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First Look: Top Promotional Product Picks of 2020

We’re back from the first trade-show of 2020, ASI Orlando. Always an exciting two days in our $25 billion industry, we eagerly sifted through the aisles filled with the always seen, always loved promos to bring you a first look at some of the buzz-worthy showstopper’s we’re banking on this year. Listed in no particular order, here are some of our favorites:

Sunburn Alert

This is a must-have for all brands. Apply sunscreen to both skin and sticker. Sticker will change color when it’s time to re-apply. Works all day. Ingenious.

The Attention Grabber

Lit up logos caught our eye with this 22 oz. bottle, which lights up a laser-engraved logo when lifted. Wow factor guaranteed.


A best seller across all industries, these screen-cleaning cuties are sure to brighten up your day. New to the line are the thumbs-up version and the “glitzy” version. We couldn’t resist the lipstick.
Glitzy Moptoppers

The Lead-less Pencil that Keeps Going and Going…

Made from aluminum, this puppy can write for up to 10 miles! That certainly makes for a good conversation starter. If only Ernest Hemingway could see us now…

Picasso Aluminum pencil

The Ultimate Ice Breaker

Trade show badge ribbons. Customize responsibly.
Trade Show Badge Ribbons.

The Garment/Duffle

Practical perfection, this KAPSTON™ item is a traveling professional’s dream.

OrigAudio™, The Signature Collection.

The whole line is so spectacular it was hard to choose a favorite or decide which would be the biggest hit. Our guess: either the flask or the games kit, equipped with playing cards, dice and dominoes.

Custom Drink Coasters

Entertainment built in. So simple, yet so brilliant, this field goal, with mini football “flickers”, is just one idea to get your juices flowing. Available in 4″ round or square the possibilities are endless. Customize both sides so players know how to thank you.
built in field goal and mini flick footballs

District Apparel

District ® Re-Tee ™ hits home for us since we’ve been talking sustainability non-stop. These comfy tee’s are made from 100% recycled materials and reclaimed fabrics and are never re-dyed.

How District Re-Tee's are made

A Snacker’s Dream

Encourage healthy snacking with this “prep & chill” cooler. Comes with 6 containers and an ice pack, this is the ultimate lunch box. Added bonus: There’s a mesh side pocket for a reusable water bottle. Enjoy!
the ultimate lunch box with containers and an ice box

Last but not least: Custom shoes.

Well, because you can.

There you have it. A fresh look at some of the hottest new and notable promotional products for 2020.

Love these items and can’t wait to have them? Get in touch. We’re proud to be your trusted partner for all things promo. Stay tuned for takeaways from our next big show, the PPAI Expo, in Las Vegas next week. It will be fun to compare them to 2019 trends.

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Our Most Popular Promo Items – Ranked

At ePromos, we’re all about supplying you, our beloved customers, with high quality promotional products that will delight and appeal to your target audience. We offer a huge range of products (over 15,000 to be exact), and the possibilities within each product? Endless. That’s because our top-notch customization abilities, from color choices, to logos, to artwork, will truly make your product different than any other one out there. With over two decades under our belt, we’ve got the experience to confidently guide you in all your promotional product needs. And we back that up with our famous 110% guarantee.

While we’re extremely proud of our wide product variety, we also realize that so many products can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re new at this! That’s why we’ve created this piece – to help you cut right to the most popular products we carry. There are many benefits to using a popular product for your next promotional giveaway. For starts, these well-loved items, which are practical and functional, reflect well on your brand – they offer the sense that you get what people want and need. The 15 items we’ve collected below are, statistically, our most popular items, so you can rest assured that you’re getting something that’s already sought after. And we’ve aimed to do this in an efficient and convenient way to you. We’ve done all the heavy lifting by creating this list in a way that makes it easy for you to choose from.

Most Popular Promo Items

Ready to learn about today’s most popular promotional products? Keep reading for our top 15 products to meet all your promotional needs!

