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3 Takeaways From The Swag Bags At The Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes swag bags were, as usual, filled to the brim with a mishmash of luxury gifts. Celebs took home a variety of goodies including facial treatments, fragrances, make-up and waterproof speakers all packed in a covetable bag – a Dooney & Burke bag for ladies and a Travelpro garment bag for the guys.

Swag bags always generate a lot of buzz at red-carpet events, but even if you’re not hosting A-listers, you should still know the basics of putting together an epic swag bag. They’re a great way to show people you appreciated their attendance at your event – whether it’s a grand opening, conference or, well, awards ceremony.

swag bags

Here are three takeaways from the swag bags at the 2014 Golden Globes:

1. Pay attention to your presentation.

The first step to an epic swag bag is the bag itself. It’s just as exciting as the contents inside, and it’s also a first impression of the gift. Select a bag that’s the appropriate size for what you’re giving away – you don’t want items spilling out of the bag, and you also don’t want it to be so large that gifts are rattling around inside.

The bag sets the tone for the entire gift experience – make it representative of the event, and make it relevant to attendees. If you’re creating swag bags for a teacher’s conference, for example, consider using insulated lunch bags to house your gifts. If swag bags are for a grand opening, reusable tote bags will get your brand continued exposure.

2. Give people items they actually want.  

The Golden Globes (and really all awards events) nail it with the swag bags – they’re always filled with swoon-worthy gear and products. Your swag bag doesn’t have to be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for it to be cool – it just has to contain gifts that people are actually happy to receive.

Determining the items to include in your gift bags depends largely on the audience attending and what you want to market. Do you have a ground-breaking new product? Consider including a sample in each bag. The contents of your swag bag should be swanky enough for it to be labeled a swag bag. Otherwise, it’s just a hodgepodge of freebies that may or may not end up in the trash.

3. Always consider the quality and functionality of the gifts.

It’s better to include one or two useful gifts with a high-perceived value than a handful of inexpensive giveaways. This isn’t a booth at a tradeshow where the goal is to hand out as many promo items as you can to get your name out there. This is an opportunity for you to engage with event attendees in a lasting, memorable way. Make your swag bags unforgettable by including a few choice gifts that will really wow attendees.

Swag bags can either impress or fall flat. To make sure yours are on the right track, always do a gut check: Would you be excited to receive the swag bag? Take a cue from the Golden Globes to get on the path to sensational swag bags – no matter what your budget and who’s attending your event.


What Happens To Promo Products That Are Misprinted?

Sometimes, promo products don’t turn out the way they should. It could be a smeared imprint, incorrect color, or just simple human error, such as Notre Dame’s misprinted stadium cups.

When things go awry with promo items, marketers can’t use them. So what happens to them?

Typically, they’re donated, kept for internal use, sold at flea markets, or used as random samples. And sometimes, if the customer requests it, they’re flat-out destroyed.

But all misprinted promos aren’t deemed unusable or kept hidden away lest anyone see the error. Sometimes, they can meet a very happy fate – they can brighten the holidays for children in need.

Hope's daughter, Aubrey

Aubrey, the 5-year-old daughter of ePromos’ Hope Binegar, collected items for other children instead of receiving birthday gifts.

Hope Binegar, ePromos’ Senior Merchandising Manager – Vendor Relations, recently spearheaded a project to do just that. Or rather, her daughter, Aubrey, did.

Five-year-old Aubrey decided to forgo presents for her birthday last week. Instead, she asked friends and family to donate items for Operation Christmas Child, the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind. Organized by Samaritan’s Purse, a non-denominational Christian relief organization, Operation Christmas Child sends gift-filled shoeboxes to children in need around the world. The organization, which began its National Collection Week on Monday, hopes to collect 9.8 million shoeboxes this year.

promo products

Binegar received enough promo products to fill 50 shoeboxes.

Binegar, in conversation with two of ePromos’ suppliers, Prime and Hit Promotional Products, mentioned her daughter’s mission to collect items to fill the shoeboxes.

The response was immediate. “They both jumped right in,” she says, “sending us enough stuff to fill 50 boxes.”

promotional gifts

A colorful assortment of misprinted promo items went into each shoebox.

Binegar received a plethora of promo products: journals, pens, rulers, balls, drawstring backpacks, light-up yo-yo’s, toothbrushes, crayons, candy and toys galore.

