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Triangular Promotional Pens Give The Ultimate Exposure

If you’ve counted promotional pens out of your marketing mix, we’ve got two words for you: think again. While these classics seem to be everywhere — at trade shows and events, ATM machines, realty offices, fundraisers — there’s a reason.

Because they work.

And promotional pens don’t just work in that, “sign on the line” way. A recent ASI Global Ad Impressions study found that more than half of respondents were more likely to do business with a company who gave them a promo pen. Think about that for a minute.

The right promotional pen is the ultimate impression-maker and the perfect premium to drive engagement and action. Nine in 10 people have at least one promotional pen or other branded writing gear, and 20 percent have collections of 10 or more in rotation.

In short, pens are small but mighty, packing a serious punch — and, despite their high value, even super-durable promotional pens often come in at under $1 per piece.

Really, what could be better?

Before you answer that, consider July’s Product of the Month — we’d argue this is that “better” pen…a triangular pen with a triangular-shaped barrel that instantly helps it stand out from the classic pen crowd. And, given its three brandable sides, it’s easier than ever to get more of your message front-and-center.

Brand any and all sides in full-color — logos, contact information, brand statement, anything. Then pack up a pack-and-go — these pens are totally versatile, totally portable and totally ready to work as hard as you do.

Hand out a bunch at your next event, conference or retreat and you’ll see firsthand what we’ve seen for years — these triangle-shaped pens are actual conversation starters ideal for sparking an instant connection with clients, customers, vendors, employees and others.

Maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the finish or maybe it’s the fact that, again, everyone loves a promotional pen, but these tri-ad promotional pens just work. And that’s better for business.

Get in touch to learn more and to start customizing your tri-color ad pen series.


Insulated Wine Tumblers: The Go-To for Corporate Branding This Summer

This month’s Product of the Month is the perfect item to usher in your summer. That product? Our very-popular 12 ounce Triple Insulated Wine Tumbler.

Our insulated wine tumbler

While enjoying wine has long been a summer staple, enjoying it in tumblers has been making serious waves lately. As people get more educated about wine and, even, some of the health benefits associated, vino consumption continues to rise. The average American drinks close to three gallons of wine per year and rising–prosecco consumption alone is up 11% year-over-year. And with those added sips comes added demand for on-trend ways to sip–enter the Insta-worthy tumbler. This Pringles® iteration went viral instantly, while other more sleek, chic tumblers are popping up on celebrity feeds from coast to coast.

That’s where these promotional tumblers come in.

You won’t want to miss this ultimate summer essential.

Inspired by retail best sellers and available in four colors–red, blue, black and white–this insulated wine tumbler comes complete with over-sized printing space, making it ideal for getting the word out. Choose from full-color printing or laser engraving–either way, your branding will be on full display anytime this insulated wine tumbler makes an appearance. And, judging from our own insiders, it will make a lot of appearances this summer.

Once in-hand, your customers and clients can get their sip on anytime, anywhere. With a spill-resistant, clear lid there’s no mess and, with triple insulation, hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours and cold stay cold for 24. That makes these promotional tumblers perfect for virtually anything your clients heart desires–that weekend wedding, the company picnic, a day at the beach or, simply, kicking back in your backyard with a PM cocktail. Cheers to that.

Our advice? Hop on the vino trend and place your order for these go-to tumblers. Perfect as a one-off client gift or great to give as a set, you’ll be amazed where they pop up–and that could be a great way to engage clients even more. Consider challenging them to a #tumbler contest with your brand name or summertime campaign messaging. The more times they surface your tumbler, the more chances they’ll have to win.

Watch as Ashley gives us an up-close look:


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Happy summer!


Wireless Earbuds: The Trendiest Promotional Tech Accessory of 2019

Our True Wireless Earbuds
Updated December, 2019

You’ve no doubt seen these small-but-mighty earbuds popping up everywhere, from your AM commute to the adjacent treadmill to your colleagues trying to get (and stay) focused. Wireless Bluetooth® earbuds are one of the hottest items on the market today thanks in no small part to the release of Apple® AirPods®. These sleek, chic earbuds have made these products a household name – but consumers are paying a very hefty price for the look, the feel and the dual microphones for calls and speech detection.

The good news: Our Product of the Month , which are back by popular demand and have made the charts 2 months this year, let you gift your clients and partners with must-have tech accessories without breaking the bank – and with an added promotional layer that ensures they associate your brand with their new daily must-have.


What’s So Great About These Custom Earbuds?

These promotional wireless earbuds come complete with a charging case for up to 90 minutes of easy, on-the-go use – when the LED indicators on the case turn blue, you’re good to go. Better still, there are no cords to untangle, no fraying wires and no searching for a charger when you’re out. Another perk? Our insiders tell us these earbuds are more “ear-friendly” than others because they’re slightly larger and stay in the ear more comfortably.

