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The Ultimate, Best Selling All-Day Sippers Side-by-Side

Trying to choose the right insulated water bottle can be challenging to say the least. Cup or tumbler? Mug or bottle? Hot or cold? Metal? Stainless?

And that’s before you choose a color.

Our goal? To dig into our latest and greatest drinkware offerings, helping you choose the perfect product for your business. We’ve created a series where we’ll stack a few options side-by-side calling out some key details and fun facts to consider as you’re deciding what to add to your promotional arsenal. First up, our Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles, in 17 or 26 ounce.

Best Seller Challenge



17.oz Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Custom Waterbottle

SPECS: A smaller bottle means increased portability without sacrificing usability. Consider this the ultimate in form-meets-function.

WHY WE ❤: Trying to get to the 64-ounce mark? Think of it as one fill before the office, one pre-lunch refresh, one before heading home and another before calling it a day. Easy.

MY IDEAL SIPPER: The type-A taskmaster — someone who loves to check things off of their to-do list and will feel uber-accomplished every time they hit the bottom of the bottle.

FUN FACT: In addition to keeping cold cold for 24 hours, hot drinks will still be piping come lunch — dinner, even.

GET CREATIVE: With a rock solid screw-top the contents of your bottle aren’t going anywhere. The end result? We’ve toted everything from homemade pasta sauce to hot fudge in this bottle.


Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray, then add to your cold brew. If (OK, when…) you go back for seconds midday you’ll get an added jolt of java thanks to the still-cold cubes. Bonus!


26 oz. Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Custom Waterbottle

SPECS: 26 ounces of stainless steel vacuum copper insulation, complete with a twist-off lid for easy, leak-free access

WHY WE ❤: Despite its sleek proportions this bottle holds a lot — more than three full glasses of H2O or a Venti-plus serving of coffee.

MY IDEAL SIPPER: This bottle was built for all-day, all-purpose, all-drink use. No matter their drink, their drive or where this custom bottle needs to go, it’s up for the challenge. Consider it the ultimate partner-in-hydration.

FUN FACT: Cold drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours. Really — the ice will stay plenty icy all day long.

GET CREATIVE: Don’t be surprised to catch us sipping a little soup out of ours. When there’s no time for a lunch break — and no microwave in sight — it’s a super convenient way to refuel.

Freeze fresh, whole berries and chopped up fruit, then pop into this insulated bottle before filling with water. The fruit will thaw over the next 12 to 24 hours, adding consistent flavor every time you refill.

So there you have it! Which one works best for your brand? Call us today and we can work together to get one of these best sellers incorporated into your next marketing campaign.


The 10 Best Corporate Gifts For The Holidays

10 Corporate Gifts On Your Clients Wish ListThink it’s too early to focus on holiday gifting? Think again. Between production time, approvals and, of course, getting your gift out ahead of the December crush – which, as we know, ensures your gift has a greater impact  – waiting until the temperature drops is a surefire way to miss the mark, miss the deadlines and miss giving your clients, vendors and partners something truly special.

But that’s not you – and that’s not happening this holiday season. This holiday season you’re ahead of the curve and ready to dive in. This holiday season you’re locking down the hottest gift that speaks to your business, your clients and your shared relationships. This holiday season you are knocking it out of the park, with a gift they’ll remember and a gift that will help pave the way for your best year yet. Any of these Must-Haves will do the trick…

10 Holiday Gifts Topping Your Client’s Wish List

#1. Aluminum PopSockets®

PopSockets are the “It” item of 2018 and, with one “POP” it’s easy to see why. Affix one of these engravable aluminum PopSockets to your smartphone and, instantly, gain better control for typing, texting and more. Or, pop it out to create a stand – perfect for hands-free calls and even, impromptu movie nights. Yes, PLEASE.

#2. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Stainless-Steel-Wine-TumblerCheers to a favorite vino literally anywhere. These Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers are sleek, chic and totally shatterproof, making them ideal for anything from weekends away to fireside dinners to last-minute happy hours – in the office or out. Engrave yours with a special message commemorating the year and you’re ready to give a toast (or two…).

