Eco-Friendly Promos


Last-Minute Promotional Ideas For Earth Day

custom water bottleAre you in need of some great, green promotional ideas as an Earth Day Promo? If you find yourself scrambling—Earth Day is Monday, April 22—take a look at these ways your business can celebrate the greenest day of the year.

Go lights out for the day (or longer).

Keep your company dark on Earth Day. Try using daylight only to show employees how simple it is to work by sunlight. Hand out promotional flashlights to mark the occasion and to help employees navigate darker hallways or windowless rooms.

Make an eco-friendly pledge.

Between the disposable cups in the breakroom and the reams of paper you go through each week, maybe your company’s not so green. This Earth Day, make a commitment to leave a smaller eco footprint. Give employees custom water bottles or logo coffee mugs, and distribute eco-friendly promotional notebooks made from recycled paper.

Green up the office.

Spruce up your workspace and present employees with something special by handing out promotional planters. If you’re working with a smaller budget, try promotional seeded paper bookmarks or custom seed packets.

Earth Day is huge—more than 192 countries celebrate it every year. It’s an opportunity for your company to make an eco-friendly statement and get your name out in the world. Plus, there are some cool, unique options when it comes to eco-friendly promotional products. Make sure your business doesn’t miss out.

Promo know-how tip:

Any time you host a company-wide event (on Earth Day or any other time), hand out promotional items with your company name, logo and date to commemorate the event. Talk to our Brand Consultants for ideas that fit your needs and budget.


Promotional Trend: Eco-Friendly Promotional Products That Capture Attention

Going green is hardly a new trend, but one thing is for sure: This year’s eco-friendly promotional products are fresh, creative and inspiring. They’re not the same old tired ideas—they’re actually new, and we were impressed by the offerings at ASI Orlando.

We spotted several cool options if you’re aiming to promote your business with environmentally responsible items this year. And why wouldn’t you?

More than half (57%) of consumers consider the environmental impact of the products they use, according to an Ipsos poll. Plus, 66% of consumers think companies should support the environment, reveals research from Nielsen.

Ipsos reports that college grads, residents of the Northeast and young adults are the biggest supporters of green products. If you’re targeting these markets, eco-friendly promotional products can have a big impact on your sales.

Here are some trendy promotional ideas from The ASI Show. You can also check out ePromos’ selection of eco-friendly promotional items.


custom pint glassesBamboo is popping up everywhere, and now you can put it to work for your brand with bamboo custom tumblers. You win from a green standpoint and a marketing standpoint. These glasses are reusable and made from one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world. We love how each cup is a little different, too, with slight variations in color and texture due to the natural properties of the bamboo.





custom bowlsWant something incredibly cool, different and green? You’ll love these hand-crafted custom bowls. They would make a great kitchen promotional item. They’re gorgeous décor (we’d put one in the office), incredibly eco-friendly (they’re made from recycled bicycle spokes), and they’re customizable. Oh, and they’re made by artisans from Noah’s Ark, an organization that provides healthcare, education and housing in India. Our minds? Blown. What a great way to associate your brand with something uniquely eco-conscious and socially responsible.






custom planting kitsThese custom planting kits are packed with everything your customers need to start a garden: a pot, soil and seed paper. It’s a creative way to send a message about growth, and it’s also great for springtime campaigns and Earth Day promotions.




Promo know-how tip:

Many companies are promoting a green message (and have been for years), so if you want your eco-friendly promotional products to stand out, choose something new and different. Let our Promotions Specialists help.



Promotional Bags Hit The Primetime

Promotional bags are likely to surge in popularity soon. It’s not because custom bags are useful; it’s because plastic grocery bags are increasingly being banned.
promotional bagLast week, Los Angeles made history as the largest city in the nation to ban plastic bags. “Plastic harms our environment. It is a threat to the coastal economy. It is a danger to marine life, and it is an unconscionable burden to taxpayers who have to foot the bill for cleanups year after year,” attorney H. David Nahai, a former top executive at the L.A. Department of Water and Power, said in an L.A. Times article.

Paper bags might be next. Paul Koretz, the councilman who pushed for the ban, told the L.A. Times that the prohibition may extend to paper bags in just two years.

Considering that a single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade, swapping disposable bags for eco-friendly promo bags is smart for the environment—and your business.

Compared to other promotional items such as pens or mugs, promotional bags have a sizable imprint area to promote your business, contact info and message. Plus, a promotional bag gets an average of 8,927 impressions. At an average of $15 per bag, the cost per impression is just $0.002.

Here’s another stat for you: The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store. Give your customers a promotional bag. It’s a truly useful, eco-friendly way to promote your brand.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional bags are right on time with the green movement, and they’re the perfect blank canvas for promoting your company. Think about how your customers will use the promotional bag. Will they use it to tote groceries, lunch or maybe as a laptop case? ePromos has custom bags to serve any purpose.


Plan Ahead: Earth Day is 1 Month Away!

With Earth Day a little more than one month away (April 22nd, 2012), it’s time to start thinking green! Using eco-friendly promotional products benefits the earth by reducing the amount of resources that go into manufacturing your products. Not only will you get some good karma, but you’ll also get the attention of any eco-conscious consumers looking to do business with socially responsible companies. Plus, since many eco-friendly items are reusable, your imprinted message lasts longer than it would with traditional marketing mediums. Here are three green items that are perfect for an Earth Day promotion:

Recycled Non-woven Tote Bag. This legendary promo product gets an eco twist with a sustainable re-design that uses 100% recycled material. You get all of the benefits of a typical custom tote bag – convenience, usefuless, and big potential for brand exposure – as well as the green benefits of advertising with a recycled product. This versatile promo is a practical and affordable eco-friendly corporate gift idea.

Biodegradable Translucent Water Bottle. Build up your brand’s impact without impacting the environment thanks to this biodegradable water bottle. It’s extremely durable, BPA-free, and reusable, so it will see plenty of use and reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles. It can also be recycled at any facilities that process #1 recyclables, which are typically turned into items like fleece clothing, fiber, tote bags, bottles, furniture, and carpet.

Recycled Paper Barrel Pen. This promotional pen features a natural-looking recycled paper barrel which cuts down on the amount of plastic used to make it. It’s a click-action ballpoint pen with black ink that has the same long-lasting shelf life of similar pens, yet this one gives off a distinct eco-friendly vibe that will give customers a feel for what type of business you are. At under $0.75 each, it’s also a cost-effective option for any business that’s trying to make the switch to more sustainable advertising practices. Great for internal office use or tradeshow giveaways.





Four Seasons Las Vegas: Custom Stress Ball

Many hotels now have eco-friendly policies that aim to reduce the amount of towels and linens they need to wash each day. By letting visitors indicate whether or not they need new sheets, they can significantly reduce the size of their daily laundry loads.

Though most hotels inform customers about the policy with a simple sign (one that is often overlooked), the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas uses a custom stress ball to make sure their message is heard. The stress ball is left on the bed where it’s guaranteed to be seen, and is put next to a card that explains what to do if you don’t need your sheets washed.

Note: This globe stress ball would also make a great Earth Day promotional product!

This is just another example that shows how a tangible product is more effective at delivering a message than a simple print advertisement!


Mr. Eco Presents: Reusable Bag!

Looking for a Monday morning laugh? Check out this parody video from ePromos customer “Mr. Eco” and learn why you need to get your hands on custom reusable bags!

Eco-Friendly promotional products are becoming more and more important as we strive to conserve our eco-system. Going with a reusable item instead of one that will create more waste is not only important for the Earth, but it also shows your clients or employees that you value being environmentally friendly. This helps to improve your brand’s positioning as a company with values.