giving out unique wedding favors is one of the best ways to make a wedding memorable. Custom products can be trend-setting or traditional—it’s all up to the bride and groom. Custom seed packets capture the spirit of outdoor weddings, while wrapped custom candy is a classic, timeless wedding favor.

Promotional products are a way to make a wedding unlike any other. They’re custom-made specifically for the event, giving it a personal, distinctive feel. When store-bought favors and gifts just won’t do, elevate the experience with custom products.

Promo know-how tip:

Incorporate wedding colors into the promotional products or the imprint. Our Brand Consultants can work with you on every detail.



Wedding Ideas That Wow

Summer is a season for weddings, and June is the most popular month for tying the knot. More than two million couples wed in the U.S. every year, and nearly 11 percent do so in June.

If you’re planning a wedding, we have some wedding ideas that wow.  And we’re not just talking about wedding favors—we have everything from custom gifts for the wedding party to custom ideas for the honeymoon.

wedding ideas

For the rehearsal dinner: Custom wine charms
Custom wine charms dress up the table, and they’re a beautiful way to help guests differentiate their wine glasses. You can even add decorative beads to coordinate with your wedding colors.

For bridesmaids: Custom lip gloss
Custom lip gloss lets your bridesmaids keep their smiles picture-perfect. This custom lip gloss has a sweet berry flavor and a light pink tint that coordinates beautifully with any dress color.

For groomsmen: Custom money clip
This top-grain leather custom money clip is a classy way to show appreciation to groomsmen. It’s designed with a magnetic clip to secure loose bills and a pocket to hold credit cards.

At the reception: Woven custom coasters
Add these woven custom coasters to place settings for a lovely custom touch. Since they’re woven—not paper or cardboard— they’ll last long after the celebration.

For the toast: Stemless custom champagne glasses
The wedding toast is a time-honored tradition, and stemless custom champagne glasses are a way to do it in style. Bring them out on anniversaries to re-live the moment.

For favors: Custom buttermints
Custom buttermints are a soft, melty and sweet way to thank guests for attending your wedding.

For the honeymoon: Custom sunscreen
The most popular honeymoon destinations are Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Jamaica. What do all these hot spots have in common? Sunshine, and lots of it. That’s why custom sunscreen is a must for honeymooners.

Promo know-how tip: Adding names or a personalized message to your custom wedding products means they’ll become treasured keepsakes from your wedding day. Check out our Pinterest board for more custom wedding ideas.



Under Armour Uses Custom Backpacks For Good

Under Armour, a company known for its high-tech sportswear and accessories, is using custom backpacks to send a message of encouragement to wounded service members overseas.
custom backpack
Teaming up with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), Under Armour is filling logo backpacks with custom Under Armour essentials such as jackets, t-shirts, socks and shorts. The mission is simple: To honor and empower wounded warriors.

Under Armour makes it easy for shoppers to support our nation’s heroes by packaging essential wearables in tough, rugged and durable custom backpacks. And in honor of their gift, Under Armour sends shoppers a numbered, limited-edition challenge coin, dog tags and a WWP story. These logoed products are a way for shoppers to get a little something back when they give—and one more way for Under Armour to expand its reach.

Promo know-how tip: Custom backpacks are perfect for military personnel, and they help Under Armour spread a message of goodwill and military support. If your company wants to champion a cause, we can help you pinpoint the perfect promotional products for your mission.


Product Showcase: The Top March Madness Products!

With March Madness in full swing and the Final Four just a couple weeks away, now is a great time to run a March Madness themed promotion for your business. Your company can capitalize on the excitement with logo souvenirs and basketball-themed items that will put your brand in the spotlight as NCAA buzz reaches its fever pitch! If you’re looking for some fun and effective March Madness promotions, check out this list put together by the Advertising Speciality Institute. It features 11 different products perfect for companies, bars, restaurants, sports teams, and more:

ASI‘s 2012 March Madness Hot List:

  • Video-playing basketball. Users upload any video, making it a perfect prize for top performers in the office pool.
  • Logoed spatula. Relive tournament highlights this summer with spatulas die-cut with a school or booster club’s logo.
  • Device wraps. Users upload their own picture and wrap their favorite device with college mascots and logos.
  • Basketball net skull cap. Tie into the tournament with pop-a-shot contest between games and give winners fun items like a funky cap.
  • Basketball jersey. Companies can host three-ball competitions and giving away adult-sized moisture-wicking jerseys to organizers and winning teams.
  • Square ball stress reliever. Perfect for squeezing during down-to-the-wire games.
  • Mini backboard and ball set. Businesses can send reps armed with great giveaways for clients to encourage them to join office pools.
  • Basketball helmet. Beverage companies can use as an on-pack promotion for college kids or to reward employees during a company appreciation event.

You can watch the March Madness episode of The Joe Show to see these products in action!


Pan Paper: It Ain’t the Product, It’s the Promotion

When I tell people what I do, the often ask me what cool products we have. This is a legitimate question, but in some ways, it misses the point of what we do. Sure, we have some unique products, but most promotional products are things you’ve probably already seen before. That’s one reason why they’re effective – people use them. The key to a great promotion is taking a product and turning it into an interesting piece of advertising that is relevant to your business and your customers. For example, the butcher paper below is literally just a piece of paper, but with a pan printed on it, it’s also a clever piece of advertising that people will remember:

meat paper