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Why Jeep’s Promotional Giveaways Are Stunningly Effective

At first glance, Jeep’s latest promotional giveaways might not seem that ground-breaking. It’s an automotive brand handing out custom carabiners. So what?

Well, the carabiners have a great creative twist – they’re shaped like Jeeps. We love it when brands create custom products, and carabiners for Jeep fit the brand perfectly.

Here’s a look at the promo.

It unfolded in Moscow, where the legendary SUV brand wanted to entice extreme sports enthusiasts to take a test drive in Jeep Territory, an off-road testing ground.

Jeep distributed the promotional giveaways – which were embossed with the line, “There’s an easier way to get there” – to customers who made a purchase at various travel gear stores.

The promotional carabiners were attached to invitation cards with the message: “Use this card for a free Jeep Territory test drive.”

During the first week of the promotion, 5,000 carabiners were distributed. Almost 1,000 brought in their card and carabiners for a test drive.

What Works About This Promo Giveaway

Great promotions don’t just happen – they take careful planning and a thoughtful execution. Here’s why this promotion was a success.

1. Jeep understood its target audience.

Understanding who you want to reach with your promotion is a critical first step. Jeep took the time to think about its target market, where these potential customers could be reached, and what kind of promotional giveaways they would find useful.

2. The giveaways served two purposes.

The primary reason for handing out the custom carabiners was to get prospective buyers to complete a test drive. But the promos are also tangible reminders of the Jeep brand, and they’re items that recipients will likely use when they’re out exploring the great outdoors. Jeep gets long-lasting exposure as a result.

3. The carabiners were different from the usual giveaway.

Jeep kicked up the promotion a notch by using carabiners in the iconic Jeep shape. There’s nothing standard or generic about these promotional giveaways – they’re distinctly Jeep. When you want to get people excited about your promo, give them items that are immediately recognizable as belonging to your brand.

Jeep’s promotion wasn’t a huge global campaign – it was just the opposite. It was a highly targeted direct-marketing campaign that creatively put the Jeep brand in front of a narrowly defined target audience.

Jeep was successful in getting prospective buyers out to test drive its vehicles, and it also put a useful, distinctive promotional item right into their hands. This promotion was effective because Jeep knew who it wanted to reach, and it got in front of its audience in a creative, standout way.

Have you ever developed custom-designed promotional giveaways for your brand? Tell us about it!

custom keychain

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Borrow This Super-Smart Interactive Marketing Idea

When we think about the coolest examples of interactive marketing, billboards don’t typically come to mind. People glance at them as they walk or drive by, and then they’re forgotten.

But not the billboards from Lemon & Paeroa (L&P). The New Zealand soft drink maker put an interactive spin on basic billboards by attaching promotional products. People could walk right up and grab a custom beach towel or a pair of foam flip flops – right off the ad itself.

As summer winds down on the other side of the globe, L&P wanted to remind people to “hold on to summer.” We have to agree – few promos say summer more than colorful beach towels and easy-wear flip flops.

And there’s something about detachable promos on billboards that’s so unique. Free stuff always draws people over – especially when it’s presented in a creative way. Like, oh we don’t know, affixed to billboards.

These billboards are exponentially better than the static ones we’re used to seeing. They successfully engaged crowds of people with useful promotional items while promoting the L&P brand in a fun, unexpected way.

With Spring Break upon us and summer right around the corner, now’s a great time to recreate this marketing idea for your own brand. It’s been a long, cold winter, and people are ready for some fun in the sun. Think about getting your brand out there in a creative way and engaging your customers with perfect-for-summer promos as L&P has done.

Have a look at this smart campaign:

interactive marketing

promotional flip flops

custom flip flops

promotional towel

custom towel

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Why DHL’s Guerilla Marketing Stunt Rocks – Real Or Staged

We love seeing awesome guerilla marketing campaigns unfold, and DHL’s latest stunt certainly got our attention.

The shipping giant, in a brazen move to one-up its competitors, got them to advertise that “DHL Is Faster.” It hired rival companies such as UPS and TNT to deliver huge black boxes to addresses that seemed impossible to find.

Here’s where the promo shines (and gets delightfully sneaky): The boxes were painted with temperature-activated ink that remained black in sub-zero temperatures. As the boxes inevitably heated up en route, they revealed the hidden message: DHL Is Faster.

What’s a delivery person to do? The boxes had to be delivered, and in doing so, DHL got free advertising – from its top competitors.

