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6 Holiday Gifts That Make a Sweet-and-Savory Statement

Nothing says “tis the season” quite like a festive bite (or two…). From sweet treats to savory snacks to DIY cookies perfect for your clients, customers and their families, these holiday favorites ring in the season in a big way – and, this year, we’re counting down the days until we can whip up a batch, crack open a tin and sink our teeth in. This holiday season, we’re starting with a few classic faves, adding in some new must-eats and sprinkling in some super festive snacks and sips we can’t get enough of. As you’re making your list and checking it twice, start here.

Brand these fun, festive holiday food gifts and make a serious seasonal statement.

#1. S’mores Kits

Think s’mores are only for camping trips? Think again. These Gable Box Kits are perfect for holiday gifting. Want to go big? These larger kits come complete with everything you need to make three full-size s’mores.

#2. Hot Cocoa Kits

Everyone loves a stainless-steel tumbler – but, as the holidays roll in, everyone especially loves a tumbler topped off with some festive hot cocoa. This Ghirardelli® Cocoa Kit is the best of both worlds, with a custom tumbler that keeps cocoa, coffee or tea hot, and their famous double chocolate cocoa.

Another perfect pick? This LEEMAN® NYC Tuscany set includes cocoa, two cups and a sleek faux leather-bound journal perfect for making those naughty and nice lists.

#3. Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

Want to go cup-less? Fun and festive, Hot Chocolate on a Spoon is it. Each spoon features a delicious Belgian chocolate square topped with mini marshmallows, all packaged for holiday gifting. Simply stir into a cup of hot water or milk for an instant cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

An alternative to the spoon? These all-in-one cups – simply add hot water, stir and sip.

#4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Speaking of mixing it up, this branded Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is the perfect gift for the baker or non-baker on your list. Not only does this mix deliver the perfect “a little bit chewy/a little bit crispy” cookies every time, but it only require two ingredients (butter and an egg – easy!) to complete.

#5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Kit

Another DIY fave is this new classic – make-your-own chocolate-covered pretzel rods. As easy to perfect as the cookies, these pretzels are destined to become a seasonal must-have around your office. Simply melt the chocolate, dip a pretzel and top with a favorite candy – or candies. It’s all included –  everything your clients and customers need to make a sweet and salty holiday treat.

#6. Towers, Tins, Totes and Crates

Want to really wow recipients? These towers, tins, totes and crates are the perfect place to start.

Two gallon popcorn tins contain three seasonal favorites – butter, cheddar and caramel. Sink into these gourmet kernels and you’ll never go back to regular popcorn – trust us.

Want popcorn – and then some? We don’t blame you. And that’s why this Gourmet Treats Custom Gift Tote is a holiday classic and a popular choice in the “off-season.” Not only is this tote packed with everyone’s favorites – lemon cookies, berry and fruit nut mix, peanut crunch, butter toffee caramels and, yes, that amazing caramel popcorn, but the branded tote is the perfect carry-all once the snacks run out.

If you’re all about the cookies, this jam-packed crate of crisps and cookies is the way to go. With classic seasonal flavors including chocolate, lemon meringue, snickerdoodle, mixed berry, cranberry shortbread and, of course, chocolate chip, this oversized cookie delivery will keep your clients and customers snacking all season – and thinking of you with every bite.

And if it’s all about making the ultimate snacking statement, this is it: the Gourmet Snacks Gift Box Tower – yes, tower. This four-tier tower is overflowing with tons of treats perfect for every palate – think lemon cookies, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, peanut brittle crunch, shortbread, chocolate-covered almonds, wafer cookies and more. Tie it all up with a custom ribbon and your tower is good to go – and sure to be the favorite gift this season.

We’ve rounded up even more amazing holiday food gifts here. Have questions? Get in touch to discuss your holiday gift order now!



Expert Tips: 20 Small Business Marketing Ideas

With tight budgets and limited resources, growing a small business can be a challenge. At ePromos, we specialize in providing custom printed promotional products for small businesses that are perfect for giveaways at trade shows, conventions and community events.

However, we wanted to hear from the experts, so we have assembled 20 of our favorite small business marketing ideas from professionals in the industry. Here are some tips with proven success for expanding the reach of your brand both digitally and locally.