#3. Wireless Charging Pad/StandWireless-Charging-Pad

Let’s face it – who doesn’t constantly need to charge their phone? With this Qi Wireless Custom Charging Pad, it’s easier than ever. This compact dock fits anywhere and is perfect for desk or nightstand charging. Simply pop a smartphone on top and this handy device gets the job done, while serving as a constant reminder of you, your business and all the “charged up” benefits you bring to the table.

#4. Leeman® NYC Tuscany Collection

Leeman-Office-Gift-SetLooking for a low-cost, high-impact gift that goes anywhere your clients do – literally? From cell phone wallets to leather journals to luggage tags, this collection has something for everyone, with pieces starting at less than $2.00 each. Each piece is perfectly crafted and designed to withstand the elements while tagging along for your recipients’ latest adventures – and, continually giving a nod to your business.

#5. Igloo® Cooler Tote BagIgloo-Cooler

This bag redefines “chill.” Perfect for tailgating, road trips, or office potlucks, this durable tote can hold up to three 12-packs – 36 cans – and offers tons of pockets for storing anything and everything. This is one gift your clients will use over and over, ensuring you get even more bang for your promotional buck.

#6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Triple Insulated Best Selling Water BottleHelp your client achieve their New Year’s resolution – to drink more H2O in 2019. Staying hydrated has tons of benefits  – when giving this best selling Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle  to your clients, you’re acknowledging your partnership and helping to improve their health and hydration in the months ahead. Cheers to that.

#7. Satin Finish Executive Pen

There’s something about a great pen. When you find one, it feels like you can tackle the world – or, at the very least, that enormous pile of purchase orders in your inbox. Our Satin Finish Executive Pen is the perfect go-to, with sleek silver accents, black ink and a medium point – check, check and check. The best part? This is an affordable gift your office can send in bulk, ensuring everyone gets one. Better yet, plan to leave pens in a high-traffic spot so your clients and their clients can grab and go, expanding your reach and getting your message out long after the holidays are over.

#8. Elevate Two-Tone Knit Half-Zip Jacket

Two-Tone-Elevate-Mens-JacketBaby, it’s cold outside – and that’s why everyone loves these half-zip jackets. Cozy, versatile and completely on-trend with a two-tone finish, these jackets are the perfect gift for any client on your list. We love the sweater knit feel and the bonus pockets for storage. Your clients will love being thought of and love having a jacket they can toss on whenever they’re feeling a chill, whether it’s in the office, on the sidelines or anywhere in between.

#9. Gourmet Treats Gift ToteGourmet-Treats-Gift-Tote

Two words: DIG. IN. Getting this Gourmet Treats Gift Tote is like an invitation to indulge – one your clients will no doubt take. Packed with lemon cookies, berry and nut mix, caramel popcorn, almonds, walnuts, peanut crunch and butter toffee caramels, this gift has it all – all packed in a portable carrier that makes it easy to smuggle off-site if they don’t want to share…

#10. Plaid Blanket

This blanket redefines COZY. Not only is it huge – 50” x 60” – and made from Australian wool and acrylic, but this Twisted Fringe Plaid Wool Custom Blanket is easy to fold up and bring anywhere. And, no doubt, your clients and vendors will. Do yourself a favor and order a few extra for yourself and the team. Once you lay a hand on these comfy blankets, you’ll no doubt want a few for your own collection.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Contact our expert corporate gifting team to talk holiday presents and premiums. Now is prime time to get orders in motion and ensure your gifts make it to the top of the pile. We are, after all, the Promo Know-How People!



The 5 Most Effective Giveaways for Tech Conferences

5 Most Effective Tech Conference GiveawaysTech conferences are a fantastic way to learn the latest and greatest gadgets and software, mingle with industry experts, and do some serious networking. Whether you’re a college student looking to break into the field post-graduation, a seasoned professional or vendor with tech-approved wares, conferences are a great place to see and be seen.

