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A Wireless Charging Pad: The Perfect Promo for Forward Thinkers

Wireless charging is one of 2019’s biggest tech trends, offering go-anywhere ease and convenience that’s hard to beat. It’s becoming so ubiquitous, in fact, the global wireless charging market is predicted to top $20 billion by 2023.

Tell us more.

The option to wirelessly charge a device may seem like a minor luxury, but the tech provides an efficient, streamlined solution to a familiar problem that touches everyone who carries a phone, tablet, or smartwatch – where (and when, and how) we’ll charge it.

One major factor contributing to this product’s explosive growth has been the standardization of wireless charging technology via Qi (as well as the adoption of Qi by major tech giants like Apple® and Samsung®). Qi-enabled pads, mats, stands, and other items continue to gain presence in the market. As the number of devices that support universal wireless charging increase, it’s clear this trend has staying power.

Are you thinking about wireless charging as a promotional gift or giveaway? Our Soft-Touch Wireless Charging Pad makes a perfect promo for busy, tech-savvy professionals. Its buttery matte finish and ultra-sleek design add aesthetic appeal and sophistication for any environment – from an office desk to a conference table to a travel work bag. At two to three hours to reach full charge, the pad quickly and conveniently charges any Qi-enabled device (including iPhone® 8 and above, Samsung Galaxy® S6, S7 & S8 + more). Available in black or white, it fits in just about anywhere.

Why Choose a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging devices make particularly great promotional gifts because of their variability in size and design. For instance, a small charging dock can be easily tucked into a day bag or suitcase, while a sleek charging pad or mat makes for an elegant permanent fixture on a work desk or in a home office. You can also go for an ultra-modern take with a light-up version or opt for a more refined and luxe faux leather option. And wireless charging capability bundled with other technology creates the ultimate must-have item, such as this 2-in-1 Bluetooth® speaker with wireless charging pad.
The promotional value of these devices is worth paying attention to as well. According to ASI’s 2019 Global Advertising Study, power banks (including wireless charging stations), are a popular go-to. Thirty-three percent of consumers own at least one promotional power bank, and they’re fortunately an item that works well in duplicate – you really can’t have too many. One for the office, one or more for home, one for travel – the more accessible they are, the more charging convenience they provide.

ASI research also shows promotional power banks are kept for an average of 12 months, though 40% of consumers continue to use theirs for two years or more. During this lifetime, they’re used an average of once per week. At this rate, they typically offer around 900 impressions, which means a $20 item costs just two cents per impression.

Perhaps most significantly, gifting a wireless charging device indicates you’re aware of current product trends and are thinking meaningfully about what your employees, clients, conference attendees, or other consumers will derive maximum use from. For an upgraded gift, consider pairing our wireless charging pad with a set of wireless earbuds or a promotional car changing station.

Get all the details about our Soft-Touch Wireless Promotional Charging Pad:

• Made of durable Plastic
• Qi-enabled and compatible
• Charges Qi enabled devices
• Output: 10W
• Auto phone/device recognition
• LED indicator
• Charging time 2-3 hours depending on phone type
• USB cord included
• Available in black or white

The future is here, and it’s wireless charging. Give the perfect promo gift this year for savvy clients and employees who are thinking forward when it comes to modern tech trends.

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5 Reasons To Gift A Promotional Lantern This Season

Let’s face it – weather is unpredictable. Whether you’re in a hurricane hotspot, snowy or tropical climate, there’s a good chance you’ll be without power at some point – even a problem with a power hub or unexpected accident could cause your lights to go for minutes, hours or even days.

While it’s not ideal, it’s always better to be prepared – which is where these promotional lanterns come in. Not only will they shine a little light on your brand message, but they’ll be the first thing your customers and clients reach for when the lights start to flicker. That, though, is just the beginning – these lanterns are the perfect go-to no matter what’s in the forecast. Here’s why these lanterns are a must.

#1. They’re perfect for bad weather
Hurricanes, storms, heavy winds, blizzards – they can all leave you light-less for more time than you’d like. These COB Lanterns are durable, portable and, with three AA batteries (which we’ll even toss in…), they last. When the power goes, these are great to grab. Simply pull up on the handle and the lantern flips right on.

#2. They’ll keep everyone going…
No lights? No problem. This lantern comes complete with a Bluetooth® speaker so you can stream music, podcasts and more with a quick click. No doubt, this entertaining add-on will keep your crew going until the power comes back.

#3. They’re ideal for any emergency
Because these lanterns are so portable, they’re perfect for loading into emergency roadside kits. If you’re ever stuck or stranded, the last thing you want to think about is a heavy, hard-to-hold flashlight – this lantern is the complete opposite. Simply slide, illuminate, hang up or set down where you need light.