1. Team Up with Businesses in Your Community

One thing I recommend for a new business is to get out there and do some cross-promotions with other small businesses in your area. This can be sponsoring a charity event, a concert, or a community festival. This is a great way for other people in the community to see your brand and get to know what your business is all about.

Matt Ruley, Owner, WFHOffice


2. Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Pages

Many people think of social media for socializing, and search engines for searching.

Jason Lavis, Managing Director, Out of the Box InnovationsThe search boxes inside social media websites and apps get a considerable number of searches. For example, more people search on YouTube than both Yahoo and Bing. Your company’s community and business pages will get discovered by people searching for the products and services you offer. With limited space in the title, bio and about sections, focus on adding the buyer keywords that your customers are likely to be typing. Use fewer generic words like ‘professional’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘quality’. Use more keywords like ‘kids parties’, ‘best moisturizer’, gardening supplies’ or whatever you’re selling.

Jason Lavis, Managing Director, Out of the Box Innovations


3. Local Events with Branded Displays

Melissa Stern, Executive Director, Comprehensive Cranium CareAs a new online small business, we found it challenging to get in front of new customers. One of our most successful early efforts was participating in local street festivals. The opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with new and potential customers is invaluable, particularly if you have a unique product and a niche market as we do. It’s also worth investing in branded assets for these events, as the visibility and brand recognition provided by having a high-quality branded setup for these events is worth the initial cost. We continue to see value from the initial investment in our setup and can use it for years to come.

Melissa Stern, Executive Director, Comprehensive Cranium Care


4. Get Found in Local Search

One of the best (and free!) ways to promote your small business is through local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – meaning, ranking in the “unpaid” search results that appear below the map of your local area.

Zack Reboletti, Owner & SEO Consultant, Web FocusedTo get started, create or verify your business with Google My Business, making sure to select the most relevant/specific business category and complete all available fields. Next, make sure the Title Tags on your main website pages contain 1 – 2 key phrases specific to each page, followed by your city (e.g. Dry-Cleaning Services – Chicago, IL). Lastly, get 3 – 5 relevant websites to link to your website. Quick wins often come from reaching out to organizations, associations, and any other local business entities you’re affiliated with.

Zack Reboletti, Owner & SEO Consultant, Web Focused


5. Don’t Overlook Direct Marketing

Jon Nastor, Creator & Host, Hack the EntrepreneurOne excellent offline strategy for small businesses is door-to-door flyers. They are simple, easy to test, and cost-effective, making it accessible for most. Direct marketing has produced billions of dollars in sales for companies – because it works. In recent years, its effectiveness has increased as more companies overlook this simple marketing method. To get the most bang for your buck, keep your ad focused on your product or service’s benefit to the customer, and test paper color, offer, and the neighborhood of distribution.

Jon Nastor, Creator & Host, Hack the Entrepreneur


6. Network at Coworking Spaces

Paul Davis, Owner, Paul Davis Solutions

A local coworking spot is always one of the first places I connect with other businesses. As a marketer, these B2B relationships are ideal for leads and referrals. Even a B2C business can still benefit from growing their local network.

Paul Davis, Owner, Paul Davis Solutions


7. Host Your Own Event

Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen AgencyOne of the simplest and smartest use of limited resources is a combination networking/letter writing program. Find groups or organizations that most closely align with the types of clients or customers you are seeking and get involved. Attend the networking events, gather business cards and regularly send out direct letters to those folks to invite them to an event or some type of program you are hosting at your space – and make it something fun but related to what you do – for example, a tea, a business roundtable, a beer tasting or whatever. These direct and purposeful networking/follow up programs create a sense of trust with potential clients and not only build leads, but also build your credibility and your brand.

Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency


8. Leverage Pinterest for Your Brand

Even on a tight budget, a small business can take full advantage of social platforms, especially Pinterest.

Arya Bina, CEO, Kobe DigitalPinterest is second only to Facebook as the most popular social media platform when it comes to influencing buyers. This makes perfect sense as Pinterest users go on the platform to get inspired by items they want to buy. Once an account is set up and a business has chosen which products they wish to promote, the next step is to market their brand by creating a “board” and adding “pins”. An important step to remember is to include simple keywords, clear descriptions, and stunning images to optimize your marketing on Pinterest.