She enlisted the help of her fellow church members to help pack the promos into boxes. “We set up an assembly line at my church,” she says. “There was a checklist that went into each box, and an adult would personalize each box with random donations, making it a girl or boy box.”

gathering promo products for donation

It took a team of volunteers to get all the promos packed up.

Binegar and her team of helpers transported the packed shoeboxes to a central collection point near her church in Mobile, Alabama. Aubrey collected enough funds to cover shipping costs (about $350 to ship 50 boxes).

Binegar says Aubrey sets aside 10% of her allowance to giving throughout the year, and she also put her birthday money toward Operation Christmas Child. Last year, Aubrey collected enough items to fill 10 boxes along with $70 in funds to ship them.

As a parent, Binegar says it’s rewarding to see her child eager to help. And as a promotional products professional, it’s great to know that misprinted promo products will bring a smile to children on the other side of the world.

“It’s fulfilling to see the items go to someone who needs them instead of being sold for pennies or being destroyed,” she says.


Four Things You Didn’t Know About Promotional Stress Balls

promotional stress ballsWhen stress creeps up on your customers, help them out: Hand out promotional stress balls. These palm-sized stress-busters imprinted with your logo can do wonders at relieving tension, which according to studies, is at an all-time high. Surprise, right?

There’s more stress in people’s lives than there was 25 years ago, according to research from Carnegie Mellon University. Stress jumped 18% for women and 24% for men from 1983 to 2009, with the highest stress levels reported among women, people with lower incomes and those with less education.

When left untreated, this stress can wreak havoc – from fueling cancer to raising the risk of heart attacks.

Why not set your customers on a peaceful path while you’re marketing to them? Custom logo stress balls are ideal for helping people de-compress and promoting your message. Here’s what you may not know about small but powerful promo stress balls:

1. They do actually relieve stress.

Stress relievers aren’t just colorful, cost-effective marketing tools. They do what they’re intended to do – for real. When people are stressed, their bodies tense up and they physically clench. Stress balls prompt them to squeeze and release the energy, bringing on immediate relaxation.

2. They’re not all the same.

You can choose from foam, latex, plastic, rubber, vinyl and more for your promo stress balls, and you can get your logo pad printed or screen printed. We have more than 400 options to fit any client, campaign or theme, and if you don’t see what you want, we’ll find it for you.

3. They engage the senses.

With a squeeze of your promotional stress relievers and a deep breath, customers can be relaxed or energized. Relief is only a whiff away with aromatherapy stress balls in scents such as citrus blast and fresh berries. These stress balls are commonly paired with promotional candles for the ultimate relaxation promo.

4. They’re multifunctional.

Stress relievers can serve more than one purpose. You can choose stress balls that are also cell phone holders, pens, whistles and keychains. The novelty factor makes them great conversation pieces, too.

Take customers to their happy place – give them custom imprinted stress relievers. They get the health benefits, and you get the increased brand exposure.

Promo know-how tip:

Most custom logo stress balls have a round imprint area, so don’t try to cram in too much. Keep it to your logo for a large, crisp imprint. Have questions? Just ask our expert Brand Consultants.


Why Promotional Products Are A Must In Employee Recognition Programs

Are you using promotional products to reward your company’s employees? You should be.

Companies with recognition programs in place have more engaged employees and a voluntary turnover that’s 31% less than companies that don’t say thanks, according to research from Bersin and Associates.

Show some love to the people who keep your business churning and your customers happy. And we’re not talking about giving them a prime parking space or a free afternoon off.

custom messenger bagThose are nice perks, but they’re intangible. They get used up and forgotten. Promotional products are lasting reminders of your gratitude.

Here are three reasons why promo products should be the foundation of your employee recognition programs.

1. They reinforce the company culture.

When employees receive company-branded products, it solidifies a certain aspect of the company culture. A customer service award, for example, fortifies a culture of doing what’s right. A sales award highlights a culture that rewards hard work. Don’t just recognize employees for their tenure—celebrate what they’re doing successfully.

2. They inspire achievement.

Promotional products are visual reminders of an employee’s success. Whether it’s a luxe leather bag or a sleek glass award, every time employees glance at a recognition item, it’s inspiration to keep moving forward.

3. They make a thank-you more meaningful.

A kind word is always welcome, but promotional products are powerful ways to recognize employees for their achievements. They show your employees that you value what they’re doing day-to-day. Your thank-you becomes tangible, public and lasting.

Nobody likes to slog away in their careers without a nod of appreciation. Give your team promotional products to recognize them for a job well done. It makes the recipient feel appreciated, and it’s just good business.

