Make A Splash With A Custom Car Wash Kit

Summertime and sudsy car washes go hand in hand, which is why a custom car wash kit is the perfect way to promote your company. It saves your customers money on a professional car wash, and it puts your logo in the spotlight.

There are many ways to use a promotional car wash kit. It’s a natural fit for automotive businesses, but any company can dole out this super-useful gift. Consider giving a custom car wash kit as a thank-you gift or as an incentive for doing business with you.

Summertime is a hot season for charity car washes, which is another great way to use promotional car wash kits. Equip washers with logo car wash kits, and offer them for sale to drivers. It’s a wonderful way to tie your business to a worthy cause and get your logo some exposure.

A promotional car wash kit is a win-win: Your customers get a shiny car and you get exposure for your business. If you want to really make your customers happy, add in a promotional sun shade if it’s summer time or promo ice scraper if it is during the winter.

Here’s a great custom car wash kit that’s packed with everything your customers need for a detailed wash.

Promo know-how tip: Have a tight budget, but still want to make a splash? Try promotional products such as logo imprinted buckets or promotional sponges.

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