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Back to School: Must-Have Safety Items for Students, Teachers, and School Staff...

2020 Back to School

As students return to in-person classes, masks are being added to school supply lists, and schools are scrambling to create a safer learning environment by incorporating healthcare and PPE items into their standard protocol.

Meeting simultaneous needs for safety and education in response to COVID-19 will require creative solutions and broad infrastructural support, but in the short-term, schools can prepare with PPE and other health and safety items for students, teachers, and staff.

Consider the following items to increase safety and help ease some of the added stress accompanying the start of your in-person school year, whenever that may be.

First, the basics

ePromos offers a wide variety of health and safety products that can promote a safer return to school, including thermometers (including no touch thermometers), germ-free tools, health guides, PPE kits and protective equipment such as disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizers. Let’s explore some of these categories in more detail:

Face masks and shields

Looking to stock up on masks for students or teachers? We’ve got you covered! We offer high-quality, FDA-approved disposable masks in a variety of colors. You can show off your school spirit with pride while practicing safer learning. Grab a package for the whole class with no worry about washing and reusing.

Schools looking for reusable fabric masks have plenty of options, too, many of which are available to customize with your school logo or custom art. Our newest addition is this 5-Day Back-to-School Youth Mask Kit. Packaged in a reflective drawstring backpack, it contains five different colored 2-ply cotton masks so children can wear a different colored mask each school day!

Our Youth mask kit

We know choosing a mask is not easy (check out this piece on adjustability = comfort for one of our top recommendations, or our mask guide for some additional guidance.We also offer reusable masks anti-fog windows, which are ideal for supporting non-verbal communication while staying safe.

As an accompaniment to masks, consider the addition of a face shield, which can be printed with your school’s logo as well.

Sanitizers and cleaning products

There’s no question cleanliness is an even larger priority than usual this back-to-school season. We can cover all your hand sanitizer needs with our automatic hand sanitizer stand, which is perfect for the classroom, hallways, media centers and libraries.

Convenient-sized 8 ounce hand sanitizer bottles , which can be completely customized with school branding, have been extremely popular since they are the perfect size for students and/or teachers to have and keep at their desks.

hand sanitizer with caribeaner

Promotional sanitizer wipes and a travel hand sanitizer (which can be clipped onto backpacks) are great PTA, PTSA or PTO fundraiser options that come in handy in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, and on the bus. Here are some of the benefits of BZK wipes.

Let’s not forget the benefit of good old-fashioned soap! Studies have shown hand washing with soap is effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19, so consider stocking up on branded soap or offering a cleansing gift set as a welcome-back gifts for hard-working teachers and staff.

The Power of Kits

With gifts in mind, kits are a fun and popular choice. When it comes to PPE, the right branded kit can be a great way to get everything a student, teacher, or school employee needs as they return to the classroom.

In addition to our youth mask kit, Our On-The-Go Wellness Kit features a reusable cotton mask, a disposable mask, vinyl gloves, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer, all in a reusable pouch. The Protection-On-The-Go Kit comes in a branded waist pack for easy carrying, especially for younger students, and includes hand sanitizer gel, nitrile gloves, a non-woven face mask, and a stylus pen for touch-free screen use.

Our on-the-go kit

We offer a variety of other kit options, and our knowledgeable team can also help you build a custom solution that meets your specific requirements for the new school year.

More PTA Fundraiser Ideas

We also offer unique products and solutions you may not have thought of, such as customizable headbands that can keep masks from slipping, custom ear-saver mask holders, and lanyard mask holders. Parents love these items since they provide added comfort, help students keep track of their personal-use items, and avoid touching their faces unnecessarily throughout the day. Another cute idea to give to elementary incoming students is a coloring book to help them learn about germs and the importance of good hygiene practices.

Germ free coloring book and mask holder

We see how hard teachers, staff, administrators, and families are working toward a safer return to school this season, and we hope some of these PPE items and other products can help ease the strain of this unprecedented time.

We also realize the needs and requirements of specific schools, districts, and students will vary widely. If your school needs a product that isn’t listed here, please contact us – the ideas above are just a snapshot of what we can offer, and our expert team is ready to talk through how we can help make this a safe school year.


A Month of Giving: #ePromosCares

We’re a proud supporter of #GivingTuesday, an annual day of giving projected to raise more than $500 million for charity in 2019. Through our #ePromosCares initiative, we once again named November a “Giving Month” for our team and spearheaded several initiatives to take a company-wide approach to charitable giving.

ePromos Supports Giving Tuesday

The main focus for 2019: The Tanner’s Team Foundation.