Arya Bina, CEO, Kobe Digital


9. Encourage Online Reviews

For a small or local business, being found online is critical to survive. Potential customers are looking for what other people are saying about your brand. That’s where online reviews come in. Not only do consumers actively seek out reviews, but because of this, Google rewards businesses with reviews with higher rankings in local search results.

Studies show that having more reviews means more leads and more sales. So how do you get online reviews? It’s not as hard as you think (and it’s cheap). All you must do is ask. The best time to do this is right after the sale. When thanking the customer for their business take the opportunity to also ask them to leave a review on Google or Yelp. You won’t get a review from everyone you ask, but over time, you will see an increase in the number of reviews.

Matt Stone, Founder, Review Ignite


10. Schedule Social Media Posts in Advance

A great way to marketing your small business with a limited budget is social media. You can reach thousands of people if you are using social media properly. One tool that is very helpful for social media tracking and posting is called Buffer. It is a free tool you can use to post social media posts in advance, as well as see how your posts are doing.

Samantha Walls, Inbound Marketing Manager, InTouch MarketingYou will want to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a day focusing on social media and deciding which social media posts are resonating with your followers and planning out your future social media posts. Make sure that when you are posting on social media you are not only talking about yourself and your company. You want to be a thought leader for your industry and post helpful articles, infographics and news to help your followers.


Samantha Walls, Inbound Marketing Manager, InTouch Marketing


11. Find Your Happy Customers

Deborah Sweeney, CEO, MyCorporationWord of mouth is one of the best forms of increasing your sales and it’s all free! You should already be identifying customers that have had good experiences with your business and trying to learn what made the experience so positive for them, but if you’re not, a quick customer satisfaction survey is convenient to institute and very beneficial for you. Out of these responses, find the people who really had the best experience (9 or 10 rankings on a 1-10 scale) and target them as your advocates. These people will be the most beneficial for you and are typically the most inclined to pass on good comments. Then, take your targets and encourage them to tell customers about your business.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO, MyCorporation


12. Try Bing for Budget-Friendly Ads

Craig De Borba, Digital Marketing Specialist, Onpoint Internet MarketingThe real challenge for a small business online is getting visitors to your website or offer on a small budget. This can be best achieved by utilizing the lower cost Bing PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and bidding on very specific phrases and exact match keywords. Paid ads are the fastest way to get visitors to a website and while most organizations are focusing on Google, small businesses take advantage of the much lower costs available to them on Bing to drive more traffic for less money.

Craig De Borba, Digital Marketing Specialist, Onpoint Internet Marketing


13. Partner with Relevant Businesses

Alicia Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist, FlaukLook for other businesses who target the same customers but aren’t a direct competitor and approach them for a partnership. By pooling resources such as social followings, email lists, offerings and budgets, you can create some great campaigns. Or, host events where both businesses can benefit and expose your company to a new audience. Just make sure to do your research and make sure your potential business partner is trustworthy!

Alicia Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist, Flauk


14. Establish Trust with Testimonials

James Feldstein, Owner, Audio DenIf your company doesn’t have an established brand, it can be challenging to get your name out there. It’s a good idea to include client testimonials or product reviews on your website. People trust the advice of your past customers. If your customers have good things to say, it’s usually a good sign. Testimonials, case studies, and reviews serve as powerful social proof that can help you attract new business and establish credibility.

James Feldstein, Owner, Audio Den


15. Optimize Your Blogging Strategy

One of the best ways to increase online visibility is blogging for search engine optimization (SEO). This strategy has worked well for my small business, plus I’ve seen it work well for clients that invested long term.

Erika Taylor Montgomery, CEO, Three Girls Media
Publish posts regularly: Search engines monitor websites for new content; the more you update, the more often they’ll come back and index your posts. Even publishing once a week, on the same day and at the same time, can greatly benefit your SEO.
Focus on longer articles: Many top performing posts on Google are 1,000 words or more.
Use keywords strategically: Sprinkle them throughout your post and make sure you include them in your headline, introduction, subheads, conclusion, image captions and meta description.
Publicize your posts: Share your content via social media and e-newsletters. If you have the budget for it, consider running social media ads around them.

