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Care For Any Custom Apparel With That Cupcake?

Baked goods aren’t the only thing NYC’s Magnolia Bakery is churning out—the iconic bakery also sells a fantastic collection of custom apparel.

custom apparel

We love the idea of showing your affinity for cupcakes by wearing your favorite bakery’s logo, and Magnolia Bakery is serving up exactly what we want. Its custom apparel is stylish and fun, from army-style caps to fitted tees.

It even offers custom apparel for little ones. Customers can pick up a onesie (it’s “deliciously soft” in 100% cotton) that features the bakery’s logo on the back and “Baked Fresh” on the front.

If the red velvet cupcakes didn’t win us over, this adorable onesie certainly did.

We’ve seen coffee shops sell custom apparel, and it’s also a smart move for bakeries and restaurants. There are two main reasons why:

 1.    Customers want to show their affection for your brand.

Whether they’re craving a cupcake or an iced coffee, when fans gotta have it, they head straight to your shop. That deep-rooted affinity is there—now make it visible with custom apparel. When customers are passionate about your brand, they’re happy to show it by wearing custom apparel with your logo.

2.    You have a captive audience.

When customers are waiting in line to purchase their treat, give them something to look at: custom apparel. Add a shelf of folded custom t-shirts behind your bakery window or display custom apparel by the registers. They just might decide to splurge on a calorie-free takeaway.

Magnolia Bakery is doing it exactly right. It’s giving customers a reason to come back for more (delicious baked goods), and it’s using custom apparel to turn those customers into brand ambassadors.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional t-shirts appeal to the largest audience, but you can also sell custom apparel such as aprons, scarves and beanies. Our promotions specialists will work with you to determine the best apparel for your business.


Custom T-Shirts Help GOOD Fans Look, Well, Good

It’s only natural for the people at GOOD to want their fans to look good—good is what they do. That’s why the global association that seeks out all things good started selling custom t-shirts in an online store. Fans can browse The GOOD(s), as they’re so aptly called, and score custom t-shirts along with back issues of GOOD’s quarterly magazine.

custom t-shirts

We love how GOOD is using promo t-shirts to expand its brand, and we love the angle: It’s not enough to read GOOD—you gotta look GOOD too.

The promotion is catchy and fun. We can almost visualize purchasers wearing the tees while pursuing something good, whether that’s getting hands-on at a community service project or reading about other people doing good in the magazine’s latest issue.

GOOD’s marketing team gets it: Monetize the brand by selling custom t-shirts and have loyal fans spreading the GOOD name.

It’s all good in our book.

Promo know-how tip: If you already have an online store, you need to be offering your clients promotional products. As GOOD demonstrates, you don’t need dozens of items in your shop—even just one well-chosen promotional item can achieve a boost in brand exposure.


Custom Apparel Weight: What You Need To Know

custom apparel

You see them all the time: t-shirts that are 4.3 ounces, 5.5 ounces or 6.1 ounces, or hoodies that are 7.75 ounces or 10 ounces. Most blank apparel items have some kind of weight associated with them, but what exactly does it mean?

Simply put, it’s the weight of one square yard of material (which is used to make the apparel item). So whether you’re seeking a youth small or an adult XXL garment, the measurement of one square yard of material remains the same.

Understand, however, that the weight (the number of ounces) is based upon the average weight across all colors. Dark colors require more dye than white or light shades of material, so darker garments tend to be heavier. The more dye, the more weight is added to the fabric. So a garment may be listed as 6.1 ounces, but the item in a dark shade may weigh as much as 6.3 ounces, and a white garment could weigh 5.9 ounces or less.

Also, keep in mind that weight and durability don’t go hand in hand. You might think that the heavier the material, the thicker and stronger it is, but that’s not always the case. There are different processes used in creating cotton fibers, and sometimes a lighter-weight garment is stronger and more durable than a heavier item.

Here’s an example for you: If you grabbed some cotton fiber to create a basic cotton material, and then grabbed the same amount of cotton fiber to create a material using a ring-spun process, the twisting and thinning in the ring-spun cotton makes it lighter weight than regular cotton. So even though a 6.1-ounce basic cotton t-shirt may be heavier than a 4.3-ounce ring-spun cotton t-shirt, the lighter-weight ring-spun t-shirt is more durable (and much softer) than the basic cotton tee.

