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10 Eye-Opening Stats To Kick Off Promotional Products Work Week

Have you heard about Promotional Products Work Week? For those of us in the promo industry, it’s a chance to celebrate the overall awesomeness of promotional products.

The annual event, created in 2012 by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), was designed to shed light on the effectiveness of promo items.

Whatever your marketing need – from boosting brand awareness to driving tradeshow traffic – promo products can get it done.

Here are 10 facts from PPAI to prove that promotional products work:

Promotional products work -- stat 1

Promotional products work -- stat 2

Promotional products work -- stat 3

Promotional products work -- stat 4

Promotional products work -- stat 5

Promotional products work -- stat 6

Promotional products work -- stat 7

Promotional products work -- stat 8

Promotional products work -- stat 9

Promotional products work -- stat 10


Borrow This Super-Smart Interactive Marketing Idea

When we think about the coolest examples of interactive marketing, billboards don’t typically come to mind. People glance at them as they walk or drive by, and then they’re forgotten.

But not the billboards from Lemon & Paeroa (L&P). The New Zealand soft drink maker put an interactive spin on basic billboards by attaching promotional products. People could walk right up and grab a custom beach towel or a pair of foam flip flops – right off the ad itself.

As summer winds down on the other side of the globe, L&P wanted to remind people to “hold on to summer.” We have to agree – few promos say summer more than colorful beach towels and easy-wear flip flops.

And there’s something about detachable promos on billboards that’s so unique. Free stuff always draws people over – especially when it’s presented in a creative way. Like, oh we don’t know, affixed to billboards.

These billboards are exponentially better than the static ones we’re used to seeing. They successfully engaged crowds of people with useful promotional items while promoting the L&P brand in a fun, unexpected way.

With Spring Break upon us and summer right around the corner, now’s a great time to recreate this marketing idea for your own brand. It’s been a long, cold winter, and people are ready for some fun in the sun. Think about getting your brand out there in a creative way and engaging your customers with perfect-for-summer promos as L&P has done.

Have a look at this smart campaign:

interactive marketing

promotional flip flops

custom flip flops

promotional towel

custom towel

Photos via Design Taxi


Another Reason Why I Love The Promotional Products Industry: Professionalism

Optimized-tradeshow 17

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a tradeshow for our phenomenal sales team in Minnesota. As ePromos’ Senior Supplier Relations Manager, it is always a pleasure being around suppliers; especially 28 of our top suppliers. I always learn so much.

With any tradeshow, there are always last-minute things that happen. Shipments don’t come in, there’s thigh-high snow, ground blizzards, highs of -2 degrees, and rental cars that only go 40 miles an hour.

However, despite all of the above, the theme of this tradeshow was professionalism.

One example is shipping. You have to love it. Sometimes, you never know when express shipments will actually arrive. When a supplier’s display showed up eight minutes before the show was to begin, I witnessed direct competitors jump into action to help set up a display that normally would take more than an hour in five minutes flat. Professionalism.

Then life and business can cause situations where professionalism is necessary. Fifteen hours before the tradeshow was set to begin, a supplier rep (who had already arrived in Minnesota) was notified that his company had been sold. I was standing next to him when the owner called while the tradeshow was in progress to discuss his fate.

Instead of running out of the show, he said: “I am sorry sir, I am in the middle of a commitment to a customer. I can call you back at …” He performed the tradeshow on one of the worst days like nothing was going on. Professionalism.

I am honored to work with some of the top companies, but most of all top people. It’s another reason why I love the promotional products industry.

Here’s another reason why I think the promo industry is so great.

Check out a few photos from the tradeshow, and for more, click through the album on ePromos’ Facebook page.

tradeshow 2

Optimized-tradeshow 4

Optimized-tradeshow 15


Top 8 Unique Promotional Items To Give Away At A Tradeshow

One of the greatest marketing and networking approaches is the tradeshow. Companies from all over the world gather together at convention to sell their business to the masses. There is one aspect of a tradeshow that attendees look forward to the most: the inevitable booth freebies. Everyone loves free giveaways, and no one expects to leave a tradeshow empty handed.

Having unique promotional items to give away at a tradeshow is an integral part of expanding your brand and making the most of the tradeshow experience. It can be tough to decide which items to invest your capital on with the different promotional choices available. Luckily, ePromos has simplified the selection process by identifying the top unique promotional items.

