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Strategies for Marketing to Millennials through Their Phones

Companies are chomping at the bit to nail their strategy for marketing to millennials. And let’s be upfront about that: it’s bloody smart. The U.S. is home to 80 million millennials, more than any other generational cohort in the country.

When you consider that the youngest millennial is now 22, you understand that this generation is officially of working age. As such, millennials also make up the biggest generational segment of workers. Workers=paychecks=spending power. It’s estimated that by 2020, millennials will have $1.4 trillion in disposable income. The bottom line? Businesses can’t afford to not entice and win over this huge generation with a strong marketing strategy. Their spending power is enormous and as they continue to age will only increase.

So, how exactly does one market to millennials? To get started, you’ve got to focus on something incredibly near and dear to millennials: their smartphones.

It’s estimated that the average millennial spends close to three hours a day on his or her smartphone. That’s over 20 hours a week and over 1000 hours a year! That’s a whopping 46 days out of the year glued to their beloved iPhones (or, Androids). Additionally, they’ve almost completely swapped out desktop Internet browsing in favor of using their phones.

How do these astounding facts translate to marketing strategies? Quite well. The tips below are key to translating these simple facts into marketing gold:

Have a mobile-friendly site.

We’re going to say it again, as it can’t be emphasized enough: HAVE A MOBILE-FRIENDLY SITE. If your website looks wonky when opened on a cell phone, guess what? It’s just going to be X’ed out of in less time than it took to open it.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you should ditch the desktop version, by any means. Instead, you can have two functional versions of your site at the ready. Want some additional incentive? Google has updated their algorithm to show mobile friendly sites first. Don’t have one? Get with your development team and start making one. Now.

Ditch traditional swag for smartphone-friendly promo giveaways.

You’ll never catch a millennial leave their house without his or her cell phone. As such, your business should be catering to that love – and proximity. Not just to the millennial, but to his and her friends, as well!

Create promotional swag for cell phones that advertise your business in a way that’s useful to recipients, like with waterproof cases, cell phone wallets, selfie lights or PopSockets. Here’s where you’ll find a ton of customizable cell phone accessories to consider!

Create an app that’s fun, attractive and engaging.

Millennials love a good app. In fact, nearly half use about 20 apps daily. They’re open to downloading and buying an app that appeals to them (that’s right—it doesn’t necessarily have to be free!).

Just make sure yours has an attractive logo. A 2017 comScore study found that the millennials often deleted an app simply because they did not like the way the logo appeared on their screen.

Align your brand with their interests and values.

Interested in reaching more millennials? There’s never been a better time to collaborate – whether with a beloved business, organization, celebrity/media influencer or even viral campaign.

When millennials back a brand or product, they do so fiercely. What better way to promote your company’s morals or paint its personality than to draw rank with another powerful brand? Whether it’s promoting the latest Marvel movie to reach comic book fans or hosting a webinar with one of the industry’s most popular bloggers, millennials love a strong collaborative campaign.

Design an unmissable social media channel.

Every business has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account – after all, social media has become a presence in the daily lives of millennials (and truthfully, pretty much every actively-online generation).

If you aren’t active on the top channels, you’re missing out. More than that, if you aren’t innovating and creating content that’s insanely interesting and shareable, you’re wasting resources.

If you’re selling goods online, make sure to loop in Amazon.

Amazon was ranked as the #1 millennial “Can’t Live Without” app. If your product is listed, pay attention to as many details as you can—product descriptions, pictures, and answering potential-buyer questions.

Here are a few more tips to craft your millennial marketing strategy that applies to both cell phones and any other way you’ve like to reach this huge cohort:

Stay transparent.

Few know how to wield Google quite like a millennial. As such, it’s harder to keep dirty little secrets hidden. Embrace it.

Received some unfavorable press? How about negative reviews online or unsavory comments on social media? Address it openly, honestly, and positively. Let them know your plan for remediation and what your company has learned from their feedback. After all, everyone loves an underdog.

Construct a story for your brand.

Put faces to your company’s staff and leadership in friendly, real-world details. This can include sweet but simple videos, snaps or photos. Does everyone need to know that your COO is an apple baking pie extraordinaire? Probably not. But it makes him or her relatable and, frankly, more likable.

