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Five Reasons To Give Logo Food

Have you ever gifted logo food to your customers? If so, you were probably met with a delirious grin before they cracked into a tin of popcorn or unwrapped a tower of cookies.

logo food

Whether it’s savory or sweet, food makes a lovely gift. This is why logo food is a brilliant way to promote your company. It gets your logo in front of your intended audience, and it sparks all kinds of happiness as recipients enjoy their treat.

You want your brand associated with positive feelings, and you can accomplish this with promotional food. Though you can give it for any purpose (we’ve never known anyone to turn away a box of chocolate), here are five reasons for putting logo food in your customers’ hands:

1. Custom food stirs up emotions.

Food is a naturally sensory experience, touching on sight, taste and smell. It conjures feelings of satisfaction, contentment and relaxation—and these feelings spill over into your brand. When customers sip a mug of aromatic custom coffee or savor a rich custom brownie, they’re connecting the pleasurable experience with your company.

2. There’s a promotional food gift for every budget.

You can customize exquisite gift baskets of all the finest foods, or you can opt for single custom chocolate bars. Either way, you’re promoting your business and putting something delightful in your customers’ hands. They’ll appreciate the custom company gift, and you can make it fit with your marketing budget.

3. Logo food mends mistakes.

When you fall short of customer expectations, food is a wonderful way to apologize. It shows your customers you’re acknowledging your shortcoming, and it goes a long way towards boosting customer loyalty. Consider keeping a variety of custom food gifts on hand to distribute when things go wrong. You may botch an order or your customers may have to wait longer than expected. Smooth it over with food.

4. People come together over custom food.

When you send your customers a gift of logo food, they share it—with family, co-workers and friends. Your gift gets enjoyed by many, which means your logo and message get seen by countless people. It’s a great way to keep your company name visible and make it a topic of conversation.

5. Logo food gifts appeal to the masses.

Everybody likes food. From chocolate and cookies to candy and nuts, you can’t go wrong promoting your company with food. It entices people of all ages, and there are options to suit any craving—from salty pretzels to chewy brownies.

Promotional food is a delicious change of pace for your customers, and it’s smart marketing for your company. People immediately pay attention when a beautifully wrapped tower of cookies or package of treats arrive in the office. Check out ePromos’ top 10 gourmet gifts or browse our collection of logo food to send your customers something delightful.

Promo know-how tip:

There’s a logo food item for every situation. If you’re targeting a large audience at a tradeshow or conference, opt for logo food that’s individually wrapped. If you’re aiming to impress an office staff, a gift basket or gift tower can delight the crowd while keeping your logo front and center. 


Custom Coasters: A Clever Way To Promote Responsible Drinking

Custom coasters aren’t just for protecting tabletops from water rings—they’re also a creative way to promote a public service message.

We love how Laus Beer is using custom coasters to promote its brand and responsible drinking.  When bar goers start off their night, they see custom coasters with the message: “How about a beer?” along with Laus’s logo. A custom drinking glass would have also been an option.

As the night unfolds (and the beers mount up), the message on the coasters changes as a result of the condensation from the drinks: “And a ride? If you drink, don’t drive.”

These custom coasters are a great reminder to enjoy the evening responsibly. They show that Laus Beer isn’t in the business of simply selling cold ones, but that the brand is taking action to prevent drinking and driving.

See the clever promo here:

Promo know-how tip: Take advantage of the double imprint area on custom coasters, and promote your logo or message on both sides.



A Guerilla Marketing Promotion That Hits The Spot

We love a great guerilla marketing promotion. There’s something so clever about reaching out to an audience when they least expect it. It’s a guaranteed way to engage the target market and create hype for a product or offering, and it never goes unnoticed. Guerilla marketing has that unmistakable element of surprise that gets people talking about the brand.

For hungry Brits, that element of surprise involved free bagels.

custom game

The New York Bakery Co., a U.K.-based bakery that aims “to make good bagels. Just like the ones you get in NYC,” dug up some research revealing that many Brits are simply too busy to pause for lunch.

guerilla marketing promotion

It’s solution to the country’s fast-paced lifestyle? A clever guerilla marketing promotion using arcade-style custom games that dispense bagels.

These “Bagel Grabbers” were set up in London’s bustling Hoxton Square and Shoreditch district to dispense bagel goodness around the clock. Way cooler than a vending machine, these custom games let users play for their logo imprinted food. People could maneuver the grabbing arm to try to get their preferred bagel flavor: cinnamon raisin, plain or sesame.

Each bagel was individually wrapped and sealed with a logo sticker to keep it fresh. What a smart way to target the masses and solve their mealtime dilemmas.

guerilla marketing

This guerilla marketing promotion puts a whole new spin on grabbing a quick bite to eat. We love it, New York Bakery Co. And we’re honored that you’re modeling your bagels after those found in our great city.