Product #1 – Drawstring Bags
Drawstring bags make for a smart promotional giveaway for many reasons. For starts, they’re extremely lightweight and easily portable. This means they won’t take up much storage space, and traveling with them is a breeze. On the flip side, they are also easy on the customer since they fold up – much easier to carry around all day at a convention than a ceramic mug, for example. Drawstring bags also provide great visibility for your brand, as they offer a fairly wide space to customize them with your company name, logo, and artwork. A third reason customers’ love them? Their price point. Drawstring bags offer a great bang for your buck.

Drawstring bags are a great promotional gift for any sports-related or fitness event, as many athletes and gym goers opt for this style of bag. It’s also a good choice for a family-friendly event, as both kids and adults will like them, and get good use out of them, too!

Product #2 – Journals
Journals are a highly functional and practical choice for promotional giveaways. We all know journaling is good for us, and yet so many of us simply don’t. Offering folks a –free— journal is a thoughtful way to jumpstart their mindfulness; with any luck, they’ll keep it around long enough to actually fill it up. And each time they pull it out they’ll be reminded of your brand.

Journals are a smart promotional gift for any wellness- or education-related event. They also offer attendees the opportunity to jot down notes from any speakers at the event, or contact information from attendees when networking. They also make great gifts to leave with clients when out visiting them; a nice token of your appreciation for their time.

Product #3 – Adhesive Cell Phone Wallets
At this point, cell phones might as well be our third arm – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! We spend a lot of time and money on them, and frankly, the love runs deep (just ask anyone who’s just lost or broken theirs…it’s an immediate reaction of panic and heartbreak all at once). Gifting a promotional item that plays to this love, via an accessory for it, is always going to be a winning choice. Enter the adhesive cell phone wallet. They’re perfect for the busy, on-the-go person that likes to travel light; total convenience. And, they’re convenient for you, too, thanks to their compact size and next-to-nothing weight, which makes handing them out a literal light lift.

Because cell phones are so widely used around the globe, by all ages/genders/populations, adhesive cell phone wallets (and any cell phone accessory) truly work as a promotional gift for just about any event.

Product #4 – Wireless Earbuds
When Apple unveiled their wireless earbuds a few years ago, people were aghast. But, like everything Apple, they’re pricey…and, like everything Apple, people want them despite early mixed reviews. The allure of wireless earbuds has only increased since those early days, and with it, their popularity. As a promotional gift, it’s kind of a no-brainer – folks are going to go wild for them.

Wireless earbuds are a great promotional giveaway at a tech or music event. You should also consider them if your target audience is teenagers and/or twenty-somethings.

Product #5 – Tote Bags
Totes bags have always been a popular giveaway, but today they’re perhaps more popular than ever, thanks to the green movement, which among many other things, seeks to ban the use of plastic bags. Tote bags are also wonderfully practical, and like so many of the products in this piece, are lightweight and portable – always a big plus. Also, similar to the drawstring bags mentioned above, tote bags provide wonderful visibility for your unique customization, including your brand name, logo, and artwork.

Tote bags are a great promotional giveaway at any event with a mindfulness towards sustainability or wellness. They are also a great choice at an event geared towards parents, especially those with younger children, as there are never enough hands to carry everything small children seem to need when out and about.

Product #6 – Pens
Pens are a tried and true, popular promotional item. In fact, we bet you likely have a handful yourself laying around your office, home, and even the glove box in your car. From a marketing perspective, they’re kind of genius. They’re inexpensive, come in a ton of different styles and colors, and well, there’s always a reason to keep a pen hanging around.

As for the perfect event to gift a pen? The truth is, you can’t really go wrong with pens! They’re simple, and really, that’s part of their beauty.

Product #7 – Stainless Steel Water Bottles
We mentioned the move towards sustainability above, and stainless steel water bottles fit right in with that growing trend. While many folks gift plastic water bottles, a stainless steel one will always be favored for their high-quality and durability. They’re also much better at keeping beverages cool over long periods of time; a very practical reason to invest in them! They do cost more money than many of the other items mentioned in this piece, but this is precisely why they will be so valued by anyone you gift them to.

