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The Puffer Trend is Taking The Promotional Space by Storm

There’s something about winter that makes us want to hunker down and get cozy—and that’s exactly the vibe we’re getting from January’s Product of the Month.

This month’s pick is our popular “puffy” collection which includes a few winter essentials, perfect for hunkering down, hitting the slopes and, literally, anything in between. On-trend, in-demand and ideal for the cooler months, these quilted premiums are the perfect products for your clients, vendors and employees — but be sure to snag at least a few for yourself…

You Won’t Want to Miss These 3 Top Picks for Winter:Our Puffer Collection

#1. Insulated Drawstring Backpack

Brand this drawstring backpack and you’re good to go anywhere winter calls. The perfect carry-on, weekend bag or road-tripping pack, this is the ultimate seasonal must-have. Not only is it sleek and durable, but its “puffy” factor is sure to stand out in a crowd—and sure to draw lots of added attention to your brand.

Looking for an even bigger “wow” factor? Fill this quilted drawstring backpack with additional premiums, promotional items or even your latest proposal and pop it over to your client. There’s no way this delivery will go unnoticed, or won’t drive a “follow up” on the spot — bonus!

#2. Custom Insulated Tote Bag

This puff packs a serious punch. With a built-in pouch, this go-anywhere, do-anything quilted  tote bag is an ideal bag to load up with some post-slope snacks or a thermos of hot cocoa. And because it has durable straps, it’s easy to grab and go — wherever “go” takes you this winter.

#3. Insulated Can Cooler or Insulated Koozies

If there was such a thing as a cozy Koozies, this would be it. This puffy insulated can cooler keeps drinks ice cold — as if the single-digit temperatures won’t. Available in black, blue and red with an oversized imprinting area, your brand or brand message will pop against any snowy backdrop—and, equally important, ensure your seasonal sips are the perfect temperature whenever you need a drink.

Many of these cold weather essentials have already popped to the top of our clients’ winter wish lists — and with good cause. Consider them the puffy coats of the promotional item landscape, and the products you want hitting your clients’ and contacts’ desks in the New Year.

Get in touch to learn more about our exclusive “puffy” collection.

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Five Uses for Nuckees that Make them the Perfect On-the-Go Promotional Product

We love the holidays – but the “hustle and bustle” is no joke. From shopping to cooking to wrapping (and wrapping and wrapping), there’s always something to do and somewhere to be. It’s a total crush, sure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way – and that’s why we’re loving December’s Product of the Month – Nuckees™.Nuckees phone grips are the best promotional item on the go

Scratching your head yet? Don’t – you’ve likely seen these go-anywhere, do-everything smartphone accessories. These small grips attach to the back of your device, making it easier to hold your phone, especially when you’re on the move – i.e., right now.

That, though, is just the beginning. Nuckees are a “must” this holiday season, and the perfect branded gift to give your clients, vendors and employees. Here are some other reasons we’re loving Nuckees…

#1. They’re the perfect holiday shopping companion

Make your list, check it twice, then always have the perfect grip on your must-gets with a Nuckees. With SnugHug Technology, it’s easy to attach a Nuckees to any device. Then, with a quick POP you’ve got a rock-solid grip – that means no risk your phone will slip, fall and crack this season. Because, let’s face it, a cracked screen can put a serious damper on any shopping session.

#2. They’re ideal for travel

Tray table down, Nuckees properly “popped,” headphones in and, instantly, you’ve got a private binge session at the ready. Because Nuckees have a four-way locking stand, you can quickly reposition your phone into a private, hands-free movie theater or arcade – or, even, hand off to your kids for those long rides to grandma’s house…

That, isn’t the only travel-friendly perk. Nuckees make it easy to wireless charge your phone on the go or attach your device to your dashboard before starting GPS mode. You’ll never get lost – and never have to take your eyes off the road again. Bonus.

#3. They’re a perfect sous chef/gift wrapping side kick

In that vein, why not pop out your Nuckees “stand,” queue up a YouTube how-to tutorial and get cooking or wrapping? With your hands free and your phone in an optimal viewing position, it’s simple to follow along with the pros and ensure your crème brûlée – or festive bows – are holiday-ready without the stress.

