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Herschel: The Ultimate “It” Bag Can Now Sport Your Logo

Herschel bags are now brandable – and we’re all in.

It’s arguably one of the most well-known and well-recognized bags on the planet. Anchored by good design – which, its founder says, is “democratic” – Herschel Supply Company™ backpacks seem to pop up on everyone, everywhere.

Why are Herschel bags so popular?

Now sold in 72 countries, no matter where you go, you’ll see on-trend teens toting Herschel backpacks to school, businessmen ditching their briefcases for a Herschel and creative professionals packing up their supplies in these go-to bags. You’ll also spot them on your favorite celebrities – everyone from Megan Fox to Dakota Johnson have been spotted donning a Herschel, which turned 10 this year.

Celebrities Sporting Herschel

Megan Fox and Dakota Johnson sporting Herschel bags

Where to buy Herschel bags

That, though, isn’t the big news. While you’ve no doubt seen Herschel bags everywhere, there’s one place you haven’t seen them: in your branded premium collection. But that’s about to change. Because, for the first time ever, these ruggedly chic bags are available for custom branding (at ePromos, of course!).

You might want to jump on that, stat.

Add your logo to a Herschel

Customized Herschel backpacks are the ultimate promotional premium and a corporate gift your clients, vendors and employees will clamor for. And because these bags are Instagram stars already, you’ll have tons of opportunities to build brand awareness by simply distributing them and letting recipients take care of the rest. Bonus points for distributing with a hang tag and custom hashtag, then waiting for the endless chatter and organic promotions to start rolling in…

Just a few of the many Herschel Bags we offer

Just a few of the many Herschel Bags we offer


Your next step? Get started. Hop on the Herschel bandwagon and get these out and in your contacts’ hands in time for the holidays. One look and you’ll no doubt top their “nice” list and tee yourself up for a bigger, better 2020. And beyond that, your custom-branded Herschel backpacks will get used – and every time they do you’ll gain added exposure and added engagement from every person who wants to know, “where’d you get your Herschel?”

Get in touch to learn more about custom branded Herschel Supply Company bags and to get your order started.

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These 5 Holiday Gifts are Totally Unnecessary – and Totally Awesome.

Sometimes it’s not about the practical gifts.

Sometimes they want something totally unique and totally memorable.

For corporate planners, business owners and other gift givers, this is a critical time of year. This is when you need to lock down your corporate holiday gifts, ensuring once the cold weather hits you can start spreading the unbridled cheer, unique corporate gifts in hand.

And, to us, that’s key, especially in this hyper-competitive landscape. Now more than ever, it’s time to ditch the gift cards and consider some seriously unusual holiday gifts – starting with our roundup below. These unique corporate gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone and everyone on your gift list, including staff, clients, vendors or, even, your top customers. Cheers to that.

1. Remote-Controlled Mini Flying Drone

For the tech-savvy person who has every gadget out there, a drone is sure to stand out in their collection – and under their tree.

Choose from different color patterns and drone designs, for a sleek set or a few different options to distribute. Each drone “pack” comes with rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cord and a remote control that doubles as a carrying case. Bonus: this drone is super easy to fly. So, whether your recipients take it for a spin or pass the controls to a junior pilot, your holiday gift will no doubt soar.

2. Zippo® Six-hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Cold hands can curb your fun, especially when you’re out and about taking in all things winter. That is why this six-hour rechargeable hand warmer tops our list of unusual holiday gifts. Not only will it keep you toasty, it also doubles as a portable charger. Recipient’s hands will stay warm and their phone can recharge no matter where they are.

This is an ideal gift for virtually anyone – the outdoorsy client who can’t unplug, the on-the-go exec who always forgets to charge up, your always-freezing colleague and anyone who’s out and about in the colder months but who can’t ditch their smartphone. Chances are you’ll want to hang onto at least one for yourself, especially as the temperatures drop – trust us, we did.

3. Electronic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

The planning, the shopping, the cooking, the hosting – there’s so much that goes into the holiday season. This year give your clients, vendors, employees and customers something that will keep them calm and collected, even as holiday stress starts to rise.

Enter – oil diffuser. This easy-to-use diffuser adds a relaxing aroma and oh-so-calm ambiance to any space. Equipped with a timed shut-off and six different color options, it provides a customizable and hassle-free experience for anyone on your list.