Due to the expense of stainless steel water bottles, they make the most sense to give away as gifts to clients and customers during one-on-one meetings, as opposed to an arena-sized conference with hundreds (or thousands) of folks milling about. Of course, you could always use them as prizes at big events (rather than gift them to every single attendee). In this case, they are a great choice for a sports-, fitness-, health/wellness-, or sustainability-related event.

Product #8 – Can Coolers
Can coolers are a fun promotional giveaway, and they serve a lovely purpose – keeping your refreshing canned beverage nice and cold. They’re lightweight, easily portable, super customizable, and offer decent visibility for your logo/artwork. What’s not to like about all of that?

Can coolers are the perfect promotional giveaway for a tailgate, sporting event, festival, music concert, or any other event that’s ready for some fun…and cold beers and drinks. While they’re appropriate for year-round use, they make an especially nice touch for a summer event, when hot weather makes it extra hard to keep drinks cool.

Product #9 – Sunglasses
Like can coolers, sunglasses are a playful promotional product. They’re also stylish (check out our many styles, including aviators and Ray Ban-style options). Sunglasses are also an inexpensive promotional product, allowing you to really get a good bang for your buck.

Sunglasses are a great giveaway at any outdoor event, whether a sports event, concert, festival, 5K run, etc. Keep gifting them out, and watch as the event slowly fills with folks repping your brand.

Product #10 – Logo T-Shirts
T-shirts have long enjoyed a growing popularity over the past few decades. A staple in so many of our closets (and daily lives), it’s hard to imagine a t-shirt not being loved as a promotional giveaway. Just be sure to choose one that’s high-quality (like pre-shrunk, extra soft, etc.) so that folks will get the most wear out of them – walking billboards for your brand.


Logo t-shirts are another one of those universal promotional giveaways — they work in almost every crowd. Just be sure to have an assortment of sizes on hand.

Product #11 – Polo Shirts
Polo shirts are a high quality promotional giveaway. This one is slightly different than others we’ve mentioned in this piece though. With those, we’ve been more externally facing, meaning we’ve offered advice and tips for gifting them to customers. Let us make this caveat – they all make excellent gifts for employees, too. But a polo shirt? That may take the cake as an employee gift. They’re a smart, preppy, and clean cut clothing choice for employees when out on customer visits or at conferences.

Product #12 – Flashlights
Every household should have a flashlight (really, several flashlights!), yet, they aren’t something many folks routinely think of purchasing – kind of like pens, they just seem to ‘appear’. Help keep your clients and customers safe by gifting them a flashlight, which, like a pen, is something they’ll always keep on hand. Flashlights make a smart promotional giveaway for anyone in the security industry.

Product #13 – Reusable Straws
Like single-use plastic bags, plastic straws are getting a lot of buzz lately for the damage they do to the environment, and many folks are pushing to ban them. That said, straws are a kind of wonderful product. Need a compromise? Check out reusable straws. Eco-friendly, lightweight, and portable, they’re a great alternative to a product that’s been damaging the environment for too many decades. They’re definitely a buzz item these days; get your brand on board by purchasing your very own customized ones.

Like other eco-friendly items mentioned in this piece, reusable straws are a great fit at any health, wellness, or sustainability-minded event. They will also fit in nicely at a food and beverage, or cooking event.

Product #14 – Lip Balm
In less than five years, the lip balm industry is expected to reach one billion dollars. That’s a lot of lip balm. It’s no surprise that people are kind of obsessed with it; it’s a staple product in every handbag around the globe. Gifting it as a promotional item is a bit of a no-brainer, as there’s really no such thing as too many lip balms. Endless flavors alongside your customized wrapping will make it a stand out, popular gift at any event.

While lip balm has a universal appeal, it’s an especially thoughtful giveaway at a beauty or wellness event.