#4. They’re a mobile DJ station and caroling go-to

Heading to a holiday party? Again, it’s all about the four-way locking stand. Get your Nuckees stand into “ready” position, then click on your favorite playlist. Because the screen is visible, you can change tunes, swap players or, even let guests DJ with a quick click or two, without ever losing sight of your phone or what songs are coming up next.

#5. They’re redefining grab-and-go

And, of course, there’s the grab-and-go aspect – the original reason we’re all about Nuckees. Once “popped,” keeping a grip on your phone is easier than ever, even if you’re wearing gloves and even if you’re juggling the cookies, the gifts and everything in between. If a Nuckees can keep us from losing grips – and breaking our beloved smartphone during this go, go, go season – we’re all about it.

Ashley gives us an up-close look:

These gifts are the ultimate must-have this holiday season – and with your branding attached, you’ll get added eyes and be forever tied to that favorite gift. It’s a win/win, and a great way to help everyone on your wish list keep moving during these next few weeks, and beyond.


Raise a Glass to November! 5 Reasons to Toast Our Latest Product of the Month

The holidays are fast-approaching – and if that’s not reason enough to raise an extra glass or two, we don’t know what is. That’s why we’re all about November’s Product of the Month: our always-in-demand Dual Wall Stemless Stainless-Steel Wine Tumbler .Our Wine Tumblers

There’s a reason this wine tumbler is such a popular promo piece – and lots of reasons we’re elevating it to POTM status this month. For starters…

#1. It’s Super On-trend

We’re in the midst of a vino revolution. The U.S. is officially the biggest wine-consuming nation in the world and your average customer is sipping on three gallons of wine per year. And, likely, much of that glass-raising is happening over the next few weeks.

In other words, this is the perfect time for a custom wine tumbler. No doubt your clients will get tons of use out of this tumbler, during the holiday season and beyond. For an even bigger impact, consider doubling up your gifting, even, and offering each client a pair of tumblers. After all, who wants to toast to anything alone?

#2. Doesn’t Discriminate

Red, white, rose, sparkling, sangria, mulled – this tumbler does not care. No matter the user’s wine preference, this tumbler keeps drinks at the perfect temperate whether that’s ice cold or not. Whenever someone takes a sip, their vino will be ready for action.

#3. Take it Anywhere, Anytime

From apple cider sangria for that post-Thanksgiving Dinner walk to hot mulled wine while caroling, your customers will love how easy to use and easy to carry this custom tumbler is. Because it’s stemless and stainless, it’s lightweight, and, again, keeps wine at the perfect temperature.

And, of course, once the weather picks back up, this tumbler is ideal for picnics, outdoor concerts and beach days – if there’s wine involved (or if wine could be involved…), this tumbler’s a must. With spill-resistant lids, it’s truly a go-anywhere, do-anything glass. Cheers to that.

#4. Never Smashes

Everyone loves a chic stemless wine glass. The only problem? They break. Even with careful use, after a while and a few too many toasts, fragile glasses tend to give – and that’s no good. But even with endless “cheers,” endless pours and endless uses, this stainless-steel tumbler will never crack, chip or cave – and that means tons of use and tons of added exposure for your brand.

#5. Promotes Good Health…

From better heart health to safeguarding from some cancers to preventing vision loss, there are tons of benefits to sipping on red wine daily. So, really, in giving your customers a wine tumbler or two, you’re indirectly supporting their heart health…right? Right! Another reason to raise a glass – or, in this case, a tumbler!

Learn more about November’s Product of the Month here , or get in touch to customize your order.

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5 Things to Consider When You’re Buying Reusable Straws

5 Things to Consider When Buying Reusable StrawsWe admit it – when we first made the leap and started using reusable straws as an alternative to plastic it was a big transition. It sounds silly, but since our juice box days, we’ve always just taken and tossed out disposable straws. They’re easy (and we like easy) but something about seeing that poor turtle with one stuck up his nose, made us think – we need to contribute to a change.  Businesses need to contribute to change. People need to contribute to change. We dove in here at ePromos, and no doubt, it’s been a game-changer. You just FEEL better knowing that you’re making a difference.

That said, WE KNOW – you’ve heard the stats, you understand the reasons to ditch plastic and, maybe, you have been kicking around the idea of incorporating reusable straws into your business. So, let’s skip the “why-it-matters” diatribe and jump right in to the “2.0” of it all – specifically, what to consider if you want to go all-in on reducing plastic waste and going with reusable straws.

