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How to Give Corporate Gifts Your Employees and Clients Will Love

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time for businesses to purchase corporate gifts for employees, bosses and clients. However, gift giving at the office can be challenging due to important constraints regarding budget, different personal preferences and originality. ePromos has created a list of tips with help from both givers and receivers alike to ensure your gifts will be appreciated and remembered.

1. Make it Personal

The secret to any successful gift is sincerity and thoughtfulness, which is no less true in the workplace. When giving gifts to employees, Lisa Chu, the Owner of Black n Bianco takes personalization one step further.

“My employees play a major role to the success of my business and I always enjoy giving them a gift during the holidays to show appreciation for their hard work and contribution. Every holiday season I would give my employees a personalized gift. The gift would always include a handwritten letter acknowledging their accomplishments they achieved throughout the year, highlighting and expressing appreciation for their contribution to my business.”

She also adds that a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily make a better gift. “You can give the most expensive gift to your employees, but it will make little to no difference if they feel it’s not genuine.”

Personalized gifts are great for clients as well. Sean Allan, the Digital Marketing Manager for SiamMandalay, says that his clients love receiving personalized wine bottle carry cases (with a nice bottle of wine included, of course).


2. Give Something Useful

Prevent your gift from being forgotten in an office drawer by making sure it is something that will be used every day. David Riescher, CEO of prefers giving functional gifts.

“Our organization has given promotional mugs, key chains and pens to our customers and employees. They all were well received by our employees, especially our sales team that utilizes the gifts to open new accounts. Our sales team appreciates the extra edge they have when trying to open a new account and can offer promotional items to potential new customers who appreciate a practical gift that can be used daily.”

For more handy product options that can be custom printed, check out the list of our Top 100 Best Selling promotional items.


3. Know What Not to Give

It’s bad enough receiving ugly sweaters from distant relatives for the holidays. Justin Lavelle, Chief Communications Director for PeopleLooker, thinks that there’s no need to complicate corporate gift giving further by taking a guess on personal preferences.

“Avoid giving clothes. Ties, hats, scarves, and gloves make for simple yet appropriate gifts for colleagues and bosses you have a stronger relationship with, but you should avoid buying them sized clothing like shirts, pants, and shoes. Not only are the chances high for buying something outside their typical styles, but also you may (more likely than not) buy something that does not fit. Plus, there’s the possibility you may offend someone by buying a size that is too small or too large. Talk about awkward.”


4. The Gift of Food

Our Gourmet Favorites Gift BasketGiving gourmet snacks during the holidays are a classic option that is hard to get wrong. Nate Masterson, the CEO of Maple Holistics, remembers his favorite gift from being an employee.

“The best gift I ever received from my boss was an elaborate fruit basket. It was simple, sweet (literally), and beautiful. It was truly the perfect, respectable way for them to tell me I’m doing a good job and they appreciate my work.”

For a truly unique treat that clients and employees will love, try Tipsy Scoop, which brilliantly combines two of everyone’s favorites: ice cream and cocktails.


5. Check the Data

Instead of taking a wild guess on what to give and how much to spend this year, take a look at some helpful data from Captivate’s Office Pulse, compiled from a survey of 6,000 professionals. Some of our favorite points include:

  • Most workers don’t plan to buy a gift for their co-workers, and even if they do, they won’t be spending much. Just 33% will get their co-workers a gift, with most purchases under $25 (46%).
  • Only 30% of respondents plan to buy a gift for their boss, and most plan to spend between $25-50 (48%). Just 3% will spend more than $100.


6. Shop Local

Recently, supporting local business has become increasingly popular. Debra Carpenter, Marketing Manager at Nathan Oulman Realty, proves that people appreciate a gift that gives back to the community.

“We’ve given a ton of gifts to clients and colleagues – trust me on this, there is no better, more thoughtful gift than a locally sourced gift basket. There are small businesses all over your town that make products perfect for gift-giving, from the basket itself to edible treats, mugs, gift certificates, wines, local beers, and handmade items like pottery, utensils, textile goods and more. They always go over amazingly. People love receiving these baskets, and you can set your budget as low or high as is comfortable.”


