School & Office Promo Items


Perpetual Post-it Calendar

Post-it notes, what can’t they do? Here, the idea of a perpetual calendar made of Post-its drives home the point that they have a long lasting stickiness to them.

perpetual-post-it calendar


Mercedes Pens featured in Smithsonian

Our friend Costas Schuler and his art car the Mercedes Pens was featured recently in The Smithsonian Channel’s blog. We have actually featured this awesome vehicle on our blog before, and we are proud to be pen donors as well!

mercedes-pens-art car


Lunch Bag as Art (aka Coolest Dad Ever)

We’ve seen the sandwich bag deployed as an anti-theft device, now here we have the lunch bag as art. Specifically, this really cool dad spends his lunch hour illustrating on his kids’ lunch bags so they have something special to take to school each day. See loads more lunch bag art at his blog.

custom-lunch bag


Following-up: Fishvertising Returns

Fishvertising is back in this Pilot Pens ad.

fish pen advertising


More Urban Camouflage

Here’s another entry into our urban camouflage series. This awesome backpack folds out to turn an average schoolchild into a fire extinguisher box. This would actually be a cool backpack even if you weren’t a kid and weren’t afraid of criminals. fire-extinguisher backpack


Lifehacking with Logos

Here’s a great idea from Lifehacker: use company logos to label file folders. Because logos are (hopefully) distinctive, they should make it easier to find folders more quickly. If you’ve already gone paperless, use logo jpegs as icons for the folders for each company on you file server. (via BNET) filing cabinet