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7 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Perception Using Webcam Covers

It’s hard to find a device nowadays that doesn’t come equipped with a webcam. It’s pretty much the equivalent of stepping into a car that doesn’t have a CD player in it (not that the CD players are even used as much anymore) . In the business world, webcams are used daily for videoconferencing; in one’s personal life they’re used for nanny-cams, chatting with friends, connecting with family and checking in on one’s home. So, it’s scary to think about the hackers who can quite easily invade your computer and log right in to view life through your webcam.

Our Toddy Gear® SpySafe™ Webcam cover allows you to customize the packaging for an even bigger impactThe good news is that gone are the days of using post-it notes to protect yourself. Webcam covers have been selling off the shelves like hotcakes this season.

Why? Because when you gift a webcam in any capacity – to a friend, to your team at work, as a thank you gift or as a referral gift – you’re showing the recipient you care about their safety. Webcam covers for home computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets offer peace of mind. And, when your logo is imprinted on one of these useful devices, the name of your business will literally be viewed hundreds of times per day by all those individuals and companies who value privacy. It really is a win-win!

Here are 7 ways you can use webcam covers to boost the perception of your brand:

1. Send via direct mail

Direct mail isn’t dead! We don’t have to convince you about the effectiveness of direct mail… it has a proven track record. In fact, mailings are one of the most highly-targeted forms of marketing. Did you know, when using promo products as an incentive to respond, you are generating four times as many responses as a sales letter alone? The beauty of webcam covers for this purpose is they’re so lightweight they can fit easily and inexpensively into a letter. Or, consider affixing them to a postcard and creating a campaign around that! One stamp will get your promotion delivered.

2. Delight your customers

Go the extra mile to stand out from your competition. Surprise your customers with a useful gift such as a webcam cover to remind them of how much you value their business. It’s really that simple and will go a long way.

3. Thank your employees

Your employees are the number one asset of your company, and in many jobs, they’re at their computers all day. Thank them (and protect them) by giving them a tech-savvy gift. Even better – gift them with two – one to use at their work station, and one to use at home, showing you care about their safety both in and away from work.

4. Give them away at trade shows

Mining for new prospects is what trade shows are all about . . . exhibiting gets you face-to-face conversations with buyers. However, before those conversations can take place, you need a great giveaway to draw attendees to your booth. In today’s digital age, people are demanding technology-related items because they are so useful. So, giving away webcam covers (either prior to the event to entice people to your booth, or during the event to stand out from the crowd) makes a ton of sense. The best part – they’re travel-friendly! You can supply an entire tradeshow floor with gifts that were shipped in a small box!

5. Stock up for your travelling sales team

Whether your sales staff travels locally, nationally or globally, they are your frontline marketers. They will love the opportunity to provide gifts for the people they are meeting with on every trip. However, fitting gifts inside carry-on luggage is always an issue. These hardworking professionals deserve an “easy button” every now and then. Introduce them to a webcam cover giveaway that’s lightweight and small enough to bring on every trip. Clients will love the trendsetting gift they will truly find beneficial.

6. Tie your core values into a gift

Core values can help convert prospects in to customers, if conveyed clearly across all marketing touchpoints. A great way to start getting your customers and potential customers familiar with your core values is by demonstrating those values with promotional products. Webcam covers will give customers peace of mind – one of the most powerful things any company can offer. You’ll be keeping your clients safe with a personalized camera cover that will make a big impact.

7. Add the power of packaging

Custom packaging gives you the opportunity to tell your whole story while making a great first impression. Use the space to tie in the “why” and “how” people can benefit when working with you. Custom packaging, which is available on our featured webcam cover, increases the perceived value of a gift, and the likelihood they’ll remember who you are and what you’re about.

Are you looking for more ideas on how to use webcam covers to your advantage? Call us, the promo know-how people, for expert tips and tricks.

More about our featured webcam cover and why we love it:

A webcam cover is the simplest and most effective tool to prevent webcam hackers from spying. SpySafe™ webcam covers are unique because they are made of soft microfiber. The soft material allows your laptop to close seamlessly. It will stick to virtually any flat surface including plastic, glass and metal. They cover any camera lens on tablets, cell phones, laptops and computer monitors. They stay in place with a unique adhesive that ensures multi-use and no residue on the screen surface when you remove the webcam cover.

ePromos has two types of Toddy Gear® SpySafe™ Webcam Covers. The first is a customizable webcam cover on a backer card with SpySafe product information already on the presentation card. Or, if you want to customize your packaging for more impact (we love this option!), we suggest the webcam cover with personalized packaging. You can create your own packaging by fully customizing the card with a design created by you!