Promo know-how tip: Guerilla marketing promotions are a great way to solve an immediate need. Is your audience hungry, thirsty, tired, cold? Save the day (while promoting your brand) by using promotional items in a guerilla marketing campaign.


Custom Beer Glasses Should Do A Brew Right

custom bar glasses

Something was amiss with our custom beer glasses on a recent trip to Hartford, Connecticut. We were going to see the band Wilco at The Bushnell.  We stopped into The Russian Lady one of Hartford’s famous bars near the XL Center. The bartender was really friendly and suggested we try some local Pale Ale from the Southport Brewing Company. While the beer was amazing we strained to read the logo on their glassware.

It was clear that they are mindful of their advertising and take time to produce marketing collateral like these custom pilsner glasses and branded pint glasses with taglines and graphics, however when you take that kind of time, you want to make sure that your custom imprint stands out and is clearly readable.

“After obvious thought to marketing, their imprints were nearly impossible to read.”

Being the promo know-how people, we’d like to share our two cents when it comes to branding with two key tips:

Tip#1 – Always consider the location in which the item will be viewed. A white or light-colored imprint would have been a better choice considering that when people see the logo, the glass is typically filled with beer, making a clear glass essentially brown. Dark colors on dark colors will typically cause a readability issue. Guinness Stout shows that they understand this issue as you can see here in their iconic pint glass.

branded glass

Tip #2 Create your own background.  You see this tip a lot on custom apparel and t-shirts.  The concept is to create your own background by using two or more colors. Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon are great examples of using multiple imprint colors to create a background so your custom imprinted item is seeing.


Blue Moon Custom Pilsner Glass

custom beer glass Sierra Nevada

Hey, Russian Lady: Call us and we’ll give you 20% off your next order so you can get your brand recognized.

Promo know-how tip: A dark imprint on clear glasses in a dark place is a bad combination when ordering glasses or custom mugs. Don’t do it. If you are looking for advice on designing effective promotional products for your bar or restaurant, talk to our promotions specialists about how to make your logo stand out—whatever promotional item you choose.


Promotional Products Perk Up Coffee House Fans

promotional products

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co., a great little coffee shop in Bethel, New York, serves up more than organic coffee—it also offers an impressive array of coffee promotional products.

While their java percolates, patrons can browse through “The Love Line,” an assortment of custom hats, tote bags, mugs, t-shirts and even hand-crafted soap. All the promotional items are branded with the shop’s very fitting logo: a branded coffee mug with a heart swirled in the brew. Paid these with a promo coffee sleeve and you have the complete package.

The promotional products, of course, made our CEO, Jason Robbins, swoon. He dropped in recently for a tall cup of iced coffee, and he left with some fantastic promotional apparel that reflected the coffee shop’s cool, laid-back vibe.

If your business has an adoring audience, help them show their adoration by selling promotional products in your shop. It’s a great way to extend your brand and keep your customers coming back for more.

Promo know-how tip: Your loyal customers can be your most powerful brand ambassadors. Put promotional products in their hands to help them spread the word about your company.


How To Use Custom Chocolate In Your Marketing

custom chocolate

They say money talks, but chocolate sings. So why not serenade your customers with custom chocolate? Whether you choose promotional chocolate bars or custom chocolate truffles, your customers will delight in the sweet confection, and your gift will leave a lasting impression.

Here are some ways to use custom chocolate in your marketing:

  • Employee recognition. Feeling unappreciated is a top reason many employees bail. Make sure your staffers know they’re a valuable part of the team by recognizing their efforts and achievements with custom chocolate. Always keep a stash of promotional chocolate on hand for a daily dose of employee recognition. For more on why promotional chocolates make great employee gifts, click here.
  • Customer appreciation. A gift of promotional chocolate will show your customers that you value their business. It can be as simple as including a custom chocolate coin with their purchase, or as elaborate as a promotional gift basket stocked with custom chocolate and other confections. Give your customers a promotional chocolate tin, and they’ll always hold your business in the sweetest of regards. Crave more on how to thank your customers with custom chocolate? Click here.
  • Celebrations and events. Whether it’s a wedding or corporate meeting, custom chocolate is a welcome guest. Promotional chocolate can be used as favors or thank-you gifts, and it can be packaged individually or bundled into a gift basket. Either way, it makes a sweet send-off for your audience.
  • Tradeshows. Promotional products are expected at tradeshows, which is why custom chocolate makes a sweet surprise amid the thousands of other tradeshow giveaways. Think beyond your tradeshow booth with custom chocolate, and give it before education sessions or after keynote luncheons. It makes a nice treat for tradeshow attendees, and it gets your logo some major exposure. Read more about promotional chocolate at tradeshows by clicking here.

No matter how you use custom chocolate, it’s a deliciously sweet way to market your company and strengthen relationships with your customers, employees and prospects.

Promo know-how tip: Customize the packaging of your custom chocolate for an attractive presentation, and take it a step further by customizing each piece of chocolate. It extends the visibility of your brand each time recipients reach for a piece.