Product #15 – Umbrellas
Umbrellas are similar to flashlights – something everyone has sitting around at home and in their car, but isn’t purchased all that regularly. They’re kind of a “necessity” item, if you will, that folks don’t really love spending money on. This makes them a thoughtful promotional item, and something folks will gladly snatch up. Umbrellas provide a large surface area for your customized branding and artwork — a win-win.

Umbrellas are a pretty universal gift — they’ll work at almost any event. Though they can make an extra punch if you gift them in spring time, which is known for showers.

And that concludes are 15 most popular promotional items (you want to be pop-u-lar)! Now if only they could be featured in a new rendition of Wicked. We hope this list has got your wheels turning for your next promotional giveaway. Remember, when it comes to promotional products, the possibilities are nearly endless. Our knowledgeable reps are standing by waiting to help make those ideas into reality – and they’ll guide you each step of the way as necessary. Reach out today!


The Iridescent Trend for Promotional Gifts (Plus Picks You Won’t Want to...

Call it the “Unicorn Effect” – iridescent clothing, accessories and gifts continue to be a sweeping trend this year, with a touch that’s reaching from the runway to our own distribution channels. This feel-good style is a natural extension of already popular metallic and foil finishes, and it’s adding extra shine and a gorgeous, prismatic look to items we love.

At first blush, the rainbow glimmer of holographic items may seem like it holds the most appeal for a younger audience, but former kid-favorites like unicorns, mermaids and Lisa Frank® stationary are making a huge resurgence among adult audiences, too. Millennials may be driving this latest unicorn craze, but iridescent merchandise has an aesthetic appeal that just about anyone can find pretty, no matter their demographic.

We first talked about the growth of this trend in early 2019 here, and it’s only continued to gain momentum since then. To see this style in action, peep the popular iridescent Keepall bag from Louis Vuitton®, runway fashion from New York to London to Milan or favorite looks from Instagram’s most popular makeup artists.
Holographic material made an appearance in the late 1970s and early 1980s as part of disco glam fashion, and it enjoyed a feature in the 90s as well. This time around, the trend is widespread and far-reaching – these days, you can find everything from holographic furniture to full car wraps to pet beds.

Holographic materials and finishes offer a fresh, bold way to dress up familiar classics with a more contemporary flare. We’re seeing iridescent gifts enjoy the most success when they’re offered as a spin on already beloved and well-known items. That Louis Vuitton travel bag, for example, first debuted in LV’s collection in the 1930s, and it’s widely recognized in its more subdued brown-and-gold palette.

Since the irresistible shimmer and shine of a holographic finish is no longer limited to jackets, dresses and designer handbags pulled straight from the runway, you might want to consider it for your next promotional gift. This trend is an easy way to add a fun pop of color and whimsy to your next event or giveaway.

Iridescent Promotional Gifts

If you’re looking for a promotional gift that’s truly on-trend, wow recipients with shimmery, unicorn-inspired items that are both eye-catching and day-brightening.

Aiming for a bolder statement? Consider a promotional bag with flair, such as an iridescent drawstring bag or a Pearl Non-Woven Laminated Custom Tote Bag – both of which offer a unique rainbow glimmer that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

If you’re looking for a holographic touch but don’t want to opt for a large bag, consider one of our iridescent travel pouches, found here or here. These versatile pouches work as cosmetic bags, pencil cases or catchall bags inside of a larger purse or backpack, so they’re a great choice for a range of occasions.

If you prefer to enter the world of rainbow iridescence on a slightly smaller scale, there are plenty of other on-trend and inspired promotional items to choose from as well. Help recipients start their day with a smile as they take their first sip of morning coffee from an iridescent ceramic mug. Or, go ahead and add some rainbow energy to someone’s mid-week meeting with an iridescent metal-twist promotional pen.

For hydration that’s extra happy, opt for a copper vacuum bottle or an iridescent tumbler. Complete the gift with an environmentally friendly iridescent stainless-steel straw.