Inspire millennials by communicating your company’s values.

Does your business practice sustainability? Support a local Boys and Girls club? Volunteer a few times a year at food banks? Capitalize on these accomplishments and don’t be afraid to raise the bar.

Invite your market to participate in their own meaningful way through a campaign hosted by your company. With social media, the world can feel a lot smaller these days, allowing you to connect in ways that geography doesn’t necessarily inhibit.

Millennials are smart, conscious, and hungry for the good stuff in a sea of unending websites, Google search results, and bad YouTube videos.

When crafting your strategy to reach this age group, embrace the authenticity your brand can offer. Kind of like when you were little, and your mom promised you the best way to make friends was simply be yourself. Just make sure ‘yourself’ is tech-savvy, social-media friendly, and transparent. No big deal, right?


The Two-Tone Custom Sports Duffle Bag

Everyone needs a bag. Commuting to work without one is next to impossible. Travelling without a carry on is impractical. Even a day off requires packing up some stuff – while running errands or chauffeuring the kids. A quality duffle bag can assist it’s owner virtually any time they’ll need to transport more than just wallet, cellphone, and keys. Many things are required to get through a busy day, so everyone needs a reliable bag.

Well, the Two-Tone Custom Sports Duffle Bag from ePromos is not only an impressive looking bag that you may find in retail stores, it’s also one of the most versatile duffle bags available! This bag blends seamlessly from the boardroom to the beach. We recommend this multi-purpose product to advertise your business because of all the potential uses:

Amazing Uses for a Duffle Bag

Briefcase: Upgraded from a regular sports duffle, this bag has good reasons to be a work bag of choice. With a stylish design and polished appearance, think of it as a briefcase’s cooler cousin.

Courier Bag: Do your employees need to lug around multiple items during the day? This duffle is a great courier bag. It provides a quick and efficient way of getting equipment to where it needs to go without straining shoulders.

Weekender Satchel: Whether on the road or in the air, sometimes a weekender bag is all the luggage you need. This bag is an excellent way for your salespeople to save time by staying away from the luggage carousel. The perfect carry on luggage, this duffle protects and safeguards your belongings.

Backpack: Books, notes, binders, and other supplies –  it seemed we could stuff them all into a backpack in college. This bag can hold the same amount and it’s just a bit more grownup than a backpack. The middle compartment is large enough to hold a huge number of books. Whether reading for pleasure, studying for a training course or reviewing business plans, this bag will hold up to heavier items. Plus, the outside pockets keep things organized. This bag works for recipients across any industry, and won’t give the impression they’re living in a dorm.

Tote: Consider gifting this as an everything tote, designed to carry documents, cellphone, USB flash drive, umbrella and even lunch. This bag can also be used to store a change of clothes for evening events or work dinners.

Tech Bag: Not only will this bag hold a tablet and laptop, it has extra pockets for cables, chargers, adaptors, and a computer mouse. Add your tech-business logo and your new brand ambassadors will be ready to go.

Diaper Bag: There is absolutely no reason for your customers to spend oodles of cash on a diaper bag. This bag provides the same great help for parents. A big compartment for diapers, formula, bibs and a couple changes of clothes; and smaller exterior pockets for bottles and other supplies. We love this item for hospitals, doctor’s offices and daycares.

Extra Sack: It’s the ideal bag to tuck away in checked baggage for extras on a return trip or if something happens to your employees’ luggage. This duffle is small enough to be considered a carry on bag, flexible enough to fit in the overhead bin, and roomy enough to stuff all those souvenirs. You can be sure recipients will get good use from this bag.

Beach Bag: Recipients can easily pack a towel, sunscreen, snacks, and sand toys in this bag, making it ideal to take to the beach. Great for company outings, too!

Gear Storage: If the recipient doesn’t use this bag for business or travel, it can be used to hold gear and miscellaneous items that need a home. This bag will fit nicely into whatever space is available. It’s also nice enough to keep and store art and craft supplies or small toys that will always be ready for a road trip.

Sports Duffle: The gym is a part of so many people’s daily routine, many of whom go straight from work. This bag is a spot-on option because its refined look fits into an office setting, yet it’s durable enough to survive hundreds of trips to the gym.

