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Back to School: Must-Have Safety Items for Students, Teachers, and School Staff...

2020 Back to School

As students return to in-person classes, masks are being added to school supply lists, and schools are scrambling to create a safer learning environment by incorporating healthcare and PPE items into their standard protocol.

Meeting simultaneous needs for safety and education in response to COVID-19 will require creative solutions and broad infrastructural support, but in the short-term, schools can prepare with PPE and other health and safety items for students, teachers, and staff.

Consider the following items to increase safety and help ease some of the added stress accompanying the start of your in-person school year, whenever that may be.

First, the basics

ePromos offers a wide variety of health and safety products that can promote a safer return to school, including thermometers (including no touch thermometers), germ-free tools, health guides, PPE kits and protective equipment such as disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizers. Let’s explore some of these categories in more detail:

Face masks and shields

Looking to stock up on masks for students or teachers? We’ve got you covered! We offer high-quality, FDA-approved disposable masks in a variety of colors. You can show off your school spirit with pride while practicing safer learning. Grab a package for the whole class with no worry about washing and reusing.

Schools looking for reusable fabric masks have plenty of options, too, many of which are available to customize with your school logo or custom art. Our newest addition is this 5-Day Back-to-School Youth Mask Kit. Packaged in a reflective drawstring backpack, it contains five different colored 2-ply cotton masks so children can wear a different colored mask each school day!

Our Youth mask kit

We know choosing a mask is not easy (check out this piece on adjustability = comfort for one of our top recommendations, or our mask guide for some additional guidance.We also offer reusable masks anti-fog windows, which are ideal for supporting non-verbal communication while staying safe.

As an accompaniment to masks, consider the addition of a face shield, which can be printed with your school’s logo as well.

Sanitizers and cleaning products

There’s no question cleanliness is an even larger priority than usual this back-to-school season. We can cover all your hand sanitizer needs with our automatic hand sanitizer stand, which is perfect for the classroom, hallways, media centers and libraries.

Convenient-sized 8 ounce hand sanitizer bottles , which can be completely customized with school branding, have been extremely popular since they are the perfect size for students and/or teachers to have and keep at their desks.

hand sanitizer with caribeaner

Promotional sanitizer wipes and a travel hand sanitizer (which can be clipped onto backpacks) are great PTA, PTSA or PTO fundraiser options that come in handy in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, and on the bus. Here are some of the benefits of BZK wipes.

Let’s not forget the benefit of good old-fashioned soap! Studies have shown hand washing with soap is effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19, so consider stocking up on branded soap or offering a cleansing gift set as a welcome-back gifts for hard-working teachers and staff.

The Power of Kits

With gifts in mind, kits are a fun and popular choice. When it comes to PPE, the right branded kit can be a great way to get everything a student, teacher, or school employee needs as they return to the classroom.

In addition to our youth mask kit, Our On-The-Go Wellness Kit features a reusable cotton mask, a disposable mask, vinyl gloves, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer, all in a reusable pouch. The Protection-On-The-Go Kit comes in a branded waist pack for easy carrying, especially for younger students, and includes hand sanitizer gel, nitrile gloves, a non-woven face mask, and a stylus pen for touch-free screen use.

Our on-the-go kit

We offer a variety of other kit options, and our knowledgeable team can also help you build a custom solution that meets your specific requirements for the new school year.

More PTA Fundraiser Ideas

We also offer unique products and solutions you may not have thought of, such as customizable headbands that can keep masks from slipping, custom ear-saver mask holders, and lanyard mask holders. Parents love these items since they provide added comfort, help students keep track of their personal-use items, and avoid touching their faces unnecessarily throughout the day. Another cute idea to give to elementary incoming students is a coloring book to help them learn about germs and the importance of good hygiene practices.

Germ free coloring book and mask holder

We see how hard teachers, staff, administrators, and families are working toward a safer return to school this season, and we hope some of these PPE items and other products can help ease the strain of this unprecedented time.

We also realize the needs and requirements of specific schools, districts, and students will vary widely. If your school needs a product that isn’t listed here, please contact us – the ideas above are just a snapshot of what we can offer, and our expert team is ready to talk through how we can help make this a safe school year.


We’re Going Back to the Basics

Lately it’s all about the trends—what’s cool NOW, or must-haves for 2020. But what about the basics that you’ll always need? Whether you’re a start-up, on-boarding a new team member (remotely or in the office), running an event or re-filling supplies for your office staff, you will always need the basics. Here’s our lineup. It’s short list, legit—products that have more than earned their spot in the promotional premium hall of fame. Let’s start with the office essentials…

The Legendary Sticky Note

Sure, chances are you take notes and jot down numbers directly in your smartphone most of the time. But think about it—when was the last time you couldn’t dig up the sticky note affixed to your computer or office phone?