Consider This: Paper vs. Steel

Stainless steel has quickly become the ubiquitous reusable straw, and with good cause. These go-anywhere, do-anything straws are super sturdy and work well in both hot and cold drinks. And, because they’re made of stainless steel, they can be tossed into a reusable baggy and toted around all day long without risk of bending, chipping or tearing.

Of course, there’s something to be said for paper – it’s NOT plastic, specifically. While you’re still tossing paper straws after a single use, they do disintegrate and are considered “recyclable”. But, if your purpose is to go the extra mile, re-use and make more of a statement, stainless steel might be a better option.

Consider This: Silicone/Steel vs. Steel/Steel

Still not sold on stainless? We get it – we’ve heard everything from a fear of chipping teeth to the fear of too-hot drinks burning sipper’s gums and lips. So, in this side-by-side example, consider the alternative. You could opt for a “true” stainless steel straw which, again, has become the standard on the reusable front, or a silicon-tipped option which softens the experience – literally. Either way you’ll get the same benefits, all in a compact and environmentally-friendly package.

Consider This: Straight vs. Bent

The age-old debate: straight versus bent straws. If you’re a kid or a kid at heart, this one’s a no-brainer – bendy straws are where it’s at. But let’s consider the pros and cons to each – because, believe it or not, there are tangible benefits to sipping straight or on a slant.

First, the bent or “bendy” straw. They were designed in the 1930s, with the express purpose of helping people who couldn’t belly up to the bar and bend their heads enough to sip from a straight straw.

That’s still the perk of the bendy straw – it’s easy to drink from almost any angle. But before you rule out the classic straight straw, consider this – bendies can be a bit shorter than straight straws, making it tougher to get that very last sip. With a longer, straighter straw, sucking up that last bit of milkshake/cold brew/green juice is easier, cleaner and more efficient.

Consider This: Length

Most straws range from about seven to 10 inches. The consideration? See the bendy versus straight debate, above. If straws are on the longer side it’s easier to get your sip on all the way to the bottom of the glass, can, or bottle. But, at the same time, a longer straw can be tougher to maneuver, especially if you’re shorter or tend to sit lower at your desk or table. Like the other considerations here, there’s no right or wrong – just what you and your clients prefer sipping-wise.

Consider This: Packaging vs. Package-free

The final piece of the puzzle: how you’ll package (or not package) your branded straws. Think about it – if you’re doing your part to curb waste and save the environment, you may consider opting OUT of elaborate packaging. Or, opt for packaging that does double-duty – a reusable straw with a case of some sort. Our customers seem to love bank bags to use for this purpose.  It’s a win for you (don’t you look generous…?), a win for your client who scores a bonus gift and a win for the environment. Really, what could be better since the reusable straw trend is here to stay.

Check out October’s Product of the Month. Contact an ePromos expert to learn more and explore your options now.


5 Perks That Make Our SpinSocket A Must-Have For Your Brand

You’ve seen PopSockets® – and, no doubt, you’ve seen kids performing handheld magic with their fidget spinners.

Our Custom SpinSocketOur September Product of the Month, the Full-Color SpinSocket Ring Custom Cell Phone Holder & Stand, marries these two must-haves into a powerhouse promo piece. It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s #trending – it’s, basically, the cronut of the mobile world.

That said, the cool factor isn’t the only reason we love this promo piece. The SpinSocket™ packs a serious punch powered by serious benefits:

#1. It’s an instant nerve-soother and anxiety reducer

Fidgeting can help combat moments of anxiety or nervousness. For many, there’s something about tapping, fiddling or even nail-biting that, in the moment soothes nerves – enter the fidget spinner.

By providing a fidget-focused outlet, pieces such as these encourage immediate relief with a tool designed solely to, well, fidget with. Beyond that, many like the built-in discretion. Instead of sitting around visibly picking or tapping, they’re simply playing with their fidget spinner – or, in this case, their SpinSocket.

#2. It stimulates focus

Research has shown fidget spinners’ movement can help people gain and maintain focus. Others have likened them to squeezing a stress ball which, for people with ADHD, can help steer attention back where it needs to be. Think about how many times you’ve sat in that team meeting, as it barrels into hour two. And, think about how great it would be to have something in the palm of your hands to get your head back in the game. Exactly.

