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Get This: Our UV Germ-Free Phone Sterilizer Box Comes with a Wireless Charger

AS COVID-19 persists, society is becoming more conscious about germs and preventing them from spreading. Protective equipment like face masks, face shields, and counter barriers, are now part of our daily life as society works to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And so, when brainstorming August’s Product of the Month, we had no doubt that it’d be something you can use to fight off germs—but it’s not what you’re expecting.

Enter our UV Germ-Free Phone Sterilizer Box w/Wireless Charger, a product that’s more effective and more necessary now than ever before. We live in a very tech-driven world, so it’s not a huge surprise there’s a little germ-fighting pod you can use to clean your phone—but it’s still pretty impressive.

Cleaning your electronics is a hassle, especially since you have to be careful using water and other liquid cleaning products that can damage them—and that’s why you need this little sterilizing box in your gadget collection.

Not only does it sanitize your phone, but you can use it to sanitize other things as well. Stick your keys, your jewelry, your earbuds, and even pens into the sterilizing box, and they’ll be 99.9% free of germs in only five minutes. No water, no mess, no damage, and no labor required on your part—it does it all for you.

On top of that, the box charges your phone too—its 15W wireless charging mechanism will power up your phone in no time. The wireless design is super convenient especially since you likely have dozens of electronics to charge and don’t want your countertop littered with tons of wires.

And, when you do need to charge the actual sterilizing box itself, you can use the type c charging cable that’s included.

Another noteworthy feature is this device’s auto shut-off design. When five minutes have passed and your phone is completely sanitized, the box will power down automatically—no need to worry about wasting power. Seriously, what doesn’t this little box do?

When it comes to keeping harmful germs at bay, you can never be too careful—especially during a pandemic. And what better techy gift to fight a pandemic in the 21st century than with this innovative germ-killing gadget?

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Choosing a Mask Is Not Easy: Adjustability = Comfort

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the demand for face masks grows every day—especially since shelter-in-place orders are lifting and people are beginning to gather in public places. So, when brainstorming our Product of the Month for July, there was no question it had to be a face mask—and our 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask with Adjustable Straps took top billing. Here’s why:

As you may know, governors all over the country are releasing mask mandates in public spaces, meaning citizens are required to wear masks for extended periods of time when commuting, shopping, and working. And if you have to wear a mask daily, you understand how uncomfortable they can be, especially if they don’t fit well around your ears.

Adjustable Fit for Complete Comfort

That’s why our adjustable face mask is an ideal choice for essential workers who require a non-medical mask, those with a medical condition, or those who take public transportation and have to wear a mask for hours at a time.

The adjustable elastic ear loops are equipped with a silicone toggle that allows the wearer to adjust the tension around their ears, creating an extremely customizable, comfortable fit.

Think of your favorite worn-out cotton t-shirt you’ve had for years—these masks have that same super comfy feel. They’re made with three layers of 100% ultra-soft cotton, are very breathable, and even machine washable. And, another “thumbs up”: the sides of these masks gather by your ears to keep them from slip-sliding, while keeping you safe.

Get a Close Up

For an even closer look at the features of these masks, check out this video.

Stay Relevant During the Pandemic

To stay relevant and keep audiences engaged many businesses are selling their very own face masks as a way to keep revenue flowing. If you’re entertaining this idea, you can read more here about other face masks you can customize for your business.

For even further guidance on choosing the perfect face mask for your needs, read our complete mask buying guide here. Then get in touch to learn more and place your order today.


The Telecommuting Kit: Consider It a Must-Have for Brands

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing uproars all around the world. Between businesses shutting down, new “shelter in place” orders being released every day, and employees being either out of work or instructed to work from home, daily life is turning upside down.

Many of us are learning quickly that working remotely can be a tough adjustment. Our April Product of the Month kit was created to help recipients settle into their new home office in no time.

A COVID-19 Shutdown Essential: The Telecommuting Kit

For those who are suddenly members of the work-from-home club, which means they’re either a) thoroughly enjoying it and planning to NEVER go back or b) going crazy because home is a distraction and productivity is suffering. Either way, this Telecommuting Kit helps to stay on task (and hopefully prevent mental breakdowns).

Time to Stock Your At-Home Workstation

This kit includes everything needed to keep an at-home workstation fit for productivity during the COVID-19 shutdown, including a mouse pad, stylus pen, a stationery kit, and more. Each item can be customized with your company’s name and logo, so if you’re the manager or boss, these items are the perfect care package as your employees prepare to work remotely.