Those good old fashioned BiC® Sticky Notes aren’t going anywhere fast—for a reason. Invented by accident back in the late 1960s (3M® scientist Spencer Silver accidentally created an adhesive that had a certain “removability characteristic”) and perfected over the years, these office essentials really caught on in the 1980s, when sales went through the roof.

As we move further away from physical paper into the digital sphere, it’s easy to forget about these convenient little notes—but don’t underestimate the power they still have to help you build and run your business. These branded sticky notes are a wonderful, inexpensive promotional item you can hand out at trade shows, use as giveaways, and just keep around the office. We offer full-color, 3″ x 3″ Sticky Notes, adorned with your business name, logo or an inspirational phrase. Whatever it is that you want to portray. The world is your oyster!

The Classic Notebook

From meetings to conferences, to the grocery store and beyond, you can always rely on a classic spiral-bound notebook to help you keep track of every detail (and to keep you from losing your mind). If you’ve scribbled up and down every page of your current notebook and are in search of the perfect replacement, check out our assortment of notebooks, journals and jotters.

They’re the perfect canvas for lists, quick thoughts, meeting notes, and more (or meeting doodles—we don’t judge). Decorate them with your message and gift them to your new employees or your most loyal clients. No matter who the recipient is, they’ll definitely get use out of a practical notebook—and you’ll get brand recognition as an added bonus.

You Can Never Have Enough Pens

Ballpoint pens, gel pens, stylus pens – pens: you always need them, yet they’re always going missing. Needless to say, you can never have enough pens lying around the office, at home, or in your bag. Whether you pass them out to clients as gifts, or you write miles of notes every single day, custom pens are equal parts useful and brand-building. Each promotion pen, in fact, generates about 3,000 impressions over its nine-month life! Embellish them with your logo, choose from a wide variety of colors, and use them in gift bags, at trade shows, and even for yourself or your team at the office!

These office essentials are just the beginning. Let’s also mention the out-of-office essentials your clients can’t live without, starting with…

Lip Balm

Did you know your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on your body? And when it comes to skin cancer, no measure of prevention is too little to consider—and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have an SPF lip balm on hand, even when you’re indoors.

Our various choices of Lip Balm are the perfect way to promote your brand and promote good skincare habits at the same time. Imprint each one in full color, and pass them out to employees, at outdoor promo events, in customer care packages, and more. And the best part? These promotional lip balms come in various flavors such as citrus, coconut, vanilla bean, peppermint, to name a few!


It goes without saying that an umbrella is essential in everyone’s life—so why not take advantage and use it to promote your brand? Every city restaurant can sell them. Every hotel can use them in rooms and in lobbies. The possibilities are endless for promotional umbrellas. Choose from a wide variety of color combos, sizes and uses.

Umbrellas are the ultimate weather-bearing, brand-building promotional item that’s perfect for giveaways, outdoor events, and client gifts. Our most recent fav? The Inverted Umbrella.

The Perfect Carry-All

Whether it’s to the gym, to the beach, at a trade show or even to work, Drawstring Bags are completely versatile. Their large space provides ample room for belongings of any kind, and their large imprint areas can display logos in one or many colors. There are so many different models to choose from, making them a classic choice where you can’t go wrong.

So, if you’re ready to get back to basics? Call us, the Promo Know-How People to get started.

Dealing with a cancelled trade show or event? Here’s how to stay connected this season.

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Types of Planners & Journals to Get Your Team Organized

The modern workplace has changed leaps and bounds in the past twenty years thanks to the advent of the Internet—with pretty much everything moving forward as digital. Further, workspaces are now literally digital, as remote working surges in popularity around the globe—which only makes staying organized and focused all the more important, as the dynamics of “the office” continue to evolve. Planners are a fantastic way to keep yourself on track but with this everything-digital attitude, one must wonder: does a paper planner have a place in the workplace anymore? A simple response—a resounding “yes”.Promotional Planners and Journals

A paper planner is wonderful for many reasons, not least among which is the fact that it isn’t digital. No dead batteries to charge, Internet shortages to sit through, upgrades to stay on top of, or handing over all your personal information to an app—all that is needed is a simple pen. Additionally, some argue that the act of writing things down help you better remember them.

Paper planners make a great gift to employees, particularly if you’re looking to usher in greater organization, create a reason to jump offline (even if for just a few minutes each day), or encourage employees to be more intentional in how they plan out their days/weeks/months. They can also be a motivating factor in increasing productivity, as the process of writing out plans and continually reviewing them is a great reminder of what’s on your plate.

With that said, planners aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all. People use them in all sorts of different ways, making some features more useful than others, again, depending on personal preference. For some folks, a to-do list is a dream space—the simple joy of crafting a list and slowly ticking it off. For others, having a place to jot down bullets and notes is preferred—great for use in a meeting, conference, or during work calls. For those looking to focus on timing, a calendar or time-based planner is a great tool to strive for efficiency and fitting it all in.