And, of course, an oil diffuser isn’t just holiday centric. Similar to our other luxury corporate gifts, this one is perfect for year-round use, anytime your recipient needs a little ahhh in their life.

4. 2-in-1 Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Wireless Charger

One of the most unique high-end corporate gifts to make the list, this water bottle/wireless charger duo will get your clients talking. Ideal for that on-the-go person, this sip-and-charge station will keep phones charged and thirsts quenched.

The bottle holds 17 ounces of liquid and offers plenty of space for your branding, logo or messaging. And once charged, devices can keep going for hours – bonus.

5. Electronic Automatic Wine Opener

Raise a glass (or two…) to the wine enthusiast on your gift list – and that will be a lot easier with this electronic wine opener. With a rubber grip handle, a seal cutter and a recharging cable included, they’ll have everything they need to get their vino on. And, you’ll earn super kudos every single time they pop a cork.

Finding a memorable gift for clients, customers and employees can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got lots of diverse people on your list. Opt for something that seriously stands out, and you’ll no doubt wow your crowd, no matter what tops their holiday wish list. Reach out and we can work together to find the perfect fit!

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10 Must-Haves to Connect with the VSCO Buyer

These VSCO girl essentials will no doubt drive an added social boost for your brand.

If you’ve so much as scanned Instagram and YouTube recently, you’ve no doubt come face to face with these Croc-wearing, shell necklace-adorned, hydro flask-carrying teens and 20somethings. She can’t leave home without a scrunchie (or three) lining her wrist and her style is one part totally chill and one part totally manufactured—she’s the girl spending an hour to get her barely-there makeup and messy bun looking Insta-ready.

VSCO Promo Girl Starter Pack

What is a VSCO Girl?

If that’s still not ringing a bell, here’s the basic gist—a popular photo editing tool VSCO hit the scene hard recently. The app is packed with summer-inspired filters that emphasize natural light and have an that super free-spirited vibe—and Gen Z influencers were hooked.

While it may not sound all that significant, the trend has truly taken shape—and taken over. The app is valued at more than $550 million and, in 2018, more than 200 million photos had #vsco distinctions.

What does VSCO mean for my brand?

So, then, the big question: what does this all mean to you and your brand? That if this your core audience—or your audience engages this audience—you can harness the #vsco power with this VSCO promo girl starter pack. Brand them, get them out into the world and get ready for your #thanks from this influential audience.

1. Basecamp Tundra Custom Water Bottles

A true VSCO girl doesn’t leave the house without her favorite insulated water bottle in hand, which is likely decorated with loads of colorful stickers. This 20 oz water bottle will keep cold beverages chilled for 24 hours, and hot beverages for 12 hours, making it the perfect companion wherever she goes. Plus, a portion of proceeds from the bottles go to helping veterans – it’s a win/win.

2. Rainbow Knee High Custom Socks

VSCO girls are all about colorful scrunchies, stickers and graphic tees—snag a spot in their laid back but highly promoted wardrobe and you’ll gain tons of exposure for your brand.

Remember, for VSCO girls and their followers, if it’s not comfortable, it’s out. Given how soft these socks are, they’ll no doubt wind up in serious rotation. What’s more, these rainbow knee-high socks are the perfect companion for her comfy crocs or Birkenstocks—because, yes, she’s totally inclined to wear socks with her sandals…

3. Promotional Lip Gloss in Clear Logo Tube

VSCO girls are all about embracing their natural beauty rather than sporting heavy makeup. This light pink gloss is the perfect shade to add a little shine without attracting too much attention from the rest of the face. It also comes in a clear customizable tube that’s perfect to sport your company or school’s logo.

4. Iridescent Aluminum PopSockets Custom Cell Phone Stand and Grip

VSCO girls became a trending topic thank to their their their VSCO photo reels full of light- dripped pics. These iridescent Popsockets are on-trend and help the user fully-grip their phone while getting the perfect “selfie” from all angles. Even better, you can customize these pop sockets with your brand’s logo on the back.