Wow! Now you can see how this is an all-around useful duffle bag! Just for fun, we’ve included some unique and creative packing hacks – consider including them with your giveaway:

Packing Hacks – Tips to Pack it Right and Light

• One of the first packing tips you’ll find on every packing list published is NOT to pack bulky coats and sweaters. The key is to layer your clothing instead. Clothes that layer well take up less space and provide more things to wear. Go for multi-functional garments where possible; things you can see yourself wearing in different situations or using for different purposes.

• Pack each day’s clothes (including socks and underwear) in a separate 2-gallon Ziploc bag or packing cube. This makes it easy to find the day’s clothes in the morning. You can use those same bags for dirty clothes or other storage.

• Roll your clothes to efficiently use duffle space and to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Most of what we bring in our carry-ons or suitcases is air. So, the more of it we can squeeze out, the more stuff we can fit in.

• Pack clothes with a similar color palette so you can mix and match outfits and layer clothing that coordinates.

• If your hat needs to be packed, fold a shirt and put it in the inside of a hat. You’ll conserve space and keep your hat from getting squished.

• Put rolled up socks inside your shoes. They help your shoes keep their shape and save on space in your duffle bag.

• Instead of packing a pillow from home, just bring a clean pillow case filled with clean clothes you’re going to wear.

• Pack a few dryer sheets to stop unwanted odors. Bonus: when dining outdoors, you can also use a sheet underneath the tablecloth to keep the bugs away!

• Place an extra pair of shoes in a shower cap to keep dirt away from other items. The shower cap can also be used – well – as a shower cap.

• Double bag any travel-size toiletries to keep them conveniently stored and to save the rest of your luggage from leaks and spills. Or put some plastic wrap over the openings of shampoos, lotions, and creams and then screw the caps back on.

• Place heavier items, including your shoes and hiking boots, at the bottom of the duffle bag. Place toiletries close to the bottom, too, and then put lighter clothes close to the top of your bag.

• Everyone’s bags will look alike when you go to claim them. Make yours stand out by tying on a colorful bandana on the handle. Now you have a bandana or buff to wear without taking up space in your duffle. You can also mark your duffle with a luggage tag or brightly-colored duct tape.

• If your feet hurt at the end of your day, you can use your duffle bag as a foot rest to keep your tootsies elevated during the night. Warning: this technique works great if you’re sleeping on a yoga mat or sleeping mat – not so well on an air mattress.

• Sometimes you’re headed to cold weather regions and you’ll need a bulky coat. Don’t pack it. Wear it onto the plane to save duffle bag space and to give you a comfy pillow during the flight.

• Finally, a good packing list is priceless.
Having the necessary supplies and equipment makes a difference in everyday life and could mean people enjoy their day because they have what they need, packed right. Don’t forget to make a packing list before you begin!

Love the bag and want to see more? Nikki, our amazing Senior Account Executive shows us details on this duffle: 
Call us today, your Promo Know-How People to talk about how this duffle bag fits in with your next project.


Earth Day Giveaways: 20 Creative Ideas for Earth Day Promotions

Since 1970, Earth Day has celebrated our earth, putting environmental concerns on the front page and raising public awareness about living organisms, the environment and links between pollution and public health.

2018 marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22; the date never changes. However, since our earth is changing, Earth Day channels the energy of many individuals and companies to make sure that change is going to be for the better!

Many businesses, like ePromos, wish to use the coverage surrounding the day to launch sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives, such as Earth Day giveaways with eco-friendly promotional items.

While we all know that a commitment to sustainability goes beyond going green one day a year, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to remind customers, coworkers and community of your commitment to the cause through Earth Day promotions. Here are 20 creative Earth Day giveaway ideas for your company to share your concern for the environment.

Inspiring Earth Day giveaway ideas and products for your customers, community, company and coworkers.



1. Create a team to lead the company’s eco-efforts and determine where you can have the biggest impact for the least amount of money. As a thank you gift for this team’s dedication, and as a great Earth Day giveaway, give them a memorable eco promotional item to save, a globe-shaped bank with your company’s Earth Day Mission imprinted on the bank.

2. Do you have a small team of employees? Consider branding you team members in reflective gear and Adopt-A-Highway! It’s a great time to strengthen relationships within teams while doing something good for the earth – and, the added bonus is that your organization’s name gets exposure within the community!

