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Promotional Products Are Effective – Even With Small Budgets

You don’t need a super-sized marketing budget for your promotional products to have a big impact – you just need to use them creatively.

Take a look at what XtraSpace, a small and relatively unknown business in South Africa, is doing. To advertise its expansive additional storage space, the company is using promotional stickers.

Here’s the kicker for this campaign – the custom decals are positioned in the mirrored elevators of one of South Africa’s largest skyscrapers. The result is an endless reflection when people peer into the mirrors, giving the feeling of boundless space.

custom logo sticker

What a perfect tie-in to the business. The messaging is simple and clear: XtraSpace provides limitless storage space and brings it to life with promotional stickers and some mirrors.

People paid attention to this promotional marketing, too. More than 4,000 people a week were exposed to the messaging, resulting in 76% of XtraSpace’s self-storage units getting leased out.

For small businesses (or anyone working with a limited budget), this is proof that promotional products are affordable and effective. XtraSpace didn’t have much to spend, and with a little creativity applied to its promo items, it saw a huge return.

Do you have big ambitions for your marketing but not a lot of coin? That’s okay. Our Brand Consultants are here to give your idea the creative kick it needs to get the big-time results you want.

Promo know-how tip:

Add promotional stickers to your outgoing packages to give them some professional flair and get your brand some bonus exposure.



The Funniest Promotional Bags We’ve Seen

Our first reaction when we spotted the promotional bags from Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre in Barcelona, Spain? Intrigue.

The bags have an Abercrombie-esque look, only the male model that’s featured isn’t shirtless and there’s a QR code printed over his mouth. When shoppers scan the QR code, their phones pull up a video of the man’s mouth, which immediately starts lavishing them with compliments.

The talking mouth recites such gems as: “I can already see that you are gorgeous” and “I keep up with the latest tendencies … my tendency to admire you.”

Perhaps the best line is: “Maybe I can interest you in the perfect accessory for what you’re carrying in that bag … me.” Cue the sultry, flirty smile.

Touted as the first bag that raises your self-esteem, it’s a bag that knows what it wants – and it wants you. We are busting up. The Spanish branch of ad agency JWT developed the promotion, and currently has a custom bag in the works for guys.

Diagonal Mar has dazzled us with this campaign. It uses promotional bags (a perfect fit in a shopping mall) and takes them to the next level by adding a QR code.

So many marketers are confused about how to use QR codes. It’s simple, though. Be purposeful and provide something of value to your audience. Diagonal Mar provides shoppers with some eye candy and a laugh all under the premise of selling more stuff. Check out the awesome cheesiness:


Nivea’s Custom Cell Phone Chargers Promote Fun In The Sun

For all the beachgoers who hate to pack up when their phone batteries die out, Nivea has a solution: custom cell phone chargers.

The global skin- and body-care brand has unveiled a smart promotion for its line of sun products: solar chargers built right into its ad in the Brazilian magazine, Veja Rio.

The idea is that you can stay on the beach for longer – all day if you want. Nivea’s products keep you safe in the sun, and the promotional cell phone chargers let you use your phone freely. You can listen to music, make calls, check your social accounts and play games, and then reach for Nivea’s solar-powered promo to charge your phone back up.

The sunscreen ad includes an ultra-thin solar panel and phone plug. It’s made from a solar material that captures the sun’s rays and converts it into energy. Users plug their phone in via the port and voila: They can get a charge while relaxing in the sand.

Finally, there’s a print ad we like. People don’t just flip past it – it provides something tangible and immediately useful. The ads become keepsakes. People can easily pack them in a beach bag and use them again and again.

We love seeing brands create something relevant for customers, and with Brazil’s deep roots in beach culture, this promotion is perfect.

See for yourself:

Promo know-how tip:

Think about your target audience and a need they have or a problem they’re facing. Then use promotional products to fill the gap. Let our Brand Consultants chat with you about what you’d like to accomplish. 