5. Full Color Trendy Promotional Scrunchie Hair Tie

Scrunchies are a must-have for VSCOs, so this is one item that is bound to boost your visibility. Customize the design with your logo or graphic of choice, then layer in custom hang tags for even more exposure. These scrunchies are made with a stretchy, breathable polyester and spandex blend, so they’re easy on hair—or on her wrist, where she’ll likely layer these hot accessories.

6. Airpods Custom Silicone Pouch with Carabiner

Apple’s Airpods were the ultimate must-have this summer—and their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. That’s why we’re loving this custom pouch. Why VSCO girls can get enough? Not only can they listen to their music anytime, anywhere but, with a convenient carabiner attached it’s easy to pop this pouch onto their Fjallraven backpacks before they hop into their Jeeps and go. And each time they do, they’ll think about #yourbrand.

7. Parkland Rio Mini Promotional Backpack

Sustainability and style are two critical pieces of the VSCO girl equation—two pieces this mini backpack nails.

Not only is this customizable backpack made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, it’s the perfect size to tote all their daily necessities— sunglasses, iPhone, polaroid camera and a few extra scrunchies for good measure.

But don’t worry—while the bag carries a lot, its minimalistic design (perfect for your company logo and messaging) makes it feel totally on-brand for VSCOs who are all about less = more.Sustainability is where it’s at.

8. Port & Company Essential Window Tie-Dye Logo T-Shirt

Oversized t-shirts are a must for any VSCO out there. How else can she look effortlessly cool and casual? So why not steal a piece of the Insta-spotlight by branding her new favorite shift?

This 100% cotton shirt offers maximum comfort—another check for VSCOs. Opt to customize the colors and add your logo then watch their feeds fill up. #winning

9. Round Lennon Style Custom Sunglasses

Made of polycarbonate material and finished with 100% UVA and UVB protection, these glasses are a stylish, durable and practical accessory. Their unique round shape is sure to stand out in the crowd while still looking totally effortless. Add your branding and you’ll no doubt see these popping up in VSCO pics almost instantly.

10. Full Color Waterproof Vinyl Custom Stickers

There’s no such thing as a VSCO without a sticker-covered hydro flask in hand. Consider her hydro flask the modern mood board, filled with visuals of places she’s been, places she wants to go and brands she loves—including, now, yours.

Customize a sticker for your brand and encourage her to add it to the mix. These stickers are completely waterproof, so they’ll hold color and quality even in the harshest conditions. And, because your sticker can be up to 25 square inches, there’s ample space to get creative.

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Our Most Popular Promo Items – Ranked

At ePromos, we’re all about supplying you, our beloved customers, with high quality promotional products that will delight and appeal to your target audience. We offer a huge range of products (over 15,000 to be exact), and the possibilities within each product? Endless. That’s because our top-notch customization abilities, from color choices, to logos, to artwork, will truly make your product different than any other one out there. With over two decades under our belt, we’ve got the experience to confidently guide you in all your promotional product needs. And we back that up with our famous 110% guarantee.

While we’re extremely proud of our wide product variety, we also realize that so many products can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re new at this! That’s why we’ve created this piece – to help you cut right to the most popular products we carry. There are many benefits to using a popular product for your next promotional giveaway. For starts, these well-loved items, which are practical and functional, reflect well on your brand – they offer the sense that you get what people want and need. The 15 items we’ve collected below are, statistically, our most popular items, so you can rest assured that you’re getting something that’s already sought after. And we’ve aimed to do this in an efficient and convenient way to you. We’ve done all the heavy lifting by creating this list in a way that makes it easy for you to choose from.

Most Popular Promo Items

Ready to learn about today’s most popular promotional products? Keep reading for our top 15 products to meet all your promotional needs!

Product #1 – Drawstring Bags
Drawstring bags make for a smart promotional giveaway for many reasons. For starts, they’re extremely lightweight and easily portable. This means they won’t take up much storage space, and traveling with them is a breeze. On the flip side, they are also easy on the customer since they fold up – much easier to carry around all day at a convention than a ceramic mug, for example. Drawstring bags also provide great visibility for your brand, as they offer a fairly wide space to customize them with your company name, logo, and artwork. A third reason customers’ love them? Their price point. Drawstring bags offer a great bang for your buck.

Drawstring bags are a great promotional gift for any sports-related or fitness event, as many athletes and gym goers opt for this style of bag. It’s also a good choice for a family-friendly event, as both kids and adults will like them, and get good use out of them, too!

