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Give A Dog A Promotional Bone!

One of the great things about using promotional products is how easy it is to reach a specific audience just by choosing a relevant item. Check out this example from Dr. Cindy Bressler, a veterinarian who specializes in making emergency house calls. Clearly, as a veterinarian, Cindy wanted to focus on pet related promotional products.

Dr. Bressler used these delicious looking promotional pet treats, that look similar to promotional dog bones, to advertise her on-call services to the people she knew might need them most: vacationers who were far away from their regular vets!

This basket of free treats was put on prominent display in a vacation community where her prospective patients were most likely to see it. Even if vacationers didn’t need Dr. Bressler’s services this time around, you can bet they held on to her contact information for future visits!

promotional-dog-treat-business card.jpg


Your Door Is Your Face: Custom Door Hanger

Here’s a great example of a promotional product being used to position a product within it’s industry. An Israeli company selling designer doors wanted to create brand awareness in this niche and used custom door hangers to get the message across. Each door hanger has a funny imprint of a human face on it, as well as the tagline, “Your door is your face.” By connecting the front door with the personality of the house and it’s owner, the designer door company successfully appealed to status-conscious homeowners.


If you’re looking to find a promotion that will be inside the home, rather than on the front door, then go with a kitchen promotional product.

promotinal-door hanger


Weight Scale Bus Stop

This interactive “fitness first” bus stop ad is fun, but I imagine it might upset some people who are sensitive about their weights. There are lots of other health care promotional products that could work well for this sort of campaign without publicly displaying someone’s weight! Maybe they could have opted for a promo gym bag instead. We have found promotional gym bags extremely successful because people often keep them for years to come. bus-stop-scale weight


Not Welcome Mat

Here’s a welcome mat that’s well…not very welcoming. This fake doormat was placed around Israel to raise awareness about the nearly 300,000 teens who don’t have a place to call home. The flip side of the custom doormat has some information about donating to the organization and helping kids find a way off the streets. This type of promotion has more impact, but less reach than a product like awareness bracelets.

not-welcome-doormat israel


This One Takes The Cake

rolling pin calendarJust when I thought I had seen the coolest promotional calendar of the year, someone had to go ahead and make me eat my words. This 2010 Worldwide Bakery calendar may not be the most practical way to keep track of the date, but it definitely leaves a nice impression.

rolling pin calendar



Apparently, no space is safe from advertising these days – not even good old-fashioned toilet paper. We’ve seen TP done before, but today I’d like to introduce the next generation of promotional toilet paper: color-by-number style. I would think carefully about your business goals before rushing to put your logo on it, but you better believe it’s going to be memorable for the lucky users. Most other companies go with a travel toiletry bag instead. It’s generally a safer approach.

promotional-toilet paper