7. The Versatile Gift Card

When you need to choose gifts that will please everyone in everyone in a large organization, gift cards become are a simple but obvious choice. Harris Brown, the Founder of HFB Advertising, adds a twist to giving gift cards with a thoughtful touch.

“I usually give mugs and gift cards that go in the mug itself. These are well received by everyone because they can use both gifts. Everyone likes a good cup of hot chocolate during this time of year.”

Gift cards are the ultimate adaptable gift and remove the potential for a dreaded post-holiday return and exchange experience. The Office Pulse survey also reveals that gift cards are still a popular pick, with 56% of professionals saying that it was their favorite holiday gift to receive.


8. The Gift of Convenience

Our Travel Stick Promotional Lint BrushAnything that eases the stress and pressure of the modern business world can be a great gift. Jessica Higgins, the Chief Marketing Office at, says it’s important to consider the needs of women in the workplace.

“Any gift that helps me on the go. Mobile hairdryers, brushes, and any product that is travel sized. Working women appreciate any gift we can throw in our purse. Time is our most valuable resource!”


9. Give the Gift of Giving Back

Show clients and employees that your business cares by supporting important causes in your community or abroad. Packed with Purpose is a b2b gifting company whose mission is to transform the practice of business gifts by combining it with corporate social responsibility.

They offer curated gift boxes with products from organizations that help support employees with barriers to the traditional workforce, including granola made by victims of abuse or candles that help support young mothers.


10. Think Outside the Box (or Cup)

Don’t be afraid to try some of the latest and greatest technology as an interesting gift, especially when it’s specifically designed for the workplace. One of our favorites is the Coffee Cookie, a portable and rechargeable device that keeps to-go coffee nice and hot for double the normal length of time. It’s perfect for your typical Starbucks-loving employee, or busy clients that are always on the road.


Hopefully our corporate gift giving ideas help make the holiday season less of a trial-and-error experience. The most important part of picking gifts for clients, bosses or employees is that they feel truly appreciated during the holidays. The more personal and useful your gift is, the greater chance recipients will remember it (and your business) many years later.


Five Uses for Nuckees that Make them the Perfect On-the-Go Promotional Product

We love the holidays – but the “hustle and bustle” is no joke. From shopping to cooking to wrapping (and wrapping and wrapping), there’s always something to do and somewhere to be. It’s a total crush, sure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way – and that’s why we’re loving December’s Product of the Month – Nuckees™.Nuckees phone grips are the best promotional item on the go

Scratching your head yet? Don’t – you’ve likely seen these go-anywhere, do-everything smartphone accessories. These small grips attach to the back of your device, making it easier to hold your phone, especially when you’re on the move – i.e., right now.

That, though, is just the beginning. Nuckees are a “must” this holiday season, and the perfect branded gift to give your clients, vendors and employees. Here are some other reasons we’re loving Nuckees…

#1. They’re the perfect holiday shopping companion

Make your list, check it twice, then always have the perfect grip on your must-gets with a Nuckees. With SnugHug Technology, it’s easy to attach a Nuckees to any device. Then, with a quick POP you’ve got a rock-solid grip – that means no risk your phone will slip, fall and crack this season. Because, let’s face it, a cracked screen can put a serious damper on any shopping session.

#2. They’re ideal for travel

Tray table down, Nuckees properly “popped,” headphones in and, instantly, you’ve got a private binge session at the ready. Because Nuckees have a four-way locking stand, you can quickly reposition your phone into a private, hands-free movie theater or arcade – or, even, hand off to your kids for those long rides to grandma’s house…

That, isn’t the only travel-friendly perk. Nuckees make it easy to wireless charge your phone on the go or attach your device to your dashboard before starting GPS mode. You’ll never get lost – and never have to take your eyes off the road again. Bonus.

#3. They’re a perfect sous chef/gift wrapping side kick

In that vein, why not pop out your Nuckees “stand,” queue up a YouTube how-to tutorial and get cooking or wrapping? With your hands free and your phone in an optimal viewing position, it’s simple to follow along with the pros and ensure your crème brûlée – or festive bows – are holiday-ready without the stress.