Product #2 – Journals
Journals are a highly functional and practical choice for promotional giveaways. We all know journaling is good for us, and yet so many of us simply don’t. Offering folks a –free— journal is a thoughtful way to jumpstart their mindfulness; with any luck, they’ll keep it around long enough to actually fill it up. And each time they pull it out they’ll be reminded of your brand.

Journals are a smart promotional gift for any wellness- or education-related event. They also offer attendees the opportunity to jot down notes from any speakers at the event, or contact information from attendees when networking. They also make great gifts to leave with clients when out visiting them; a nice token of your appreciation for their time.

Product #3 – Adhesive Cell Phone Wallets
At this point, cell phones might as well be our third arm – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! We spend a lot of time and money on them, and frankly, the love runs deep (just ask anyone who’s just lost or broken theirs…it’s an immediate reaction of panic and heartbreak all at once). Gifting a promotional item that plays to this love, via an accessory for it, is always going to be a winning choice. Enter the adhesive cell phone wallet. They’re perfect for the busy, on-the-go person that likes to travel light; total convenience. And, they’re convenient for you, too, thanks to their compact size and next-to-nothing weight, which makes handing them out a literal light lift.

Because cell phones are so widely used around the globe, by all ages/genders/populations, adhesive cell phone wallets (and any cell phone accessory) truly work as a promotional gift for just about any event.

Product #4 – Wireless Earbuds
When Apple unveiled their wireless earbuds a few years ago, people were aghast. But, like everything Apple, they’re pricey…and, like everything Apple, people want them despite early mixed reviews. The allure of wireless earbuds has only increased since those early days, and with it, their popularity. As a promotional gift, it’s kind of a no-brainer – folks are going to go wild for them.

Wireless earbuds are a great promotional giveaway at a tech or music event. You should also consider them if your target audience is teenagers and/or twenty-somethings.

Product #5 – Tote Bags
Totes bags have always been a popular giveaway, but today they’re perhaps more popular than ever, thanks to the green movement, which among many other things, seeks to ban the use of plastic bags. Tote bags are also wonderfully practical, and like so many of the products in this piece, are lightweight and portable – always a big plus. Also, similar to the drawstring bags mentioned above, tote bags provide wonderful visibility for your unique customization, including your brand name, logo, and artwork.

Tote bags are a great promotional giveaway at any event with a mindfulness towards sustainability or wellness. They are also a great choice at an event geared towards parents, especially those with younger children, as there are never enough hands to carry everything small children seem to need when out and about.

Product #6 – Pens
Pens are a tried and true, popular promotional item. In fact, we bet you likely have a handful yourself laying around your office, home, and even the glove box in your car. From a marketing perspective, they’re kind of genius. They’re inexpensive, come in a ton of different styles and colors, and well, there’s always a reason to keep a pen hanging around.

As for the perfect event to gift a pen? The truth is, you can’t really go wrong with pens! They’re simple, and really, that’s part of their beauty.

Product #7 – Stainless Steel Water Bottles
We mentioned the move towards sustainability above, and stainless steel water bottles fit right in with that growing trend. While many folks gift plastic water bottles, a stainless steel one will always be favored for their high-quality and durability. They’re also much better at keeping beverages cool over long periods of time; a very practical reason to invest in them! They do cost more money than many of the other items mentioned in this piece, but this is precisely why they will be so valued by anyone you gift them to.

Due to the expense of stainless steel water bottles, they make the most sense to give away as gifts to clients and customers during one-on-one meetings, as opposed to an arena-sized conference with hundreds (or thousands) of folks milling about. Of course, you could always use them as prizes at big events (rather than gift them to every single attendee). In this case, they are a great choice for a sports-, fitness-, health/wellness-, or sustainability-related event.

Product #8 – Can Coolers
Can coolers are a fun promotional giveaway, and they serve a lovely purpose – keeping your refreshing canned beverage nice and cold. They’re lightweight, easily portable, super customizable, and offer decent visibility for your logo/artwork. What’s not to like about all of that?

Can coolers are the perfect promotional giveaway for a tailgate, sporting event, festival, music concert, or any other event that’s ready for some fun…and cold beers and drinks. While they’re appropriate for year-round use, they make an especially nice touch for a summer event, when hot weather makes it extra hard to keep drinks cool.

