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17 Must-Have Items for Your Golf Outing

So you’ve decided to host a golf outing? Fantastic! You already know why these events are so cherished in the hearts of golfers everywhere. You’ve done the hard part like figuring out your budget, finding the perfect course, securing some sponsors and planning the day’s events. Now it’s time to get the goods: the giveaways that will leave a lasting impression.

There are literally hundreds of golf outing items that your golfers would be thrilled with, but we’ve narrowed that list down to our top 17 must-haves for any golf outing. Check it out:

Golf Apparel

1) Elevate Textured Knit Short-Sleeve Custom Polo Shirts for Men & Women
—as low as $16.79 each—

Elevate Golf Polo Womenmen's polo shirt

2) Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique Custom Polo Shirts for Men & Women
—as low as $34.65 each—

Nike Women's PoloNike Men's Polo3) Puma Heather Custom Polo Shirts for Men & Women
—as low as $53.59—

Puma Women's Polo

Puma Men's Polo4) Port Authority Microfleece Custom Vests for Men & Women
—as low as $21.69—

Port Authority Women's Fleece VestPort Authority Men's Fleece Vest

5) Eddie Bauer Custom Fleece Vests for Men & Women
—as low as $34.69—

Eddie Bauer Women's VestEddie Bauer Men's Vest

6) Elevate Junction Packable Custom Insulated Vests for Men & Women
—as low as $59.85—

Elevate Packable Women's VestElevate Packable Men's Vest

7) Elevate Banos Custom Embroidered Jackets for Men & Women
—as low as $21.55—

Elevate Banos Women's JacketElevate Banos Men's Jacket

8) Eddie Bauer Full Zip Packable Custom Jackets for Men & Women
—as low as $37.69—

Eddie Bauer Women's Packable JacketEddie Bauer Men's Packable Jacket

9) OGIO Endurance Full Zip Soft Shell Custom Jackets for Men & Women
—as low as $80.79—

OGIO Endurance Women's JacketOGIO Endurance Men's Jacket

Golf Accessories

10) Slazenger Imprinted Shoe Bag
—as low as $18.45—Custom Golf Shoe Bag
12) Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Front Unstructured Custom Caps
—as low as $18.75—custom golf hat
14) Mission EnduraCool Custom Cooling Towel
—as low as $13.85—custom cooling towel
16) Cutter & Buck Golf Bag Custom Coolers
—as low as $31.99—custom golf bag cooler

Need even more ideas? Browse our entire collection of golf and outdoor items here!


How to Market Your Tourist Destination

Marketing your tourist destination is a unique challenge. After all, what you’re really selling is an experience—one that most folks save up months, if not years, to buy. Further, unlike a product or even a service in some cases, it’s simply not returnable. For these reasons, most people tend to be especially selective when deciding where to travel. The good news? With a smart, strategic marketing plan in place, you can ensure your tourist destination stands out amongst the competition.

There’s plenty of pros and cons to marketing as a tourist destination. Let’s start with the pros. Wherever your business is situated, the surrounding area is typically rife with cafes, bars, shopping, and services. This provides visitors with plenty to see and do with little effort on their behalf to seek these things out. Safety is another concern for a lot of travelers, especially families. Tourist destinations connote a sense of safety simply because they are popular and crowded.

Unfortunately, seasonality is always an issue for tourist destinations. However, by employing clever marketing maneuvers like those below, even seasonality can be overcome. (Quick tip: extend your season with discounts and consider cultivating a niche offseason market with a festival or convention.)
In this piece, ePromos offers some of our best advice for successfully marketing your tourist destination, whether you’re a boutique hotel, quaint bed & breakfast, grand resort, or a public official looking to bring crowds to your dreamy location.

Start with a Strategy

The Internet has made the world wonderfully small in many ways, allowing people access to places they otherwise would never have heard of, let alone considered visiting. What does this mean for you? You’ve got to work even harder to stand out. Developing a clear marketing plan is imperative to making sure your location doesn’t get lost in the overwhelming pile of Google search results.

Before you do anything else, you’ve got to come up with a strategy. This will lead every decision you make going forward. We know, it sounds like a big deal. It is. A clearly defined marketing strategy is the only way to stay on track for the long haul—ensuring each move is targeted at meeting your KPIs and overall business goals. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get side-tracked and veer off course. Not only is this an internal nightmare, you risk confusing, or worse, losing, your customers.

Define Your KPI’s

Your strategy should include how to plan to engage in the best marketing channels for your business. There is a wide range of available channels, from search engine optimization, to email campaigns, to influencer marketing, to traditional print—just to name a few. How do you pick the important ones?