Below, we go over a few of the most popular planner types and offer some recommendations that can be found at ePromos—bonus, they’re all customizable.

Types of Planners

1. Daily planner

This style of planner has a space for each day of the year. It’s great for catching all the little things that make up your day—you can even find ones that list the day out by hours. This is a great style for individuals looking to maximize the hours in the day by being more accountable to them simply from having a space to pen them out. This creates a stronger awareness around daily priority.

On a more practical note, daily planners are a good choice for individuals that prefer more room to write and plan.

2. Weekly planner

A weekly planner is perfect for creating a wider lens than a daily planner, but still ‘staying small’—on point with the tactical needs and priorities of a job. A weekly may not have as much space for detail, but you’ll appreciate being able to look at an entire week all at once, (as opposed to being spread over seven different pages in a daily). It’s also a smart option for managers who may need to keep track of a few schedules at once, or for someone juggling a lot of meetings on a weekly basis. Looking at the entire week all at once helps you to plan for both the busy and slow days spread across the week.

A few options from ePromos:
Weekly Custom Pocket Planner w/ Matching Flat Pen
Executive Vinyl Weekly Custom Pocket Planner
Weekly Wire Bound Custom Planner

3. Monthly planner

Monthly planners allow you to look at the entire month all at once. This is ideal for someone looking to organize themselves more strategically by considering a broad view of time, especially if working towards a project with a deadline that’s months away. This makes it an excellent choice for academics, who need to stay on track for big projects and papers that are coming down the pike, not to mention exams, but who otherwise mostly have a fixed schedule. A monthly planner is the best way to stay on-track from a yearly perspective.

A few cool options from ePromos:
Monthly Custom Pocket Planner
Classic Custom Monthly Planner
Monthly Desk Appointment Custom Planner

4. Desk diary

Desk diaries, also called “productivity weapons” are a great way to get on track for those who feel the burden of having too much to fit into a single day (all too relatable for most of us). With the ability to write out daily/weekly/monthly (depending on the interval you select) it can be not only a great tool for planning, but for evaluating how your time is being spent. It allows you to see what chewed up more time than originally projected, and search for ways to become more efficient in a bid to make your workday more productive.

A few options from ePromos:
Daily Wire Bound Custom Desk Diary
Soft Sewn Weekly Custom Desk Diary
Monthly Desk Custom Appointment Custom Planner

While a paper planner may be regarded as nostalgic at first glance, it’s still a trusty way to stay organized and even increase productivity when used faithfully. Giving them out to employees is a great way to benefit your organization. As mentioned above, consider them not only for their planning purposes, but the usefulness of reflecting on them at regular intervals, comparing them alongside personal/company outcomes and deliverables. ePromos offers a wide range of every kind of planner mentioned above, with the ability for customization, like adding a company name or logo—be sure to check them out!


Teach Your Employees to Use a Planner

We live in an ever-growing digital world. While it’s true that our smartphones and countless apps can house almost everything we need on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean we should totally ditch paper—especially when it comes to productivity. The good old-fashioned paper planner remains the secret ingredient to many successful and efficient professionals.

Teach Your Employees to use a PlannerUnlike your smartphone where you jump from app to app, a planner houses everything you need between its jacket. Whether you use a planner to organize your personal or professional life, you’re sure to notice the benefits it provides. In fact, research has shown that the act of physically writing something down helps you better retain the information. Planners are also a great way to detach from the distracting ‘always-on’ atmosphere of living in a digital world while remaining productive.

Providing your staff with a planner is a fantastic way to usher in some Zen-like mindfulness without halting efficiency. In fact, a study in India showed that when employees spent a mere 15 minutes at the end of the workday logging their day—what went well, where issues cropped up, goals they may have for the next few days—they were more productive than employees who didn’t use a planner. Keep in mind that if you’re going to gift planners to your staff, make sure you also spend some time teaching how to use them. Initially, those unfamiliar with paper planners may become frustrated or feel like it’s an extra chore in their workday—not realizing the benefits they can ultimately provide when used correctly. Not sure where to start? Check out our helpful tips below!

How to Choose a Planner

When purchasing a planner for use company-wide, you want to choose one that is as flexible as possible to ensure it will be relevant across different divisions. Luckily, we offer an array of handsome planners that will fit any job requirements, from customer service to sales or HR. Still looking for a few ideas when choosing one that’s right for your company? Here are some things to consider:

Consideration #1: Portability

Castelli Weekly Tucson Custom Pocket Planner - HorizontalWhen investing in paper planners for your staff, we bet it’s important to you that they use them, instead of collecting dust in an office drawer. For this, we can’t stress enough that you choose one with the ease of portability—especially if some of your staff is often on-the-go. Even if your staff is in-office all day, they still likely need to attend and document meetings during the week. Make sure the planner isn’t left behind by purchasing one that’s small and convenient enough to carry around without feeling burdensome. You might even opt for one that fits in a pocket!

