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SoulCycle’s Got Style – Just Look At Its Promotional Merchandise

Want to see expert use of marketing with promotional merchandise? Check out SoulCycle’s latest hat creation.

SoulCycle, the rapidly growing cycling studio with a cult-like and celebrity following (Lady Gaga and Katie Holmes are die-hard fans), is flexing its PR and brand-building muscle with gorgeous, on-trend branded merchandise.

Started in 2006, SoulCycle now has 60 locations including New York, L.A., D.C., Greenwich, CT, and San Francisco in the U.S., and even as far as Dubai in the UAE.

custom baseball cap

While many buyers of promotional merchandise can do very well impressing their customers with standard merchandise embroidered with their logo, SoulCycle takes merchandise to another level – high fashion. (In this case for $48.) This is pure marketing nirvana.

Check out this creative hat I spotted while on, of all places, a whale-watching boat off the coast of Dana Point, California.

Here, SoulCycle creates a trendy hat that is a play on trucker/mesh-back caps – but with a fashion-forward makeover, from neon thread to a distressed look. The bright colors of the logo immediately caught my attention. It’s the perfect accessory for SoulCycle’s customers.

This is the kind of product that extends the brand as people can wear this hat to and from cycling classes and beyond. Hats are one of the easiest products to customize. The right hat can be worn over and over, whereas the wrong hat can just be a waste of marketing dollars.

People are proud of being SoulCyclers. They want to flaunt it. It’s becoming a lifestyle brand, and as such, clothing is a perfect brand extension. Like Lululemon, which became a billion-dollar company while changing how people dress, SoulCycle joins right in on the workout-clothes-are-everyday-clothes trend.

As we do with SoulCycle (some of its products are from ePromos), our Brand Consultants love helping our clients explore the possibility of extending their brand with custom branded apparel, hats and accessories. Many clients can create a small line of merchandise like you see in the mini gift shops at restaurants and coffee bars. Every business owes it to itself to see how to maximize the potential of the brand just like our friends at SoulCycle.



Knitty City Has Promo Products That Travel

A fundamental purpose of promo products is to get your logo seen – everywhere. One way to do this is to give your customers promotional items that are useful and relevant to their needs.

promotional tote bag

Knitty City, the Upper West Side yarn studio that offers classes, and knitting and crochet materials, is doing it exactly right with its promo items. It gives customers promotional tote bags, one of the most popular, most functional giveaways.

Everybody can use a great bag, and as a result, they get carried by customers. In fact, we spotted this bag all the way in Bedford, New York – almost 50 miles away from the shop itself. Because of the tote bags, Knitty City gets great brand exposure all over NYC and the surrounding areas.

Knitty City is smart to use promotional bags in its marketing – and not just because of the exposure. The bags serve a real purpose in the store. Shoppers are buying beautiful yarns, needle art books, interesting magazines and patterns, and the promo bags are a functional way to get their goods home.

Definitely not single-use bags, these reusable tote bags reflect the style and flair of the shop itself. They go where customers go, getting the Knitty City name seen all over New York.

Think like Knitty City to get your brand some major mileage. Promo products that travel are ones that are inherently useful to your customers.


Republic Records Does Promos Right

It’s always exciting to see great promos out in the world. Republic Records caught our attention recently with its cool promo items: custom beanies and custom golf bags.

The beanie is effortlessly cool with a waffle-knit design and the Republic Records logo as a bold patch on the front. Beanies, skull caps, knit caps – whatever you want to call them – are an instant way to punch up your style.

They’re a great fit for the brand, too. Republic Records, the flagship record label of Universal Music Group, focuses primarily on mainstream and urban music. It needs promo items that resonate with people who listen to these genres. Custom beanies are perfect.

So are the custom golf bags the brand also includes in its promotional gift lineup. Republic Records added its logo to Burton golf bags, associating its brand with a great name in golf.

The bags are lightweight and stylish, making them instant favorites among golfers. When they head to the links, the Republic Records logo gets seen.

These promos work so well because they’re true to the Republic Records brand. They fit seamlessly into people’s lifestyles – just like the music that the label represents.

See for yourself:

custom golf bag

custom beanie


















Promotional Lanyards Amp Up The Maroon 5 Concert Experience

ePromos’ CEO, Jason Robbins, recently attended the Maroon 5/Kelly Clarkson concert at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York, and witnessed great marketing and the great use of promotional products in action.

The 2013 Honda Civic Tour, an annual concert tour sponsored by Honda Motor Company, is in its 12th year. It must be a good investment if the company continues to do it over and over again. Marketers who do things repeatedly must be getting good results – otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Honda is a perfect example.

As you know, at ePromos, nothing excites us more than the effective use of promotional items that can make a statement, but also do their job, stopping people in their tracks, wowing them and providing them with something tangible.