Promo know-how tip: Always consider how your customers will use your promotional apparel. If they’ll be doing something active, opt for a lighter-weight garment to keep them cool and comfortable. If they’ll be wearing it on a job site–think construction–choose heavy-duty custom apparel.


Adidas Reinvents Their Business Cards On A Shoestring

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Business cards definitely aren’t the most exciting way to spread the word about your business. Everybody uses them, and more often then not they wind up in lost or in the garbage before they get a chance to do their job. But not every business card has to be completely dull and lifeless. When you use inexpensive promotional products as your blank slate, the possibilities for creative and engaging business cards are endless.

Here’s one example of a tangible product being used as a business card from Adidas stores in Brazil. The brand wanted to experiment with something more memorable than a cheap white paper card, and came up with the idea to print their store information on something all of their customers would recognize – a custom shoelace!

Studies have shown that tangible products lead to greater brand recognition, so the next time you’re about to pour money into your business cards, consider investing in something more powerful!


Seasonal Trends: Fall Promotional Products

The cooler mornings and evenings here in New York mean that now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of annual autumn trends in promotional products. By planning your seasonal gift and giveaway campaigns ahead of time, you can leverage good timing to increase the power and relevance of your promos. Here are some fall favorites picked by the ePromos experts:

  1. Promotional Long-Sleeve T-Shirts. It’s not cold enough to grab a winter jacket from the back of the closet yet, but long sleeve t-shirts are a different story. These popular apparel items are great for guys and girls, young and old, which makes it easy for you to promote to a diverse audience. They are also comfortable, warm, and stylish, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not people are actually going to wear them – it’s a given. Some popular uses around this time of the year are mid-tier tradeshow giveaways, employee gifts, and holiday gifts for customers and prospects.

    A simple, tasteful imprint will ensure your shirts don’t come across as tacky or cheap.

  2. Custom Coffee Cups & Personalized Mugs. Cooler weather always seems to put people in the mood for a hot beverage – it’s comforting and a great way to start the day whether you’re at home or in the office. You can capitalize on this by giving away personalized mugs that will see plenty of use in the fall and straight through the winter. Custom mugs are a daily essential for recipients and they are easy on your budget, so you can expect an impressive return on your investment. Make sure to pick an eye-catching color with a bold imprint to grab attention.

    Custom mugs are a great way to capture some “desktop real estate” for your brand in client offices.

  3. Embroidered Knit Hats. It’s not cold enough yet for heavy-duty winter gear, but an embroidered knit hat is always a welcome companion during brisk morning commutes. These hats are a great choice for corporate gifts thanks to the sharp-looking embroidery used to customize them. If you want a gift with a high-end consumer feel to it, embroidered hats from renowned brands like Patagonia are the way to go. Your recipients will love the quality, and the hats will withstand the elements for a long time.

    Knit Hats are an item everyone uses – capitalize on their popularity and reap the rewards of quality brand exposure!


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Three Ways to Use Promotional Products on the Fourth of July

Independence Day is just around the corner. Is your business or organization ready to get its name out during community celebrations? Wherever you live, there are sure to be plenty of marketing opportunities during this great holiday. With large public gatherings planned throughout the day in cities across the country, promotional products can be distributed easily to many people. Here are three ideas for how you can use patriotic promotional items this 4th of July.

1. Patriotic Apparel

printed paper flagIf your company or organization is running or sponsoring a 4th of July event, why not get everyone custom patriotic apparel. Red, white, and blue t-shirts or flag shirts with your brand name on them are great for groups walking in parades, working at festivals, or any other community events. If you are not an organization that’s in a parade, try sponsoring a group that is and give them free custom t-shirts. Everyone in town will see your name in the parade.

2. Promotional Candy

Candy is a huge draw at any parade. Children scramble to collect as much as they can. Lots of groups will throw out generic candy, but your group can really stand out by tossing out custom candy with your logo on it. ePromos can set you up with individually packaged candy with custom wrappers or  custom chocolates molded with your name or logo.

3. Printed Paper Fans

July is a hot month almost anywhere in the country, and events on the fourth are usually outside. When people are hot and uncomfortable at a parade or fireworks show, hand out promotional fans with your business on them. Paper fans are inexpensive and can be distributed to many people on a smaller budget. If you want a product that people will keep longer, try battery-powered mini fans. Both will be very appreciated on a hot 4th of July day.