3. Share your company’s green tactics on social media so your community knows you are eco-aware. For Facebook followers who “like” your Earth Day intelligence, give away a fun and goofy globe pen that reminds “social likes” to keep our planet clean. Online business can share green tips on their website and incorporate their own products and services into those tips.

4. Choose an eco-friendly activity or a project for your company that can be repeated year after year. Lock up the paper coffee mugs for a week or month and replace them with branded mugs they’ll wash and use throughout that time period. Or maybe set up group walks during lunchtime to just smell the fresh air and catch up with co-workers. The point is, get the company to recognize Earth Day and participate in the initiative in some way.

5. Is your company primarily an online one? Add some festive Earth Day elements to the branding on your website and social media profiles for the day or days leading up to Earth Day to show your support.

6. For inside the office: purchase sensor lights for breakrooms and conference rooms and request that your cleaning company use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Most importantly for companies: have fun celebrating Earth Day!


7. For considerable exposure and publicity, your company can initiate a “Green Award” for customers making big strides to improve our planet. Highlight their efforts in an Earth Day press release and give them a gift engraved with your logo. Really want to make an impression? This Globe Award is a special one. For the runners up: custom planters to grow their own herbs either at home or at the office.

8. During the week before Earth Day, advertise a brown bag lunch and learn session around how individuals can play a significant role in protecting our world. Your company can also rollout internal recycling programs during this time. Attendees should be presented with a gift of participation. May we suggest a reusable lunch tote!

9. Instead of offering discounts on your products and services, add value to their transaction by offering a gift with purchase. Promote Earth’s wellness using an Earth Day giveaway consisting of seeds and a planter to grow flowers and herbs; a promotional gift that has longevity AND it’s good for the earth.

10. Kids are the perfect Earth Day target audience for your company, and their parents tend to tag along. Looking for a great Earth Day activity for kids? Order these notebooks made of apple peels (they smell like it too!) and invite the children of customers to create a story (with illustrations of course) about Earth Day. Consider also providing logoed crayons and complimentary adult coloring books to say thank you.

11. A simple reminder for customers to unplug appliances will go a long way ecologically speaking. Many individuals don’t know that appliances still draw power, even when not in use. Or, encourage them to use a “smart” power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts “phantom” or “vampire” energy use. Always encourage customers to get outside! Go for a hike, toss around a beach ball at the pool, or play some disc golf and give them a start with a customized flyer!


12. Put collection jars, imprinted with your company’s Earth Day symbol, throughout your office. Proceeds from the jars can be donated to an environmental foundation in honor of Earth Day. Make sure your customer sees one of your donation jars to give them an opportunity to contribute to a great cause.

13. Water is vital and so is your team. Staying hydrated is important, but bottled water is not the answer. Gift your coworkers with compostable mugs, reusable tumblers and sports water bottles to quench their thirst and to save the environment. In addition, consider purchasing a water cooler.

14. A final note for your coworkers: use a recycled sticky note clipped to a recycled pen with your company’s logo to remind them to shut down their computers at the end of the day, turn off the water faucet while scrubbing their hands, refrain from using personal heaters and fans in their offices and turn off workstation lights when not in use.


15. Touch your community in other ways including planting trees, lobbying your local government to increase spending on sidewalks and bike lanes to use for “green” transportation, and publicly challenge other businesses to incorporate eco-friendly business practices. Have them join the endeavor by sending them a Sunflower-in-a-Can. Announce the contest and rules with a full-color imprint right on the can.

16. Connect with the community by sponsoring a recycling drive. This event will give your entire community a chance to properly dispose of old computers, electronics and more.

17. Showcase your commitment to a healthy planet by publishing your paperless policy and handing out a real tree keychain. This simple gesture will let the community know your company is striving to go as paperless as possible. Going totally paperless may not be reasonable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the amount of paper your company uses by simply using both sides of every sheet of paper.

18. Earth Day 5k races, parades and community cleanup activities – your company’s participation in these events will speak volumes about your commitment to the environment. So, gather your team, give them Earth Day themed apparel and head to the starting line to run or go to the park and pick up trash. Feel free to invite your top customers to join in these efforts. Videotape these adventures and save the footage. For Earth Day, create a video using that footage and share on social media. You could call enough attention to your company to sustain your business for the rest of the year. What a great way to get your brand in front of local customers!