Erika Taylor Montgomery, CEO, Three Girls Media


16. Share Your Quality Content on Reddit

Leverage Reddit, the bare-bones social network, for a powerful yet low-budget way to drive traffic to your small business website. Reddit has been known to jumpstart the careers of small business owners and entrepreneurs, but it must be used strategically.

Juuso Lyytikkä, Head of Growth, Funnel.ioThe social network is made up of a community of very tech-savvy readers who condemn all obvious marketing tactics. To win at Reddit, you must only share truly awesome content in small, hyper-focused subcategories (referred to as subreddits). Any attempts at overtly promotional sales tactics will likely result in negative comments and a possible ban. The key is to find your niche and dominate it with useful content that interests readers in that community.

Juuso Lyytikkä, Head of Growth,


17. Social Media Ads Are Effective and Affordable

Tracy Julien, VP of Marketing, GuidedChoiceAdvertising across the main social media platforms is a great tool you should be utilizing in your current marketing campaign. These ads are cheap and can get your business in front of the right set of eyes. The best part about social media ads is the outstanding metrics that you can use to track if your current campaign is successful or not. Also, being able to target specific people, locations, products, etc. is a great asset. Test out which platform you deem is best for your business and set a plan to execute!

Tracy Julien, VP of Marketing, GuidedChoice


18. Build a Referral Network

The key to building a successful referral network is to be super clear on who you work with and how you can help them. The people in your network need to be able to talk to someone and IMMEDIATELY think of you as the solution to their problem.

Shannon Howard, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Overit MediaI helped a local gym get clear that their market was injured athletes – often from CrossFit-type gyms. That opened the door to make strategic partnerships with local sports medicine practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic coaches in the area, all with a clear message: We help injured athletes recover faster in a safe, fun environment.

Shannon Howard, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Overit Media


19. Make Use of Relevant Facebook Groups

Gregory Golinski, Head of Digital Marketing, YourParkingSpaceJoin as many Facebook groups as possible, as long as they are related to your industry. Publish links to your blog posts on these groups, without spamming them. If the content brings added value to the community, it will bring traffic from Facebook group users to your website.

Gregory Golinski, Head of Digital Marketing, YourParkingSpace


20. Pre-Screen Customer Reviews

If the customer is king, then customer reviews are royal pronouncements from on high…usually either “off with your head!” or “I hereby knight thee!”

Chas Cooper, CEO, Rising Star ReviewsSmall business owners deserve credit for happy customers. They can get it by pre-screening customers, then asking for reviews. The idea is simple and timeless: First, ask a customer for honest feedback. Then, encourage happy customers to share their experience in a review on a major review site. For customers who aren’t quite happy enough yet, get more details about what improvements could make them (and customers like them) happy in the future. This way, you win no matter what the customer says when you pre-screen them. You either get public credit for a job well done, or you get valuable feedback to help you keep doing a better job in the future.

Chas Cooper, CEO, Rising Star Reviews


These 20 budget-friendly marketing strategies for small businesses can attract new customers, improve the credibility of your brand and help you make valuable partnerships in your industry. Regardless of which ideas you choose, keep in mind that one of the keys to a successful marketing campaign is evaluating the results and fine-tuning your approach.

For those interested in growing their brand with custom printing, check out our Top 100 promotional items or talk to one of our branding experts today.


Why We Can’t Get Enough of this Insulated Wine Tumbler

Everyone loves a stainless steel water bottle or coffee mug. They’re portable. They keep drinks hot – or ice cold – for hours. They’re easy to clean. They’re good for the environment. The list goes on and on and on…

Our Insulated Wine TumblerThe reality? We’d rather be sipping on something else – a little vino, perhaps. That’s why we’re all about these Dual Wall Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers.

Like their coffee-and-water counterparts, these tumblers keep whites and rosés cool and reds at the perfect temperature. And, because they come complete with a spill-resistant lid, you’ll be able to keep everything in the cup (for once…).

This stemless, stainless steel insulated wine tumbler is the ultimate gift for any wine lover.

