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Custom Apparel: What To Know About Laser Etching And Debossing

debossed promotional apparel

The newest trend in custom apparel isn’t a fit or a fabric – it’s a decoration method. Two in fact: laser etching and debossing.

laser custom apparel

Laser etching is a process in which a laser burns away a portion of the fabric, giving it a subtle tone-on-tone appearance. What’s great about laser etching is that it works with big or small logos.

The process of debossing starts with a metal die plate of the artwork, which is pushed into the fabric using heat and pressure – kind of like a heat press. The result is a subtle look with exceptional detail.

Both processes add a pop of retail flair to branded apparel, helping to accentuate your logo or brand message in a creative, standout way.

When you give custom apparel – whether it’s a gift or part of a uniform – you want it to be attractive, and you want it to make an impression on the wearer and all who see it.

The idea with any apparel gift is for people to want to wear it. They should feel proud every time they slip into a garment customized with your logo.

So, how do you get people excited to wear your custom apparel?

Take a look at laser etching and debossing. These decoration options give your apparel pieces a modern look, making your brand right on-trend. Here’s where to shop for laser etched and debossed apparel.

ePromos' Hope Binegar

ePromos’ Hope Binegar answers top questions on laser etching and debossing apparel

Want to know more?

ePromos’ Senior Supplier Relations Manager, Hope Binegar, shares answers to some of the most common questions about laser etching and debossing apparel.

1. Why are laser etching and debossing big trends this year?

It is more of branding a garment vs. just putting a logo on it. It mirrors more of a retail look rather than a promotional apparel piece and creates a garment that someone wants to wear.

2. What types of fabric can be laser etched or debossed?

Actually, only synthetic fabrics may be lasered or debossed. Anything with a cotton content will burn through and does not work. These processes are great for any waterproof and technical garments.

3. Do certain colors work best with these processes?

You would usually want to stick with bright-colored fabrics, however you would typically not laser on black or white and sometimes navy as there is not enough contrast under the first layer to really provide that tonal look. With that said, while lasering isn’t the best option on those colors, you can opt for debossing. This gives a three-dimensional view, and with the secondary coating we add, is seen very well.

4. Does it cost more for these decoration options?

Nope! Customers can opt for laser etching or debossing at no additional cost.

As long as you are within standard imprint locations and sizing, there is no additional cost for this decoration. Standard setups still apply.

5. What are the pros and cons of laser etching?

Pros are that it works well in virtually any location and provides a unique tone-on-tone look while still making an impact. It can be done over seams and zippers.

Cons are that it does not work well on darker colors or if a client is looking for color. Embroidery is still available, however if you want a retail look, transfer is the way to go.

6. What are the pros and cons of debossing?

Pros are that it also works well in almost any location, creates a unique 3D appearance with a subtle tone-on-tone look. It also works on all colors because of its 3D appearance.

Cons are that it cannot be done over seams and zippers. Also, very small copy does not work well with deboss.

7. What are some popular applications for laser etching or debossing?

There really is no specific industry for laser etching or deboss. They really work for any clients that are looking for a unique way to market their brand on apparel. With that said, these processes are great for tradeshows and any marketer that wants a retail look.

8. What’s the biggest benefit to laser etching or debossing an apparel item?

It’s visually appealing and different! Why go with a standard left-chest logo when you can do something more interesting? Laser etching and debossing are ideal for unusual decoration locations – think vertical text that aligns with a jacket’s zipper, or a logo on a shirt hem or cuff. You are branding apparel instead of just putting a logo on apparel. Even at a left-chest placement, these decoration methods create a wow factor.

9. Anything else I should know?

If you are looking for the next thing in apparel, it is coming by way of great decoration methods. These techniques will give you the “wow” your brand needs.


Sport Custom Embroidered Hats

Promotion, marketing, and branding are integral when it comes to building a profitable business, and the competition is fierce out there, no matter what business. Your company’s name and logo must set you apart from the pack in new ways for the entire world to see. Finding creative solutions to elevate your business above the rest is not always easy, but reinventing a classic concept, such as embroidered hats, is a cost-effective, tried-and-true way to get your brand noticed.

The ability to embroider hats was once confined to specialty stores. This would include making time to meet with a designer and lengthy back-and-forth meetings to solidify a concept and finalize a design. In today’s digital age, companies like ePromos make it time and cost-effective to design custom embroidered hats of many styles and have them completed in record time. The design options offered online make it easy to see why the custom embroidered hat is once again becoming a popular promotion tool.

Custom Embroidered Hats with Logo by ePromos

The Importance Of Visibility

Marketing and branding are all about visibility. Companies such as Nike and Adidas did not reach their heights by hiding in the shadows. They made their name by placing their brand and logo at the forefront of their merchandise. As far as placing your logo or company name on a garment, an embroidered hat will give your brand maximum exposure. It’s no secret that people like wearing ball caps, visors, or knit hats, and your logo should grace the space on them. A quality, stylish hat will get worn and get noticed if your logo is strategically placed.

Sports fans of all kinds love to show their team pride by donning jerseys and hats. The same goes for the proud parents of little leagues and peewee sports as well. A popular concept is for your business to hold a hat day in which every visitor receives a ball cap upon entry to the sports game. The hat includes a team logo, as well as your brand. This free giveaway benefits your brand and offers visitors a lasting impression of your brand.