Product #9 – Sunglasses
Like can coolers, sunglasses are a playful promotional product. They’re also stylish (check out our many styles, including aviators and Ray Ban-style options). Sunglasses are also an inexpensive promotional product, allowing you to really get a good bang for your buck.

Sunglasses are a great giveaway at any outdoor event, whether a sports event, concert, festival, 5K run, etc. Keep gifting them out, and watch as the event slowly fills with folks repping your brand.

Product #10 – Logo T-Shirts
T-shirts have long enjoyed a growing popularity over the past few decades. A staple in so many of our closets (and daily lives), it’s hard to imagine a t-shirt not being loved as a promotional giveaway. Just be sure to choose one that’s high-quality (like pre-shrunk, extra soft, etc.) so that folks will get the most wear out of them – walking billboards for your brand.


Logo t-shirts are another one of those universal promotional giveaways — they work in almost every crowd. Just be sure to have an assortment of sizes on hand.

Product #11 – Polo Shirts
Polo shirts are a high quality promotional giveaway. This one is slightly different than others we’ve mentioned in this piece though. With those, we’ve been more externally facing, meaning we’ve offered advice and tips for gifting them to customers. Let us make this caveat – they all make excellent gifts for employees, too. But a polo shirt? That may take the cake as an employee gift. They’re a smart, preppy, and clean cut clothing choice for employees when out on customer visits or at conferences.

Product #12 – Flashlights
Every household should have a flashlight (really, several flashlights!), yet, they aren’t something many folks routinely think of purchasing – kind of like pens, they just seem to ‘appear’. Help keep your clients and customers safe by gifting them a flashlight, which, like a pen, is something they’ll always keep on hand. Flashlights make a smart promotional giveaway for anyone in the security industry.

Product #13 – Reusable Straws
Like single-use plastic bags, plastic straws are getting a lot of buzz lately for the damage they do to the environment, and many folks are pushing to ban them. That said, straws are a kind of wonderful product. Need a compromise? Check out reusable straws. Eco-friendly, lightweight, and portable, they’re a great alternative to a product that’s been damaging the environment for too many decades. They’re definitely a buzz item these days; get your brand on board by purchasing your very own customized ones.

Like other eco-friendly items mentioned in this piece, reusable straws are a great fit at any health, wellness, or sustainability-minded event. They will also fit in nicely at a food and beverage, or cooking event.

Product #14 – Lip Balm
In less than five years, the lip balm industry is expected to reach one billion dollars. That’s a lot of lip balm. It’s no surprise that people are kind of obsessed with it; it’s a staple product in every handbag around the globe. Gifting it as a promotional item is a bit of a no-brainer, as there’s really no such thing as too many lip balms. Endless flavors alongside your customized wrapping will make it a stand out, popular gift at any event.

While lip balm has a universal appeal, it’s an especially thoughtful giveaway at a beauty or wellness event.

Product #15 – Umbrellas
Umbrellas are similar to flashlights – something everyone has sitting around at home and in their car, but isn’t purchased all that regularly. They’re kind of a “necessity” item, if you will, that folks don’t really love spending money on. This makes them a thoughtful promotional item, and something folks will gladly snatch up. Umbrellas provide a large surface area for your customized branding and artwork — a win-win.

Umbrellas are a pretty universal gift — they’ll work at almost any event. Though they can make an extra punch if you gift them in spring time, which is known for showers.

And that concludes are 15 most popular promotional items (you want to be pop-u-lar)! Now if only they could be featured in a new rendition of Wicked. We hope this list has got your wheels turning for your next promotional giveaway. Remember, when it comes to promotional products, the possibilities are nearly endless. Our knowledgeable reps are standing by waiting to help make those ideas into reality – and they’ll guide you each step of the way as necessary. Reach out today!


5 Reasons To Gift A Promotional Lantern This Season

Let’s face it – weather is unpredictable. Whether you’re in a hurricane hotspot, snowy or tropical climate, there’s a good chance you’ll be without power at some point – even a problem with a power hub or unexpected accident could cause your lights to go for minutes, hours or even days.