Wine tumblers are available in six colors – black, blue, red, silver, titanium and white. Made from high-quality kitchen-grade stainless steel, these tumblers look, feel and act the part – they’re sturdy, sleek and ensure the wine is always perfectly sippable. They can be printed with a colorful logo or laser engraved – a gorgeous and HOT trend we recommend you try.

Ideal for camping trips, outdoor concerts, picnics and, simply, hanging with friends and family inside or out, these branded tumblers are the perfect gift for clients, customers, vendors and employees. Kick things up a notch by gifting recipients with a pair of tumblers, or pairing that pair with a great bottle of wine. It’s the ultimate way to raise a glass even if you can’t be there.

And if you can be there? Bring your own stainless wine tumbler and toast to your latest achievements, your newest partnership or, simply, that it’s finally Friday (or Tuesday or Wednesday…).


Looking for other drinkware ideas for clients? Check out our ultimate, best-selling all day sippers, side by side.


4 Benefits of Employee Incentive Programs

Meeting or Exceeding Sales TargetsChances are you’ve heard both sides of the debate: do employee incentive programs really pay off in the long run or not? While it seems like a no-brainer especially in a sales-based organization, many do fall on the negative side – they don’t believe in rewarding workers for “doing their job” and they feel incentives artificially inflate performance in the short-term.

The reality? We’ve been there, done that and worked for companies that did and did not support added perks for performance. At the end of the day, that icing on the cake IS the secret sauce. Sure, many employees, especially when starting a new job, are motivated by hitting their target numbers and by recognition. But, knowing there’s something out there – something great – is a surefire way to get your team to give a little extra, think a little more creatively and dig a little deeper. And, at the end of the day, that could be the difference between locking down the deal and missing the mark.

Reasons to consider layering sales contests into your performance structure:

1. They build meaningful, long-term pipelines

Incentivizing teams builds your pipeline, from initial prospects straight through to closed deals. But that’s just the beginning. Well-managed pipelines grow company revenues 15% faster than businesses lagging in their funnel-building. In other words, reward programs drive sales today while laying the groundwork for stronger performance tomorrow – it’s the ultimate win/win.

2. They promote good sportsmanship

Done right, employee incentive programs can promote serious team bonding which, in turn, can drive enhanced teamwork, enhanced performances and an ability to think and act outside the box in a BIG way. A good example? Our President’s Club incentive, which has been a huge success for ePromos.

ePromos Presidents Club teamSo how does it work? Our top performers get an all-expenses-paid four-night trip to Mexico for themselves and a guest. We look at everything from sales to growth level to performance in choosing our list. We also choose two Circle of Excellence monthly winners at random. This monthly incentive program recognizes top performers month to month, giving them the accolades and company-wide recognition they deserve.

What’s incredible to us is watching the sportsmanship that surrounds both the performance-based winners and the Circle of Excellence picks. While people want to go on the trip, of course, they’re thrilled to see their colleagues get the recognition they deserve. It’s powerful and it’s palpable, and it’s a BIG reason we continue this program year after year.

3. They drive healthy competition

That said, everyone knows the parameters of the President’s Club rewards – where they need to land, what earns them extra kudos and ultimately, what they need to do to make the cut.

While, again, everyone has an incredible attitude, there’s something about competition and social motivation that drives even the most mellow seller. Research shows upwards of 50% of people benefit from having tangible competition. For us, that translates to significant increases in everything from prospecting to customer engagement to sales. And for our team that translates to more success, more commitment and a better chance of getting to Mexico!

4. They promote bonding and team building

Whether it’s a few winners grabbing drinks poolside or a frequent President’s Club winner mentoring a newcomer back in the office, there’s a pervasive sense of camaraderie that touches every aspect of the President’s Club – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The trip is, of course, a mega-bonding experience, but just the idea of the trip is enough to create team-building and mentoring opportunities year-round. It’s powerful and it’s been a major win for our company, our employees and the daily environment we work in.

Structuring your incentive systems:

2-in-1 Promotional Portfolio and Power BankThat said, it’s not just trips and commissions that move the needle for businesses. One successful company we know developed a series of exclusive branded premiums for their employees. Because the only way to score a 2-in-1 Charging Promotional Portfolio (clients LOVE these) custom watch, Cutter & Buck® Custom Duffle Bag or show-stopping crystal award is to top the sales leaderboard for a given month, quarter or year. Having – and displaying – these gifts became marks of achievement, and something staffers were proud to show off.