Ashley, our amazing Account Executive, gives you an up-close look at this item:

Call us, the Promo Know-How People, to talk through how we can fit in webcam covers into your next promotion.



I’ve been working in the promotional products industry for almost a decade now. It’s such a fun industry to be in; so many great people, so many great ideas and so many fun products to choose from! Our featured collection this month is called MopToppers™ and it’s one of my absolute favorites!

These products are among my favorite for many reasons. First, they make people smile and people are instantly intrigued when they see them. Second, they look (sorry for using this word) A-DORABLE!. And third, they have universal appeal. Everyone from doctors to lawyers to schools to Tradeshow-attendees of all types just love them!

When designing each MopToppers product, the creators put such an emphasis on their attention to detail.  Their famous pen not only has a human body shape and a smiley face, but it also has a necktie-shaped clip. The doctor version  has a stethoscope, and the Breast Cancer Awareness version has a light-pink ribbon. They even have a super-hero version!

So much of successful marketing is choosing a product that ties in properly to your brand and your purpose – and of course is memorable. Consider lightening the mood with these cuties before an intense, stuffy and uncomfortable meeting. Or give them to employees with a message that says something along the lines of “When work feels overwhelming, take a minute to smile”. MopToppers are appropriate at any type of event, really — school functions, trade shows, nonprofit events, bookstores, workplace orientations and community show cases to name a few.

For me though, the main benefit of these face-shaped products is the microfiber screen cleaner, or “hair”. You NEED to try the hair!

Benfits of Cleaning with Microfiber:
  •  Microfibers increase cleaning ability because the net-like structure traps considerably more dirt than other materials and keeps them in the mop top. In addition, the unique surface gets down into the nooks and crannies of your devices efficiently pulling out debris.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths are hypoallergenic, so they are nice for anyone suffering from allergies.
  • Microfiber cloths are eco-friendly because they don’t require any soap or chemicals to do a great job.
  • Microfibers are reusable and can be used again and again by simply rinsing with warm water to keep them fresh.
  • Microfibers last longer than other cleaning materials because they contain more than 200,000 fibers per square inch of product. That’s tough stuff!
  • Microfibers pick up dust, dirt, pet hair, microparticles and 98 percent of anything else your screens and monitors encounter.
  • Rub a little harder and a MopToppers will remove sticky stuff, accidental spills, scuffs and more.

What’s the secret? Microfiber is made up of nylon and polyester fibers that are considerably smaller than most other fabrics used for creating mops. Each strand is minute, and when they are woven together, they create a fabric packed with tiny pockets that trap dirt and water. When looked at closely, this dense material resembles a net, and the net-like structure is the key to its efficiency.

Did you know that a whopping 89 percent of consumers remember the company who gave them the promotional product? With this in mind, it is easy to see why it’s so important to make great choices when deciding which promo product will represent your company best. Check out our MopTopper Collection and see for your yourself how much fun you’ll have with these!

SideBar: How To Clean MicroFiber

Your MopToppers product is small, but it will do some big cleanup. So, go ahead and clean your “hair” if it gets soiled. Simply rinse in warm (not hot water because the nylon component in microfiber will break down the fibers and ruin their effectiveness). If it’s really dirty, most cleaning detergents can be used, but adding bleach and fabric softener is not recommended. Air dry.

Call us today, your Promo Know-How People and let us work together to find the right products for you.


PUMA Polo Shirts: Why You’ll Love ‘Em & Why Your Brand Needs...

Company apparel – and the desire to wear it – has come such a long way. Long gone are the days of boxy, thick, white t-shirts and bunchy button-downs. Many businesses have scaled down their dress codes significantly, especially when comparing the way women dressed in the twentieth century. Now, so much a part of company culture is the desire – and the interest – to wear corporate branded apparel not just to support and promote the business, but also because it fits well. It’s moisture-wicking and cut just right. Teams get together to take selfies and voluntarily share them on social media. Companies offer apparel to their employees to purchase at a discount, and they gladly do. The change from then to now is remarkable and gives us an opportunity to hone in on how we can use this exposure to build up a brand.

