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PUMA Polo Shirts: Why You’ll Love ‘Em & Why Your Brand Needs...

Company apparel – and the desire to wear it – has come such a long way. Long gone are the days of boxy, thick, white t-shirts and bunchy button-downs. Many businesses have scaled down their dress codes significantly, especially when comparing the way women dressed in the twentieth century. Now, so much a part of company culture is the desire – and the interest – to wear corporate branded apparel not just to support and promote the business, but also because it fits well. It’s moisture-wicking and cut just right. Teams get together to take selfies and voluntarily share them on social media. Companies offer apparel to their employees to purchase at a discount, and they gladly do. The change from then to now is remarkable and gives us an opportunity to hone in on how we can use this exposure to build up a brand.

Reasons to consider branded apparel for YOUR business:

1) Promote a sense of unity. Branded apparel – worn at every level – sends a message that everyone’s contribution is valuable.

2) Distinguish your brand. Uniforms assist with the brand experience after all, and customers notice the difference. Consider these statistics published by J.D. Power and Associates:

• 75% of consumers prefer employees in uniform
• 97% of the public believes uniforms make employees easier to recognize
• 70% of customers think uniforms make employees look neater and more professional
• 60% of prospects feel that uniforms make workers look better trained

3) Help guide the tone for the dress code: Dress codes can be complicated. As an employer, when you provide a “uniform,” you have just simplified your company’s dress code – that’s one less detail to worry about on how your business can succeed.

4) Logoed teamwear is cost effective. The benefits of branded apparel find their roots in the benefits of promotional products in general. More exposure! The number of impressions you get from each shirt makes apparel the best form of advertising that you can purchase.

5) Create some brand buzz. Have you ever heard the business expression, “word of mouth is like gold?” It is! There is no better way to sell your business than by your employees’ recommendation. It shows they have pride in their company. When team members take pride in their employers, they often share it with others. By wearing logoed shirts, hats or other items, employees will carry your brand out of the office and into their communities without saying a word.

With this in mind, we teamed up with our apparel experts to find a buzz-worthy shirt to feature this month. Being that polo shirts are timeless, in comes our PUMA Essential Polo Shirt. PUMA® is one of the world’s leading brands and grounded in four values: brave, confident, determined and joyful… to motivate people beyond their potential. Wrinkle-resistant and not too tight, not too loose, this polo shirt is great for work or play. It is made from 3.8-ounce, 100% polyester pique knit with a moisture wicking finish. It has UV protection and dryCELL moisture-wicking properties, drawing away sweat and keeping you dry and comfortable. The PUMA Essential Polo has all the right components: two-button placket with contrasting buttons, shaped seams and tapered waist for a flattering fit. In addition to its essentials, the polo is available in six stunning colors.

See more about the look and feel of this item on Nikki, our amazing Account Executive:

PUMA® promotional apparel offers a wide range of options to accurately reflect your business and make people take notice. Its usefulness makes it a popular and effective choice for building your brand. Remember, if you can wear it, you can brand it and advertise with style. Call us, your Promo Know-How People, to talk through how to incorporate these great polo shirts into your marketing plan.


ASI Orlando 2018: Trade Show Floor Trends

We’re back from ASI Orlando, the first show of the new year. It was fun walking this show, as there’s always a high-level of energy in the crowd. Marketers are eager to identify new trends and talk 2017 success stories with their partners. That’s probably the case with many trade shows, but being since this one took place January 2-5, 2018, everyone had resolutions fresh in their minds.

For me, in particular, this meant getting a feel for what trends would be big this season, and making that trend come to life for our avid readers. We’ll briefly explore some of the findings from the show today, and follow up in greater detail when we summarize our findings from the PPAI Expo show in Las Vegas, later this quarter.

Most-Seen Color on the floor:

Pantone’s color of the year, ultra violet, which was featured in the New York Times, as a color which “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”. Duly noted.