#3. It adds a layer of functionality to your phone

Our smartphones aren’t just phones. They’re everything! PopSockets dig into that ubiquity, specifically on the entertainment front. Grab your phone, throw on a movie and pop out the stand so you, or even you and some friends, can watch, hands-free. Or, better yet, pop your stand out and let your kids watch without their little hands all over the screen – what parent wouldn’t be all over that?

#4. It’s like insurance – but cheaper

Ah, the dreaded screen smash. We all know it. We all hate it. And, when it happens, it costs us a fortune to deal with. And that insurance policy we should have bought when we got the upgrade? Yeah…we didn’t.

Enter the Spinsocket. While it won’t replace your cracked screen, it does make it harder to lose control of your device – and with that added control there’s a good chance you’ll avoid at least a few slips and spills.

#5. It’s an instant convo-starter

Yes, we said it wasn’t about the cool factor, and it’s not. That said, we’d be remiss not to include number five – this promo piece is an instant conversation starter. Expect to be stopped in the elevator, in the waiting room and in meetings as people will want to see cool PopSockets and fidget spinners, while wanting to share theirs. And, if your brand is all over that SpinSocket? Even better.

Ashley, our Account Executive, gives us an up-close look:

Call us today to get your hands (and your BRAND) on September’s Product of the Month, the SpinSocket Ring Custom Cell Phone Holder & Stand.

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4 Reasons Why Wireless Chargers are the Ultimate Promotional Must-Have

Wireless-chargerChances are you’ve heard at least some buzz surrounding the latest generation of wireless QI chargers. Not only are these go-to chargers increasingly portable and versatile, but given their sleek look and wireless charging capabilities, consumers are scooping up these must-haves for home, office and on-the-go use.

So, what does all of this mean for your business? It’s simple — by branding and distributing this summer’s “it” product , you’ll be able to close out the season with a bang. Because, from where we sit, these chargers pack a more powerful punch than virtually any other branded premium in the marketplace. Here’s why:

#1. You CAN’T have just one…

Consider these chargers the Pringles® of the marketing world — you can’t have just one. We’re seeing consumers pop wireless chargers into convenient and high-traffic spots from their own bedsides, desks and cars to conference rooms, waiting rooms and reception areas. By having a wireless charger within arm’s reach at all times, your customers never have to worry about a low battery or being phone-less when they’re out pounding the pavement. And, for your business, that means more opportunities to be front-and-center, delivering a high-value service when customers need it most.

#2. You’re constantly engaging

Science Alert recommends consumers “plug in your phone whenever you can,” since smart phone batteries “are much happier if you charge them occasionally throughout the day…” It’s good advice and another good reason for your business to brand these wireless chargers. Think about it: consumers charging their phones throughout the day means constant, ongoing exposure to your brand and your brand message. Every time she “plugs in” she’ll catch a glimpse of your branding, deepening the relationship and tying you back to serious value — you did get her phone back up to 100%, after all.

Taking this a step further… think about that consistent interaction versus traditional digital and mail pieces. The average consumer spends two seconds with an email — it’s no contest. Even with a direct mail piece which, on average, has a 17-day lifespan, pales in comparison.

#3. There’s an expanded audience built in

Traditional phone chargers are one-notes — you can charge your phone but, likely, nothing else. Not so with our wireless QI chargers which can fuel iPhone® 8, iPhone X and most Samsung® cell phones, plus virtually any device with a compatible adapter. This instantly makes these chargers the perfect addition to any office or high-traffic setting — again, think waiting rooms, break rooms and reception areas. In other words, places lots of other people frequent — and places lots of other people will see your brand messaging.

With this added versatility, then, it’s easy to expand your reach with no added investment or engagement. It’s a win/win — your brand gets massive exposure without a massive incremental investment. And who knows? That client-of-a-client juicing up their phone on your wireless charger could drive a lucrative partnership in the not-too-distant future.

#4. They’re the hottest item on the market…

When Apple® rolled out QI charging for its iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the demand spiked and countless consumers were introduced to these powerhouse chargers for the very first time. The end result: you couldn’t miss the wireless QI chargers at CES this year, with consumers, media and tech influencers vying to get their hands on the latest and greatest. In short, everyone wants one of these chargers, and, with our custom branding opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to be the business that delivers.

So, there you have it! Check out our Qi Wireless Custom Phone Charging Pad and call us to start planning your next campaign now!