Get Remembered With Unique Promotional Items

frosted handle custom plastic bag
1. Swag Bag

With all the materials tradeshow vendors give away, attendees will need a way to carry all their corporate swag. A simple frosted handle custom bag will be a much appreciated item. This promotional item is also a strategic marketing tool since other vendors’ items will be hidden inside the bag with your company logo displayed on the outside.






custom lanyard
2. Custom Lanyards

Keep your logo out in the open with a custom lanyard. It is common for tradeshow attendees to be required to wear some form of identifying badge. Having a lanyard displays identification easily, and your brand will be out in the open as people network their way around the floor of the show.






retractable custom badge holder
3. The Name Game

A retractable custom badge holder is another way to put your brand out in the open while helping tradeshow participants show their IDs. An innovative feature of this badge holder is the ability to print ID photos on the underlay of the clip.










Bic Clic Stic promotional pens
4. Write On

Another classic and effective giveaway is the pen. A Bic Clic Stic promotional pen can easily be branded with the logo of your company. Likewise, its product life span continues long after the show, keeping your company’s name at the forefront in the office and at home.







promotional sunblock packets
5. SPF Protection

For summer tradeshow or outdoor events, a SPF 30 sunscreen promotional sunblock packet is a unique way to be remembered. Customize this distinct product with your company’s name or logo.







round custom button
6. Say It With Words

A round custom button adds instant flair to tradeshow attendees. Incorporating a clever image or saying onto the button encourages attendees to place the buttons on bags or clothing, giving your brand extra exposure.





custom gum pack
7. Chew It Up

Combat bad breath and potential sweet cravings with a 12 piece custom chewing gum pack. The sharing mentality means your custom gum pack will be seen by multiple tradeshow guests and beyond.







Top 8 Unique Promotional Items for Tradeshows by ePromos
8. Feel The Energy

A magnetic custom clip is a useful item for reminders, memos, and photos. A common refrigerator item, this memorable giveaway keeps your company’s name or logo alive for years to come.










No matter what you choose to giveaway, make sure you stand out from the crowd and give them something they will use. ePromos.com provides all the options you need for your next tradeshow.




A Look At Some Of ePromos’ Best-Loved Promotional Products

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day filled with cupids, candy, and of course, love. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without sharing a few of the promotional products that we adore. Read on to hear from some ePromos employees about the promo items that make them swoon.


custom imprinted cell phone handset

ePromos staffer: Leah Beack
Product: Retro custom imprinted cell phone handset
Why she loves it: “It reminds me of my youth!”








custom tervis tumbler

ePromos staffer: Susan Bendel-Bridson
Product: Clear promotional tumbler by Tervis
Why she loves it: “This is the perfect tumbler if you love your cold drinks really cold and your hot drinks really hot. I am a huge Tervis tumbler fan and don’t drink out of anything else!”










custom travel bag

ePromos staffer: Bonnie Florek
Product: Lamis promotional carry-on bag
Why she loves it: “I love to travel, and this bag is the perfect size and shape to take on the plane. It will easily fit under the seat or in the overhead bin – and red is my favorite color!”





custom conversation hearts

ePromos staffer: Lisa Goudreaux
Product: Custom packs filled with conversation hearts
Why she loves it: “By far my favorite – the classic conversation hearts. I just love them – so nostalgic!”








custom travel mug

ePromos staffer: Cyd Reuter
Product: Black chrome personalized travel mug
Why she loves it: “This is my favorite travel mug because it is big, stylish, and it is a little different in shape and color so it stands out. I love coffee, I love drinking my coffee on my commute to work, and I love doing that in a really stylish, yet functional travel mug. Give me a travel mug and I am your friend forever!”






infuser custom water bottle

ePromos staffer: Audrey Sellers
Product: Infuser custom water bottle
Why she loves it: “I love adding a burst of flavor to my water with fresh fruit or mint. And the skinny design is so cool.”










Top 10 Promotional Products Trends For 2014

One of the best spots to pinpoint promotional products trends is at The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, the promo industry’s largest tradeshow and the country’s 53rd largest show, according to Trade Show Executive magazine.