Custom Packaging:

Whether you’re a new company trying to break through the clutter, or an established business thanking your customers, presentation is everything.

Upscale Design:

Two decorating methods, which can be combined, stood out to me as game changers. The Spectrum printing, shown in the stars below as a tone-on-tone, and the Chisel method, where the imprint is cut out, revealing the actual color of the bottle. Full Color Basecamp Tundra Custom Water Bottles - 20 oz. SKU:10006973

Cell Phone Accessories:

Still hot! In 2015 we talked a lot about this, with the focus being on selfie sticks. One of our partners did great with these selfie lights as a giveaway to promote a concert. It was a huge hit. Even more the craze? PopSockets®Cell Phone Custom Selfie Ring Light SKU:10008332

Chip on Board (COB) Lighting:

in lanterns, flashlights and key rings. Significantly brighter, less expensive and lasts longer, this technology is slowly replacing traditional LED.


Pocket Aluminum COB Promo Flashlight w/ StrapSKU:10007737



They were everywhere! The Craft Beer industry has been increasing, as are visits and experiences around microbreweries. I loved this bottle in particular because it had a drink-easy access cap on the top. Great not only for retail, but also as a giveaway for trips to the beach, tailgating and company events. The 64 oz. holds a six-pack.

Stainless Steel Custom Vacuum Growler - 64 oz.SKU:10008329


Augmented Reality:

(technology that superimposes a CGI on a user’s view of the real world): You’d be surprised how many of our partners are dabbling in this. Think of what this means for the future of sales pitches for ad agencies!

Don’t forget, we’re the Promo Know-How People. Call us to bring your ideas to life.


Promo Products: What Every Great Social Media Campaign Needs

Before you kick off your next social media campaign, make sure you have promo products. People love free stuff, and they’ll gladly like, share, retweet, repost, comment – you name it – for a chance to win cool swag.

Here’s a great example of how promo products can generate enthusiasm and hype in social media.

Manny the Frenchie, the two-year-old French bulldog with more than half a million fans around the world, took to Instagram with some Wellness Pet Food promos.

promotional products

For fans to win a “Wellness Package,” a kit filled with goodies from the all-natural pet food brand, they had to repost a photo of the swag plus the message “I want a #WellnessPackage.” They also had to tag a friend in the comments.

Each package contained a promotional dog bowl, custom tumbler, a dog-food sample and a $10 coupon. Considering that Manny’s fans are likely fellow dog owners, these promos are spot on. They’re items that are relevant to the audience – goodies for dogs and a little something for their owners, too.

The promo products hit the sweet spot for the target audience, and there were a lot of other things done right with this promotion:

It’s simple.

Manny gets right to the point with how to win the free stuff – repost with the designated hashtag and tag a friend. Successful social media campaigns are ones that don’t require too much effort. You don’t want to bog down fans with lengthy participation requirements or confusing details.

It’s social.

Wellness is using a hashtag in its campaign – #WellnessPackage – making it easy to monitor and promote the campaign. It’s specific to this particular promotion, and it’s easy to remember and use. Unique hashtags like this are perfect for short-term promos. When people use them, your promotion gets extended reach – no matter the social channel.

It encourages sharing.

The goal with any social media campaign is to get it to go viral. The only way that can happen is when it gets shared. Manny is doing it right by making it a requirement to repost the photo and tag a friend. This skyrockets the exposure of the campaign by getting it in front of new audiences. Don’t be afraid to ask your fans and followers to share your post – but make sure it’s worthwhile for them to do so.

Social media campaigns – especially ones that incorporate promo products – can spread your brand like wildfire. As of this blog post, Manny’s Instagram promotion generated 717 likes and 42 comments. It’s fun engagement for Manny’s fans, and it’s excellent exposure for Wellness Pet Food.

Let’s hear from you: Have you ever used promo products in a social media giveaway? What was the response?


Spotted: NBC Swag From The 2014 Winter Olympics

There’s certainly no shortage of swag for the Winter Games that kick off in Sochi, Russia, in February. Fans can collect memorabilia ranging from custom apparel and bags to promotional mugs and pins.