Packed inside, you’ll find a stationery kit with paper clips, sticky notes, rubber bands, tape, and even a mini stapler to help you knock out that unwelcome stack of paperwork piling up on your dining room table.

It’s also fitted with a “trilogy” stylus, which is a pen, tablet stylus, and highlighter all in one. Talk about the perfect do-it-all tool to keep your at-home workspace neat and tidy—because who wants a million pens rolling around their work surface all day? The barking dogs and your upstairs neighbor’s bass is distracting enough.

Also, it’s time to toss out the make-shift mouse pad you invented out of a magazine or the placemat from your dinner table, because this kit includes a sturdy, professional-looking mouse pad that will keep you on task and distraction-free (no more reading those magazine headlines every time your hand lands back on your mouse).

For those who have children, working from home is even more of a challenge because these new “co-workers” probably don’t understand the concept of personal space. If your clients or employees are suddenly sharing an office with their little ones, they’ll appreciate the microfiber cloth included inside this Telecommute Kit—because fruit roll-up fingerprints aren’t exactly easy to remove from a computer screen. 

Topped off with a four-port USB hub and a braided charging cable, this kit is the ultimate work-from-home-essential to stay plugged in and productive. Also, shopping for office supplies isn’t possible for everyone right now due to the mass shutdowns, so your employees and co-workers would greatly appreciate this compact kit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as we all adjust to our new “normal,” so treat yourself and your employees to this all-in-one kit to help make the transition to working remotely a bit more seamless.

Interested in getting more ideas with work from home in mind? Click here.

Dealing with a cancelled trade show or event? Here’s how to stay connected this season.


Seeing is Believing March’s Product of the Month: Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Face it—we’re all spending way too much time staring at a screen every day. And, even though it feels like a total necessity, all that time staring and scrolling is wreaking havoc on our vision.

Whether you spend your 9-to-5 glued to a laptop or can’t fall asleep without browsing your social feeds, studies show excessive screen time can cause eye strain and lower melatonin levels. This can immediately lower your sleep quality, leaving you groggy and less-than-your-very-best the next day. If the lack of sleep continues, you’ll likely wind up with some major side effects, including memory issues, trouble focusing and even weight gain.

That said, tossing your screens isn’t a (real) option. So the next best thing? Our March Product of the Month.

If you can’t curb your screen time—or if you’d love to limit the impact of those hours on your eyes—these Blue Light Blocking Glasses are for you. Without getting too physics-fancy, blue light glasses work because the sun, as well as many electronics, emit blue light wavelengths. Our brains associate blue light with daytime—so when we’re faced with those lights, our body literally wakes up and becomes more alert and energized. That’s fine by day when we need a little burst here and there. But at night? Those lights can totally throw off your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Blue light glasses work by blocking and absorbing some of the blue light so a minimal amount reaches your eyes. Some people opt to wear them all day—because, why not?—while others whip out a pair after sundown when they need to keep jamming on that project or just want to scroll social media without worrying about insomnia. Either way, they’re a major vision-reliever and a great way to curb the negative side effects of all that screen time without, you know, quitting your job and going on an iPhone® purge (insert gasp).

When you brand these must-haves, your clients, partners and employees will know you’re in-the-know—and that you care enough to say, “keep scrolling…we’ve got your back.”

Get in touch to learn more about Motivators product of the month and to place your order today.

These branded blue-light-blocking glasses curb the negative effects of your screen time.

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Wireless Charging Is Only Getting Hotter: Why this Enduring Trend Makes an Ideal...

Looking for the next trend in promotional wireless charging? Consider the distinctive aesthetic of a logo-illuminated wireless charging station.

wireless charging pad being used to charge two devices

The global wireless charging market is poised for continued growth, with expectations to hit over $20 billion within the next three years. This helps explain why Mashable touted the move to rechargeable lithium ion batteries as “one of the great advancements of the 21st century.” Yet the most compelling reason for why wireless charging accessories are the perfect promo item in 2020 is simply how practical they are.

Read on to learn why wireless charging devices are still at the top of our list for best promo items in the new year.

What Makes Wireless Charging a Top Pick?

While there’s certainly a time and place for just-for-fun promo products, an item that has functional use can really boost your brand power. Practical branded gifts tend to stick around a little longer for consumers, which means more overall impressions and more value for your dollar.

As connected as we are to our devices, the way we stay charged is an important consideration. This is good news for brands, because it most likely means recipients will give their promo items plenty of use. In fact, data from ASI on promotional power banks shows a lifetime of 900 impressions or more. You can expect most consumers to use their wireless chargers about once a week for a year (with 40% of consumers extending useage beyond the two-year mark).

