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Promotional Air Fresheners: A Sweet-Scented Way To Ramp Up Your Marketing

Promotional products are known for captivating all five senses—that’s what makes them so powerful. But when it comes to the sense of smell, nothing compares to promotional air fresheners.

On of our most popular automotive accessories, they colorfully display your logo while emitting refreshingly pleasant scents. (Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh rain or creamy vanilla?) Some custom air fresheners even feature odor-eliminating technology to help neutralize stale smells.

Air fresheners will also fit right into your marketing budget—many are priced at a buck or less. They’re an incredibly cost-effective way to promote your business with both sight and smell, whether your customers dangle them from a rearview mirror, clip onto an air vent or use in their office or home. We recommend pairing them with our car sunshades that keep your car from getting too hot.

While promotional air fresheners are perfect automotive gifts for businesses such as car dealerships, auto repair shops, service stations and car washes, they can work for nearly any company. Here’s why:

  • Promotional air fresheners leave a lasting impression. Our memories are strongly linked to our sense of smell. In fact, people recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, according to the Sense of Smell Institute. When your customers breathe in the sweet fragrance of your promotional air freshener, your company name comes to mind.
  • Promotional air fresheners are doubly effective. When you customize an air freshener with your logo and company name, it’s a sensory-rich promotion—your message is reinforced with both sight and smell. Other forms of advertising simply can’t compete.
  • Promotional air fresheners are versatile and highly customizable. While many custom air fresheners have traditionally been considered items for the car, your customers can place them anywhere: in a locker, on a desk at the office, in a shared break room or anywhere that could benefit from a light, pleasant aroma. And when it comes to getting your message across, your logo is a bold imprint that can’t be missed, no matter the style you choose.

If you’re ready to refresh your marketing with something new, promotional air fresheners let you touch two senses at once. It’s an unbeatable combination to get your brand noticed.

Check out ePromos’ video for a modern take on the classic promotional air freshener.

Promo know-how tip: Many air fresheners are lightweight enough to include in a mailing to your customers. Or, if you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow, custom air fresheners make an appreciated giveaway.


Rev Up Your Marketing With Promotional Car Sunshades

Big, bold and unmistakable, promotional car sunshades get your logo across loud and clear. When your company name is printed prominently in gigantic, look-at-me letters, the effect is similar to having hundreds of billboards—people see your logo everywhere.

That’s what makes promotional car sunshades the best automotive gifts for promoting your business – they move. Wherever recipients park their vehicles and pull out your imprinted sunshade, your logo gets seen. This exponentially extends the reach of your marketing message.

Promotional car sunshades have huge imprint areas, so take advantage by imprinting your logo, company name, phone number and web address. If you want to promote it, there’s room on the sunshade.

Here’s a look at the main types of promotional car sunshades:

  • Pop-open car sunshades. This type of sunshade features one or two panels that fold up for easy storage, and then pop open for maximum sun protection. 
  • Accordion-style sunshades. Your customers can fold these up and put them in the windshield when they park their vehicle. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Insulated sunshades. This style of sunshade reflects more of the sun’s rays, keeping vehicle interiors cooler. They have a high-end look, and they’re durable, typically lasting for years.
  • Roller custom car shades. These help reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and block sun rays from passengers’ faces. They’re ideal for side and back windows, and because drivers typically install them and leave them up, your company gets year-round exposure.

Few marketing ideas have the same amount of intensive, consistent exposure. Promotional car sunshades can make an impression on hundreds of people a day. In one month, your company could possibly gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of people—all with one promotional car sunshade.

Want to see how a custom car sunshade can work for your business? Check out our video.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional car sunshades aren’t just used for keeping away the sun’s penetrating glare—your customers also use them to protect their dashboard from the sun’s rays or to block visibility inside the vehicle. These are especially great when they are paired with promo keychains. The combo makes a practical gift collection any time of year.


Make A Splash With A Custom Car Wash Kit

Summertime and sudsy car washes go hand in hand, which is why a custom car wash kit is the perfect way to promote your company. It saves your customers money on a professional car wash, and it puts your logo in the spotlight.

There are many ways to use a promotional car wash kit. It’s a natural fit for automotive businesses, but any company can dole out this super-useful gift. Consider giving a custom car wash kit as a thank-you gift or as an incentive for doing business with you.

Summertime is a hot season for charity car washes, which is another great way to use promotional car wash kits. Equip washers with logo car wash kits, and offer them for sale to drivers. It’s a wonderful way to tie your business to a worthy cause and get your logo some exposure.

A promotional car wash kit is a win-win: Your customers get a shiny car and you get exposure for your business. If you want to really make your customers happy, add in a promotional sun shade if it’s summer time or promo ice scraper if it is during the winter.

Here’s a great custom car wash kit that’s packed with everything your customers need for a detailed wash.

Promo know-how tip: Have a tight budget, but still want to make a splash? Try promotional products such as logo imprinted buckets or promotional sponges.


Video Review: Promotional Hand Mitten Ice Scraper

I think we can all agree, one of the most annoying ways to start your day is to walk outside and see this:

Now you can help take the edge of this irritating pet peeve by providing affordable logo ice scrapers to your clients, employees, and prospects! Promotional ice scrapers are an awesome automotive gift because they are so darn useful. Lucky recipients will keep the branded scrapers in their cars all season long, and they’ll have your company to thank when they’re able to get to work on time on those frosty winter mornings!

In our latest video review, Libby introduces the hand mitten ice scraper, a special scraper design that not only busts through ice, but keeps your hand warm at the same time. Click to play the video!


Tis The Season for Holiday Promotions

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from everyone here at ePromos! Today we’ve got a short and sweet automotive gift from Hyundai on display. To wish their customers well this holiday season, Hyundai sent out a unique custom air freshener shaped like a Hyundai and scented with new car smell. The freshener is intended to be used as a tree ornament and comes with a clever tag that reads: “Rather than a scented tree for your car, here’s a scented car for your tree.” We thought this was a great automotive promo gift idea.

(click to enlarge)

Cute, simple, and a great way to create some smiles during the most festive and feel-good time of the year! For summertime auto promos, go with a sunshade or a car wash kit.


I’ve Been Framed! Guerrilla Car Mirror Campaign

Although I’ve never been a big fan of putting guerrilla marketing promotions on someone’s car, I have to admit this one is pretty clever. A French picture framing company fastened these custom picture frames to car mirrors to illustrate a simple benefit of their product: the right frame can make even the the most mundane image look better. This creative use of automotive promotional products in from a non-auto related company goes beyond slapping a logo on free stuff. It makes people think and forms an association between the brand and the solutions they provide.

picture-frame-car mirror