Last week, ePromos had a team of more than 20 trendspotters traversing the aisles at The Expo, on the lookout for the latest trends in custom logo merchandise. We covered more than six miles of tradeshow aisles, got a look at 600 new product introductions, and saw the latest offerings at 3,300 booths.

So, what’s hot in promos this year?

Tech is a leading trend – from cell phone chargers to Beats-style headphones. There’s also a trend toward outdoor promos – from colorful sunglasses (which were offered by a surprising number of suppliers) to cool camo products that blend in with nature but help your brand stand out.

Here’s a look at the top 10 promotional products trends that will pump up your marketing in 2014:

1. Beats-style headphones

It’s no surprise that Beats-style headphones (made popular by Beats by Dr. Dre headphones) bumped their way to the top of our trends list – headphones were among the top-selling electronic gifts this past holiday season, accounting for 13 percent of the $8 billion in consumer electronic sales between November 24 and December 7, according to research firm NPD Group. Why the trend toward audio gear? Because for many, it’s an affordable luxury in a shaky economy. What’s popular at retail often shines in the promotional products market, and headphones were hot at this year’s show.

custom headphones

2. Custom cell phone chargers

No doubt some of the hottest items on the tradeshow floor were custom cell phone chargers. They were everywhere – and in every color and style imaginable. We spotted chargers in vibrant fluorescent hues (more on that trend later), car chargers with glowing logos, and handy portable chargers to power up smartphones and other USB devices when the power’s out or while you’re traveling.

custom cell phone chargers


custom car charger

 portable custom charger


3. Neon

Bright neon hues have been big in the fashion world for many seasons, and the trend has officially taken over the promotional products market. We saw the neon trend really take off in the drinkware category – especially in tumblers and cups with straws. For marketers wanting to make a bold impression, neon is a smart choice. It brings energy to promos, and the eye is immediately drawn to bright shades.

 custom tumblers

custom drinkware


4. Laser embellishments

Another standout trend at The Expo was laser embellishments – on everything from awards to apparel. Suppliers showcased a variety of sharp, hi-def patterns on a multitude of materials. The result? Designs and logos that last as long as the item itself. When you’re looking to do something distinctive with your promos, laser embellishments bring out the design to get your logo noticed.

 laser embellishment

5. Matte finish

Translucent is out, matte is in. Matte finishes were a major trend at the show this year, popping up primarily in drinkware. It gives products an intense shot of color, and it makes the logo stand out crisp and clear. Pair the matte finish with neon colors, and you have a recipe for an undeniably modern promotional campaign.

 matte finish

6. Camo

Camo was a running theme at the show, with suppliers offering up an array of camo products at all different price points. We spotted classic camo t-shirts made new with longer lengths and lighter-weight materials, and as for camo gear, hunters and outdoorsmen have their pick – everything is offered in camo this year. We saw cooler bags, thermoses, hydration packs, pocket knives, and even rubber duckies in a camo theme.

 camo custom bag


camo custom drinkware


7. Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses are a huge trend again this year – they’re being carried by more and more suppliers. Neon wayfarers, with their boxy shape and thick, colorful frames, stole the spotlight, but we also saw classic aviators and novelty frames (how about a peace sign over the lens?). For marketers looking for a great spring or summer giveaway at an affordable price point, sunglasses are the way to go.

promotional sunglasses


custom sunglasses


8. Down-home drinkware

Custom drinkware in 2014 takes a casual twist – we’re talking Solo cup-style tumblers and mason jars. With color-coordinating lids, straws and handles, you can show off your brand in cool, laid-back style. This latest crop of drinkware is what you’d want to top off with sweet tea or lemonade – it’s perfect for company picnics and summer events.

 jar-style custom mug

mason jar style custom mug


9. Clear stadium bags

We’ve kept you up to date on plastic bag bans in the United States, and you likely already know about the NFL’s policy limiting the size and type of bags allowed into stadiums. Not surprisingly, clear custom stadium bags were a huge story at the show this year. There was no shortage of clear bags, and many also incorporated the neon trend with brightly hued handles.

 custom stadium bag

10. Cell phone accessories

Custom cell phone accessories – specifically cell phone wallets – were all the buzz on the tradeshow floor. Everyone had a variation of the cell phone wallet, that handy pocket that adheres right to the back of your phone. Other trendy accessories included phone cases and loungers. Think mobile for a modern promo in 2014.

custom cell phone wallet