19. Want to really impress your community? Promote your company’s Earth Day promotions on postcards printed on biodegradable seed paper that grows plants. The key is to creatively showcase both your business and your environmental efforts.

20. Your Earth Day efforts don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Giving away cost-conscious items like reusable tote bags, water bottles and plastic bags is always a good idea. ePromos has more ideas to reflect your environmental responsibility. Your company can educate consumers on the impact one can make with earth-aware choices made on a day-to-day basis. Call a Brand Consultant to discover exceptional Earth Day giveaway ideas, fun office tips, merchandise made of recyclable materials and Earth Day items that can be sent in 24 hours.

Earth Day is only one day, yet the challenges of climate change and diminishing natural resources are our responsibility throughout the year. Business owners have a unique opportunity to take a dedicated stance on sustainability and engage others about environmental causes through Earth Day giveaways. Call us, the Promo Know-How People and plan for your company’s Earth Day Promotions now!

Interested in reading more on Earth Day?


The Value of Journals: Encouraging Creativity and Leadership in the Workplace

We can’t believe it’s March already. Some of our employees’ New Year’s Resolutions have fallen to the wayside (mostly personal goals, that is). Professional goals, however, are in full-gear. Some of that success can be attributed to the adoption of an old method of keeping organized: Swapping the electronic To Do List for a good ole fashion written one.

Writing with a pen or pencil stimulates brain activity, in a different way than typing does. This year, encourage creativity and leadership by gifting a journal for recipients to use and enjoy. Our favorite? The Junior Executive Tech Journal.

Junior Executive Custom Tech Journal - 5.75"w x 8.5"h SKU:10008484Why a journal? Turns out, journals are a really helpful tool in developing those habits exercised by leaders. That makes them a fantastic giveaway for many professionals – whether gifted to staff in-house, offered to partners and clientele, or used as a giveaway to promote your brand.

A company that holds the secret to hiring, keeping, and developing great employees, OutMatch assessed tens of thousands of candidates for leadership positions, and determined that top executives share 7 distinct personality traits that make them successful leaders of companies. Here’s how your recipients might use the Junior Executive Tech Journal to capitalize on all traits:

1. Vision

The highest levels of leadership are responsible for defining the overall vision and strategy for the company. A promotional gift for your leadership team will help them coordinate their strategic thinking and roll out new initiatives for your company.

2. In-depth problem solving and analysis

Leaders must carefully evaluate information and find possible courses of action. A notebook to jot down brainstorming ideas helps leaders find good solutions to difficult problems.

3. The ability to champion change

Change is good. Leaders spearhead organizational buy-in and support their teams through the changes in the company. Taking notes on how to successfully transform ideas into actions is what this notebook is all about.

4. The ability to drive for results

Once your company’s vision has been defined, it’s time to drive for results…make things happen. Encourage each team member at your organization to use this journal to keep on track with quarterly goals by documenting successes, roadblocks and new ideas throughout the year.

5. The art of influencing and persuading

Generating enthusiasm for new ideas is very much a skill. Leaders typically perfect this skill over time through practice, coaching, reading and writing. Encourage employees to jot down ways to improve a process, make work more fun, or simply just stay organized.

6. Ability to manage others and manage time

Leaders at all levels must effectively direct the activities of others, encourage performance, and hold people accountable to timelines. Whether considering personal or professional performance, imprinted notebooks hold great thoughts and prioritize those thoughts.

7. Organization savvy

Leaders must have a keen understanding of not only organizational politics, but how to maintain organization to accomplish objectives. Organization is where this product shines! For every meeting, business professionals carry a something for notetaking, a pen in hand and, of course, a cellphone is nearby. All three can be efficiently organized and carried to every meeting using this promo.

These characteristics have proven time and again to separate strong senior executives from those who lack effectiveness. Interestingly, these same traits could also apply to the products you choose for your next promotion.