It’s not only a great way to help you determine car troubles, with its powerful beam you’ll be spotted in the dark.

#4. They’re perfect in great weather
The reality is, you and everyone on your must-gift list needs a lantern. It’s simply a very useful promo. Whether you’re searching in the back of the closet, heading up into the attic or just taking the garbage out at night, this lantern can easily hang from its metal handles, making carrying easy.

#5. They’re ideal for getting OUT
For camp-goers, these lanterns can’t be beat. Slide the handle to turn on, pop one or two in the middle of your bunk and you’re good to go. And, again, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you’re ready for a PM sing-along or impromptu karaoke competition – winner gets the last S’more.

Watch as Ashley gives you an up close look:

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5 Reasons This Custom Campfire Mug is a Fall Essential

Summer’s winding down but, we’d argue, September is the perfect month to get your camp on. Think about it – the weather isn’t so brutally hot, and all of the fair-weather campers likely packed up their tents pre-Labor Day. Now, the campsites are calm and there’s still ample time to get out and explore before the cold weather sets in.

Our campfire mugs

Really, what could be better? Besides, of course, September’s Product of the Month, our Stainless Steel Speckled Camping Mug. These 16-ounce camping mugs are the ultimate retro add-on for any outdoor adventure.

#1. Vintage is “IN”
Customers are clamoring for all things vintage – such as these campfire mugs. Taking a cue from high fashion – which called vintage the trend for Fall/Winter 2019 – these mugs are an amazing accessory that satisfies virtually any recipient. That trendy 20something buyer? She’ll love the retro cool that oozes from these camping mugs. That senior exec? He’ll love that these mugs are total classics – exactly what he busted out for countless camping trips.

#2. They’ll keep you HOT (literally)
That said, with vintage style comes a vintage feel – literally. These are authentic campfire mugs, meant to keep your drinks, stews, chilis and cocoas hot…and your hands too. Expect these cool cups to heat up when hot beverages or foods are poured in. On a cool fall night or early morning stroll, that’s a bonus.

#3. No more pre-sip mix ups
Available in seven colors – black, blue, navy, green, white, red and teal – it’s easy to hand customers, clients, vendors, staff or, even, your camping crew a batch of campfire mugs that are totally identifiable. That means no more mixing up AM coffee cups or PM hot cocoa with these bold hues.

#4. Be the only brand in town…
One of the biggest appeals of camping? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. From a brand perspective, that’s the ultimate opportunity to make your mark.

Brand these campfire mugs and you’ll ensure your business, your message and your unique value proposition is front-and-center when there’s zero competition for your customers’ and clients’ attention and engagement. With an oversized 2.25″w x 1.75″h space for your two-color printing, you’ll be sure to get the word out, even in the great outdoors.

#5. They’ll be ready for next season
All of this said, these aren’t one-and-done campfire mugs. These classic cups are meant to hold up – they’re high-quality, kitchen-grade stainless steel, super sturdy and BPA free. Whether they’re tucked away for next camping season or become cupboard staples used all year long, these branded mugs will be good to go whenever they’re needed.

Watch as our Brand Manager, Ashley, gives you an up-close look:

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Snag This Branded Bento Box, Fresh With Your Logo

It’s the ultimate lunch-on-the-go trend – the bento lunch box. So, what is a bento box? Very simply, it’s a super-portable, super-functional box that packs everything needed for a healthy, delicious on-the-move meal – right down to the utensils.

Bento boxes have been in-demand lately as people shift to making more healthy mealtime choices – nearly three in four Americans say they focus on healthy eating, and the majority are working to integrate more fresh foods into their day-to-day.

Encouraging Healthy and Varied Eats

That’s where custom bento boxes come in. With spots for everything – proteins, fruits, veggies and, even, a little treat or two, it’s easy to portion every aspect of a to-go lunch, while ensuring there’s a bit of everything. Gone are the days of popping a sandwich and a handful of cookies and calling it “lunch.” A bento box forces your hand – and your healthy eating a bit, by encouraging a few smaller bites spread out over a variety of foods.

For kids, it’s a slam dunk – because there are so many options, little lunchers can take a taste of a new food or two, without having to worry about not liking their meal. If green grapes aren’t their thing, they can move on to baby carrots, almonds, string cheese or whatever snack-style add-ins landed in their bento lunch box that day.

Good for You, Good for the Environment

Not only are bento boxes good for you and your clients, they’re good for the environment – and the wallet. Our Two-Tone Bento Custom Lunch Box with Utensils is top-rack dishwasher and microwave safe, eliminating added lunchtime waste – no more plastic forks and spoons, aluminum foil or disposable bags getting tossed post-meal. Simply wash, rinse or wipe these bento boxes and they’re ready for the next meal.