While it’s not ideal, it’s always better to be prepared – which is where these promotional lanterns come in. Not only will they shine a little light on your brand message, but they’ll be the first thing your customers and clients reach for when the lights start to flicker. That, though, is just the beginning – these lanterns are the perfect go-to no matter what’s in the forecast. Here’s why these lanterns are a must.

#1. They’re perfect for bad weather
Hurricanes, storms, heavy winds, blizzards – they can all leave you light-less for more time than you’d like. These COB Lanterns are durable, portable and, with three AA batteries (which we’ll even toss in…), they last. When the power goes, these are great to grab. Simply pull up on the handle and the lantern flips right on.

#2. They’ll keep everyone going…
No lights? No problem. This lantern comes complete with a Bluetooth® speaker so you can stream music, podcasts and more with a quick click. No doubt, this entertaining add-on will keep your crew going until the power comes back.

#3. They’re ideal for any emergency
Because these lanterns are so portable, they’re perfect for loading into emergency roadside kits. If you’re ever stuck or stranded, the last thing you want to think about is a heavy, hard-to-hold flashlight – this lantern is the complete opposite. Simply slide, illuminate, hang up or set down where you need light.

It’s not only a great way to help you determine car troubles, with its powerful beam you’ll be spotted in the dark.

#4. They’re perfect in great weather
The reality is, you and everyone on your must-gift list needs a lantern. It’s simply a very useful promo. Whether you’re searching in the back of the closet, heading up into the attic or just taking the garbage out at night, this lantern can easily hang from its metal handles, making carrying easy.

#5. They’re ideal for getting OUT
For camp-goers, these lanterns can’t be beat. Slide the handle to turn on, pop one or two in the middle of your bunk and you’re good to go. And, again, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you’re ready for a PM sing-along or impromptu karaoke competition – winner gets the last S’more.

Watch as Ashley gives you an up close look:

Ready to light up your promotional premium offerings? Get in touch to learn more and to request a sample.


The Top 10 Branded Holiday Gifts of 2019

While it feels as if the holidays are far off, the gifting reality is much different. When you consider the time to browse, sample, brand and print, now is the perfect time to start your holiday gift order. Not only does an early fall purchase ensure you’ve got the right gifts in-hand immediately post-Thanksgiving – the prime gifting window – but it also gives you maximum time to tackle everything from packing and shipping logistics to gift list development.

In other words, while it may feel totally early bird for a holiday gift order, crossing this off your list means weeks to kick back and enjoy the pumpkin spice of it all, while other businesses scramble to find the “perfect” gift.

Better still? We’ve rounded up the best, most sought-after and most #trending gifts of the year – the must-haves topping client’s, vendor’s, partner’s and staff’s wish lists this year. Be the seasonal superstar by locking down one or more of these amazing branded holiday gifts now.

1. True Wireless Earbuds with Rechargeable Case, $11.99
Apple’s® AirPods® burst on the scene this year in a very big way. Now you can leverage the universal appeal and total trend-worthiness of this trend with our True Wireless Earbuds with a Rechargeable Case this holiday season.

Not only are they the perfect gift – who doesn’t like to have music at the ready as they’re jumping on the train, running between meetings or sweating it out on a morning run – they auto-pair via Bluetooth® and work for up to 33 feet. Get up to 90 minutes of charge from the case and up to 4½ hours from a full charge, ensuring your recipients can go anywhere and do anything with these branded earbuds.

2. Stout Double Wall Camp Mug, $12.19

Embrace the great outdoors all year long with these laser-engraved double-wall camp mugs. Ideal for the camper and non-camper alike, these mugs are ideal fireside, couch-side or anywhere in between – and with a spill-proof lid and the ability to keep hot drinks hot for up to eight hours (cold for 12!), your recipients will no doubt take them everywhere.

3. Fuji Lunch Gift Set, $29.49
Consider this a one-two holiday punch: help your clients and customers stick to their post-holidayresolutions while ensuring they not break the bank in the gift-buying lead-up. With an on-trend bento box and water bottle packed into this premium gift set, you’re gifting clients and customers a healthy day every day.

The bento box includes two distinct sections for packing their favorite on-the-go lunches as well asreusable utensils. Paired with the Quench Tritan® Bottle – which comes complete with reusable ice cubes – and you’ve got the ultimate go-to whether recipients are in the office, in the car or dashing between meetings.