#4. They’re a mobile DJ station and caroling go-to

Heading to a holiday party? Again, it’s all about the four-way locking stand. Get your Nuckees stand into “ready” position, then click on your favorite playlist. Because the screen is visible, you can change tunes, swap players or, even let guests DJ with a quick click or two, without ever losing sight of your phone or what songs are coming up next.

#5. They’re redefining grab-and-go

And, of course, there’s the grab-and-go aspect – the original reason we’re all about Nuckees. Once “popped,” keeping a grip on your phone is easier than ever, even if you’re wearing gloves and even if you’re juggling the cookies, the gifts and everything in between. If a Nuckees can keep us from losing grips – and breaking our beloved smartphone during this go, go, go season – we’re all about it.

Ashley gives us an up-close look:

These gifts are the ultimate must-have this holiday season – and with your branding attached, you’ll get added eyes and be forever tied to that favorite gift. It’s a win/win, and a great way to help everyone on your wish list keep moving during these next few weeks, and beyond.


10 Beach-Themed Gifts to Personalize for Your Wedding Guests

Customizing products to mark an occasion – especially one as momentous as your wedding – is the perfect way to introduce a personalized touch. Crafting your own unique sense of coupledom through made-to-order décor and gifts is a beautiful way to share your love story, hobbies, and passions with guests.

10 Beach Themed Wedding Gifts to Personalize for Your WeddingOne thoughtful way to do this is by branding gifts provided for your wedding party and guests. These are the people closest to you, who are just as excited for your big day as you are. Aside from making sure they’re loaded up on tissues, gifting them with a token they’ll be able to use beyond the big day says “thank you” in a way the traditional thank you card cannot. And if it’s designed to remind them of you and your special date? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Below, we share some of our favorite beach-themed gifts for weddings. Whether you’re holding a destination wedding, are hosting your nuptials in a coastal town setting, or have chosen a nautical theme for your big day, each of these products can be custom designed just for you and your guests:

1. Beach & Boat Tote Bags

Whether or not you’re saying “I do” in the sand, a tote is a necessity for all beach bums! They’re perfect for carrying everything from towels to sunscreen, water bottles and wine bottles (you’re celebrating, after all!)

Boat totes can also be a timely gift when given before your wedding day, as your bridal party may find them useful to stash emergency provisions and an extra pair of socks and shoes for dancing.

Beyond that, tote bags are a fun item with plenty of surface area to design a memento for your wedding guests. Consider adding your wedding hashtag, the ceremony date, or even a custom logo crafted for your day (ePromos can help with that). If you’re feeling extra generous, fill each bag with a few more goodies!

2. Beach Towels

If you’re throwing a destination wedding, a custom designed beach towel will receive plenty of use! From sunny days catching rays to nights spent around a bonfire, you may find beach towels to be a meaningful investment for all involved in your wedding excursion.
For the nautical themed ceremony, your special present will have an obvious tie-in! How nice to have loved ones reminded of your wedding day when they’re packing for their own special getaway? From plush terry, to nautical stripes and colorful beach motifs, ePromos has plenty of design options from which to choose – and all can be customized online.

3. Sunglasses

The most beloved of all photo booth props! How could sunglasses not make our list?

At ePromos, we offer a range of products, including aviators, Ray-Ban style, and half-lens frames. Once you pick the style you like, you can choose the color(s) that match your palate. Most shades also have room for further customization on the armband, so you could add your wedding date, location, new last name or hashtag!

For those holding a day-time, outdoor wedding, a pair of shades is a great gift to hand out to guests as they arrive, so they can use them during your sunny ceremony.

4. Flip Flops

Let’s be real – stilettos and dress shoes have no place at a beach wedding. Even so, your guests may feel a bit awkward about dressing too casually. Help guests loosen up and get comfortable by providing flip flops or sandals for them to slip into after your ceremony!

A custom shoe designed to commemorate your wedding date is perfect for dancing and merrymaking against a gorgeous beach backdrop. Or consider springing for comfortable, beach-ready footwear for your bridal party, who will be on their feet from sunup to sundown on your dream day.

