Virtual U2 Promotional Merchandise

Although I don’t actually play video games, I’ve been reading a lot about them in the past year or so, particularly the large, multi-player games that are like virtual worlds, complete with their own social structures, political processes and economic markets. Ilya Vedrashko is doing a thesis on advertising in games, and posted this image from a free U2 concert that happened this weekend in Second Life (a video game). It would be interesting to know how much virtual promos and promotional merchandise from real companies impact gamer buying preferences once they’re back in the real world. u2 promos

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  1. Hi, I blog about the concert and the possible concerns about IP rights and copyright infringement on my blog I know the SL group is not selling the merchandise BUT I believe they need the IP rights to even depict the logos of the band. Free is not always FREE!! I see that the Red Cross is concerned about unauthorized use of its image in games. This is only the beginning — no matter how fabulous your concert is or your scripting rights are rights until some new system is defined for the Virtual Worlds…right now it appears to be the Wild West.

  2. Anonymous

    ohhhh please Ms. Schwartz give them a break!!!!

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