DHL sure pulled a fast one. Everybody who walked past the giant boxes (you couldn’t miss them) saw the bright red words: DHL Is Faster.

Before we give props to DHL for its genius guerilla marketing stunt, it turns out that the shipping company wasn’t behind it after all.

A DHL rep told the Consumerist that the company is aware of the video (which, as of this post, has more than 500,000 views), but did not set up the prank or have anything to do with the video production.

“This was not something that was initiated by DHL,” a rep for the company told Consumerist. “The video was created by an external agency for their own internal competition. We were aware in advance of the intention to use it for this purpose. We were not aware of any plans to share it externally.”

So while it’s not clear if the stunt was a legit prank or just staged for the video, we still think it’s super clever and give it two thumbs up for being some seriously sly marketing.

See for yourself:

DHL black box

DHL box

DHL campaign

DHL stunt

DHL guerilla marketing

DHL marketing


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Use Promotional Calendars To Communicate Your Brand Promise

Promotional calendars belong in your marketing for a lot of reasons: They keep your logo visible all year long, they’re useful to recipients every day, they’re cost-effective. We could go on.

But here’s something you may not know about custom calendars: They’re a great way to communicate your brand promise.

Take a look at what Krrish Group, a construction and real estate firm in India, has done. The company took ordinary calendars and turned them into a set of tabletop skyscrapers.

promotional calendars

No ordinary wall or desk calendars – these marketing gems brought the firm’s architectural prowess to life. Its brand promise – to deliver contemporary and innovative designs – became tangible in the form of these promo calendars. We can’t think of a more perfect promotional giveaway for the brand.

What a great way to establish brand identity and build up relationships with prospects. By distributing these creative calendars, the firm set itself apart in the marketplace and kept its brand visible on the tables of architects, business firms and prospective clients.

It’s by effectively communicating – and delivering on – brand promises that companies create brand value. Krrish Group has done an excellent job with its skyscraper promotional calendars.

Promo know-how tip:

Always aim to use promo giveaways that are unique and relevant to your brand. Our Brand Consultants are here to share their expertise for any client in any industry.


Custom Aluminum Bottles Put A Designer Spin On Beer Brand

Skol Beer’s custom aluminum bottles have turned it into a lager that lingers. When beer drinkers are done with their brew, the bottle ends up as home décor – not in the trash.

Skol, Brazil’s favorite beer, wants consumers to upcycle its bottles into designer household items. The brand has created Skol Design Kits packed with all the tools to turn an empty Skol bottle into a beautiful item for the home.

custom aluminum bottles

Customers can transform the logo aluminum bottles into a clock, lamp, oil and vinegar set, vase or candleholder. The kits are available at home décor stores or online, and various completed projects are on display in model apartments around Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in home décor catalogs.

What a creative promo from Skol. Any way to upcycle a beer bottle is cool in our book, and it’s a great way to extend the brand. The Skol logo lives on long after that last sip of sweet brew.

Plus, aren’t the best projects those that follow a beer? We’re thinking this promo is perfect for those design-minded beer drinkers and anyone who loves to DIY their décor.

We’ll toast to these refreshingly different custom aluminum bottles. As soon as we can get our hands on a bottle of Skol, we’ll definitely DIY a beer bottle/lamp for the office.

Promo know-how tip:

Use a common item in an unconventional way to build a buzz for your brand. Our Brand Consultants are buzzing with ideas, so give us a call!


Custom Stickers Promise You Won’t Get Funky Sushi

Pro Sushi, a Japanese cuisine hot spot across the globe, is using custom stickers to tell customers its fish is fresh. Nobody wants a bad sushi experience, and for those in Minsk, Belarus, promo stickers ease any anxieties that their sashimi is anything but the best.

To gets its message out and promote its supreme sushi offerings, Pro Sushi created stickers resembling the luggage tags that airlines affix to bags at the airport.

custom sticker

These custom decals looked like the real deal, complete with a departure city (Narita, Japan), destination (Minsk, Belarus), and a promise that “We use only the freshest quality ingredients in order to prepare your meals.”

Pro Sushi thought of everything with this promo – there’s even a barcode on the decals to give it an authentic feel. When placed on clear-top containers of sushi, it looks like the contents were shipped straight from Japan.

We like what Pro Sushi is serving up. Its creative twist on promotional stickers is a great attention-getter, and the messaging is crystal clear: This fish is fresh.

Promo know-how tip:

Use promotional stickers to promote a sale or special offer. It’s a cost-effective way to get your brand additional exposure and drive future sales.