Remember, promotional gifts that are small in size can still demand plenty of visibility for your brand too. Consider items with an iridescent finish that are sure to get lots of daily use, such as a customizable PopSockets®.

Stay on-trend and spread a little extra joy with your next gift by choosing something holographic and unicorn-inspired. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Take a look at all of our iridescent promotional items here. Have questions or need help? We’re here for anything you need.

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The PhoneBrella is the Ultimate Promotional Bluetooth Item. Here’s Why&...

The PhoneBrella is the Bluetooth® accessory you never knew you always needed. Forget fumbling to find your phone while holding an umbrella. With the PhoneBrella you have a hands-free solution to getting caught in the rain.

Bluetooth technology is an unstoppable force that is fueling both the retail and promotional worlds. Stay connected without being physically connected. Wireless is where it’s at. What better way to show your customers that you are keeping up with the latest trends?Our PhoneBrella

What is a PhoneBrella?

The PhoneBrella is a revolutionary product that features Bluetooth technology built into the handle of an umbrella. What does that mean exactly? Well, quite simply, it means your customers can sync their phones to answer calls or listen to music without struggling to hold both their umbrella and their phone.

How Does it Work?

On the sleek and comfortable handle of the umbrella you will find a large circle button that allows you to pick up and end phone calls. To get started, hold down the circle button until you hear it respond. Next, enable the Bluetooth settings on your phone to pair with the PhoneBrella. When the pairing is successful you will hear the umbrella speaker say “Bluetooth connected.”

The speaker and microphone are built right into the handle of the umbrella. Just like a Bluetooth device for your car, you’ll hear your phone ring from the speaker. To answer the phone call, press the circle button. When the call is over, press the circle button again to end the conversation.

The PhoneBrella also allows you to listen to music through the speaker on the handle. With the two triangular buttons (above and below the circle button) you can easily skip and repeat songs without going back into your phone.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Aside from its awesome Bluetooth capabilities, the PhoneBrella also features an auto-open and auto-close feauture so you never have to struggle with a stubborn spring again. The large button with up/down arrows toward the top of the handle will release and expand the umbrella, and when you’re done it will also retract and collapse it quickly and efficiently.

When closed, the entire length measures 13.5″ making it easy to fit in a briefcase, purse or backpack. The PhoneBrella currently comes in three colors: black, grey and navy. The nylon canopy offers a 46″ arc for excellent coverage. And the sophisticated retail packaging brings it all together.

Screen print your logo on any panel or add additional imprint areas for maximum visibility.

Why is the PhoneBrella a Must-Have Bluetooth Accessory?

This unique product allows your customers to stay dry and use their phones while keeping one hand free. It’s so unique, in fact, the novelty in and of itself will have people talking about your brand.

The PhoneBrella appeals to a wide range of customers. Golf-related businesses can hand these out at tournaments, as they are sure to come in handy if there should be rain. City commuters using public transportation to get to the office often walk in the rain from subway platforms and train stations. Imagine how freeing it would be to give these customers a hand – literally – with the PhoneBrella. College students who have to walk across campus can also see the value in having this innovative Bluetooth accessory.

To top it all off, the PhoneBrella can actually send a reminder to your customers to take the umbrella whenever there is a high chance of rain! For an additional charge, your PhoneBrella can feature a hangtag for the Rain Alertz app attached to the handle. The hangtag provides instructions for how to download the Rain Alertz app for free using iTunes®, Google Play® or the Windows® Store.

Once downloaded, the customer is prompted to enter a unique code, which can be found on the hangtag. The code is tied to your customized alert message and branded five-day forecast, which will display on their smartphones when the chance of rain is 60% or higher. The alert works off the GPS in the phone so no matter where your customers travel, they will see your logo for a subtle reminder of your brand anytime there is a high chance of rain.

Make the PhoneBrella your newest promotional Bluetooth accessory today! Call us, the Promo Know-How People to incorporate this item into your marketing plan.

