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Lunch Bag as Art (aka Coolest Dad Ever)

We’ve seen the sandwich bag deployed as an anti-theft device, now here we have the lunch bag as art. Specifically, this really cool dad spends his lunch hour illustrating on his kids’ lunch bags so they have something special to take to school each day. See loads more lunch bag art at his blog.

custom-lunch bag


Following-up: Fishvertising Returns

Fishvertising is back in this Pilot Pens ad.

fish pen advertising


More Urban Camouflage

Here’s another entry into our urban camouflage series. This awesome backpack folds out to turn an average schoolchild into a fire extinguisher box. This would actually be a cool backpack even if you weren’t a kid and weren’t afraid of criminals. fire-extinguisher backpack


And in this Corner…

Seeing the pen car reminded me that The Pen Guy really needs to meet the Reklamepenner guy. In this case, Frode from Norway, who has a killer collection of Reklamepenner that have not yet been attached to an automobile. Frode’s web site is here.

frode reklamepenner


What Is Reklamepenner?

Funny you should ask. Reklamepenner is actually Norwegian for “pen with advertising on it,” and apparently they are a popular collector’s item in Norway. For example, check out the this rather impressive collection of promotional pens, I mean, reklamepenner, that occupies an attic. If you can read Norwegian, you can find out more about it here.

reklamepenner attic


Promo No-no: Highlighter Hijinks

cia highlighersFrom The Onion, CIA Realizes It’s Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years:

“A report released Tuesday by the CIA’s Office of the Inspector General revealed that the CIA has mistakenly obscured hundreds of thousands of pages of critical intelligence information with black highlighters.”

This would never happen to anyone buying promotional highlighters from ePromos. I swear. I would even testify before congress.