Not only are these wireless earbuds ideal for powering through a morning workout or catching up with the latest podcast but, with a full 33’ Bluetooth working range, it’s easy to take calls on the move, whether your phone is in-hand or not. And with ports seemingly on the way out, Bluetooth is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s now a need-to-have – and these promotional wireless earbuds deliver.

Our True Wireless Earbuds are the perfect way to ride this powerful tech wave, while getting your brand name front-and-center on a “go-anywhere”, “do-everything product” – a product that’s trending in a BIG way. Brand your collection and get in on the action and the well-earned buzz surrounding these hot products.

Watch as Ashley, our wonderful Brand Manager, gives you an up-close look:

Get in touch to learn more, request a sample and get your custom promotional wireless earbud order in motion.

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The Best High-End Promotional Water Bottles

Branded water bottles have long been a go-to for diverse companies looking to make an everyday statement. Not only are these premiums universal – who doesn’t love an easy-to-carry bottle that keeps drinks cool? – but they’re affordable, durable and leave a lasting impression on the recipient and everyone who spots them sporting their branded bottle.

But that is just the beginning. More recently, the category has had a serious moment – thanks to a rise in high-end water bottles. Instagram and the boom in wellness culture has pushed brands like S’well® into the spotlight, making luxury water bottles a must-have among trendsetters, tastemakers and everyday sippers alike. Now a true accessory with major cache, your clients are, no doubt, investing in – or, simply, coveting – premium water bottles. And that opens up an even bigger opportunity for your brand.


The Benefits of Premium Promotional Water Bottles

Your job, then? Take a page from the premium water bottle playbook and brand your own collection of Insta-worthy pieces. Again, these bottles are incredibly useful, incredibly durable and designed to go the distance – that means long-lasting branding that’s constantly on display, as bottles adorn customers’ desks, locker rooms, cars and conference rooms.

Not only that, but you’ll be giving a nod to your the greater good – specifically, the environment. Every time your client fills up, they’re skipping paper or plastic cups – and that adds up to a major landfill reduction over time. All in all, it’s a great message for your brand. By simply being associated with this must-have item, you’ll create increased awareness and more positivity – and that’s powerful.

And that brand ripple effect doesn’t just stop with the recipient and the people they encounter mid-sip. Given the popularity of luxury water bottles, there’s a good chance your stylish premium will make its way to social media, generating even more attention – and more engagement for your brand.

To maximize sharing, consider adding a note asking recipients to tag your brand on Facebook or Instagram, for a chance to win another unique premium. Given the popularity of these bottles, that added exposure could translate to significant earned media.

The Best Branded Water Bottles

If you’re considering branding your own high-end water bottles, it’s important to weigh the benefits and final “look and feel” of each, so you can choose the right product for your business. While tons of options exist, most fall into four main categories:

Insulated Water Bottles

Your clients are, no doubt, constantly on the move – and they need a premium water bottle that keeps up. For most, that means an insulated bottle that keeps drinks cooler, longer.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Many insulated bottles are, also, stainless steel. Given their finish, these bottles have a sleek, chic appearance that makes them easy to carry, easy to slip into a bag and easy to drink from, even on the move – they’re also incredibly durable.

Better still, because these bottles are so on-trend, your customers will no doubt want to show theirs off, and that will likely mean added eyeballs and added engagement.

Branded Water Bottles

Some of the top brands in the market are putting their names, logos and messaging on premium water bottles. Take advantage of this major trend wave by promoting your business with these bottles.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles inherently look and feel high end because of their delicate nature. Also, because glass doesn’t absorb taste or odor, these bottles tend to look and feel cleaner and fresher longer.

Our pick, all bottles considered? April’s Product of the Month: this Stainless Vacuum Tumbler. Available in five colors including a fun and on-trend teal, this 20-ounce tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a powder coated finish and dual wall vacuum seal construction. And, with a flip-top lid and straw, it’s easy for your customers to sip anywhere, anytime. To us, this one’s the best of the bunch, combining premium branding real estate with the benefits of an insulated bottle and sleekness of stainless steel. Best of all, this tumbler is on sale and starts at just $7.99 per piece.

Our Stainless Vaccuum Tumbler

Get in touch to learn more about April’s Product of the Month and other premium water bottle options.

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4 Reasons March is All About Marble Journals

We know your smartphone is never out of reach – literally. But, sometimes, you’ve got to write it down. And you aren’t alone. Taking handwritten notes can help with everything from processing to curating content to long-term recollection – that’s likely why we’re seeing more and more people sporting chic, portable journals in and out of the office.

Our pick? This month it’s these Marble Journals. Here’s why…

Our Marble Journals

#1. It’s a unique design that speaks for your brand

The marble pattern on these promotional journals is as trendy as it is versatile. Ideal for any business be it more corporate, more creative or somewhere in between, these marble journals are a perfect promotional premium that speaks to your business and your on-trend approach. More importantly, as your customers tote these notebooks around, you’ll get added impressions – and added credit for delivering such a cool, useful premium.