Whoever receives the promotional lanyards will be reminded of the tour and the experience they had. They’re going to associate the band with the brand, and be reminded every day that they used this lanyard.

The lanyard had a breakaway, which means no strangling risk and no issues (Honda’s lawyers no doubt like this).

Then, there are the programs. Everyone hates how expensive programs are when they attend concerts and shows. Honda brilliantly created a mini program that highlighted the band complete with interviews inside, and wrapped it up in a well-executed advertising vehicle.

Honda attached the programs to the lanyards, which can be reused after the event. Approximately 600,000 people are expected to see 33 concerts around the country. That’s huge brand exposure for Honda, Honda Financial Services and Maroon 5.

The promotion is centered around the fact that people don’t like spending $15 on a program, so why not provide them with a freebie? When attached to a lanyard, it’s great advertising for Civic all over the concert.

There was also a social media aspect. Before and between the different acts, concert-goers could text or tweet with the hashtag #hondacivictour. Honda did a great job burning its name into the minds of attendees, targeting its line of automotive products to those attending the concerts.

Adam Levine and James Valentine were spokespeople for Honda’s products, which was a great way to associate the Honda brand with Maroon 5. A sweepstakes to win a motorcycle and car designed with Maroon 5’s colors rounded out the promotion.

Check out some videos and photos here:


Freddy and Jason show off a promotional lanyard

ePromos’ Accounting Manager, Freddy Eira (left), snaps a quick photo with ePromos’ CEO, Jason Robbins.


guerilla marketing street team

Wearing a promotional tank top, a guerilla marketing street team member hands out Maroon 5 programs.


promotional lanyards

White text on black lanyards is crisp and readable.


custom lanyard

The custom lanyards promoted the Honda Civic along with Maroon 5, making them the perfect concert giveaways.


breakaway lanyard

Breakaway lanyards (a.k.a. safety lanyards) feature a unique clasp that releases when tugged on and reconnects with a quick snap.


promo lanyard

An up-close look at the tag on the lanyards promoting Honda Financial Services.


Maroon 5 program

A Maroon 5 program was a great marketing piece AND a cool giveaway for concert-goers.



Kimpton Hotels Pleases With Purple Décor, Promo Products

hotel palomar

They say purple is the color of royalty, so it makes perfect sense that Kimpton Hotels, the largest chain of boutique hotels in the United States, is weaving purple design elements into its rooms and promo products. People don’t expect a typical hotel experience here – they expect something special.

We were impressed by the style and rich purple décor at Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, a Kimpton hotel, which ranks #3 out of 128 Philadelphia hotels based on expert ratings and awards, along with user reviews. The hotel also landed on the U.S. News list of the Best Hotels in Philadelphia.

We were especially delighted to find a bold purple pen resting atop a notepad on the desk. We’re always on the lookout for great promo products, and Hotel Palomar delivered.

promotional pen

The jewel-tone shade of the promotional pen immediately captured our attention. When paired with the chic hues of purple throughout the property, it’s an example of branding perfection.

Why? Because the color purple represents everything the hotel is to its guests. Purple is elegant, inviting, and associated with luxury, wealth and extravagance.

Hotel Palomar: You are simply perfect in purple. Also, we love your pens.








Uber Brings Swag And Sweets To The Streets Of NYC

Last Friday, Uber served up some great swag with the ice cream it dished out to Manhattanites and Brooklynites. While we love a good rocket pop as much as the next guy, the promo products were our favorite part of this awesome promotional event.

Uber, a company that lets customers use a smartphone app to summon a taxi, car or high-end sedan to shuttle them around the city, put a sweet spin on the usual for one magical day. It let people beckon an ice cream truck full of frozen treats and perfect-for-summer promotional products: neon tank tops and sunglasses.

promotional products

The trucks appeared curbside for customers who ordered six ice creams for $30. On one of the hottest days of the year, it was indeed sweet relief. Ice cream and freebies on a Friday? Brilliant.

Those who were lucky enough to snag the cold treats (supply was limited) now have some cool Uber swag. You can’t miss the neon hues of the promo tank tops and custom sunglasses. Uber was smart to send a fleet of ice-cream-loving customers into the city wearing its branded apparel and accessories. It’s great marketing for the company, and who doesn’t love cool shades and an airy tank top in the summer? Sun’s out, guns out.

The on-demand ice cream trucks won’t be a permanent sight on the streets of NYC, but something else will: Uber’s sweet, sweet swag.

Promo know-how tip:

Think seasonal with your promotional giveaways. Uber hit the mark with its tank tops and sunglasses in the middle of summer – let our Brand Consultants help you find great season-specific promos for your marketing.