The Power of Tanner’s Team


Roughly 11,060 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer in the US each year, putting families in a devastating position as they try to maintain a sense of “normalcy” while battling the financial and emotional strain that comes with these heartbreaking diagnoses.

The Fuls family of Minnesota experienced this traumatic situation firsthand and, after losing their 11-year-old son Tanner to a form of pre-leukemia known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2010, decided to do something about it. They launched the Tanner’s Team Foundation with a clear goal: to alleviate the financial strain placed on families whose children have life-threatening illnesses.

Julie and NateTanner’s Team has directed more than $334,000 in grants to 312 families in 45 Minnesota counties since its inception. One of those families is the Gray family – their son Nate was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 5. His mother, Julie, is part of the ePromos family and we are humbled to be able to give back to this incredible organization this year.

In addition to our fundraiser which generated over $5,000, ePromos has awarded Tanner’s Team $500 in free promotional products as part of our ePromos for Good program. This coming Summer they will be able to use these products to promote their 10th anniversary.


Promotional Products Education Foundation


PPEF ScholorshipsOn December 3, our team contributed a 50% increase over last year to the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) – an industry scholarship fund that helps underprivileged students access a college education. We’re proud to support this industry initiative – PPEF is funded by Promotional Products Association International – and, through our donation, to support tomorrow’s future leaders and innovators.


The Cupboard


The Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard is a kosher food pantry serving seniors and families in need in Broward County, Florida. One of the unique features of The Cupboard is the ability for Goodman Family Services clients to freely select kosher food items they want, rather than to be given food items they did not chose.“Shopping is arranged by appointment to maintain the highest levels of privacy and volunteers make deliveries to home-bound seniors and Holocaust survivors,” said GJFS Chief Executive Officer Jacob Schreiber. ePromos donated over $250 in kosher canned goods to The Cupboard on December 3, 2019. #KosherCupboard

The Movember Foundation


ePromos also made a donation to The Movember Foundation – because we believe not only in their powerful message surrounding men’s health but, at the same time, we believe fundraising and awareness-building can be fun!

We created an internal challenge at ePromos – who could grow the greatest ‘stach while raising awareness for men’s health in the process. Much fun for such a worthy cause! Here were the rules:

Rules of Movember

Great job, gentlemen – and thank you to everyone who participated and supported our month of giving.



Helping Families Cope with Childhood Cancer: Julie’s Story

Julie Gray is an Order Resolution Specialist for ePromos. Learn more about her journey as the mom of a cancer survivor and the ways we’re honoring Tanner’s Team Foundation this month via our ePromos for Good and #ePromos Cares programs.

Early Warnings

In March of 2013, Julie Gray’s son, Nate, started waking up in the middle of the night with stomachaches. For most parents of young children, this would be nothing out of the ordinary, but Julie was immediately on alert. “As a baby – really since the first week he was born – Nate slept through the night, so this was unusual,” she explains. In a matter of days, the Grays added a handful of new symptoms to the list: their five-year-old seemed exhausted, was barely eating and wasn’t acting like himself.

Thinking it was a virus, Julie and her husband, Tano tried OTC remedies and gave Nate’s symptoms time to pass, but nothing seemed to work. Instead, they wound up in the ER. After a follow-up phone call to Nate’s pediatrician, it was suggested he immediately be admitted to the hospital for additional tests.

The results of those tests sent the family to the oncology department of Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, nearly two hours from where they live in St. Cloud. “We were so sleep deprived at that point and still expecting some sort of viral situation,” Julie recalls, “so it took me a minute to really process what the doctors were saying: There was a chance our five-year-old had cancer.”

Road to Recovery

After a biopsy, the Grays learned Nate had lymphoma. According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, Hodgkin’s lymphoma accounts for approximately 6 percent of all childhood cancers, while non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma comprises an additional 5%. Nate’s oncologist, Dr. Sencer, described the family’s situation like this, “We’re down in this game by 27 points, but we didn’t know what game we were playing, and now we do. And we’re going to win.”

Nate’s medical team opted for a strictly chemotherapy-based protocol, with treatment administered between Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and a satellite clinic in St. Cloud. Over the next several months, Nate endured more than 15 chemo treatments, a spinal tap, blood transfusions, a daily regimen of pills and installation of a port-a-cath, among other interventions.