Customization can range from selecting particular colors, to adding a quote or message of your choosing, to printing a photo or other visual on the shoe’s strap or footprint.

5. Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

When it comes to your wedding day/weekend, you’ll want as few emergencies as possible. Fight the odds someone heads home with a ruined smartphone by gifting water-resistant protective cases to friends and family!
Designed with your colors, messaging and/or imagery, A cell phone case can be used by guests lounging poolside or out in the sun and surf. Design yours with colors to match your décor, and imprinted to include personal details (the date, city) or something fun for the wedding party.

6. Travel Kits

Destination weddings are a dream combo: Vacation, celebration, and your closest family and friends all together. That said, travel is definitely not everyone’s bag. And for those who don’t mind it, it can still be exhausting.

Help guests chill out as soon as they arrive with a handy travel kit! Find the product that suits your budget and your guest’s needs. Some come with neck pillows, eye masks and ear plugs; others, with TSA-approved travel bottles, lip balm, and sunscreen. Did we mention you can request free samples from our online store?

7. Wine Tumblers (WITH a Lid!)

If a to-go wine tumbler with a lid doesn’t scream bridal party, we’re not sure what does. These cute, convenient, lightweight tumblers are the perfect choice for sipping rose while getting wedding-ready – minus any worry about spillage.
To-go wine tumblers are also fun for toasting the happy couple in the days pre-and post-wedding ceremony beachside. With options in wood, plastic, and stainless steel, you can custom create the tumbler that fits your wedding vision.

8. Beach Balls & Accessories

If you want a gift that really plays into your theme or destination, here’s an obvious choice! ePromos has a sizable selection of inflatable beach balls, sand buckets, and toys perfect for use in the surf and sand.

Imprint your favorite engagement pic on a full-color kite or stamp your names and date on an inflatable toy or beverage holder. Not only are these gifts fitting, they’re quite easy to pack up for the flight home!

9. Outdoor Toys

Similarly, you might find a winning wedding favor amongst our larger collection of custom toys. Sure, you could design beach wedding favors just for the kids… but we think your adult friends and family will have a blast with them, too. Choose from a slew of whimsical gifts, including bubbles, flying discs, glider airplanes, and toy water guns!

The best part is most of these toys are inexpensive, even with your custom design! So wedding planners on a budget can save money, while those looking to splurge might find a little something here to accompany another gift.

10. Beach-Themed Adult Coloring Books

Whether all or some of your wedding guests are traveling for your nuptials, many might enjoy a coloring book for the long flight or drive back! In our selection of customizable coloring books, we have a Color Comfort book with a “serenity by the sea” theme. How perfect!
Choose your ink color and add text, an image or both to the cover. Then gift this appropriately-themed book ahead of their trip or before they head home. Coloring books are a creative way to calm nerves and help the time pass. Just don’t forget the crayons and colored pencils to go with!

We hope these party favor and gift ideas have inspired you to think about taking your wedding to the next level! We’re all for promoting your theme and reflecting each element to be all about the bride(s), groom(s), and the love you share. Gifting your bridal party or all guests with a personalized memento is a lovely way to commemorate your big day (or even week!).

If you have any questions or need help during the design process, our experts are available by Chat online, by email and phone at 800-564-6216.


4 Reasons We’re Loving the Wood Grain Trend–—Especially in These Tumblers

We're loving our wood tone drinkwareIt’s been a major trend in furniture and interior design – and, now, the wood tones we’re loving in our homes and offices are extending into another space: drinkware. Our new collection of insulated wood tone tumblers are taking a page from this comfy, cozy and completely chic trend – and we can’t get enough.

Our advice? Dive into this trend now.

1. Because it’s a touch of home, wherever you go

Mixed wood tones and wood grains are the interior trend for 2018 – so consider these tumblers a little piece of home whether you’re stuck in the car or stuck in the conference room. Inspired by the organic finishes everyone’s opting for, consider these tumblers your cue to make yourself at home anywhere.

