Automotive Promos


Coupon Carvertising

Here’s a fun approach to coupon car-vertising put together on behalf of XXL Carwash (who probably would steer away from giving out a promotional car wash kit). Normally when people plaster advertisements on my car I’m not too happy about it. But in the case of this ad, I think I can make an exception. This “50% Off” coupon looks just like the instructional washing labels sewn into most clothing. I never have tried to iron, bleach, or tumble dry a vehicle, but thanks to XXL for the friendly reminder. It would be neat to mix this idea with a promotional license plate frame.

xxl carwash


Life Saving Vehicle

My friend Dave was kind enough to forward me a link to this amazing vehicle. Perhaps a predecessor to the much-loved Wienermobile and the lesser-known Voxmobile. This particular carvertisement is from Australia in 1934. A great use of automotive promotion.

life-savers car


USB Truck

Promotional USB drives come in many cool shapes, like robots, cartoon characters and crocodiles. Or you can do them custom overseas in any shape you like. USB drives have also been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years, while having bigger memory capacities. Now, these two trends have come together in the form of USB Truck.

usb truck


Fiat Sun Shade Map

Cool car sun shades are something we’ve seen before. Here, Fiat promotes its navigation system with a custom car sun shade made to look like a map being held by a lost driver. We thought this car promo was especially creative.

fiat-sun shade


Hello Kitty Car

After mentioning Hello Kitty Air when posting about airline woes, it reminded me that if we can’t fly anymore, perhaps we could at least drive around in cars totally tricked with Hello Kitty logo floor matts and other auto accessory promotions.

hello-kitty car


Car Thief Sun Shade Works for Insurance Company

Here’s an interesting auto accessory promotion done by a Dutch insurance company. They made customized car sun shades that featured a robber stealing a car stereo. Their tagline was “Just Call Us” to promote the ease with which they handle claims. Passersby had reason to take a moment to think about their vulnerability and choice in insurance companies. (via Direct Daily)

thief-car-sun shade