An Outpouring of Support

“During this process of Nate’s illness and recovery,” Julie recounts, “we received a lot of help.” Support came in many forms, including a fundraiser benefit put on by ePromos, the Grays’ church, her husband’s job and a GoFundMe campaign, as well as from friends, neighbors and strangers across their entire community. One significant local organization that jumped in as a resource for the Grays was Tanner’s Team Foundation. The nonprofit was created in 2011 to provide financial assistance to families in Central Minnesota with children who have a life-threatening illness. The foundation honors Tanner Fuls, who passed away in 2010 from Myelodysplastic Syndrome at 11 years old.

“Because of how much we were traveling between St. Cloud and Children’s, there was a lot of wear and tear on our family van,” Julie says. “In response, Tanner’s Team supplied us with new tires.” Tanner’s father also attended the ePromos benefit, which took place at the Eagles Club in St. Cloud and raised funds with karaoke, a spaghetti dinner and a silent auction.

“In June of 2014, after Nate’s last dose of treatment, we found out everything came back clear,” Julie explains. “There were no levels of concern, and we only needed six-month follow-up appointments. Currently we’re at yearly blood checks.”

Nate is now 12 years old and thriving. He loves tabletop gaming, gaming on his PS4 and playing soccer (especially goalkeeper). “He has good grades and is sociable,” Julie shares, “which I think stems from his life-changing experience. He’s a born salesman – who genuinely wants to learn about people, what they do and how things work.”

Giving Back

In honor of Julie, Nate and the Gray family, as well as Tanner Fuls and all the families in Minnesota with children who have faced or are facing life-threatening illnesses, we created a month-long fundraiser to support Tanner’s Team Foundation. This #ePromosCares campaign launched November 1, 2019, as local and national efforts ramped up for #GivingTuesday. It ran for one month, and we raised over $5,000 – doubling our goal. In addition, we also provided $500 worth of promotional products for the foundation’s upcoming 10th Anniversary Walk/Run event next summer through our ePromos for Good initiative.

Julie shares, “These events are not something I would have been able to be a part of when our family was going through treatment – it was too raw and too new. To be able to go back now and help families who are just starting this process means a lot.”

You can view our Tanner’s Team Foundation campaign here, or learn more about ePromos for Good here.


Basecamp Builds a Better Future for Heroes & Their Families

Since day one, ePromos has committed to giving back. From our ePromos for Good campaign to our partnerships with campaigns like Julia’s Cookies and Community Mainstreaming, we’re committed to improving our community at large, and to supporting our customers in the great work they do.

Warrior Spirit Retreat, founded by Dan NevinsThat commitment includes partnering with innovative brands that give back in a big way like Basecamp. Basecamp donates a portion of its proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project. This unique nonprofit was is supported by Basecamp ambassador Dan Nevins, and works to help veterans and their families – people who often have to deal with the invisible wounds of war.

“After losing my legs in combat operations in Iraq, and learning to live with a Traumatic Brain Injury, I found myself struggling to adapt to my new circumstances and integrate back into civilian life,” Dan explains. “I healed well from the physical wounds of war, yet like many returning service members, I failed to acknowledge the impact of the invisible wounds of war, which ultimately destroyed my marriage and negatively impacted basically every relationship I had.”

After nearly a decade of suffering in silence, Dan discovered meditation and yoga, becoming a yoga teacher and working with veterans like himself.

Dan Nevins

“I started offering free retreats for the veteran community, using a curriculum focused on yoga, mindfulness and meditation and tied to the mindfulness based activities of golf, horsemanship and nature,” he says. “Through retreats such as the Warrior Spirit Retreat, we teach warriors tools and practices to cope with their unseen wounds and show them that true healing is available from within.”

When you buy Basecamp promotional products, you’re helping veterans heal and grow

Basecamp’s current collection of promotional products includes a host of outdoor-related essentials designed to help users “Live Bold” – think power banks, water bottles, caps, backpacks, multi-tools, hammocks and more. All products are inspired by Nevin’s own passion for action and adventure – a passion he’s pursued to the fullest, despite losing both legs below the knee in Iraq. To date, Nevin has climbed Uhuru Peak in Tanzania, scaled Machu Picchu and, even, taught yoga at the White House. Most importantly, he’s focused on giving back.