The point? Regardless of your approach, incentives work. Focus on high-value gifts and giveaways that will resonate with your team and then build up and out from there. Done right, these campaigns can drive powerhouse results from sales to morale to team-building – experiences that we, at ePromos have had with our President’s Club campaign since its inception.

Looking for more employee recognition ideas for your business? Call us now, the Promo Know-How People to talk through some fun sales contest ideas and giveaway options.




The 10 Best Corporate Gifts For The Holidays

10 Corporate Gifts On Your Clients Wish ListThink it’s too early to focus on holiday gifting? Think again. Between production time, approvals and, of course, getting your gift out ahead of the December crush – which, as we know, ensures your gift has a greater impact  – waiting until the temperature drops is a surefire way to miss the mark, miss the deadlines and miss giving your clients, vendors and partners something truly special.

But that’s not you – and that’s not happening this holiday season. This holiday season you’re ahead of the curve and ready to dive in. This holiday season you’re locking down the hottest gift that speaks to your business, your clients and your shared relationships. This holiday season you are knocking it out of the park, with a gift they’ll remember and a gift that will help pave the way for your best year yet. Any of these Must-Haves will do the trick…

10 Holiday Gifts Topping Your Client’s Wish List

#1. Aluminum PopSockets®

PopSockets are the “It” item of 2018 and, with one “POP” it’s easy to see why. Affix one of these engravable aluminum PopSockets to your smartphone and, instantly, gain better control for typing, texting and more. Or, pop it out to create a stand – perfect for hands-free calls and even, impromptu movie nights. Yes, PLEASE.

#2. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Stainless-Steel-Wine-TumblerCheers to a favorite vino literally anywhere. These Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers are sleek, chic and totally shatterproof, making them ideal for anything from weekends away to fireside dinners to last-minute happy hours – in the office or out. Engrave yours with a special message commemorating the year and you’re ready to give a toast (or two…).

#3. Wireless Charging Pad/StandWireless-Charging-Pad

Let’s face it – who doesn’t constantly need to charge their phone? With this Qi Wireless Custom Charging Pad, it’s easier than ever. This compact dock fits anywhere and is perfect for desk or nightstand charging. Simply pop a smartphone on top and this handy device gets the job done, while serving as a constant reminder of you, your business and all the “charged up” benefits you bring to the table.

#4. Leeman® NYC Tuscany Collection

Leeman-Office-Gift-SetLooking for a low-cost, high-impact gift that goes anywhere your clients do – literally? From cell phone wallets to leather journals to luggage tags, this collection has something for everyone, with pieces starting at less than $2.00 each. Each piece is perfectly crafted and designed to withstand the elements while tagging along for your recipients’ latest adventures – and, continually giving a nod to your business.

#5. Igloo® Cooler Tote BagIgloo-Cooler

This bag redefines “chill.” Perfect for tailgating, road trips, or office potlucks, this durable tote can hold up to three 12-packs – 36 cans – and offers tons of pockets for storing anything and everything. This is one gift your clients will use over and over, ensuring you get even more bang for your promotional buck.

#6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Triple Insulated Best Selling Water BottleHelp your client achieve their New Year’s resolution – to drink more H2O in 2019. Staying hydrated has tons of benefits  – when giving this best selling Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle  to your clients, you’re acknowledging your partnership and helping to improve their health and hydration in the months ahead. Cheers to that.

#7. Satin Finish Executive Pen

There’s something about a great pen. When you find one, it feels like you can tackle the world – or, at the very least, that enormous pile of purchase orders in your inbox. Our Satin Finish Executive Pen is the perfect go-to, with sleek silver accents, black ink and a medium point – check, check and check. The best part? This is an affordable gift your office can send in bulk, ensuring everyone gets one. Better yet, plan to leave pens in a high-traffic spot so your clients and their clients can grab and go, expanding your reach and getting your message out long after the holidays are over.