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6 Promotional Product Trends Spotted at the 2019 PPAI Expo

In a word, WOW! We just spent the week pounding the proverbial pavement at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. This show is, hands down, one of the premier events for the promotional product industry, where thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, vendors and innovative industry insiders mix, mingle and unpack what’s new and next on the premium front. And this year was truly jaw-dropping, even by PPAI standards.

So the BIG question? “What’s about to burst onto the scene in 2019 and beyond?” In addition to the promotional product trends we identified at our first show in Orlando, there were a ton of truly unique, truly innovative products, each building on 2018’s most high tech, high touch, customer-first must-haves. So, regardless of your budget, your business or the message you want to share with the world, there was something at PPAI for you. Read on, then get in touch.

2019 Promotional Product Trend Takeaways

Trend #1: Branding That Goes BIG on Apparel

Branding was BIG at PPAI. While that may not sound like a surprise, this year’s vendors took branding and messaging to new heights. Whether it was a clever and unexpected placement, high impact technique or simple creative imprinting and embroidery, we saw (and applauded) it all.

One of our favorites was the Port Authority Soft Shell Custom Jacket. This clean classic offers seemingly endless branding options, all while retaining its sleek appearance.

Speaking of jackets, did you know 70% of consumers keep their promo outerwear for a year or longer and that 42% of women wear their outerwear on a weekly basis? Long gone are the days of boxy, hard t-shirts as the only option for your brand. The Port Authority Soft Shell Jacket is hot right now, and the trend is here to stay. Interested in more stats? Click here.


Trend #2: Tech Swag

No question, all things tech are big again in 2019. The difference? This year we’re seeing tech pop up in some very unexpected places. For example, Threadfast gives you the opportunity to add RFID to their shirts (wow!) A small chip is placed at the bottom and, unless you were looking, is more or less undetectable. What to do with it? Consider activating promotions as wearers pass by your store or trade show booth, go number free at an upcoming race, or simply better control your inventory. The possibilities are endless.
Threadfast shirts offer RFID capability
Bluetooth® has also been front-and-center this week. Looking for something fun and different? These UV 400 Bluetooth speaker sunglasses allow you to listen to music or take a hands-free call with a quick click. Great for fitness and outdoor brands, the top of the case has a beautiful large imprint area.

Our Bluetooth Sunglasses

Trend #3: Retail Meets Promotional

Modern. Sustainable. Efficient. Recognizable. These are some of the words to describe just some of the themes we saw across the board. One of our faves for corporate gift-giving? These compression packing cubes. You just can’t go wrong with useful items.

Our Custom Compression Packing Cubes

Another brand we’re digging? Xactly. This brand is committed to honest business at every stage in their product’s production. One of the many reasons why we are loving them. A fantastic choice to show your support for the environment and stay on-trend.







Food treats, like this Rice Krispies® jar and topping kit are also making heads turn this year. We’ve seen similar food gifts offered at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. They’re simple and frill-free, but the packaging makes a bold statement.

Our Rice Crispy Treat Jar and Toppings Mix


Trend #4: Active Lifestyle Items to Get Out and About

We’ve been seeing a lot of the wilderness and “spending time outdoors” trends pop up lately. While this was certainly present at the PPAI Expo, we also saw other alternatives to “get out” – namely, some very cool, very clever promotional items ideal for an active lifestyle.

For starters, these chargers with suction cups are perfect for everything from tailgating to camping to hitting the beach – suction your charger and, ideally, your device, away from dirt, sand, BBQ sauce and anything that could be a hazard. It’s simple but totally brilliant.

Our Wireless Charger with Suction

Same goes for these speakers with removable tees. If you’re hitting the greens, you can bring along your beats and your tees, all in compact packaging that easily pops into your golf cart cup holder. Every time your clients hop in their cart, they’ll think of – and thank – YOU.

Speaker with Golf Tees

Also ideal for a beach day: custom surfboards. Sure, these are very “big ticket” items, but for the right brand and the right customers, distributing these – even to just one or two relevant recipients – will drive tons of impressions, word-of-mouth and that all-important cool factor. Don’t have the budget? Consider these beach cup holders, which stick right into the sand, keeping your drink nice and clean. So simple, yet so practical and genius that everyone will wish they came up with the idea themselves.