2. Because there’s a richness to this trend

One of the reasons the wood grain trend has gained such momentum is that it has a very natural, very organic richness – and the same goes for this tumbler collection. These tumblers look as sleek and sturdy as they are, without looking busy or over-the-top.

3. Because they project the right image for your brand

While we’re all about branded drinkware, we’ve seen some that are a little too aggressive. If that’s your brand persona, great, but if you’re looking for something more polished, more sophisticated and more established, these wood tone tumblers make sense.

With brands like S’Well® and Corkcicle® pushing their collections to retail – and let’s not forget the iconic Mercedes-Benz® wood grain tumbler – your customers have no doubt been craving one of these cool cups. Getting one from you will solidify their perception of you and your brand.

4. Because they’re high quality insulated tumblers – and who doesn’t want that?

Beyond the cool factor, these tumblers are high quality, high performance products that keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to eight. Check out the classic 20 ounce Vacuum Insulated Wood Grain Tumbler, the tapered 20 ounce version and the 10 ounce Wine Tumbler, all with this on-trend wood finish.

We’re hearing this is just the beginning of the wood grain trend – and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Get in touch with us, The Promo Know-How People, to learn more and start customizing your tumbler order.

Wood grain is a popular home and furniture trend – and now, with this collection of wood grain drinkware, the hot trend can promote your brand too.

Looking for more of our top picks and best sellers? Click here.


Research Says These are the Best Promotional Giveaway Items

We’ve all received promotional products—pens, magnets, branded calendars. But as we travel deeper into the digital world with marketing and advertising following suit, these simple but useful giveaways are being forgotten by marketers. Research still supports that promotional giveaways are an effective way to entice and engage customers. Not convinced? The New York Times spoke to a professor of psychology and advertising, who explained that humans are wired to respond when given something. It’s just part of our cultural make-up and norms—we’re trained to reciprocate when given something. What does that mean for your company? When you give something to a customer, you’re increasing the likelihood of getting something in response, like signing up for your mailing list, or even purchasing a product you’re selling.People Happy After Receiving A Gift

This 2016 study does an amazing job outlining some of the most popular giveaways by asking U.S. consumers which products they currently owned, broken down by gender, location and more. Highlighted promotional products included writing instruments, which are owned by 50% of U.S. consumers, and drinkware, which are owned by 53%! Below, we dive into the research to give you the 5 best promotional items to consider for your next giveaway.

1. USB Flash Drives

45% of U.S. Consumers own a promotional USB drive. Even more impressive? A whopping 91% of users say that they keep them because of their usefulness in their daily lives. For a brand looking to make an impact, what more could you really ask for in a promotional product? The dream is that potential customers keep your giveaway around long enough to not only leave an impression on them, but perhaps those around them. With that in mind, think about the utility of a USB—it’s a great way to transfer digital information. So, while some folks will use it as their personal backup, others will use it to hand off information to someone else, like a colleague or friend, thereby transferring knowledge of your brand forward. USB drives are a perfect item for a corporate-oriented giveaway, including conferences and job fairs.

2. Drinkware

Drinkware includes a variety of potential items, like mugs (great for keeping on an office desk), or to-go tumblers (perfect for traveling business folks and busy parents alike). ASI’s 2016 study found that half of U.S. owners of branded drinkware use it several times every week. That is a ton of opportunity for them to not only use the product, but have your brand become ingrained in memory. If you opt for drinkware are your promotional item, quality should be an important consideration. As the research above points out, people will keep their drinkware around for a while In fact, According to a study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 87% of participants who received a free promotional product kept it for over a year, Drinkware is a perfect item to give away when promoting a food or drink product, as well as at sporting (water bottles) or business events (everyone needs a good office mug).

3. T-shirtsT-Shirts Are Loved By Everyone

Ah, the almighty branded t-shirt, owned and loved by 58% of the U.S. population. In fact, every age group studied clocked in at over half (56%-60%) owning logoed t-shirts. Having your brand on a t-shirt is a great way to start conversations, get noticed and make some noise. As promotional giveaways, t-shirts are versatile and work at almost any event you’d like to commemorate including festivals, tech conferences, and more.