4. Roots73® Woodland Knit Mittens, $26.45
Who doesn’t love an amazing pair of warm, cozy mittens? You can truly never have too many – but, once your customers, clients and team members slip these on, they’ll no doubt become the seasonal favorite. Lined with anti-pill microfleece, these mittens are incredibly softs on the inside and out, while keeping hands toasty warm in low temperatures. Perfect for tailgating, sledding or, simply helping make outdoor winter activities a little more pleasant, our Roots73 Woodland Knit Custom Mittens are up to the challenge.

5. Roots73 Sprucelake Plaid Shirt, $55.25
The perfect winter layering piece, this Roots73 cotton flannel plaid shirt will quickly become one of your client’s favorites – and ensure your branding gets out there over and over again. With Roots branding, they’ll want to slip it on, and with soft, comfortable cotton, this breathable shirt will be the perfect wardrobe essential – layered under sweaters and jackets in the winter, or open and casual in the warmer months.

6. iLuv® And Click2 Wireless Speaker w/Amazon Alexa®, $46.15
Streaming now accounts for 75% of U.S. music consumption – so chances are, your clients, customers and employees are streaming around the clock, making this iLuv and Click2 Wireless Speaker with Alexa built-in an amazing holiday gift.

Portable, durable and easy to wireless connect, once it’s up and running you can activate Alexa and stream Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRADIO and other popular music services instantly. Another perk? They can use the built-in mic to call and say “thanks” hands-free.

7. Iridescent PopSockets® Cell Phone Stand & Grip, $9.99

PopSockets burst on the scene a few months ago and haven’t stopped their meteoric rise.

What looks like a simple enough smartphone add-on actually serves many functions, turning your phone into a hands-free device, selfie mount, personal movie theater or grip. Made from aluminum and soft plastic, it’s easy to attach and POP anytime, ensuring you never lose the hold on your phone.

While there are numerous PopSockets to choose from, this one tops our list because it incorporates another trend we can’t get enough of: the iridescent trend.

These PopSockets have a cool iridescent finish and are laser-etched with your company branding or logo.

8. Dipped Stainless-Steel Bottle, $8.65

Inspired by the never-ending Swell craze, this Dipped Stainless-Steel Bottle is triple-insulated to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 – a whole workday (or three…).


While it’s easy to see who would be the perfect recipient for some of these gifts, there’s no question everyone could do with drinking more water – or, simply, would love to have a go-anywhere, do-anything insulated bottle to tote morning coffee or tea (hot or iced), afternoon soups or smaller hot bites or any other beverage you want to sip on all day long. And when they do, they’ll be reminded of your amazing brand – the brand responsible for their favorite holiday gift.

9. The North Face® Groundwork Backpack, $65.99
North Face is a household name for a reason. This classic backpack is a perfect example of North Face cool, casual and totally versatile – all with your prominent branding to engage and activate recipients and everyone they pass.

That is just the beginning of why the Groundwork Backpack made our holiday list. Yes, it’s cool and yes, it’s classic North Face, but this bag offers a padded back panel with a spine channel and FlexVent™ Suspension for maximum support. It’s so supportive, in fact, that it’s endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for its ability to reduce pressure and improve ventilation – so you know it’s rock solid.

If you’re giving a bag to an outdoorsy person – that hiker, camper or explorer on your list – they’ll no doubt appreciate the bungee cord for added storage and the two mesh water bottle pockets. If they couldn’t be further from getting OUT, they’ll be all about the floating padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment, plus the padded top handle and a sternum strap that improves comfort and wearability.

10. Gourmet Snacks Gift Box Tower, $27.69
There’s nothing like an incredible SNACK to usher in the holiday season – and this four-tier gift box seals the deal. Add your imprint and a ribbon of your choice and you’re good to ship – and good to receive the countless calls from customers and clients who can’t stop munching on the lemon cookies, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, peanut brittle crunch, shortbread, dark chocolate covered almonds and chocolate hazelnut wafer cookies that pack this pack.

Whether they share it with the office or keep it to themselves, this massive snack tower is the perfect way to share some holiday cheer, and welcome in a happy new year with your best clients, partners and team members.

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