#2. They’re perfect for anyone – and everyone

Customers, vendors, staff, prospects – these journals are great giveaways that cut through the clutter of traditional premiums. Very simply, people want, and will use, these promotional journals. And every time they do, you’ll crank up the positive brand connection and reiterate your positive, productive partnership.

#3. They’re super sleek without being too much

Whether you’re a fashion brand looking for a trendy premium to distribute to your high-end clientele, a law firm angling for a bold but useful corporate gift or a new business bursting onto the scene and looking to make a splash, these journals get the job done. With a cool marble design and stark black or white cover, these branded journals have a chic vibe – without going overboard.

The net net: these Marble Journals look cool and are cool, but can easily transition from photo shoots to board rooms to PTA meetings. That’s a tall order for promotional premiums, but it’s one these notebooks easily fill.

#4. Your employees will be all over these

As your team is out pounding the pavement, there’s nothing better than organic, brand-building moments – and these notebooks are perfect. Imagine your team jumping into their next client meeting and each whipping out a matching, and super cool journal. Not only is it a powerful statement but, no doubt, your customers and prospects will want their own – which, of course, you can deliver.

Still not sure? Watch Nick, Our Customer Experience Manager, give you an up-close look:

Get in touch to learn more about these Marble Journals and start designing your own.

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The PhoneBrella is the Ultimate Promotional Bluetooth Item. Here’s Why&...

The PhoneBrella is the Bluetooth® accessory you never knew you always needed. Forget fumbling to find your phone while holding an umbrella. With the PhoneBrella you have a hands-free solution to getting caught in the rain.

Bluetooth technology is an unstoppable force that is fueling both the retail and promotional worlds. Stay connected without being physically connected. Wireless is where it’s at. What better way to show your customers that you are keeping up with the latest trends?Our PhoneBrella

What is a PhoneBrella?

The PhoneBrella is a revolutionary product that features Bluetooth technology built into the handle of an umbrella. What does that mean exactly? Well, quite simply, it means your customers can sync their phones to answer calls or listen to music without struggling to hold both their umbrella and their phone.

How Does it Work?

On the sleek and comfortable handle of the umbrella you will find a large circle button that allows you to pick up and end phone calls. To get started, hold down the circle button until you hear it respond. Next, enable the Bluetooth settings on your phone to pair with the PhoneBrella. When the pairing is successful you will hear the umbrella speaker say “Bluetooth connected.”

The speaker and microphone are built right into the handle of the umbrella. Just like a Bluetooth device for your car, you’ll hear your phone ring from the speaker. To answer the phone call, press the circle button. When the call is over, press the circle button again to end the conversation.

The PhoneBrella also allows you to listen to music through the speaker on the handle. With the two triangular buttons (above and below the circle button) you can easily skip and repeat songs without going back into your phone.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Aside from its awesome Bluetooth capabilities, the PhoneBrella also features an auto-open and auto-close feauture so you never have to struggle with a stubborn spring again. The large button with up/down arrows toward the top of the handle will release and expand the umbrella, and when you’re done it will also retract and collapse it quickly and efficiently.

When closed, the entire length measures 13.5″ making it easy to fit in a briefcase, purse or backpack. The PhoneBrella currently comes in three colors: black, grey and navy. The nylon canopy offers a 46″ arc for excellent coverage. And the sophisticated retail packaging brings it all together.

Screen print your logo on any panel or add additional imprint areas for maximum visibility.

Why is the PhoneBrella a Must-Have Bluetooth Accessory?

This unique product allows your customers to stay dry and use their phones while keeping one hand free. It’s so unique, in fact, the novelty in and of itself will have people talking about your brand.

The PhoneBrella appeals to a wide range of customers. Golf-related businesses can hand these out at tournaments, as they are sure to come in handy if there should be rain. City commuters using public transportation to get to the office often walk in the rain from subway platforms and train stations. Imagine how freeing it would be to give these customers a hand – literally – with the PhoneBrella. College students who have to walk across campus can also see the value in having this innovative Bluetooth accessory.

To top it all off, the PhoneBrella can actually send a reminder to your customers to take the umbrella whenever there is a high chance of rain! For an additional charge, your PhoneBrella can feature a hangtag for the Rain Alertz app attached to the handle. The hangtag provides instructions for how to download the Rain Alertz app for free using iTunes®, Google Play® or the Windows® Store.

Once downloaded, the customer is prompted to enter a unique code, which can be found on the hangtag. The code is tied to your customized alert message and branded five-day forecast, which will display on their smartphones when the chance of rain is 60% or higher. The alert works off the GPS in the phone so no matter where your customers travel, they will see your logo for a subtle reminder of your brand anytime there is a high chance of rain.

Make the PhoneBrella your newest promotional Bluetooth accessory today! Call us, the Promo Know-How People to incorporate this item into your marketing plan.

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