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What Tide promotion is cuter than Loads of Hope? This promotion where sample packs of Tide are attached to embroidered stains: pull on the packet and the stain disappears, just like Weezer’s sweater. This is a great use of embroidered shirts as a promotional marketing vehicle. Maybe it would be even more visible if they did this with an embroidered hat as well. tide stainbroidery


Alan Wrenches

Pete Dungey took a poll to find out the most famous Alans and Allens and he engraved their name on a particular style of wrench that is essentially a hexagonal strip of metal bent at a 90 degree angle. This was a great use of custom printed tools. Very clever, eh? Also, I don’t recognize many of these, so I’m guessing he might have polled British people.

alan wrenches


Easter Lips

Thanks to Serious Eats, and our Marketing Coordinator Michael for pointing out that Peeps-flavored lip balm exists. And just in time for Easter! Perhaps it’s something we could add to our promotional lip balm selection in the future. And what flavor of candy will be next? Candy corn? peeps-lip balm


Return to Sender Coffin

So you find the idea behind the Kiss Kasket appealing, but you’re really more of an Elvis fan? No worries, it seems customized coffins truly are available for all tastes. Maybe a customized stress ball would help to combine with this promo – the thought of death stresses a lot of people out!

return-to-sender casket


Ads on Toilet Paper

In Japan, advertisers tend to use tissues and high-tech toilets take care of everything else. In America, we prefer promotional toilet paper. Only recently, though, did I learn that we’ve actually been putting people we hate on toilet paper since WWII, when toilet paper featuring Hitler was available in both Britain and the US.

We’ve heard of lots of companies doing promotional tissues, but not many go with promo toilet paper. We respect the creativity and placement.

ad-toilet paper


Super Glue Broken Vase Promo

Here’s another image of the super glue promotional direct mail piece that used a broken vase to convey the benefits of super glue. Rather than putting it back together, though, it may be more fun to do some broken vase mosaic with it.

super-glue-broken vase