Embrace Custom Embroidered Hats

The concept of marketing through promotional hats is ideal for all types of companies. No matter what your marketing budget is, it’s affordable and easy to supply hats at county fairs, farmers markets, high school events, and other local activities. No matter your business size or product, custom embroidered hats provide massive advantages in marketing your brand. It has never been easier to design and customize embroidered hats that will increase your businesses visibility.


How Logo Shirts Can Attract New Business

It’s no secret that if you put a designer logo on a shirt, people will want to wear it. Just ask Nike, Polo, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger or any other major clothing brand. The logo shirt is a classic approach in terms of marketing a brand and selling a business. After all, basic is best when promoting your brand. Whether your business is big or small, a well-made shirt sporting your brand can help generate new business for you.

Visibility is Everything

A key aspect of marketing is the visibility it brings to your brand. A logo shirt can easily be incorporated into your daily wardrobe with a t-shirt, polo or casual button down. By incorporating your business logo onto every day wear you make yourself a walking advertisement for your business. So when that person standing behind you in line at the grocery store asks you about your company, or the person waiting their turn for the gas pump notices the logo on your shirt and looks you up online, congratulations! You have now successfully marketed your brand.

Logo Shirts Attract Business by ePromos

If the nature of your business has your employees interacting face-to-face with clients and customers, then having uniform shirts is beneficial to your market. Having a uniformed staff sporting your brand out in the field or in a shop looks professional and gives your company a high-end feel. No matter what your brand is, you can always ensure your staff is dressed to impress in a way that gives an advantages over competitors.

Tying Your Logo to the Community

Another tactic is to put your logo shirts in circulation by sponsoring local little league or peewee football teams. Youth athletics generate a strong regional audience. Not only does your home team bring a crowd, but the away team from neighboring towns and counties brings plenty of fans as well. This creates a wide range for your target demographic to be exposed to your brand.

A well-placed logo on a jersey or team athletic apparel helps form brand awareness and generates new business leads. Sponsoring local athletics will also help your business develop strong ties within your community. Likewise, giving kids team shirts and jerseys they need to play sports makes quite an impact on the parents and other adults in your area.

Logo shirts have been, and will continue to be, a powerful marketing tool. With the ease of designing your own shirts with the abundant selection of shirts and design options offered by ePromos, wearing your logo to attract new business has never been simpler.


How To Determine The Right Size For A Logo On Custom T-Shirts

When choosing custom t-shirts, it’s easy to think about the color, fit and fabric. But have you considered the size of the logo that’s going on your shirt? It’s one of the most important factors in getting recipients to wear the t-shirts. They have to think the shirt looks good and feels good, and if you get either of these two things wrong, your shirts are destined to sit in the back of the drawer and eventually be given away.

Click through ePromos’ newest Slideshare  to learn how to get the size of the logo exactly right for your promo t-shirts. And for more, read our full article on logo sizing for t-shirts.


Care For Any Custom Apparel With That Cupcake?

Baked goods aren’t the only thing NYC’s Magnolia Bakery is churning out—the iconic bakery also sells a fantastic collection of custom apparel.

custom apparel

We love the idea of showing your affinity for cupcakes by wearing your favorite bakery’s logo, and Magnolia Bakery is serving up exactly what we want. Its custom apparel is stylish and fun, from army-style caps to fitted tees.

It even offers custom apparel for little ones. Customers can pick up a onesie (it’s “deliciously soft” in 100% cotton) that features the bakery’s logo on the back and “Baked Fresh” on the front.

If the red velvet cupcakes didn’t win us over, this adorable onesie certainly did.

We’ve seen coffee shops sell custom apparel, and it’s also a smart move for bakeries and restaurants. There are two main reasons why:

 1.    Customers want to show their affection for your brand.

Whether they’re craving a cupcake or an iced coffee, when fans gotta have it, they head straight to your shop. That deep-rooted affinity is there—now make it visible with custom apparel. When customers are passionate about your brand, they’re happy to show it by wearing custom apparel with your logo.

2.    You have a captive audience.

When customers are waiting in line to purchase their treat, give them something to look at: custom apparel. Add a shelf of folded custom t-shirts behind your bakery window or display custom apparel by the registers. They just might decide to splurge on a calorie-free takeaway.

Magnolia Bakery is doing it exactly right. It’s giving customers a reason to come back for more (delicious baked goods), and it’s using custom apparel to turn those customers into brand ambassadors.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional t-shirts appeal to the largest audience, but you can also sell custom apparel such as aprons, scarves and beanies. Our promotions specialists will work with you to determine the best apparel for your business.


Custom T-Shirts Help GOOD Fans Look, Well, Good

It’s only natural for the people at GOOD to want their fans to look good—good is what they do. That’s why the global association that seeks out all things good started selling custom t-shirts in an online store. Fans can browse The GOOD(s), as they’re so aptly called, and score custom t-shirts along with back issues of GOOD’s quarterly magazine.

custom t-shirts

We love how GOOD is using promo t-shirts to expand its brand, and we love the angle: It’s not enough to read GOOD—you gotta look GOOD too.

The promotion is catchy and fun. We can almost visualize purchasers wearing the tees while pursuing something good, whether that’s getting hands-on at a community service project or reading about other people doing good in the magazine’s latest issue.

GOOD’s marketing team gets it: Monetize the brand by selling custom t-shirts and have loyal fans spreading the GOOD name.

It’s all good in our book.

Promo know-how tip: If you already have an online store, you need to be offering your clients promotional products. As GOOD demonstrates, you don’t need dozens of items in your shop—even just one well-chosen promotional item can achieve a boost in brand exposure.