Political Promos


Custom T-Shirt: “Health Reform is a BFD”

When the health care reform bill passed last week, a pesky stage microphone caught Vice President Joe Biden eloquently explaining the historical significance of the bill to Barack Obama in no uncertain terms: “This is a big f&$#ing deal!”

Biden’s gaffe became a pretty big deal of its own as it was picked up by major media outlets, but now the Obama administration is cashing in. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with April Fool’s Day, but a pretty hilarious custom t-shirt that reads “Health Reform is a BFD” is now for sale in Obama’s official swag store.

The product description is pretty funny as well: “There are things that are a big deal — birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game. And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans. We worked hard together to make health reform a reality, and now you can celebrate this historic victory with this shirt.”

obama-health-reform-is-a-bfd-t shirt


Presidential Pens

Those of you who watched President Obama sign the health care bill this morning bore witness to a long-standing presidential pen tradition. For decades, U.S. presidents have signed important bills into law using multiple pens. The pens used are typically given away as souvenirs to the sponsors and co-sponsors of the bill, as well as any others who played a key role in passing it. Some even end up in museums!

It is amazing how meaningful and significant these executive pens become once they are used by the President. It just goes to show that the symbolism behind a pen can be many times more valuable than the pen itself. This is the reason why so many people choose pens as a corporate or employee gift to commemorate important milestones in business.

president-multiple-pens-to-sign bills


Presidential Promotions

We saw tons of traditional Obama promotions during the election, but here’s one that turned out a little differently. During the President’s recent trip to China, the Weatherproof jacket company got one of the best endorsements they could possibly ask for – Obama was photographed wearing one of their jackets during his visit to the Great Wall. After being turned down by several newspaper ad departments, the company finally managed to turn the photo into a massive billboard ad in the middle of Times Square. Although the White House is going to inevitably force the jacket company to take the billboard down, it’s already been seen by thousands of people in Times Square, and thousands more during the media coverage that followed. And now, you’ve seen it too.

obama jacket times square billboard


More Foodvertising

This is how you do stationary for your charcuterie:

charcuterie stationery

And, though times are tough, the Obama brand still has some legs. Obama sushi anyone? It goes great with the Nemo maki.

obama sushi


The Chocolate of Change

Apparently change can come in the form of a chocolate bar. I’m not sure where this candy bar came from, but the sheer volume of merchandise featuring Obama must function as some form of stimulus for the economy. chocolate change


The Audacity of Soap

First he had the Audacity of Hope, then there was the audacity of soap, and now Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize. (And smashed a rocket into the moon on the same day!) Some folks think the prize is premature, but I think it is impossible to really have that argument until they announce who the other nominees were. In the meantime, enjoy this soap. audacity-of soap