Reasons to consider branded apparel for YOUR business:

1) Promote a sense of unity. Branded apparel – worn at every level – sends a message that everyone’s contribution is valuable.

2) Distinguish your brand. Uniforms assist with the brand experience after all, and customers notice the difference. Consider these statistics published by J.D. Power and Associates:

• 75% of consumers prefer employees in uniform
• 97% of the public believes uniforms make employees easier to recognize
• 70% of customers think uniforms make employees look neater and more professional
• 60% of prospects feel that uniforms make workers look better trained

3) Help guide the tone for the dress code: Dress codes can be complicated. As an employer, when you provide a “uniform,” you have just simplified your company’s dress code – that’s one less detail to worry about on how your business can succeed.

4) Logoed teamwear is cost effective. The benefits of branded apparel find their roots in the benefits of promotional products in general. More exposure! The number of impressions you get from each shirt makes apparel the best form of advertising that you can purchase.

5) Create some brand buzz. Have you ever heard the business expression, “word of mouth is like gold?” It is! There is no better way to sell your business than by your employees’ recommendation. It shows they have pride in their company. When team members take pride in their employers, they often share it with others. By wearing logoed shirts, hats or other items, employees will carry your brand out of the office and into their communities without saying a word.

With this in mind, we teamed up with our apparel experts to find a buzz-worthy shirt to feature this month. Being that polo shirts are timeless, in comes our PUMA Essential Polo Shirt. PUMA® is one of the world’s leading brands and grounded in four values: brave, confident, determined and joyful… to motivate people beyond their potential. Wrinkle-resistant and not too tight, not too loose, this polo shirt is great for work or play. It is made from 3.8-ounce, 100% polyester pique knit with a moisture wicking finish. It has UV protection and dryCELL moisture-wicking properties, drawing away sweat and keeping you dry and comfortable. The PUMA Essential Polo has all the right components: two-button placket with contrasting buttons, shaped seams and tapered waist for a flattering fit. In addition to its essentials, the polo is available in six stunning colors.

See more about the look and feel of this item on Nikki, our amazing Account Executive:

PUMA® promotional apparel offers a wide range of options to accurately reflect your business and make people take notice. Its usefulness makes it a popular and effective choice for building your brand. Remember, if you can wear it, you can brand it and advertise with style. Call us, your Promo Know-How People, to talk through how to incorporate these great polo shirts into your marketing plan.


The Two-Tone Custom Sports Duffle Bag

Everyone needs a bag. Commuting to work without one is next to impossible. Travelling without a carry on is impractical. Even a day off requires packing up some stuff – while running errands or chauffeuring the kids. A quality duffle bag can assist it’s owner virtually any time they’ll need to transport more than just wallet, cellphone, and keys. Many things are required to get through a busy day, so everyone needs a reliable bag.

Well, the Two-Tone Custom Sports Duffle Bag from ePromos is not only an impressive looking bag that you may find in retail stores, it’s also one of the most versatile duffle bags available! This bag blends seamlessly from the boardroom to the beach. We recommend this multi-purpose product to advertise your business because of all the potential uses:

Amazing Uses for a Duffle Bag

Briefcase: Upgraded from a regular sports duffle, this bag has good reasons to be a work bag of choice. With a stylish design and polished appearance, think of it as a briefcase’s cooler cousin.

Courier Bag: Do your employees need to lug around multiple items during the day? This duffle is a great courier bag. It provides a quick and efficient way of getting equipment to where it needs to go without straining shoulders.

Weekender Satchel: Whether on the road or in the air, sometimes a weekender bag is all the luggage you need. This bag is an excellent way for your salespeople to save time by staying away from the luggage carousel. The perfect carry on luggage, this duffle protects and safeguards your belongings.

Backpack: Books, notes, binders, and other supplies –  it seemed we could stuff them all into a backpack in college. This bag can hold the same amount and it’s just a bit more grownup than a backpack. The middle compartment is large enough to hold a huge number of books. Whether reading for pleasure, studying for a training course or reviewing business plans, this bag will hold up to heavier items. Plus, the outside pockets keep things organized. This bag works for recipients across any industry, and won’t give the impression they’re living in a dorm.