Corona’s Promotional Coasters Show 365 Reasons To Celebrate With A Cold One

In case you needed a reason to crack open a beer, Corona has 365 of them – and they’re printed on promotional coasters.

These promotional items are part coaster, part calendar. A great additional to the promotional t-shirts used in Corona’s marketing campaign. They’re part of a marketing campaign out of Southeast Asia that reinforces Corona’s messaging in the market: Let the world wait and enjoy a Corona.

promotional coastersEach coaster depicts an event, anniversary or discovery that’s worth toasting with an ice-cold Corona. Hope there’s extra room in your fridge – you’re going to need it. There’s a new coaster design for every day of the year.

Many of the custom coasters spotlight quirky or little-known events. Celebrate the anniversary of the first NYC taxi? Sure, why not? Raise a toast to Tom Selleck’s birthday? You bet we’d celebrate that ’stache.

Gary Steele, the creative director behind the promo, said: “It’s a beautifully crafted toolkit in the form of a coaster calendar that delivers 365 ideas for promotions, events or just some good fun for our markets across Southeast Asia.”

Corona distributors can use them in bars, point-of-purchase displays or as a supplement to other promotions.

We’ll toast to your custom logo coasters, Corona. It’s a creative, relevant way to keep your brand top of mind all year long, and if there was any way to drive alcohol sales on the day the electric shaver was patented, this is it.

Promo know-how tip:

Stock up on custom drink coasters for extra brand exposure when employees offer visitors or guests a beverage. Let our Brand Consultants show you some creative ideas. 


Promo Lesson: Business Cards And Cheese Don’t Mix

business cardWe love it when business cards bust a creative move, but we’re baffled by a recent promotion for a cheese shop in Brazil.

The Bon Vivant Cheese Emporium (cool name; un-cool marketing) boldly decided to go where no promo should: It turned its business cards into cheese graters.

The goal was to give customers a handy little gift to reinforce the Bon Vivant brand. If they ever have an urgent need for freshly grated cheese, they can whip out a block of parmesan, reach into their wallets and grate away.

We can’t ever imagine this scenario.

Encouraging customers to keep a kitchen promotional product in their wallets? Next to their grimy credit cards and cash? Yes, that’s totally logical.

This promo was a flop. Bon Vivant wanted a unique business card that doubled as a useful gift for customers. Instead, it gave people something they’ll never use. At least we hope not.

We give it credit for using a promo item that’s relevant to its business, but it’s better to keep the cheese graters where they belong: in the kitchen.

Promo know-how tip:

Think about your audience and where they’ll likely use your promotional giveaways. The more you can fine-tune your promo gifts, the more useful and appreciated they’ll be.


Custom Calendars Get Super-Sized For Megaman Light Bulbs

We love it when brands use promotional products to prove a point, and Megaman’s oversized custom calendars are spot-on.

As Europe’s third-largest producer of energy-saving light bulbs, the brand had a big case to make: Its light bulbs may cost more, but they last and last, saving consumers cash in the long run.

To demonstrate the prolonged lifespan of its bulbs, Megaman developed unique light-bulb calendars. They were designed with 365 bulb sockets, allowing a bulb to move along the calendar to mark each day.

custom calendars

The calendars were mounted on walls at BoConcept stores, the place to shop for designer furniture. A single light bulb was used for each of the custom calendars, staying aglow day in and day out for an entire year.

For light-bulb doubters, seeing was believing.

With the custom-designed calendars, Megaman had tangible proof that its bulbs last much longer than ordinary light bulbs.

It kept its brand in front of its target audience while they browsed accent tables and floor lamps, and it did it in an impressive way. The sheer size of the calendars made them intriguing, and they eliminated any questions about the life of the light bulbs.

Promo know-how tip:

Determine what doubts your audience may have about your brand, and use promotional products to set the story straight. Talk with our Brand Consultants about how to send a clear message with custom logo merchandise.