More about the Junior Executive Tech Journal

Lists, doodles, ideas, tasks and reflections—collect them all inside the cover of our featured journal. The tech junior journal is a go-to tool for business meetings and conferences. One of the best features of this journal is the textured elastic closure and integrated cellphone holder. There is also a pen loop on the front of the journal. Keeping these items neat and orderly without dropping them on the floor is essential.

Beautifully made from microfiber this journal is 5.75w x 8.5 h in black with 80 lined, cream-colored pages. The pages are the perfect thickness for writing on without any ink bleeding through the page. It will easily fit inside a briefcase, handbag, laptop bag or backpack, but it’s been a go-to for men to carry solo since it so conveniently holds a pen and a cell phone.

Individuals will find the Junior Executive Journal useful at company “town hall” meetings, seminars, trade shows, new hire orientations and informational lectures. Additionally, employees will find an organized notebook extremely useful at their desks.

Think this journal is right for you? Nikki, our amazing Senior Account Executive, gives us an up-close look:

Call us now to customize our Junior Executive Tech Journal – and consider adding of our personalized pens to this promotional padfolio to complete the gift!


Fitness Trends: 10 New Ways to Workplace Wellness & Promotional Products to...

How can I motivate my office to stay healthy and energized?

Make Your Brand Healthy
Healthy employees are productive employees, so would you agree it is beneficial to improve workplace wellness? Everyone gets bored with their workout regimen. Your employees have probably set their personal fitness goals for the year. To help them reach their goals of healthy living and see the benefit in the workplace, you can re-ignite their goals with your company’s wellness program. One of the best ways to motivate employees to stay healthy is to offer them new ideas on the latest crazes in the fitness world.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) takes a poll each year, surveying fitness professionals around the world to try and determine what the biggest trends will be for the upcoming year. The list doesn’t change fast because strong trends tend to keep growing. Many times, trends from a previous year reappear in the new year.

Here are some innovative fitness trends infused with fitness promotional products to create an exciting and beneficial wellness program for your business:

1. Gather the Troops for A Group Training Session

The more, the merrier. Build muscle, burn calories, and bond with coworkers at group classes and team-based workouts. Competition-based fitness programs add excitement, build camaraderie and make fitness fun. Not only do they provide support from a like-minded group, they provide the challenge of out-cycling, out-rowing and out-stepping coworkers. These classes are inexpensive, motivational and great for different fitness levels. They make fitness social and produce results. How great is that? Kick off your company’s group training efforts with water bottles and cooling towels imprinted with the name of your wellness program. We’ve seen a lot of success with mid-day stretching sessions. These giveaways will be appreciated when used both in and out of the office and also help with your company’s branding.

2. Clear Their Heads

While much of the emphasis for health is on the physical aspects of the body, let’s not forget about mental conditioning. Mental health is an extremely important aspect of overall wellness. Consider working with your local studio to offer discounts at Meditation or mindful yoga classes. For 2,500 years, yoga has been practiced for health and relaxation. There are so many different options: Power Yoga, Yogalates, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyas, Kripalu and others. To promote this ancient tradition within your company, provide yoga mats and yoga blocks and consider creating a quiet space at your place of business. Offer your employees a list of meditation apps like Headspace and Stop, Breathe and Think (along with free headphones) and bring peace and tranquility wherever you are.

Employees will know that they can go there at any time throughout the day, should they need the time to cool off.

3. Get the Gloves Ready

Anything that makes exercising fun is bound to be a trend. Consider a boxing class to encourage relieving frustration and staying fit. Jumping rope and throwing punches, like upper cuts and right hooks, make boxing a mix of cardio and strength training which creates endorphins. Your employees will leave laughing, assuming no one took it out of hand, having bonded over boxing.

4. Team coaching

Team coaching is another hot trend for 2018. Take this idea (directly from the fitness gym handbook), and bring this program back to the office. For many employees, getting back into the routine of fitness may be daunting. Volunteer team coaches guide, support and educate beginners on the equipment and help empower employees to go it alone in the gym when they are ready. Provide a Bluetooth Speaker/Award to your company’s team coach as a thank you for their efforts.