Tote: Consider gifting this as an everything tote, designed to carry documents, cellphone, USB flash drive, umbrella and even lunch. This bag can also be used to store a change of clothes for evening events or work dinners.

Tech Bag: Not only will this bag hold a tablet and laptop, it has extra pockets for cables, chargers, adaptors, and a computer mouse. Add your tech-business logo and your new brand ambassadors will be ready to go.

Diaper Bag: There is absolutely no reason for your customers to spend oodles of cash on a diaper bag. This bag provides the same great help for parents. A big compartment for diapers, formula, bibs and a couple changes of clothes; and smaller exterior pockets for bottles and other supplies. We love this item for hospitals, doctor’s offices and daycares.

Extra Sack: It’s the ideal bag to tuck away in checked baggage for extras on a return trip or if something happens to your employees’ luggage. This duffle is small enough to be considered a carry on bag, flexible enough to fit in the overhead bin, and roomy enough to stuff all those souvenirs. You can be sure recipients will get good use from this bag.

Beach Bag: Recipients can easily pack a towel, sunscreen, snacks, and sand toys in this bag, making it ideal to take to the beach. Great for company outings, too!

Gear Storage: If the recipient doesn’t use this bag for business or travel, it can be used to hold gear and miscellaneous items that need a home. This bag will fit nicely into whatever space is available. It’s also nice enough to keep and store art and craft supplies or small toys that will always be ready for a road trip.

Sports Duffle: The gym is a part of so many people’s daily routine, many of whom go straight from work. This bag is a spot-on option because its refined look fits into an office setting, yet it’s durable enough to survive hundreds of trips to the gym.

Wow! Now you can see how this is an all-around useful duffle bag! Just for fun, we’ve included some unique and creative packing hacks – consider including them with your giveaway:

Packing Hacks – Tips to Pack it Right and Light

• One of the first packing tips you’ll find on every packing list published is NOT to pack bulky coats and sweaters. The key is to layer your clothing instead. Clothes that layer well take up less space and provide more things to wear. Go for multi-functional garments where possible; things you can see yourself wearing in different situations or using for different purposes.

• Pack each day’s clothes (including socks and underwear) in a separate 2-gallon Ziploc bag or packing cube. This makes it easy to find the day’s clothes in the morning. You can use those same bags for dirty clothes or other storage.

• Roll your clothes to efficiently use duffle space and to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Most of what we bring in our carry-ons or suitcases is air. So, the more of it we can squeeze out, the more stuff we can fit in.

• Pack clothes with a similar color palette so you can mix and match outfits and layer clothing that coordinates.

• If your hat needs to be packed, fold a shirt and put it in the inside of a hat. You’ll conserve space and keep your hat from getting squished.

• Put rolled up socks inside your shoes. They help your shoes keep their shape and save on space in your duffle bag.

• Instead of packing a pillow from home, just bring a clean pillow case filled with clean clothes you’re going to wear.

• Pack a few dryer sheets to stop unwanted odors. Bonus: when dining outdoors, you can also use a sheet underneath the tablecloth to keep the bugs away!

• Place an extra pair of shoes in a shower cap to keep dirt away from other items. The shower cap can also be used – well – as a shower cap.

• Double bag any travel-size toiletries to keep them conveniently stored and to save the rest of your luggage from leaks and spills. Or put some plastic wrap over the openings of shampoos, lotions, and creams and then screw the caps back on.

• Place heavier items, including your shoes and hiking boots, at the bottom of the duffle bag. Place toiletries close to the bottom, too, and then put lighter clothes close to the top of your bag.

• Everyone’s bags will look alike when you go to claim them. Make yours stand out by tying on a colorful bandana on the handle. Now you have a bandana or buff to wear without taking up space in your duffle. You can also mark your duffle with a luggage tag or brightly-colored duct tape.

• If your feet hurt at the end of your day, you can use your duffle bag as a foot rest to keep your tootsies elevated during the night. Warning: this technique works great if you’re sleeping on a yoga mat or sleeping mat – not so well on an air mattress.

• Sometimes you’re headed to cold weather regions and you’ll need a bulky coat. Don’t pack it. Wear it onto the plane to save duffle bag space and to give you a comfy pillow during the flight.

