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More Foodvertising

This is how you do stationary for your charcuterie:

charcuterie stationery

And, though times are tough, the Obama brand still has some legs. Obama sushi anyone? It goes great with the Nemo maki.

obama sushi


The Audacity of Soap

First he had the Audacity of Hope, then there was the audacity of soap, and now Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize. (And smashed a rocket into the moon on the same day!) Some folks think the prize is premature, but I think it is impossible to really have that argument until they announce who the other nominees were. In the meantime, enjoy this soap. audacity-of soap


Naked Cowboy Runs for NYC Mayor

The marketing team here at ePromos was kind enough to hip me to the fact that the Naked Cowboy, long a fixture of the Times Square scene, is now running for mayor of New York City. It seems that the linchpin of his campaign finance operation is the merchandise that donors receive. Ironically, said merchandise is mostly promo apparel. Will the next election be a showdown between the man who recommends becoming a billionaire before entering politics and the man who has done more with less? Only time will tell.

naked-cowboy-for mayor


A-B Promo Testing

Not only did Obama make great use of the web and campaign promotional products in the course of his winning Presidency, he also used them well together. 90 Percent of Everything recently showcased how his team used different shirts and different page layouts to find out how to optimize for maximum fundraising.

obama-a-b-testing shirts


Sharpie Uses Obama to Sell Personalization

Sharpie had a sharp idea to promote their personalization service: make souvenir Barack Obama pens and give them out at a blogging conference to promote the service. So lots of people in a position to write about it got customized Sharpies. (via Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That)

obama sharpie


From the Campaign to the Corner Store

Obama merchandise has definitely made the jump from campaign promotion, through the post season as DNC fundraising tools, to the retail sphere, including the ch-ch-ch-change we can believe in Chia-Obama.

obama mania