The answer will depend on your specific audience and KPIs.

What advice can we offer? Don’t try to dominate every channel. Instead, set to task mastering a few. As you get comfortable with those, then consider testing out additional efforts. Marketing channels aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Some will even flat out fail you. For this reason, it’s also key to have a short- and long-term strategies with accompanying goals.

The short-term should be made up of tactics you’re fairly confident will work—AKA bring in profit so that you can continue operating. Of course, if you only focus on the short-term, you’ll be shooting your business in the foot by lacking a viable plan for growth over the long-term. Mapping out both versions, which should complement one another, create a roadmap for immediate and future growth.

Creative Ideas for Marketing Your Tourist Destination

Once you have a strategy in place, it’s time to have some fun and get creative. Below, we discuss some key creative marketing ideas to get the word out about your tourist destination. With your strategies and goals mapped out, it should be easy to cherry-pick which ideas work for your business!

1. User-generated Content: Word of mouth is still an old favorite when it comes to getting social buy-in. Why? For most folks, there’s something inherently trustworthy about a real-life review, even if from a total stranger. The motivation to “sell” isn’t there the same way it can feel like it is in other marketing tools. Use this to your advantage. Folks are leaving usable content all over the place—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, travel sites… all you have to do is find their content and ask to share it on your own channels. Also, hello! It’s essentially FREE CONTENT for you!

Another great idea for UGC is to partner with influencers who can spread the glory of your destination in enviable Instagram posts and the like. You’re essentially borrowing their fanbase to promote your destination in exchange for a free trip, service or experience. Both local and non-local influencers can be a serious boon to your biz.

2. Cultivate a Tribe: A great place to get user-generated content? Your very own tribe. These are the folks who know why your destination can’t be beat—and they’re happy to wax poetic about it to anyone that will listen. You want these people. Hell, you need them. And they’re out there, even if you don’t realize it yet.
Some businesses identify and grow their tribe a membership or loyalty program. People love perks, no matter how big or small. It feels good to be notice and appreciated—use that to your advantage. A loyal following is worth its weight in gold.

As your tribe grows, encourage word-of-mouth referrals. Like user-generated content, your tribe’s reviews will come off as more trustworthy than a whole arsenal of other marketing tools.

When getting referrals, don’t forget: love is a two-way street. Remind your tribe how much you appreciate them by thanking them publicly or even gifting them promo items. The gift might depend on your destination. For a seaside escape? Branded beach towels, sunglasses, and flip flops are all necessities. Nestled in a winter wonderland? Accessories like scarves, gloves and mittens, and luggage locks are little giveaways that can go a long way in building goodwill and loyalty.

You can gift these items in a number of different ways. Did someone tag you in a raving Instagram post? Thank ‘em and privately message them for their address send out a little promo gift. These random acts of love are guaranteed to floor your tribe. You can also create a clear system with rewards for referrals. For example, one referral or online review gets 10% off the next visit, five gets a thank you gift basket, 10 gets a discount on a one-night stay, gift card, or other more generous repayment.

3. Collaborate: Looking to make a real splash? Strike a partnership with someone with megawatt appeal. Celebrity appearances are a surefire way to get noticed. And ‘celebrity’ doesn’t have to be an actor: it could be a sports hero, someone local from a popular news story, or recognized professional within an industry that complements your own.

If Hollywood isn’t your vibe, you might also consider teaming up with a charity, nonprofit organization, or even a local bar or restaurant for a good cause. The amplified dual-marketing will get you in front of folks you likely wouldn’t capture yourself.

4. Be Where Your Customer Is: And yes, we do mean physically! You’ll want to market your brand wherever your customer considers “home”, as well as at their “home away from home”.

Consider tourists and locals, if both are your customer. For tourists, how can you help them learn more about you while they’re researching their trip at home? On the flight over? Making plans in their hotel room? Don’t just “pray and spray”! So long as you have data on your customers, you likely have a good idea where they call home, and how they learned about your business. And if you don’t have any data, you might want to start there before shelling out for marketing strategies!

For locals, your marketing tactics may be more traditional, but think back to cultivating your tribe—a community from your home base. For example, if your main demographic is older, are those people hanging around local malls and shops? Exercise classes? Activity centers? Consider setting up a table at a local event, printing and promoting traditional coupons, or posting flyers with discounts and information on their daily boards. If your demographic is teenagers and 20-somethings, your best bet for reaching them may be online (check out our Marketing to Millennials piece for some staggering stats). For that age group, you’ll need to be sure you’ve got a killer social media game.