“Our vision is to buy and build a dedicated retreat property in St Augustine, Florida where our warriors can feel welcomed, safe, and completely alive,” Dan says. “Thanks to our partnership with Basecamp we are getting closer to making that goal a reality.”

In 2018 alone, Basecamp profits drove more than $100,000 to Warrior Spirit Retreat – and 2019 Basecamp switched gears to drive profits to Wounded Warrior Project.  To be part of this epic mission, visit Warrior Spirit Retreat , Wounded Warrior Project or visit ePromos Basecamp product collection. With each promotional product order you place, you’ll be supporting War veterans and their unparalleled efforts to serve our nation’s heroes and their families – true warriors who deserve our unwavering support.

Looking to learn more about Dan Nevins and his role as an ambassador for Basecamp? Click here.


Bake Us Happy: Raising Autism Awareness with Julia’s Cookies

One cookie at a time, this inspiring 20-year-old baker is getting the word out about Autism

We’ve always believed advertising can change the world. Over and over we’ve seen the impact of a well-placed, well-printed, well-positioned premium or the whirlwind that can stir from an “outside the box” guerilla campaign. For today’s consumers, it’s all about the experience – one that typically begins with something that’s meaningful to them in some way.

At ePromos, we’ve long been focused on masterfully creating and delivering that meaningful experience at all touchpoints, from branding to purchasing, warehousing to delivering. We’ve been able to understand and deliver on the mission as a whole, often creating campaigns that have the power to drive movements forward – because, often, all it takes to move the needle is the slightest push.

A recent example truly inspired all of us at ePromos. For more than three decades, ePromos EVP Jeff Pinsky has been involved with an incredible organization, Community Mainstreaming. This Long Island-based charity builds and maintains group homes for adults with developmental disabilities throughout the area – adults with Down Syndrome, Autism, learning disabilities and developmental hurdles – and this time, their new partnership to raise Autism Awareness is outstanding.

Though capable, competent and enthusiastic, these residents are, often, overlooked by mainstream society – and Community Mainstreaming seeks to change that for good. The group helps participants learn basic job skills and helps them find work at local libraries, markets, bakeries and more, so they can contribute to the community and better their own lives.

Mainstreaming and Maximizing Talent

One recent participant was 20-year-old Julia. Julia was placed with Community Mainstreaming partner Coffeed, a locally-owned coffee shop and bakery so she could better explore her passion for baking. Quickly, Julia’s time at Coffeed became the highlight of her week – and, with guidance from her mother Arlene and her colleagues and peers at Coffeed, Julia took charge of a massive fundraiser that, already, is making serious waves.

Julia's Cookies

Creating a Cookie Movement

Together with her peers at Coffeed, Julia is in the process of baking 5,000 to 10,000 dozen cookies to raise money for National Autism Month – Julia was diagnosed with autism at age two. These cookies are, now, on sale at In March while still in pre-sale mode, the team sold 12,000 cookies—and, now, even before the end of the month of April, they’ve raised upward of $250,000 in profits.

“We’ve always been a huge supporter of this organization – but we saw this as an opportunity to add extreme value, thanks to our expertise with packaging, fulfillment, creative and design,” says Jeff Pinsky, ePromos Executive Vice President. “Our impact in these areas would go far beyond money and time.”

Immediately, ePromos and partner vendors joined the cause. Ruckus Media, an ePromos partner, built the Shopify site to sell Julia’s cookies, and partner TekWeld provided stunning custom cookie boxes at cost. Mid-Nite Snax is providing all packaging, fulfillment and preparing shipments for free, saving Julia’s team upwards of $20,000.

“The fundamental idea was not to treat this like a fundraiser but treat “Julia’s Bakery” as if it were our most important customer,” says Pinsky. “We leveraged ePromos full service infrastructure to deliver a true white glove experience for the buyers and donors. We wanted to deliver a better experience than similarly priced high perceived e-tailers and gift basket companies with a full two-thirds of the money going directly to the charities.”

ePromos was also quick to continue its commitment – the company has worked with Community Mainstreaming for more than 20 years. ePromos’ Maria Tosti created all packaging as well as the website layout and design, and the team supported Julia with vendor management and order processing. This added support helped streamline the sales and transaction processes, helping Julia’s team maximize their revenues while creating a level of professionalism that separated their fundraiser from other, more established campaigns.

