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Calculator Museum, Part 1

So, I had a couple images of vintage promotional calculators and I wanted to post them, with information about the calculator museum. Of course, by the time I got around to it, I forgot which one. It turns out, there are lots of calculator museums: The Datamath Calculator Museum, The Museum of HP Calculators, The Old Calculator Museum, and The Vintage Calculators Web Museum, to name a few.

atari calculator


Olympic History: Athens 2004 and Turin 2006

After the mascot indecision era, we entered the humanoid semi-twin era. It started in Greece in 2004 with Athena and Phevos, who were modeled after ancient Greek terracotta dolls. Neve and Gliz, the co-mascots for the Turin games are a snowball and an ice cube.

olympics-athens turin


Olympic History: Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City 2002

Mascot indecision seems to have swept the games in Sydney and Salt Lake City. Rather than one great mascot, each settled for three mediocre ones. In Sydney, Olly represented the Olympics, Syd represented Sydney and Millie represented the millenium. Each was a native Australian animal. In Salt Lake City we had a hare (Powder), coyote (Copper) and bear (Coal) which supposedly represented different athletic skills: faster, higher and stronger. olympics-sydney utah


Olympic History: Nagano 1998

Japan hosted the Winter Olympics again in 1998 and chose four snow owls as mascots, Sukki, Nokki, Lekki, and Tsukki. Apparently they were originally considering a weasel named Snople. Good choice.

olympics nagano


Olympic History: Atlanta 1996

All I have to say about this Olympics is that Izzy (shortened from what is he?) is the worst Olympic mascot ever of all time ever. olympics-atlanta izzy


Olympic History: Lillehammer 1994

They started staggering the summer and winter games in 1994 with Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. The Olympic logo was a stylized rendering of the aurora borealis, and this was the last time a Winter Olympics was held in a small town (population 25,000). It was also the first time the Olympics featured humanoid mascots, Haakon and Kristin, the doll-children of Norwegian folklore.

olympics-lillehammer 94