Functional promo products leave consumers happier, too. Wireless chargers are a high-quality item that solve a major annoyance – they can be a lifesaver for busy professionals, travelers, or anyone frequenting a space where access to outlets is limited. The Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad is an excellent pick because it’s slim and lightweight, making it portable and easy to use in almost any environment.

Even better, with the ability to work universally across devices, almost any recipient will benefit from the convenience of a wireless charging pad. As a result, every time someone needs to power up their phone or tablet, they’ll be thinking of your brand.

All Eyes on the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad

There are plenty of excellent wireless charging devices to choose from, but the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad has grabbed our attention in the new year with its unique presentation of brand info.

Picture your laser-engraved logo illuminated at the center of this sleek wireless charging pad. The bright backlight naturally draws the eye right to your logo or company name against the all-black surface of this trendy tech accessory. The light intensity varies across it for an attention-grabbing effect that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The duo feature enables users to easily charge two devices at once, adding maximum value and efficiency to this product.

A Security Boost Worth Noting

A lesser-known benefit of wireless charging devices is the heightened security they afford users. While a compromised charging cable isn’t common, it does happen. When people share cables, especially in public areas (such as charging stations at restaurants, coffee shops, or airports), the risk increases.

Like any technology, wireless charging isn’t totally hacker-proof, but using a wireless charging pad rather than a cord can lower the risk of identity theft or other security disasters.

Want more details about the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad? Take a look here.

Bring a Glow to 2020

Are you seeking out other light-up promo products this year? In addition to the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad, make a statement with illuminated logo items such as this sleek Illuminated Light Up Logo Stylus, or a Light Up Logo Double Wall Water Bottle.

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4 Ways January’s Product of the Month Will Keep Your Clients’ Resolutions on...

With 2020 approaching faster than expected, we’re all starting to think about New Year’s resolutions to focus on. Some ideas topping our list are living a more eco-conscious lifestyle and reducing our plastic waste – two resolutions that just so happen to perfectly coincide with January’s Product of the month: the Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw!

Not only are these reusable straws the perfect incentive to get going with green living, but they also encourage other resolutions that may top the list, such as seeking additional social connections, improving one’s health, saving money, and more.

The wire brush included with the straw makes cleaning a breeze, and the handy carrying case protects it from germs no matter where you take it. Plus, the removable silicone tip makes every sip a comfortable sip for any beverage of your choosing. And the best part? It’s completely collapsible, so it takes up minimal space.

You can even adorn the carrying case with your company’s name or logo. Since everyone needs a straw at some point, it’s the perfect promo product to get your brand out there.

Keep reading to see how these straws can be your tokens of motivation in the new year!

For the Person Who Wants to be More Eco-Conscious

In 2019, the green living trend exploded as people (and even businesses) adopted more sustainable practices that focused on less: producing less waste and garbage, creating fewer carbon emissions, minimizing material possessions, and more.

Although this trend took off quickly and may seem like a fad, we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. If you’re looking to live a more mindful lifestyle in 2020, these stainless-steel straws are perfect to kickstart your efforts to create less plastic waste.

Next time you dine out with your coworkers and order an iced coffee, make sure you’ve got this reusable straw in tow so you can sip and save the world at the same time.

For the Person Who Wants to Drink More Water

Since most of us are constantly on the go, we don’t always remember to sip on H2O between errands and obligations – and some of us forget our water bottle entirely. However, this straw is so practical and on-trend you won’t be able to leave the house without a full cup. You’ll be sipping on and refilling your water more than ever before. Cheers to a resolution you can (finally…) keep!

For the Person Who Wants to Make New Friends

Let us repeat – reusable steel straws are IN! Along with cloth grocery bags, rinse-and-repeat-use straws are popular sustainable items quickly becoming essentials for many.

If you’re looking to strike up more conversations in 2020, get yourself a reusable straw – who knows, you might meet someone at the gym, in the grocery line, or at work who has one too! Or even better, you may inspire someone else to take up the eco-friendly trend. Who knew that something as simple as a straw could broaden your network?

For the Person Who Wants to Save Money

Using plastic straws every day is not only wasting plastic and causing pollution but also wasting your money. Although straws don’t cost much, it can add up quickly, and every cent counts when you’re trying to be a better money manager.

And since stainless steel straws are reusable, it makes sense to invest in something that’ll provide long term value and return (rather than a plastic straw you’ll throw away).

So whether your clients want to save the world with each sip, amp-up their H2O intake, or make some new friends in 2020, our Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw will  help them kick their resolutions into gear. Every little action and effort counts! Happy Gifting!

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