• Finally, a good packing list is priceless.
Having the necessary supplies and equipment makes a difference in everyday life and could mean people enjoy their day because they have what they need, packed right. Don’t forget to make a packing list before you begin!

Love the bag and want to see more? Nikki, our amazing Senior Account Executive shows us details on this duffle: 
Call us today, your Promo Know-How People to talk about how this duffle bag fits in with your next project.


The Value of Journals: Encouraging Creativity and Leadership in the Workplace

We can’t believe it’s March already. Some of our employees’ New Year’s Resolutions have fallen to the wayside (mostly personal goals, that is). Professional goals, however, are in full-gear. Some of that success can be attributed to the adoption of an old method of keeping organized: Swapping the electronic To Do List for a good ole fashion written one.

Writing with a pen or pencil stimulates brain activity, in a different way than typing does. This year, encourage creativity and leadership by gifting a journal for recipients to use and enjoy. Our favorite? The Junior Executive Tech Journal.

Junior Executive Custom Tech Journal - 5.75"w x 8.5"h SKU:10008484Why a journal? Turns out, journals are a really helpful tool in developing those habits exercised by leaders. That makes them a fantastic giveaway for many professionals – whether gifted to staff in-house, offered to partners and clientele, or used as a giveaway to promote your brand.

A company that holds the secret to hiring, keeping, and developing great employees, OutMatch assessed tens of thousands of candidates for leadership positions, and determined that top executives share 7 distinct personality traits that make them successful leaders of companies. Here’s how your recipients might use the Junior Executive Tech Journal to capitalize on all traits:

1. Vision

The highest levels of leadership are responsible for defining the overall vision and strategy for the company. A promotional gift for your leadership team will help them coordinate their strategic thinking and roll out new initiatives for your company.

2. In-depth problem solving and analysis

Leaders must carefully evaluate information and find possible courses of action. A notebook to jot down brainstorming ideas helps leaders find good solutions to difficult problems.

3. The ability to champion change

Change is good. Leaders spearhead organizational buy-in and support their teams through the changes in the company. Taking notes on how to successfully transform ideas into actions is what this notebook is all about.

4. The ability to drive for results

Once your company’s vision has been defined, it’s time to drive for results…make things happen. Encourage each team member at your organization to use this journal to keep on track with quarterly goals by documenting successes, roadblocks and new ideas throughout the year.

5. The art of influencing and persuading

Generating enthusiasm for new ideas is very much a skill. Leaders typically perfect this skill over time through practice, coaching, reading and writing. Encourage employees to jot down ways to improve a process, make work more fun, or simply just stay organized.

6. Ability to manage others and manage time

Leaders at all levels must effectively direct the activities of others, encourage performance, and hold people accountable to timelines. Whether considering personal or professional performance, imprinted notebooks hold great thoughts and prioritize those thoughts.

7. Organization savvy

Leaders must have a keen understanding of not only organizational politics, but how to maintain organization to accomplish objectives. Organization is where this product shines! For every meeting, business professionals carry a something for notetaking, a pen in hand and, of course, a cellphone is nearby. All three can be efficiently organized and carried to every meeting using this promo.

These characteristics have proven time and again to separate strong senior executives from those who lack effectiveness. Interestingly, these same traits could also apply to the products you choose for your next promotion.

More about the Junior Executive Tech Journal

Lists, doodles, ideas, tasks and reflections—collect them all inside the cover of our featured journal. The tech junior journal is a go-to tool for business meetings and conferences. One of the best features of this journal is the textured elastic closure and integrated cellphone holder. There is also a pen loop on the front of the journal. Keeping these items neat and orderly without dropping them on the floor is essential.

Beautifully made from microfiber this journal is 5.75w x 8.5 h in black with 80 lined, cream-colored pages. The pages are the perfect thickness for writing on without any ink bleeding through the page. It will easily fit inside a briefcase, handbag, laptop bag or backpack, but it’s been a go-to for men to carry solo since it so conveniently holds a pen and a cell phone.

Individuals will find the Junior Executive Journal useful at company “town hall” meetings, seminars, trade shows, new hire orientations and informational lectures. Additionally, employees will find an organized notebook extremely useful at their desks.