What better way than promotional products to capture a piece of the historic occasion? The Olympics are meant to be commemorated, and there’s plenty of swag to do it.

But the swag isn’t just for flag-waving fans cheering from afar – it’s also for those on the frontlines.

NBC and its networks, which are broadcasting the Olympics, are sending hundreds of employees to Sochi to work on the games this winter, according to Fox News, and these staffers will be equipped with all the right promotional gear.

promo products

We got an inside look at the swag they’re receiving: custom jackets, sweatshirts, and backpacks.

Considering that Sochi’s coldest months are January and February, with temperatures hovering at a brisk 40 degrees, the custom apparel is the perfect gift for NBC employees. And backpacks are perpetually useful – on the job site and then back at home.

All of the promos feature a custom patch spotlighting the NBC logo and the Sochi 2014 Olympics logo. NBC got it exactly right. The promos are useful to employees while they’re covering the Winter Games, and they’re also great memorabilia from the experience.

NBC employees are pumped about the promos, too. ePromos’ staffer, Kathryn Wilson, has a sister who’s heading to Russia in January to work the Olympics for NBC. She was thrilled to receive the package with all the gear.

“It reminded me how people really love branded merchandise,” says Wilson.

Let’s hear from you: Will you commemorate the 2014 Olympics with promo items?


The Secret To Great-Looking Custom Hoodies

custom hoodie

We’ve been seeing custom hoodies everywhere now that the weather has cooled off. They’re easily one of the best apparel items for the winter season – when they’re done right.

Here’s a promo know-how tip when it comes to imprinting hoodies: Start the imprint from the bottom so the hood doesn’t get in the way.

The last thing you want is for the top half of your logo to be hidden by the hood. The best way to keep your logo in full view – whether the wearer has the hood pulled up or not – is to keep your imprint low by starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Here’s a great example. We spotted this custom hoodie commemorating a Bar Mitzvah. Check out the date and the initials (probably the initials of the Bar Mitzvah boy himself). Now notice the placement of the imprint. See how low it is? And see how the hoodie isn’t covering up any of it?

This is the secret to custom hoodies: Keep the imprint low to get the whole thing seen.


One Simple Way To Turn Custom Water Bottles Into A Powerful Promotion

Custom water bottles aren’t just great giveaways – they’re vessels for full-fledged marketing promotions. The reason? All that space on the inside. You can insert coupons, business cards, invitations, contest details – anything you want to promote. You can even insert smaller promo items such as lip balm, pens or keychains.

By making use of a water bottle’s ability to hold something, you’re elevating it from a basic giveaway to a potentially amazing promotion.

At ePromos, we love calling attention to businesses that creatively use promotional products. Hickory & Tweed is a great example. The premier ski and cycle shop in Armonk, New York, handed out promotional water bottles at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show Road Race last month.

But the shop didn’t settle for simply adding its logo and handing out the bottles. It printed a coupon with an expiration date to place inside the water bottles. Hickory & Tweed used the opposite side of the coupon for general branding and a congratulatory note to runners.

When recipients open the bottle, they have no choice but to take out the coupon. Hickory & Tweed offered a 10% discount on all bike-related items. Whether your offer is a percent-off discount or a freebie (free appetizer, free upgrade – whatever works for your business), your audience comes in direct contact with it. There’s no chance of the marketing offer not being seen.

No wonder the shop has been so well-known in the Westchester and Fairfield counties and the New York City metro area for more than 50 years. It gets how to maximize promo giveaways.

Many marketers just give out promotional items and don’t take time to think about how to turn them into a promo success. With water bottles, it’s simple: Fill them up.

custom water bottle

It’s a double gift: a water bottle and a discount


custom logo water bottle

Hickory & Tweed offered a note of congratulations on the flip side of the coupon


promotional water bottle

A crisp, clean imprint along with the shop’s phone number