#8. Elevate Two-Tone Knit Half-Zip Jacket

Two-Tone-Elevate-Mens-JacketBaby, it’s cold outside – and that’s why everyone loves these half-zip jackets. Cozy, versatile and completely on-trend with a two-tone finish, these jackets are the perfect gift for any client on your list. We love the sweater knit feel and the bonus pockets for storage. Your clients will love being thought of and love having a jacket they can toss on whenever they’re feeling a chill, whether it’s in the office, on the sidelines or anywhere in between.

#9. Gourmet Treats Gift ToteGourmet-Treats-Gift-Tote

Two words: DIG. IN. Getting this Gourmet Treats Gift Tote is like an invitation to indulge – one your clients will no doubt take. Packed with lemon cookies, berry and nut mix, caramel popcorn, almonds, walnuts, peanut crunch and butter toffee caramels, this gift has it all – all packed in a portable carrier that makes it easy to smuggle off-site if they don’t want to share…

#10. Plaid Blanket

This blanket redefines COZY. Not only is it huge – 50” x 60” – and made from Australian wool and acrylic, but this Twisted Fringe Plaid Wool Custom Blanket is easy to fold up and bring anywhere. And, no doubt, your clients and vendors will. Do yourself a favor and order a few extra for yourself and the team. Once you lay a hand on these comfy blankets, you’ll no doubt want a few for your own collection.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Contact our expert corporate gifting team to talk holiday presents and premiums. Now is prime time to get orders in motion and ensure your gifts make it to the top of the pile. We are, after all, the Promo Know-How People!



Our Best Selling Triple Insulated Bottles Side-by-Side

Best Sellers - Triple InsulationTrying to choose the right insulated water bottle can be challenging to say the least. Cup or tumbler? Mug or bottle? Hot or cold? Metal? Stainless?

And that’s before you choose a color.

Our goal? To dig into our latest and greatest drinkware offerings, helping you choose the perfect product for your business. We’ve created a series where we’ll stack a few options side-by-side calling out some key details and fun facts to consider as you’re deciding what to add to your promotional arsenal. First up, our Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles, in 17 or 26 ounce.



17.oz Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Custom Waterbottle

SPECS: A smaller bottle means increased portability without sacrificing usability. Consider this the ultimate in form-meets-function.

WHY WE ❤: Trying to get to the 64-ounce mark? Think of it as one fill before the office, one pre-lunch refresh, one before heading home and another before calling it a day. Easy.

MY IDEAL SIPPER: The type-A taskmaster — someone who loves to check things off of their to-do list and will feel uber-accomplished every time they hit the bottom of the bottle.

FUN FACT: In addition to keeping cold cold for 24 hours, hot drinks will still be piping come lunch — dinner, even.

GET CREATIVE: With a rock solid screw-top the contents of your bottle aren’t going anywhere. The end result? We’ve toted everything from homemade pasta sauce to hot fudge in this bottle.


Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray, then add to your cold brew. If (OK, when…) you go back for seconds midday you’ll get an added jolt of java thanks to the still-cold cubes. Bonus!


26 oz. Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Custom Waterbottle

SPECS: 26 ounces of stainless steel vacuum copper insulation, complete with a twist-off lid for easy, leak-free access

WHY WE ❤: Despite its sleek proportions this bottle holds a lot — more than three full glasses of H2O or a Venti-plus serving of coffee.

MY IDEAL SIPPER: This bottle was built for all-day, all-purpose, all-drink use. No matter their drink, their drive or where this custom bottle needs to go, it’s up for the challenge. Consider it the ultimate partner-in-hydration.

FUN FACT: Cold drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours. Really — the ice will stay plenty icy all day long.

GET CREATIVE: Don’t be surprised to catch us sipping a little soup out of ours. When there’s no time for a lunch break — and no microwave in sight — it’s a super convenient way to refuel.

Freeze fresh, whole berries and chopped up fruit, then pop into this insulated bottle before filling with water. The fruit will thaw over the next 12 to 24 hours, adding consistent flavor every time you refill.

Not convinced either may be the right choice? Check out what makes these bottles so fantastic:

The Triple Insulation Advantage


So there you have it! Which one works best for your brand? Call us today and we can work together to get one of these best sellers incorporated into your next marketing campaign.