Retro Promos


Bear Market: Clock Man Says…

Clock man says it’s time to be bought for pennies on the dollar! bear-stearns-clock man


Bear Market: Novelty Football Helmet

So, the hard hat didn’t really do such a great job protecting the firm or its investors and I guess the promotional mini football helmet didn’t either. I guess it’s time to switch teams! bear-stearns-football helme


Bear Market: Ace’s Anniversary

More Bear Stearns memorabilia, this time it’s a special promotional kit to celebrate Ace Greenberg’s 50th anniversary at the firm. The seller goes into considerably more detail:

Mr. Alan “Ace” Greenberg started as a clerk at Bear Stearns in 1949 and by 1978 was the CEO of Wall Streets Titan Bear Stearns. He was known as a master card player gamester and magician hence the playing cards and Yo-Yo, Ace was well known for his famous bow ties and non-conventional (yet success proving) ways around the office and the financial world.

In 1999, Bear Stearns celebrated Ace Greenberg’s 50th anniversary at the Firm with items that were given to certain staff members of Bear Stearns New York City 2 of which we are offering here: 1-unopened (sealed in celophane)set of playing cards in original box with ACE’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY MARCH 8, 1999 AND PHOTO OF HIS FAMOUS BOW TIE ON THE CARDS & 1-WOODEN YO-YO WITH ACE’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY EMBLAZENED IN BLACK ON IT. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!! AND VICTORIOUS BIDDING!!!

bear-stearns-aces-50 annive


Bear Market: Managing Risk the Old Fashioned Way

Another promo that was great in theory, an attention getting imprinted hard had. Of course in retrospect, the message seems to be less making risk safer and more thank goodness we have these hard hats while everything we’ve done comes falling down around us.

bear-stearns-hard-hat book


Bear Market: Subprime Lending Tool Kit

It either didn’t work, or it worked too well. This Bear Stearns promotional tool kit, though compact, was apparently all it took to create an enormous bubble in housing prices. Now if that doesn’t show the power of promotional products, I’m not sure what does. bear-stearns-subprime lendi


Bear Market: Silver Yo-yo Days

If we are indeed headed towards a serious recession, it will be the little things we remember. The promotional yo-yos, particularly the ones that were silver plated. The little things will remind us of the good times when life was fun and prosperous. Perhaps we’ll call them the silver yo-yo days. bear-stearns-silver-yo yo