“Our value is the strength of our strategic partnerships that go way beyond traditional promotional products and services. Most companies in our space sell products and are focused on individual transactions. A big part of ePromos’ 360-degree approach to our customer experience takes us well beyond traditional promotional services,” Pinsky explains. “We handle ideation, design, production, warehousing, kitting, fulfillment, distribution and packaging, which sets us apart in our industry. We can execute on both an intimate or an enterprise scale, very simply, while always controlling costs as well as quality. ”

Now up and running at full speed, Julia’s fundraiser has already generated significant buzz from outlets such as ASI,  NY1, New Fork City and more. Cookies are limited – and they’re delicious! Order yours now at, and choose from oatmeal or chocolate chip, all shipped fresh in beautiful, professional packaging—with all proceeds benefiting Community Mainstreaming and NEXT for Autism.

Once you’ve purchased—or if you’d just like to help get the word out—share your comments, pics and posts with #Juliascookies and help “bake us happy,” as Julia says.

Interested in learning more about the #ePromosCulture and how much #ePromosCares? See how ePromos gives back  and follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinked In and Pinterest

Updated on April 24, 2019


5 Year-Round Products That Shine a Spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness

Because the Pink Ribbon Deserves More Than a Month…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and since day one, we’ve been all-in on supporting this critical global cause, a cause that, for many of us at ePromos, hits a little too close to home.

While we’re proud to dig in and get the word out in October, this is a cause that’s too big to limit to a single month. One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, and another 330,000 cases will be discovered this year alone – it’s staggering, it’s scary and it’s something we want front-and-center 365 days of the year, not just in October.

This year, our goal is to start the conversation and keep it going. To do that, we’ve rounded up five beat-breast-cancer-inspired products to help boost awareness. With these products you can show you’re committed to the cause, in October and every day.

These powerhouse products paired with our upcoming #ePromosCares campaigns are the first steps in the right direction – a direction we hope you’ll be part of to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the ongoing battle against this wide-spread disease.

Our Port & Company Custom V Neck T-shirt in Pink


Pink shouldn’t be reserved just for October. Show your support, and your staff’s support, year-round with a Port & Company V-Neck Custom T-Shirt. Print your “Kick Breast Cancer’s Butt” message on one side, and encourage your team to don their tee, share shirts with clients and, of course, snap plenty of pics for social media – bonus points for a custom hashtag to track your year-long efforts.


Our Mood Custom Changing Umbrella with Ribbons“When it rains, it pours” – too often, the old adage is true. But with this pattern-changing umbrella, you’re sending a new message: “When it rains, we step up and show our support for breast cancer survivors and their families”. When this Mood Color Changing Custom Umbrella gets wet it turns from pink to pink ribbons – definitely a rainy-day convo-starter.

In reality, October is actually a drier month for most, so really, this umbrella is better suited as a spring or even summer premium (April showers, anyone?). And besides, who doesn’t love getting an umbrella? You always need one and never seem to have one when that first drop hits. Be the solution and spread the word – it’s the ultimate win/win.


Our Full Color SPF Lip Balm Tub with 100 piecesWe love snagging a great lip balm and, again, this is hands down a year-round essential. Between dry winter lips and burned summer lips, there’s always a big need for some serious soothing – exactly what this SPF 15 Lip Balm Tub delivers.

While you can brand and distribute these lip balms in a million different ways, we love leaving them out in waiting rooms, reception areas or other high-traffic spots, where your branded balms can do double duty. Think about it – people see the bright pink tub and know your company is part of the fight. Then they grab a balm and take it to-go, for a constant reminder of your brand and your breast cancer awareness message.


Our MopToppers Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Stylus/PenAnother consummate convo-starter: MopToppers® Breast Cancer Awareness Custom Stylus Pens, Designed to jot down notes on any touch screen, these “pens” are as cute as they are cutting-edge. And – BONUS – the “mop top” on these pens doubles as a screen cleaner, perfect for smartphones, tablets and computer screens.



Our Bling Awareness Custom Can CoolersBLING AWARENESS

Perfect for gift bags or other promotional giveaways, these soft, lightweight Custom Can Coolers keep drinks extra cold with an added layer of bling that gets noticed. Layer on your message and show of support and you’re good to go, and good to sip, any day of the year.

Got a great product or premium you want to share? Post it to Instagram with #ePromosCares and we’ll share it on our feed.

Looking for some outside-the-box ideas? Click here for a campaign we loved which helped raise awareness and understanding of Breast Cancer.