Consideration #2: Customization

Again, if you’re purchasing across departments, you need something that is flexible. The best way to do this is to choose an option with customizable features so that employees feel it’s relevant to their specific role and daily tasks. This will allow them to tailor the planner to their needs, increasing the likelihood that they’ll embrace it.

Consideration #3: Blank Spaces

Blank spaces in a planner create any opportunity for individuals to add what they want. We already mentioned the idea of having employees draft daily or weekly positives and negatives (a great way to reaffirm value, boost confidence, and provide opportunities for growth), which is perfect to do across blank pages. They’re also helpful for those that prefer sketching diagrams, charts, or designs.

Consideration #4: Inspirational Spaces

Life gets busy, which can sometimes be a drain on energy and productivity. Choosing a journal with interesting or inspirational quotes (or spaces for individuals to add them in) is a great way to provide daily affirmations and boost egos. Ultimately, we all want happy staff, and a daily inspirational quote can be a quick source of positivity.

How to Use a Planner Effectively

Without further ado, here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of planners in the workplace:

Tip #1: Use It Daily

Planners are the most beneficial when they’re part of your daily routine. Plus, the more you use them, the more helpful they become. Just like you might start your workday off with a cup of coffee, reviewing and updating your planner will help center your day. This reminds you of what’s coming up later in the week and helps fit everything in on a month-long view. They’re also a great way to re-focus and give yourself (and your eyes) a computer break.

Color Code Within Your Planner to Stay OrganizedTip #2: Organize by Color Coding

Color coding your planner is a great way to quickly capture and organize what is going on in an instant. For example, you might use blue to indicate meetings, green for deadlines, and red for personal appointments.

Tip #3: Look for Gaps

As noted previously, planners are great because they house everything you need to do or be reminded of in a single space. Another benefit is that you might find areas where you are over- or under-spending time and energy. Maybe you’ve got a calendar full of to-dos for everyone else, but nothing concerning time for yourself. Or, professionally, you’ve got a ton of meetings and reminders for one project but are accidentally ignoring another in the meantime. By looking for gaps or holes in your day, month, or plan, you’ll have the opportunity to gain better balance in your schedule.

Tip #4: Use the Notes Section

Organizing your calendar is a dream with a paper planner, but it’s equally useful to use the notes section too. This is a great place to reflect on how everything in your calendar is working out, and where there might be room for improvements. The note section can also be a great space to record quick and important observations to explore later.

Tip #5: Embrace the Non-digital

Your planner may not be able to give you 15-minute meeting reminders the way Outlook can, but they are great to combine with online organization tool. In the modern office, there can be very few opportunities to sit with paper to plan, organize, and reflect. Embrace the planner for not only that, but its lack of a glaring screen!

We hope these tips have given you some insight into how beneficial a paper planner can be for productivity, as well as how you might choose the best one for your staff—and be sure to share our tips with them once they’re in-hand!


EXCLUSIVE: Snifty® Scented Promotional Pens Are Here!

In a market packed with competition, your business needs to do everything it can to stand apart from the crowd. Promotional products already help to achieve this by engaging people’s senses with a tangible product. Now, you can give your promotions an even bigger boost by engaging another sense – smell!

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Scents have an uncanny ability to trigger memories because they are the only sense that directly connects to the part of the brain that stores emotional memories.” What if your business could combine the impact of a tangible product with the emotional power of scent?

The good news is you can! Using scented promotional products is a powerful and unique way to improve brand recognition and recall. This strategy works even better if your business or tagline can be tied to a relevant scent (eg: a donut-scented pen for a bakery, a coffee scented pen for a company promising a ‘boost’ in sales, or a watermelon scent for a summer promotion.)

Your company can start taking advantage of scented promos right away with customized Snifty pens, a wildly popular retail brand that until now was not available for business use! Snifty pens come in 9 delicious scents including watermelon, fruit punch, caramel, chocolate chip, strawberry, and more. These aromatic advertising tools are made with eco-friendly materials, and their intoxicating smells can last for more than a year. Best of all, at prices as low as $0.75 each, they won’t break your budget. Grab some today and smell em for yourself!

And remember, these pens are exclusively distributed by ePromos, so don’t go looking anywhere else!


Perpetual Post-it Calendar

Post-it notes, what can’t they do? Here, the idea of a perpetual calendar made of Post-its drives home the point that they have a long lasting stickiness to them.

perpetual-post-it calendar