From a marketing perspective, sponsorship is a smart strategy for your brand. While so much of today’s marketing approaches are focused online (like SEO and social media), it’s hard to beat the in-person connection that comes from chatting with a potential customer face-to-face.

To ensure you get the most out of attending, we’ve pulled a list of example promotional products that our clients claim are the most effective giveaways for tech conferences. We’re also sharing a handful of ideas for how to execute cool giveaways at your booth, so that you draw in a crowd and are remembered by attendees.

Giveaway #1: Snacks and/or Beverages

Conferences are long. All are guaranteed hours of sitting through speaker presentations, schmoozing, and – depending on the size – logging some serious steps around the convention center and/or expo hall.

Custom Branded Chocolate BarsNow, pair that with the fact that conferences typically have a pretty low bar for food and beverages. While bad news for conference-goers, this is an ideal opportunity for your team! There are plenty of options for nurturing new leads through nourishment. Nuts, veggie packs like baby carrots and hummus, fruit, and chocolates branded with your logo are all easy on-the-go snacks that attendees will grab. And while you probably can’t pass out beers, you can offer bottled waters as well as soda and energy drinks!


Giveaway #2: Charging Accessories

Tech conferences will be full of (drum roll, please) tech devices. From phones to tablets to laptops, attendees will be lugging and heavily using their favorite technology the entire day, weekend or week they’re there. That makes portable chargers and similar devices an ideal gift for those who drop by your booth.

One issue many will run into over the course of the conference? Poor battery life. Wireless power banks, which can charge virtually anything with a USB charge port, are a lifesaver when you’re constantly on the move… like, say, at a conference. Charging pads are another trendy device that can be branded with your logo or messaging.

From wall chargers to car adapters and fancy gift sets, these giveaways are practical as anything – sure to receive use and gain visibility among the conference’s plugged-in crowd.

Giveaway #3: Cell Phone Accessories

We can try to deny being hooked on them, but cell phones are seriously important to, well, everyone. Even with days’ worth of presentations, demonstrations and conversations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single attendee without his or her cell phone in tow.
What does this mean for your marketing strategy? That promotional cell phone accessories are another sure-fire product that can help to encourage visitors to your booth. Give those who drop off their business card a useful gadget, like Pop Sockets, phone wallets, and phone stands, printed with your logo on it. Unlike another keychain or pair of sunglasses, they’ll keep these types of giveaways. And if not, the perceived value is high enough the item would be passed onto a colleague or friend, thereby extending your reach!

Giveaway #4: Journals and Notepads

Just as college students are discouraged from taking notes on their laptops, professionals know that taking notes with pen and paper improves retention and focus. With all the planning that goes into travel for a conference, one item that is often forgotten is a simple notepad. Especially for expos with workshops hosted over multiple days, this item is a highly useful one to giveaway.

Castelli-Tuscon-Lanybook-JournalWhat’s more, notebooks, journals and jotters can provide a welcome respite from the constant talk and use of technology. Consider interesting ways you can promote their use among attendees – for example, by including prompts about goal-setting, brainstorming, or inviting recipients to submit a response to a tech-related question via pen and paper for a bigger prize.

Giveaway #5: Travel Accessories

Attendees will fly in from all around the world for a really popular tech conference. This creates an opportunity for you to base your marketing products around easing the burden of flying and travel.

There are a ton of useful items you can jazz folks up with, such as inflatable neck pillows for the plane, luggage tags, toiletry kits, and even a handy handheld luggage scale. After all, there’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve over-packed and are about to be bombarded with extra weight fees!

Creative Ideas to Promote Your Tech-Friendly Giveaway

Settling on the perfect product that conference attendees will like, use, and keep is only half the battle. Now you need a plan to attract attendees and entice them to open up a dialogue. Below, we offer a few ideas to make your booth a sure stand-out at any tech conference:

Idea #1: Relaxation Station

Tech conventions are high-energy – and for all their good, they can be exhausting. We’ve talked about cool giveaways to recharge attendees’ gadgets, but why not allow your potential customers to recharge, too? Offer passersby a few moments to chill out at your booth, without fear of a sales pitch. This could mean electronic massage chairs, free 10 or 15-minute chair massages from a professional, or simply a couch and TV set-up. If you choose this route, just be sure to plan for the popularity of your station!