And because they’re reusable, your customers, your vendors and your employees will save serious bucks – no more buying all of the disposable goods needed to pack lunch every day. While it may not seem like a lot, costs such as napkins, brown paper bags, aluminum and plastic wraps, disposable utensils and containers, for starters – can easily cost $25 to $30 per month.

Over a year, they could be spending $300 to $400 on supplies – or they can use a branded bento box. With the Two-Tone Bento Box, they’ve got compartments for everything, plus reusable utensils that slide right in. Simply pack, snap closed and go.

Easy for On-the-Go Snacks

Lunch time isn’t the only time for bento boxes. Recipients can load up compartments for road trips, long flights or, simply, days on the go. Sometimes it’s hard to stop for meals and snacks – we get it. Now simply close, seal and toss in a bag or drawer. Even liquids, yogurts and other tough-to-pack eats will stay contained in these bento boxes.

Align Your Brand with Their Go-To Gear

Every time your customers dig into their custom bento boxes, they’ll have a big, bold reminder of your brand and your relationship. The top panel includes a 2” x 2” space for branding, screen printed to last. Standard printing includes a single color, but you can add additional imprints or colors, as needed.

Watch as Ashley, our Brand Manager, gives you an up-close look:

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Triangular Promotional Pens Give The Ultimate Exposure

If you’ve counted promotional pens out of your marketing mix, we’ve got two words for you: think again. While these classics seem to be everywhere — at trade shows and events, ATM machines, realty offices, fundraisers — there’s a reason.

Because they work.

And promotional pens don’t just work in that, “sign on the line” way. A recent ASI Global Ad Impressions study found that more than half of respondents were more likely to do business with a company who gave them a promo pen. Think about that for a minute.

The right promotional pen is the ultimate impression-maker and the perfect premium to drive engagement and action. Nine in 10 people have at least one promotional pen or other branded writing gear, and 20 percent have collections of 10 or more in rotation.

In short, pens are small but mighty, packing a serious punch — and, despite their high value, even super-durable promotional pens often come in at under $1 per piece.

Really, what could be better?

Before you answer that, consider July’s Product of the Month — we’d argue this is that “better” pen…a triangular pen with a triangular-shaped barrel that instantly helps it stand out from the classic pen crowd. And, given its three brandable sides, it’s easier than ever to get more of your message front-and-center.

Brand any and all sides in full-color — logos, contact information, brand statement, anything. Then pack up a pack-and-go — these pens are totally versatile, totally portable and totally ready to work as hard as you do.

Hand out a bunch at your next event, conference or retreat and you’ll see firsthand what we’ve seen for years — these triangle-shaped pens are actual conversation starters ideal for sparking an instant connection with clients, customers, vendors, employees and others.

Maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the finish or maybe it’s the fact that, again, everyone loves a promotional pen, but these tri-ad promotional pens just work. And that’s better for business.

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Insulated Wine Tumblers: The Go-To for Corporate Branding This Summer

This month’s Product of the Month is the perfect item to usher in your summer. That product? Our very-popular 12 ounce Triple Insulated Wine Tumbler.

Our insulated wine tumbler

While enjoying wine has long been a summer staple, enjoying it in tumblers has been making serious waves lately. As people get more educated about wine and, even, some of the health benefits associated, vino consumption continues to rise. The average American drinks close to three gallons of wine per year and rising–prosecco consumption alone is up 11% year-over-year. And with those added sips comes added demand for on-trend ways to sip–enter the Insta-worthy tumbler. This Pringles® iteration went viral instantly, while other more sleek, chic tumblers are popping up on celebrity feeds from coast to coast.

That’s where these promotional tumblers come in.

You won’t want to miss this ultimate summer essential.

Inspired by retail best sellers and available in four colors–red, blue, black and white–this insulated wine tumbler comes complete with over-sized printing space, making it ideal for getting the word out. Choose from full-color printing or laser engraving–either way, your branding will be on full display anytime this insulated wine tumbler makes an appearance. And, judging from our own insiders, it will make a lot of appearances this summer.

Once in-hand, your customers and clients can get their sip on anytime, anywhere. With a spill-resistant, clear lid there’s no mess and, with triple insulation, hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours and cold stay cold for 24. That makes these promotional tumblers perfect for virtually anything your clients heart desires–that weekend wedding, the company picnic, a day at the beach or, simply, kicking back in your backyard with a PM cocktail. Cheers to that.

Our advice? Hop on the vino trend and place your order for these go-to tumblers. Perfect as a one-off client gift or great to give as a set, you’ll be amazed where they pop up–and that could be a great way to engage clients even more. Consider challenging them to a #tumbler contest with your brand name or summertime campaign messaging. The more times they surface your tumbler, the more chances they’ll have to win.

Watch as Ashley gives us an up-close look:


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Happy summer!