Think this journal is right for you? Nikki, our amazing Senior Account Executive, gives us an up-close look:

Call us now to customize our Junior Executive Tech Journal – and consider adding of our personalized pens to this promotional padfolio to complete the gift!


LEEMAN NYC Custom Cell Phone Wallet with Ring Phone Stand and Holder

We’ve seen a trend here at ePromos since the start of the new year. Our customers often come to us asking for a gift that appeals to everyone. “What is nice enough for executives, yet affordable enough for trade shows?” They ask. “What will people actually use?”

The answer we’ve been giving them is our custom Cell Phone Wallet with Ring Phone Stand and Holder. Here’s the rational: Most people don’t leave their home without their cell phone. And, the majority of people don’t leave home without their wallet (although as Mobile Wallets become more accepted across the globe, the need for carrying a traditional wallet is diminishing). Not only does this piece serve as a wallet, it’s ring also serves as a stand and a great hand grip.


Many only carry their license and business cards , using cash less and keeping credit card info stored in their mobile wallet. If you want your brand to travel everywhere your target audience goes, promotional wallets that attach to any smartphone are a smart promotional product choice.

Some additional questions we’re commonly asked where a cell phone wallet is clearly the answer:

What products will keep my brand close-at-hand for my customers?

Take a look at your phone. You are probably looking at the screen. After all, that’s the “business end” of your smartphone. Now turn your phone over. See all that space? You can put that space to good use and put your brand in the hand of your target audience.

Add your logo, brand messaging or other artwork to this wallet with ring holder and phone stand. A cell phone is prime real estate for advertising your brand.

Will an affordable giveaway be an impressive gift?

For employee recognition, high-end gifts are appropriate; however, if your company has numerous employees, a gift such as this leatherette wallet/holder/phone stand is a more affordable choice. The debossed decoration is subtle, your brand name is there, but it doesn’t intrude on the elegant look of the wallet. This is an ideal giveaway for tradeshows, in the office, for your sales team, or as a party favor!

Which merchandise will appeal to the masses that I can giveaway at an event?

We tell our customers that three-in-one promotional gifts make an interesting giveaway at trade shows, conventions, and other large-scale events. They’re typically affordable enough for large crowds while still being extremely useful.

The ring is handy and the card holder sticks to the back of cell phones, boosting the chances that it will get used and your logo will be seen. People love the convenience of having all their necessities in one place.

What types of gifts look like they are for an executive, yet are affordable?

Made by Leeman™ New York, this stylish, leather-look wallet is great for men and women. Another feature that makes this gift perfect for business partners, CEOs, and top-notch customers is the decoration method that is used for your logo.

Embossing is a printing method that raises the image off the product to give it a 3D effect. The opposite of embossing is debossing. Debossing is the art of stamping or printing, leaving an elegant imprint permanently depressed into the product’s surface. The executive you give this wallet to is sure to be impressed – not only due to its attractiveness, but because this patent-pending product is so unique.

How do I choose the right promotional product for my marketing campaign?

Look to ePromos – we’re the “promo know-how people” and we can help you find the right fit.

Some reasons why we love this product in particular:

Think of the convenience of having 3-gifts-in-1! Customers will have one place for a wallet, a cell phone holder, and a phone stand.

1. The wallet has a single slip pocket to carry customers’ credit card, cash, and driver’s license. You can leave the big wallet at home and carry only one item.
2. The metal ring is a convenient and safe grip that allows users to hold their smartphone more easily. It also prevents the accidental fumble when talking, texting or taking a picture.
3. The ring used to hold the phone with one finger can also serve as a cell phone stand to watch videos, Facetime, Skype or remain hands-free on a phone call.
LEEMAN NYC Custom Cell Phone Wallet w/ Ring Phone StandSKU:10008135


Each soft case is uniquely designed for perfection in form and detail. They look stylish and feel natural to use. Easily attach this little promo to the flat back of any smartphone using the removable adhesive back. And worry not – should recipients wish to remove it, the adhesive is residue-free. It’s small enough (3-5/8”x2.5”) to fit on the back of any smartphone and large enough to highlight your logo right below the metal ring.

Additional imprint locations and/or methods may be available. Ask your Brand Consultant for details. The wallet is available in black, navy blue, red, and tan. Shop now, or call us to talk through ways we can help you to customize a LEEMAN NYC cell phone wallet for your company.

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