Idea #2: Game Haven

Jeopardy-Wall-Trade-ShowRentalThe goal of hosting a booth at a conference is to get brand exposure and meet potential customers. Of course, to do this in a meaningful way, you’ll need to connect and engage with them by creating a dialogue. And if you can accomplish this by getting them to lighten up and have some fun, even better! In fact, positive energy and emotions will increase the likelihood that the remember the encounter and think fondly of your business.

A perfect way to do this? Turn your space into a game-oriented haven to give out your branded giveaways. Raffles and prize wheels are classic options; but don’t be afraid to go a step further by setting up a game of Jeopardy or other game show remake, host a contest, a mini putting course or even set-up a scavenger hunt around the convention. Attendees will flock to play and watch others do so. Remember, when confined to the same rooms for days on end, everyone will be hungry for new and exciting things to talk about!

Idea #3: Move the Conversation Online

Rather than fight the flow of foot traffic, why not make your booth stand out on social media? Especially for a tech-heavy audience, expect that apps like Instagram and Twitter will be active with updates from attendees. All you have to do is find out the official and unofficial hashtags being used!

Work with your social media person or team to engage with attendees online before and during the event. Whether you’re asking open-ended questions, running fun polls or eliciting responses in another way, there are plenty of opportunities for inviting those commenters to pick up their winning prize at your station.

We hope our list of giveaways and suggestions for how to actually gift them have your creative juices flowing. Not only will these methods help your business to standout at the next tech conference, but they’ll ensure your brand presents itself in a memorable way.

Looking for more tech giveaway ideas? Bluetooth Technology Proves The Power of Connection.


4 Reasons to Keep on Gifting (and PLENTY of Things to Gift…)

4 Reasons to Keep Gifting. And PLENTY of Items to GiftWe get it – your holiday gifting is locked and loaded. Maybe you give the same thing every year – who doesn’t love a full-bodied Chianti around the holidays? Or, maybe you mix it up and opt for the season’s most on-trend must-have. Regardless, you know your gifts are welcome and warranted. You are, after all, thanking your clients, partners and/or employees for helping your business knock it out of the park this year.

That said, the holidays aren’t the only optimal time to reach out and say “thanks!” Now, more than ever, decision-makers are inundated with holiday gifts from early December straight through to the New Year. While that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for a holiday gift, it does mean non-seasonal mailings will likely work a lot harder. Why?

#1. Because you don’t “have to”

Not only will a gift outside of this present-heavy season cut through the clutter of junk mail and promotional emails, but your clients will appreciate the thought even more – when it’s not the holiday season, these “thinking of you” nods feel less forced and, hands down, will likely resonate more.

“It’s natural to think of sending a gift around the holidays,” says Giftology author John Ruhlin in a recent Forbes interview. “But, you may want to reconsider…the holiday season is ironically the least effective time to give a gift…if you take the time to appreciate your clients when they least expect it, you’ll stand out.

#2. Because they’re going to get in touch…

Having a tough time getting a call or email back? Send a gift. Unless it’s truly a throw-away – which, let’s face it, you wouldn’t waste your money on – that client or prospect is almost always going to respond and thank you for the thought. It’s good business and, besides that, it’s common courtesy. So, do yourself a favor and stop the endless email/voice mail barrage and pop something in the mail.

Our Heritage BackpackOne final pro tip: while any gift should warrant a call or email acknowledgement, this is often a good example of “go big or go home”. Sending something larger really can’t be missed, even if it gets shuffled in with the day’s mail and call-back notes.

This Heritage Supply Laptop Backpack is a perfect example. It’s sizable, versatile and completely usable – who doesn’t hate hauling their laptop back and forth every day? And besides that, backpacks are having a serious moment. With so many adults dealing with back issues, many are turning to backpacks to help distribute the weight of their daily haul. In other words, double points for thoughtfulness.

