Onion Swagology: Electric Apricot Stress Ball Bus

electric-apricot-bus-stress ball

I came for the satire, but stayed for the trenchant analysis:

Item: A soft, squishy foam bus with “National Lampoon Presents Electric Apricot” printed on the top. This is almost like a customized stress ball.

Promoting: The sloppy jam-band mockumentary Electric Apricot, directed by Primus frontman Les Claypool

Relevance to product promoted: Acceptable. Electric Apricot follows the zany misadventures of a hard-touring jam band that presumably traverses the country in a soft, squishy foam bus. Or a non-soft, non-squishy real bus. In the crazy, mixed-up, upside-down world of late-period National Lampoon movies, who can even tell any more? Like the film it’s promoting, this promo item is probably only amusing to people who are really high.

Item quality: 2. It’s sufficiently soft and squishy, and thanks to its complete lack of moving parts, it has yet to fall apart, but it’s also insanely cheap-looking; the promo merchants didn’t even bother to print the film’s title on the sides of the bus.

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