Go big with custom surfboards or budget friendly with beach cup holders

Trend #5: Upscale Wine Accessories

We just couldn’t resist these upscale wine accessories, which seem to be getting more high-tech and more sophisticated by the year. To compliment our top selling insulated wine tumbler, consider this Aviana™ Chateau Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler or perhaps this temperature sensor, which tells you the current temperature of the wine.

Luxury Wine Accessories

Trend #6: Classic Creativity Gets a Nod

And, of course, there’s the classic trend: amazing creativity. This year, “thumbs up” goes to these blood bags – yes, blood bags. Each proudly announces the “color” that a recipient bleeds – open the bag and pull out a matching t-shirt for their favorite sports team.

Bleed Bags with Custom T-shirt Inside

Whether it’s Dodgers® blue or Rockies™ purple or Cincinnati’s big, bold red, the choice is yours – or your customer’s. But either way, this one is going to turn a lot of heads and generate a lot of buzz. #WhatColorDoYouBleed, anyone?


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  1. Source: Advertising Specialty Institute, 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study.


4 Reasons it’s all About Laser Engraving This Year

No doubt you’ve seen the latest and greatest stainless steel water bottles and sports bottles etched with a big, bold company name or logo. Whether it’s a lux fitness boutique, high end wellness brand or, even, a major fashion label, these engraved bottles have become the ultimate status symbol – they’re chic, versatile, good for the environment and, with this added etching, have an even sleeker and more upscale look that brands and consumers can’t get enough of.

Us included. So, we’re getting in on the action, just in time for the New Year gifting season.

Here are four reasons why we’re loving these bottles:

#1. They’re cool.

Everyone wants one – and the top brands out there know it. Laser engraved bottles and tumblers have fast emerged as one of the hottest promotional items in the market, and in-the-know brands are snatching them up. We’re seeing them everywhere from luxury real estate offices to posh fitness studios to small businesses and startups, media brands, retailers and more. They’re cool, they’re in-demand and they’re super versatile – it’s a winning combination.

Laser Engraved Bottle with Personalization#2. They’re super personal.

We innately crave personalized experiences – gifts included. When you hand your client an engraved bottle or tumbler that’s custom to them, they feel like they’re getting something special that no one else has.

While that jolt of happiness is a plus, it’s just the beginning. When someone feels they’re getting a custom gift, they instantly feel more in control and more engaged. That’s powerful – and that can drive the recipient to be more successful as a result. Think about it for a minute – you’re giving your client an engraved bottle and setting them up for more success in the year ahead. Talk about a serious bonus…

#3. They’re the ultimate “kick start the New Year” gift.

Put it all together and it’s no surprise this engraved drinkware collection is already a top seller for us – and we’ve only offered it on these bottles for just under a month. Consider gifting these as a “fresh start” to the New Year. Promote staying healthy and hydrated in the office while, at the same time, encouraging an eco-friendly workplace. Did you know we now consume over one million plastic bottles per minute? These water bottles offer a great opportunity to counteract that.

#4. They’re a great way to get the word out.

And, of course, there’s the benefit to your business. Because these bottles are so sought-after and so portable, yours will no doubt pop up everywhere from boardrooms to conferences to carpools. With more customer usage – and more people asking, “hey, where’d you get that bottle?” – you’ll get more exposure for your brand and your messaging. That’s always a plus.

And for a Bonus #5. We’re offering SPECIAL Beginning of the Year pricing…

Need another reason to start engraving? We’ve got it: for a limited time, we’re now offering a low-cost, high-value engraving option on five popular pieces from our drinkware collection. For a $1.50 run charge and $60 set up fee, add custom engraving (your customers name, for example):

It’s the ultimate gift at the ultimate price – get in touch to learn more, to request a sample and to get your orders in now.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, hydrated New Year!