#3. Because continuity builds relationships

Showing appreciation and fostering a feeling of familiarity and mutual respect is essential to building any business relationship, clients included. By establishing a more regular “thank you/thinking of you” cadence, you’re fostering good will year-round and not just during the holidays or when they sign on the line. Again, it feels more genuine and more personal, which helps ensure your clients feel valued and appreciated.

Our Marble Click Action PenThe trick, then, is to come up with corporate gifts that 1) are universally in-demand/useful 2) don’t break the bank but still have some serious oomph to them and 3) are in-sync with the clients’ wants and needs or, minimally, with some moment in time.

For example, send this Marble Click-Action Pen around New Year’s, letting them know that, as they’re writing their resolutions list they should add “coffee with you” to their to-dos. Or, as summer approaches, pop these Faux Leather Power Banks in the mail as a vacation essential – there’s never a charger poolside when you need one. When temperatures start dropping, brand and send an Elevate Two-Tone Knit Half Zip, or this Thermos® Stainless King Travel Mug, perfect for something hot.

#4. Because it’s about THEM, not you

Let’s face it – the branded fleece picnic blanket you sent last year was useful but, really, it was equally about getting your name and logo front-and-center with your latest and greatest client. Layering in an additional gift or, even, a continuity gifting program gives you an opportunity to focus on that essential partner and what makes them tick.

Our Moleskin Gift SetA perfect go-to? This Moleskin Hardcover Journal Set. Moleskin journals are a classic that – bonus – are super on-trend right now. Whether your client is a serial journal-er, closet poet or, simply likes to jot notes down in something that feels a bit more elevated, this is the perfect gift. Bonus points for leaving a little personalized note on page one…

The goal? Come up with some ongoing gifting program that goes beyond just Christmas and Hanukkah. Done right, this is the ultimate relationship-builder and booster, which can position you and your brand for success now and in the future – not just during the holidays. Think about your customers, what makes them tick and when you aren’t hearing from them as much as you should. Then, use that intel as your jumping off point to create a powerhouse corporate gifting program for your business.

Call us, the Promo-Know How People, to get started incorporating Corporate Gifts into your marketing budget, today!


5 Perks That Make Our SpinSocket A Must-Have For Your Brand

You’ve seen PopSockets® – and, no doubt, you’ve seen kids performing handheld magic with their fidget spinners.

Our Custom SpinSocketOur September Product of the Month, the Full-Color SpinSocket Ring Custom Cell Phone Holder & Stand, marries these two must-haves into a powerhouse promo piece. It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s #trending – it’s, basically, the cronut of the mobile world.

That said, the cool factor isn’t the only reason we love this promo piece. The SpinSocket™ packs a serious punch powered by serious benefits:

#1. It’s an instant nerve-soother and anxiety reducer

Fidgeting can help combat moments of anxiety or nervousness. For many, there’s something about tapping, fiddling or even nail-biting that, in the moment soothes nerves – enter the fidget spinner.

By providing a fidget-focused outlet, pieces such as these encourage immediate relief with a tool designed solely to, well, fidget with. Beyond that, many like the built-in discretion. Instead of sitting around visibly picking or tapping, they’re simply playing with their fidget spinner – or, in this case, their SpinSocket.

#2. It stimulates focus

Research has shown fidget spinners’ movement can help people gain and maintain focus. Others have likened them to squeezing a stress ball which, for people with ADHD, can help steer attention back where it needs to be. Think about how many times you’ve sat in that team meeting, as it barrels into hour two. And, think about how great it would be to have something in the palm of your hands to get your head back in the game. Exactly.

#3. It adds a layer of functionality to your phone

Our smartphones aren’t just phones. They’re everything! PopSockets dig into that ubiquity, specifically on the entertainment front. Grab your phone, throw on a movie and pop out the stand so you, or even you and some friends, can watch, hands-free. Or, better yet, pop your stand out and let your kids watch without their little hands all over the screen – what parent wouldn’t be all over that?

#4. It’s like insurance – but cheaper

Ah, the dreaded screen smash. We all know it. We all hate it. And, when it happens, it costs us a fortune to deal with. And that insurance policy we should have bought when we got the upgrade? Yeah…we didn’t.