5. Pop Pilates

Pop Pilates can be found on the YouTube channel, Blogilates. Fitness guru Cassey Ho is a social-media fitness guru that developed this combination of Pilates, dance and music into a full-body workout. Using only body weight, Pop Pilates sculpts and strengthens muscles in exciting new ways. Ho has three million subscribers to her YouTube channel and provides hours of free exercise content and nutrition advice. Encourage young women to “tune in”. She has a positive “love your body” message and helps individuals find joy in exercise. Everyone can see why Pop Pilates is an emerging fitness trend.

6. Barre Workouts

Barre workouts, with the killer burn and low risk of injury, are becoming one of the trendiest (and most challenging) fitness programs. Using a blend of ballet, Pilates, yoga, light weights, and body weight exercises, barre workouts sculpt lean muscles, increase strength, and improve flexibility in an uplifting atmosphere. Versions of this form of exercise are Xtend Barr, Pure Barre, Barre+Cardio Fusion and Pop Physique. Get hearts pumping and take fitness to a level never thought possible! A traditional t-shirt is the perfect idea to advertise your company’s trending workouts like working the bar and Krav Maga. Wellness program participants that meet challenge goals at Barre could also win logoed yoga tops and yoga pants. This clothing is perfect for the series of specific bodily postures used in this form of exercise and relaxation.

7. Krav Maga

The philosophy of Krav Maga is simple: Your health and your body are worth fighting for. If you’re looking for an amazing and challenging fitness regimen, this fitness is a diverse and comprehensive strengthening and conditioning program that combines Krav Maga combative techniques with intense athletic training. In 1948, Krav Maga was originally adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces as the official method of self-defense. Expect this trend to carry through to next year because it offers a unique combination of strength and stamina training, agility and coordination, speed and explosiveness; mobility and balance; power and mental fortitude.

8. A good ‘ole walk in the park

The easiest way to get all employees to participate in a wellness program is to promote walking at lunch! Encourage them to log their numbers by gifting them a pedometer or a fitbit!

These trends are sure to take your employees to the next level of fitness to feeling great about themselves and what they do, day after day. Call us at ePromos to create your workplace wellness program now!


Build Your Brand at Any Age with Custom PopSockets

One of the hottest trends in promotional products is the PopSocket. Just in case you don’t know what a PopSocket is, we’ll explain. PopSockets grips are small, plastic contraptions that adhere to the back of your phone and “pop” up to use. They are made of three parts: a decorative disc, a flexible accordion-like stem, and a circular base that sticks on your phone.

Cell phone accessories are like the modern-day billboard. Did you know that the average person makes 8,000 estimated public texts and calls per year? * That’s advertising space seen by 67 times more people than a Super Bowl commercial! Mobile phones are easily one of the most valuable pieces of real-estate for your brand – and PopSockets are one of the fun, new ways to earn that placement.

And, because the PopSocket has so many functions, it’s extremely useful for customers of any age group. If you want a conversation starter at your next tradeshow, fear not. We’ve broken down the uses of custom branded PopSockets for every age group:

Kids (6-8 years)

Small children are not the typical Verizon or T-Mobile customer, and they are probably not your customer base. But if their parents and grandparents are your target audience, gifts for their young kids are a great way to reach them! When phones are used by children to keep them entertained and engaged, your brand will be remembered as one that regularly gives the gift of peace and quiet.

Watching Movies: Kids often require entertainment at restaurants while the adults engage in conversation. Yet they are young, and likely to drop their phone or their parents’ devices in the leftovers! When the PopSocket is extended, it’s the perfect stand to watch movies along with parental instructions of, “Don’t touch the phone.” This will hopefully end any arguments between siblings who want the phone right in front of them.

Gaming: Kids need to make epic moves while gaming. One PopSocket is essential (and a pair of PopSockets are perfect!) for gaming, regardless of the device. Allow children to secure tablets, eReaders, and phones with both hands while playing games and apps.

Tweens (9-12)

Videos: Tweens are less interested in texting and making phone calls and more interested in watching online videos. The PopSocket can be used as a video stand, both vertically and horizontally, no matter where the PopSocket is positioned on the phone. Tweens can watch short clips and entire episodes, without getting [enter snack of choice] on the phone.

Music: Too often, kids leave their earbuds in a snarled mess resembling a series of intricate nautical knots. Two PopSockets make for a convenient earbud-management system your customers (and their kids) will certainly appreciate. When gifting these at your trade show booth or in-store event, show guests how to wrap the cord around the PopSockets so they are wired for sound in a snap…or a “pop”.