4. Bags

In the U.S., branded bags create the most impressions of all promotional products. There are a few reasons to explain this. Unlike a mug or pen, bags are used when out and about to carry items in high-trafficked places. This gives them a fantastic opportunity to be seen, which serves to expand your brand reach. For this reason, it’s especially worth investing in a catchy design and easily recognizable logo to make sure your bag stands out when in a crowd. As for when to hand them out, they work great at conferences and trade shows (perfect option for attendees to carry all the other items they collect while traveling from booth to booth).

5. Lip Balm

Our Full Color Lip Balm Tub - 100 piecesIn the bottom of every purse lays a lip balm—or commonly, a handful of them. The popularity of this simple beauty product has surged over the past few years. In fact, a Marie Claire survey found that half of their readers considered lip balm an essential office item, and the number two item they’d pick for a desert island. That’s some serious lip balm love—making it a perfect promotional product. Like a USB drive, lip balm is small—easily fitting in a pocket or handbag, its unisex, and it’s a $660 million industry. Lip balm is a perfect giveaway item for a convention, as planes are known to cause dry skin for travelers.

When you invest in promotional products, you want to be sure it’s going to be a success with consumers. By choosing one of the best promotional giveaway items listed in this piece, you can feel confident you’ll not only entice potential customers but have a wider reach by using some of the most popular items available. As discussed, each of these products has real staying power, creating value for both the consumer and your brand. And, circling back to the top, offering useful and helpful products to prospective customers means a higher chance for positive brand engagement.


Pick Your Power: Our Go-to Power Banks Side-by-Side

Face it: We’ve all left home in the morning without our faithful phone charger. And it’s not good.

You’re not alone. No doubt your clients, vendors, partners and employees have been stuck out and about without that all-important cable or portable charger. That’s why we’re all about having these power banks on hand. Slim, sleek and designed to toss in your bag or pocket and go, these custom chargers will keep smartphones and tablets ready for action – and, when you’re pounding the pavement, that’s a must.

So, then, the big question: which power bank to pick? Here’s how they stack up, side by side…

Our Two Best Selling Powerbanks


Slim Honeycomb Power Bank – 3000 mAh

SPECS: Powered by a 3000 mAh polymer lithium battery, this power bank can get your device fully juiced and ready for whatever the day tosses your way.

WHY WE ❤: It’s all about the pop of color with this power bank. Choose from pink, red, blue, black or white on white – or go crazy and mix and match colors so you’re well stocked for last minute meetings, client gift backs and end-of-year “thank yous.”

MY IDEAL USER: Functional, fun and very easy to use, this power bank is perfect for any client or partner who claims they aren’t so tech-savvy. Simply charge it up and you’ve got enough power to get your phone or tablet back up and running – it couldn’t be easier.

FUN FACT: While most power banks are pretty small, this one is especially slim and sleek. Slip it in your pocket and it’s instantly undetectable.

GET CREATIVE: Before giving your custom power banks out, be sure to charge them up. Recipients will want to use them right away and, if they can’t, your premium might wind up relegated to a drawer…not ideal.


Faux Leather Power Bank – 6000 mAh

SPECS: With double the storage – and more charging power – this on-trend power bank looks and feels upscale and high-value. And, like its honeycomb counterpart, it’s slim, sleek and totally portable.

WHY WE ❤: Two words: faux leather. This power bank looks as cool as it is, with a sleek, executive-inspired finish.

MY IDEAL USER: The executive on the move – the faux leather makes this power bank an ideal on-hand item for the jet-setting CEO who needs his/her devices ready for action 24/7.

FUN FACT: This power bank charges not one device but TWO. iPhone® and iPad®? “Work”: home and “home” phone? Kid’s tablet and Apple® Watch? Check and check.

GET CREATIVE: This is the perfect corporate gift on its own, but, if you want to kick things up a notch, consider creating a “to go” kit around a power bank. Ideal for the constant traveler or road warrior, toss in all the good stuff she’ll need for her next adventure – a power bank, passport holder, stainless-steel bottle and other on-the-road essentials.