Eco-Friendly Promos


Four Seasons Las Vegas: Custom Stress Ball

Many hotels now have eco-friendly policies that aim to reduce the amount of towels and linens they need to wash each day. By letting visitors indicate whether or not they need new sheets, they can significantly reduce the size of their daily laundry loads.

Though most hotels inform customers about the policy with a simple sign (one that is often overlooked), the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas uses a custom stress ball to make sure their message is heard. The stress ball is left on the bed where it’s guaranteed to be seen, and is put next to a card that explains what to do if you don’t need your sheets washed.

Note: This globe stress ball would also make a great Earth Day promotional product!

This is just another example that shows how a tangible product is more effective at delivering a message than a simple print advertisement!


Mr. Eco Presents: Reusable Bag!

Looking for a Monday morning laugh? Check out this parody video from ePromos customer “Mr. Eco” and learn why you need to get your hands on custom reusable bags!

Eco-Friendly promotional products are becoming more and more important as we strive to conserve our eco-system. Going with a reusable item instead of one that will create more waste is not only important for the Earth, but it also shows your clients or employees that you value being environmentally friendly. This helps to improve your brand’s positioning as a company with values.


World Water Week: March 20-26, 2011

custom water bottles

Most of us don’t have to worry about the quality of the tap water we get at restaurants. The wait staff fills our glasses, and we don’t give it a second thought – we drink it down without question.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the world that don’t have this peace of  mind. In fact, lack of clean water is the second largest killer of children under 5 worldwide.

This week, you’ll have the chance to make a difference for these people when you dine at restaurants participating in UNICEF’s Tap Project.

Restaurants participating in this project will offer customers the chance to donate $1 for the tap water they normally receive for free. All of the proceeds from this World Water Week promotion will go directly towards providing clean drinking water and sanitation where it is needed most.

Your business can participate in the Tap Project and help raise money for World Water Week with promotional drinkware like the AquaSkin foldable water bottle. These promotional waterbottles can be customized and sold to raise money, or they can be imprinted with information about these projects to help raise awareness.

For more information and ideas about using eco-friendly promotional items during World Water Week, speak with an ePromos Promotions Specialist by calling 800-LOGO-216.


Tell The House of Representatives to Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Bottled...

logo water bottle

Did you know that in 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives spent $190,000 on bottled water in the first quarter alone?

That’s pretty ridiculous when you consider the fact that tap water costs about a penny a gallon in most cities. Reusable water bottles don’t exactly break the bank either.

Luckily, since politicians are notoriously slow at coming up with sensible solutions to their problems, the General Manager of DC Water has offered to help the representatives out. In a letter sent on January 5th to Speaker John Boehner, George Hawkins offered every representative a free reusable water bottle to help cut down on costs. He even offered free water quality testing to any representatives concerned about the purity of the drinking water in their offices or the D.C. area. How generous!

Hawkins accurately explains, “Convenience is important and a reusable water bottle is a simple tool to demonstrate support for tap water and the environment.”

We have yet to see an official response to this timely letter, but suffice to say if the representatives can’t cut $750k in unnecessary bottled water expenses from their budgets, things aren’t looking too good for the country in general!

Want to add your voice to the issue? Sign the online petition!

If your company provides bottled water to employees, why not heed Mr. Hawkins’ advice and make the switch to tap? Filters are available to ensure clean taste and purity, and promotional water bottles can boost employee morale and serve as an effective internal branding tool. For more information, contact a Promotions Specialist at ePromos!


AquaSkins™: The Next-Generation Promotional Water Bottle

After years of research and careful planning, I’m happy to introduce to you the first product ever to be designed and manufactured exclusively by ePromos – the original AquaSkin™!

The AquaSkin™ was born when we realized that nobody seemed interested in improving the traditional design of the popular promotional water bottle. Being a company that prides itself on setting trends just as much as we keep up them, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

The final result of our efforts is a smarter next-generation water bottle that simply makes sense! In addition to a long list of features that anybody can appreciate (eco-friendly, foldable, freezable, BPA-free, rugged, and dishwaser-safe, to name a few), AquaSkins™ are fully customizable and poised to add plenty of spark to your promotional projects.

We hope you enjoy it and welcome your feedback!

custom imprinted aquaskin


ePromos Wins Apparel Design Award From Wearables Magazine

Winning an industry award is never a bad way to kick off the New Year!

We just found out that ePromos has been named a winner in Wearables magazine’s 4th annual Apparel Design Awards. The eco-friendly 60% recycled track jacket we made for CLEAR Communications managed to take home the top spot in the “Best Eco-Friendly Apparel” category. Epromos’ promotional apparel did not too shabby for a contest that was mostly made up of apparel-only businesses! Having a “green” state of mind is important – so ePromos has a wide selection of eco-friendly promos.

In addition to its recycled materials, the track jacket also received bonus points for its fresh and fashionable look.

Here’s an excerpt from the magazine:

WINNER: Retro Track Jacket Supplier: ePromos (asi/188515) Get back-in-the-day style with this women’s retro track jacket. This custom jacket made of 60% recycled polyester and features custom color detailing on the sleeves and front. “Besides being made of recycled materials, I would have to say the hip retail style is its best feature,” says Jennifer Feigenbaum, account manager at ePromos. “I wanted one for myself.” The jacket was made for CLEAR, a wireless service, and it incorporated the client’s brand elements by adding bright-green sleeve stripe detailing and the logo as a zipper pull to this custom fleece jacket. Feigenbaum says she looked to what her peers were wearing and added the eco aspect to create the vintage-looking piece.

promotional recycled apparel