Enter the Spinsocket. While it won’t replace your cracked screen, it does make it harder to lose control of your device – and with that added control there’s a good chance you’ll avoid at least a few slips and spills.

#5. It’s an instant convo-starter

Yes, we said it wasn’t about the cool factor, and it’s not. That said, we’d be remiss not to include number five – this promo piece is an instant conversation starter. Expect to be stopped in the elevator, in the waiting room and in meetings as people will want to see cool PopSockets and fidget spinners, while wanting to share theirs. And, if your brand is all over that SpinSocket? Even better.

Ashley, our Account Executive, gives us an up-close look:

Call us today to get your hands (and your BRAND) on September’s Product of the Month, the SpinSocket Ring Custom Cell Phone Holder & Stand.

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4 Reasons the Reusable Straw Trend is Here to Stay

Let’s face it, some trends and product launches can be flops – we’re looking at you, Google Glass and Cheetos® Flavored Lip Balm. But, while many organizations may be reluctant to get behind the latest socially-conscious trend – such as ditching plastic straws for reusable ones – it’s clear this shift is here to stay. Equally important is that your business gets on board. Not only is it the right thing to do but, but showing your customers you care, will drive more engagement, more consideration and more conversion from buyers who care, to buyers who will become your ultimate long-term customers and advocates.

So, then, the big question: WHY are reusable straws not just trending but redefining the way millions get their sip on? And why does YOUR business need to get in the mix and offer these sought-after premiums to your employees, customers and vendor partners? Here are 4 good reasons…

#1. You’re Doing THE ENVIRONMENT Some Serious Good

Believe it or not, Americans are using and tossing about 390 to 500 million straws per day. And, despite our most well-meaning efforts, those straws are ending up in not-so-great places – think landfills (where they take 200 years to decompose), water supplies (gross) and oceans (sorry, sea life).

What’s more, because many of these straws are made from polypropylene – not far off from what powers cars – dumping these straws increases greenhouse gases and drives climate change in the wrong direction. So, while it may feel like nothing to toss a plastic straw or two, they do add up fast. And as they do, their impact is felt, literally, for generations. Sip on that!

#2. You’re Doing YOUR TEAM Some Serious Good

Send your team out with a socially-conscious product, one that is on the tip of your clients’ collective tongue and you’re giving them a serious leg-up. Think about it – hand over a perfectly-package reusable straw with a quick, personalized note and nod to why you chose this forward-thinking piece and you’ve got their attention. More importantly, you’re giving that client an opportunity to show off their trendsetting, eco-friendly side, without the heavy lifting. It’s truly a win/win and, really, who doesn’t love that?

#3. You’re Doing YOUR CUSTOMERS’ Customers Some Serious Good

Think about how many times you sip through a straw in a single day. A lot, right? There’s the iced coffee en route to the office; the sparkling H2O you’re sipping desk-side; and the straw popped into your meal time drink order. The list goes on and on, and each straw is, believe it or not, super toxic.

Plastic drinking straws contain phthalates and bisphenol A – AKA “BPA.” BPA exposure has been tied to countless long-term issues including behavioral problems in kids to heightened rates of cancer, heart issues and more. When you brand and share reusable straws, you’re acknowledging these seismic concerns and telling your customers, “WE CARE.”

#4. You’re Doing YOUR Brand Some Serious Good

It’s simple – you want to be the brand that does its part and sets the trends for your team, your clients and beyond. Enter reusable drinking straws. The majority of Americans haven’t yet converted from classic plastic but, given the media buzz, most have heard about the push for a change. In other words, you’ve got a primed market out there, jam packed with people who know there’s an issue but maybe aren’t fully in the loop, or simply, haven’t gotten their hands on a reusable straw just yet.

Our advice? Be the solution and you’ll forge a serious bond personally and professionally – and, of course, you’ll be laying the groundwork to share your branded straw over a quick drink (or two…).

Check out our new collection of reusable straws and set the wheels in motion for your next great promo piece.