Promo know-how tip:

Provide promotional products for employees to use in peer-to-peer recognition—it doesn’t always have to flow from the top down. Our Brand Consultants can deliver some exciting options to kick-start your recognition programs.


How To Use Promotional Products To Add A Personal Touch To Weddings

Promotional products can rock marketing campaigns, but don’t overlook their softer side—they’re also perfect for personalizing a wedding.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be unique and unforgettable, and custom products are just the way to infuse the big day with an extra-special touch. They can showcase the personality of the couple, and they can enrich the entire wedding experience for everyone involved.

promotional productsU.S. couples spend an average of $25,000 on their big day, according to The Wedding Report, Inc. With that kind of investment, guests should remember the wedding.

Promotional products ensure that the big day lives on. They commemorate the couple and the wedding, and they’re lasting reminders of the day that two people said “I do.”

Don’t think promotional products can only be used as wedding favors. We adore buttermints in personalized wrappers as much as the next wedding guest, but there are many other ways to personalize your wedding with custom products.

Here are some ideas for using promotional products to turn a wedding into a gorgeous, personalized experience:

Welcome out-of-towners.

When far-flung wedding guests arrive for the big day, treat them to custom bottled water and personalized snack packs. Go the extra mile by creating welcome packages containing custom bottles of shampoo or lotion. They’ll appreciate the kind gesture, and couples will be creating a personalized experience right from the start.

Thank the bridal party.

Promotional products become lasting keepsakes for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Whether it’s personalized tote bags or custom stainless steel water bottles, custom gifts are symbols of friendship and appreciation.

Enhance the décor.

Personalized banners or signs can both welcome and direct guests. Display them outside the venue, and station them at various places around the reception. Custom tabletop runners make a beautiful addition to the décor, as well as custom beverage napkins and personalized coasters.

Send guests home with something special.

Giving out unique wedding favors is one of the best ways to make a wedding memorable. Custom products can be trend-setting or traditional—it’s all up to the bride and groom. Custom seed packets capture the spirit of outdoor weddings, while wrapped custom candy is a classic, timeless wedding favor.

Promotional products are a way to make a wedding unlike any other. They’re custom-made specifically for the event, giving it a personal, distinctive feel. When store-bought favors and gifts just won’t do, elevate the experience with custom products.

Promo know-how tip:

Incorporate wedding colors into the promotional products or the imprint. Our Brand Consultants can work with you on every detail.



The Coolest MLB Promotional Items For 2013

custom baseballBaseball season is here! Bring on the peanuts, Cracker Jack and promotional items. We took a look at every MLB team’s promotional calendar and picked some of the coolest giveaways.

We found some interesting new giveaways and also some fun twists on ever-popular classics. We can see why fans will pack the ballparks to score this MLB swag—it’s cool stuff.

Here’s to baseball and the awesome freebies that will be handed out at the games.

Promotional flower seed packets: On April 18, Yankees fans will receive logo packets of flower seeds. Perhaps the growth and new life is a sign of the season ahead? We can hope.

Logo rain gauges: Minnesota Twins fans can track precipitation while showing love for their team—April 22 is rain gauge night.

Custom clocks: Teachers attending the New York Mets game on July 1 will score a custom apple clock for teacher appreciation. Apple giveaways in the Big Apple? We dig it.

Promotional plush bears: Kids hit the jackpot at the Texas Rangers game on July 7—the team is giving out Rangers Red Build-A-Bears, and it’s also $1 ice cream day. Sweet.

Custom gnomes: Just call him Sergio Gnome-O—San Francisco Giants fans will have the snazziest yard on the block after they score the Sergio Romo garden gnome at the May 5 game.

Custom puzzle cubes: Hey, if the April 20 Chicago White Sox game gets a little slow, fans can give the promotional puzzle cube a twist.

Promotional harmonicas: If you’re heading to the St. Louis Cardinals game today, get there early—it’s Stan Musial harmonica day!

Custom bobbleheads: Justin Verlander may not be cozied up with Kate Upton anymore, but at least he gets his own bobblehead. So will Detroit Tigers fans at the July 18 game.

Promotional hats: These aren’t your standard ball caps—these are beard hats, a first-ever (and dare we say must-have) giveaway from the Seattle Mariners. They’re part ski cap, part faux facial hair. We want.

Promotional beach towels: If there’s one giveaway that makes sense in Arizona in the summertime, it’s a custom beach towel. Diamondbacks fans can snag one at the July 13 game.