International Promos


Nivea’s Custom Cell Phone Chargers Promote Fun In The Sun

For all the beachgoers who hate to pack up when their phone batteries die out, Nivea has a solution: custom cell phone chargers.

The global skin- and body-care brand has unveiled a smart promotion for its line of sun products: solar chargers built right into its ad in the Brazilian magazine, Veja Rio.

The idea is that you can stay on the beach for longer – all day if you want. Nivea’s products keep you safe in the sun, and the promotional cell phone chargers let you use your phone freely. You can listen to music, make calls, check your social accounts and play games, and then reach for Nivea’s solar-powered promo to charge your phone back up.

The sunscreen ad includes an ultra-thin solar panel and phone plug. It’s made from a solar material that captures the sun’s rays and converts it into energy. Users plug their phone in via the port and voila: They can get a charge while relaxing in the sand.

Finally, there’s a print ad we like. People don’t just flip past it – it provides something tangible and immediately useful. The ads become keepsakes. People can easily pack them in a beach bag and use them again and again.

We love seeing brands create something relevant for customers, and with Brazil’s deep roots in beach culture, this promotion is perfect.

See for yourself:

Promo know-how tip:

Think about your target audience and a need they have or a problem they’re facing. Then use promotional products to fill the gap. Let our Brand Consultants chat with you about what you’d like to accomplish. 


Corona’s Promotional Coasters Show 365 Reasons To Celebrate With A Cold One

In case you needed a reason to crack open a beer, Corona has 365 of them – and they’re printed on promotional coasters.

These promotional items are part coaster, part calendar. A great additional to the promotional t-shirts used in Corona’s marketing campaign. They’re part of a marketing campaign out of Southeast Asia that reinforces Corona’s messaging in the market: Let the world wait and enjoy a Corona.

promotional coastersEach coaster depicts an event, anniversary or discovery that’s worth toasting with an ice-cold Corona. Hope there’s extra room in your fridge – you’re going to need it. There’s a new coaster design for every day of the year.

Many of the custom coasters spotlight quirky or little-known events. Celebrate the anniversary of the first NYC taxi? Sure, why not? Raise a toast to Tom Selleck’s birthday? You bet we’d celebrate that ’stache.

Gary Steele, the creative director behind the promo, said: “It’s a beautifully crafted toolkit in the form of a coaster calendar that delivers 365 ideas for promotions, events or just some good fun for our markets across Southeast Asia.”

Corona distributors can use them in bars, point-of-purchase displays or as a supplement to other promotions.

We’ll toast to your custom logo coasters, Corona. It’s a creative, relevant way to keep your brand top of mind all year long, and if there was any way to drive alcohol sales on the day the electric shaver was patented, this is it.

Promo know-how tip:

Stock up on custom drink coasters for extra brand exposure when employees offer visitors or guests a beverage. Let our Brand Consultants show you some creative ideas. 


Promo Lesson: Business Cards And Cheese Don’t Mix

business cardWe love it when business cards bust a creative move, but we’re baffled by a recent promotion for a cheese shop in Brazil.

The Bon Vivant Cheese Emporium (cool name; un-cool marketing) boldly decided to go where no promo should: It turned its business cards into cheese graters.

The goal was to give customers a handy little gift to reinforce the Bon Vivant brand. If they ever have an urgent need for freshly grated cheese, they can whip out a block of parmesan, reach into their wallets and grate away.

We can’t ever imagine this scenario.

Encouraging customers to keep a kitchen promotional product in their wallets? Next to their grimy credit cards and cash? Yes, that’s totally logical.

This promo was a flop. Bon Vivant wanted a unique business card that doubled as a useful gift for customers. Instead, it gave people something they’ll never use. At least we hope not.

We give it credit for using a promo item that’s relevant to its business, but it’s better to keep the cheese graters where they belong: in the kitchen.

Promo know-how tip:

Think about your audience and where they’ll likely use your promotional giveaways. The more you can fine-tune your promo gifts, the more useful and appreciated they’ll be.


Can Promotional Products Help Save Lives?

About one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society, and P&G is on a mission to spread awareness by using promotional products.

promotional products

The multinational manufacturer of consumer products has launched an overseas campaign called “The Promise,” in which it uses custom rings for women to promise they’ll go in for a screening.

We’ve seen custom bracelets and watches used in awareness promos, and we love the new spin of using rings. They’re symbolic of making a commitment, and in the case of breast cancer awareness, that commitment can save lives.

P&G kicked off its promotion at 360 Degrees, a swanky nightclub situated off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Hundreds were in attendance, enjoying the sunset and live music.

Then, in a sort of mass proposal, guys got down on one knee and presented a ring. Only it wasn’t for a hand in marriage—it was for a promise that their loved one would get a check-up. It wasn’t just guys presenting the rings, either. Friends reached out to friends for a commitment to get checked.

Black rings symbolized a commitment to take a woman for a screening, and pink rings symbolized a promise to attend the screening. It’s kind of hard to forget when you have a tangible reminder right in front of you, slipped directly on your ring finger.

Can promotional products help save lives? P&G shows they can—one promo item and one promise at a time.

Promo know-how tip:

Hosting an event is a great way to kick off an awareness campaign and put promotional products in your audience’s hands. Consider handing out promo items as guests arrive or including them in a bag at the end of the event.


Custom Rubber Ducks Spark Fun In Any Promotion

Nothing says fun like custom rubber ducks. They bring out the kid in everyone, and they can be a creative way to start a dialogue. They’re playful, they’re unexpected, and they get people’s attention.

For U.K.-based Jackpotjoy, a popular entertainment and games site, a promotional ducky was the perfect way to make a statement. A huge one.

custom rubber duck

The site used a massive custom rubber duck—one that towered 50 feet in the air and weighed a half ton—to announce its new Facebook FUNdation.

It took an enormous amount of work to create the colossal quacker. Workers spent three months and over 800 hours on the duck. Then, they set it loose to sail the River Thames in London. The custom duck was so large that the city’s Tower Bridge had to be lifted for it to pass.

Talk about an attention-getting promotional stunt. There was no missing the 50-foot Jackpotjoy duck as it sailed past London’s famous landmarks.

For a site that promotes fun and silliness, this promotion was spot-on. See for yourself:

Promo know-how tip:

Custom rubber ducks can be as creative as you want them to be. ePromos offers sports-themed rubber ducks, profession-related rubber ducks, and more. Or, just go with the original yellow rubber duck. You can’t beat a classic.


Custom Products Are A Fun Way To Promote Your Message

When IT and tech giant Microsoft wanted to present Windows 8 as fast and fun, it turned to custom products. Why? Because people can see, talk about and experience promotional products.

Here’s what we mean: Microsoft installed a giant promotional slide in a U.K. shopping center to promote Windows 8. Fast? Check. Fun? Check.

custom products

Shoppers could choose: take the stairs, or go for a ride on an awesome wavy slide. Hold our Auntie Anne’s – we’d totally pick the slide.

custom t-shirts

At the top, staffers wearing custom t-shirts sent participants down the slide. During the gleeful ride, photos were snapped and shared on a giant LED screen, and then handed to sliders in promotional photo frames. If they tweeted a picture of themselves with the #fastandfun hashtag, they were entered to win some great prizes such as an HP tablet.

While you might not normally associate “fun” with an operating system, this promotion was no doubt fun and fast.

Plus, we loved seeing all the great logo products throughout. They made for consistent branding for Microsoft, and they helped create an unforgettable experience for shoppers.

Promo know-how tip:

Custom t-shirts are the ultimate guerilla marketing tool, but consider using other custom products to further drive home your message.