Fidget Toy: Very recently, fidget toys have been all the rage for kids of all ages. The PopSocket makes a fun alternative for tweens, who can expel extra energy by flicking, popping, and spinning their way to relaxation. Kid tested, mother approved.

Teens (13-17)

Texting: Focus-group data collected by Pew Research Center last year shows that 80 percent of teens say they communicate with their closest friends by texting…up to 100 texts a day! Think about how many times they wanted to write a one-handed text? Efficient, right? PopSockets can make that happen.

Selfies: PopSockets earned their popularity from being taken with selfies. The newest, must-have gadget provides an easy grip when users expand it like an accordion. This grip makes it easy to take selfies. Look how easy it is for Model Gigi Hadid to take a one-handed selfie!

Photos: “Hey, your thumb is in the way!” We are sure your clients have heard that before. And if not, we’re betting you’ve seen the stray finger on the out edges of photos yourself. A PopSockets grip is not only a fun accessory, it makes holding the phone easier, so photos are better. These tools are little life changers for your customers and brand ambassadors!


eReaders: PopSockets make reading a book more comfortable to do. When hands get tired of propping up the pages in one position, recipients can remove the PopSocket by pulling slowly on the base, and then reposition and reattach time and time again. Your customers always have the exact grip or stand needed.

Skype: Multi-tasking is essential during any Skype call. Your clients and business partners are taking notes, sending emails, and sipping coffee. They need to be in hands-free mode. The PopSockets mounting device provides the perfect way to see and be seen.

Facebook: With a few minutes during commute to catch up on Facebook, the last thing your customers want to do is drop their phone in the subway or on the bus. A cracked screen is not worth viewing recently uploaded cat videos. Or maybe it is? We doubt it!

Group Photos: Selfie sticks are extremely helpful when taking pictures that need a wider viewpoint. But if taking a group shot, there is not a selfie stick long enough to get everyone in the photo. Introducing the PopSocket as a tripod for a phone: show recipients how to set the scene, set the timer, sit with the group and DONE!

Smartphone Grip:
Adults might like to think of themselves as more responsible than teens or tweens when it comes to respecting property. However, working through a busy crowd while texting or making a simple call could result in a minor collision and the dreaded screen smash. A firm grip is necessary to avoid catastrophes while multitasking, and a Popsockets grip makes it easy.

Laptop Hook: Most of your target audience spend their days in front of a computer – but their phones are always close-at-hand. As many professionals habitually check their phones throughout the day, another great way to use the PopSockets is to expand the socket to hang the smartphone from the corner of the laptop or computer monitor. Now their phone is always in view.


Viewing: A favorite pastime for grandmas and grandpas is to view photos that have been sent and saved to their smartphone. Whether using the stand or holding the smartphone with the PopSockets grip, photos can be easily enjoyed. This handy device is especially helpful when scrolling and flipping the device to view photos in portrait and landscape positions.

Facetime: You know who loves Facetime? Relatives and friends who live far away. Nothing is more valuable to your customers than and catching up with a loved one face-to-face. During this special time, their hand is bound to cramp from holding the phone for such an extended period of time. Gift them the PopSockets grip to use as a kickstand, so they can chat away!

Calling: Maintaining a steady grip on such a small device is sometimes difficult for older adults. You don’t want them to drop their phones. A big grip to hold onto will reduce their fear of dropping their expensive phone.

ePromos sells the real PopSockets grips – there are no fakes here! Our products are the same PopSockets you see at retail stores everywhere. We carry single PopSockets or a combo package of a PopSockets and a mount…just like you’ll see in stores. When your company taps into current trends, your business will become cool by association. Products seen on retail shelves have a higher perceived value, so they make a more impressive gift. For certain audiences and industries, it can be the ideal way to set your message apart.

When brand recognition is on the line and perception is key, PopSockets grips are a sure-fire way to make a lasting impression. Consider investing in these promotional products that you’ve seen in shops and stores for your next marketing idea.

*Estimate based on Business Insider, March 22, 2013, “CHART OF THE DAY: Kids Send a Mind-Boggling Number of Texts [3,800] Every Month.”