Take it up a notch by having ePromos create a customized logo and other artwork that can be used for a cohesive strategy on social media, like Snapchat filters. Another idea: engage your audience by hosting Twitter chats about travel, or something else that your destination is known for (surfing, eco-tourism, etc.—what makes you stand out?)

5. Become Known for Something Locally: Stand out from the pack by becoming known for something wonderfully unique. It’ll create a buzz that, eventually, will carry itself with little effort from you. A fantastic example is a Philadelphia restaurant, Barclay Prime, which became known for being the home of the $100 cheesesteak. Is it a tad gimmicky? Sure. Did it land them on Letterman, countless news sites, and all over social media? You bet. And guess what? Almost 15 years later it’s still a thing—their thing. It stuck.

Discover what you can or do do well—better than anyone else around—and foster it, promote it, love it like no other. Set a record, or invite customers to attempt to set one at your place. Be the company who did or does that thing. Folks will notice. Then, they’ll get curious. Then, you’ve got them where you want them. Make their trip worth the visit, and they’ll come back with friends.

Marketing your tourist destination can have huge financial benefits, not just for your business, but the local economy. With a comprehensive, creative marketing plan using the tips above, you can guide your way to a successful, well-loved destination for folks across the globe.


Promotional Product Ideas For A Walk, Run, Or Cycle Event

Are you organizing a walk, run, or cycling event? Need some promotional product ideas? You’re in the right spot. Whether it’s for a great cause or just some friendly competition, events like these are great for bringing the community together.

People of all ages, sizes and shapes come to participate or support loved ones. Whatever the nature of your business, walkathons, marathons, cycling events, and the like give you the perfect exposure – that is, if you’re active enough to have the perfect promotional products.

5 Perfect Promotional Product Ideas

1. Custom drawstring bags.

custom drawstring bag

Let’s start with the basic race necessity. Drawstring bags allow participants to keep all their valuables in one safe spot and are still comfortable enough to wear while being active. When the #1 racer is wearing your logo, others will have to chase after it.

2. Promotional t-shirts.

logo t-shirt

Hand them out at the registration table before the race so everyone can wear your logo during the competition, or hand them out at the finish line as a congratulations gift. There’s nothing better than being so exhausted you feel you’re about to pass out and then being immediately resuscitated by an awesome new free t-shirt. Trust me – I’ve been there.

3. Logo sunscreen.

logo sunscreen packets

It’s going to be a beautiful day out! Promote your image by protecting others’.

4. Custom water bottle.

custom water bottle

This is perfect for keeping athletes’ water ice cold all day and is a lot more eco-friendly than handing out disposable bottles of water. Stay hydrated people!

5. Promotional rally towel.

custom rally towel

Give these to the athletes to wipe their excellence (or, you know, sweat) on, or you can hand out the towels to spectators to swing around in the air as the athletes race past.

All of these promotional product ideas are perfect examples of giveaways that can be used over and over again. When athletes continuously use the water bottle at their gym or rock their awesome new t-shirt around town, you and your business will be right there with them. Keep your business active by putting your logo in the hands of the active.  


Tee Off With Logo Golf Balls

FORE! The ever famous duck and cover call yelled out by golfers who just sliced right. Or maybe they hooked left. Regardless, that ball is in the bushes and you may or may not find it.

However, the next golfer to send that ball careening into the thick of unfortunate fauna might pick up that ball you could not find days ago. One person’s loss is another’s gain. Wouldn’t it be nice if losing a ball could actually make you money? Imprinting your company or business logo on a golf ball could very well do just that.

Create Logo Golf Balls for Your Company with ePromos

Pull out that driver and tee off with logo golf balls. Using major golf ball brands such as Titleist, Nike and Taylor Made, your custom creation will be remembered long after the turn. For fairway fanatics, this is a great marketing tool to help get your brand out there. Like any promotional tool, a good strategy is key when dispersing your logo golf balls throughout your market.

Logo Golf Balls Are a Hole in One Gift

Golf balls are a popular gift around the holidays, especially for an occasion such as dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. Think about the life span of a golf ball for a moment. No golfer ever keeps their balls until their golf-game retirement. Golf balls are traded, lost, and lent out all the time and as they pass from one person to another. Many people showcase their golf ball collections in their homes or offices. Having your logo on the ball, along with a web address or contact information, can be a creative form of word of mouth advertising and marketing.

Depending on what type of business you are in, logo golf balls can act as great giveaway items and can assist in recruiting new business. If you are representing at a tradeshow or a big conference, a golf ball serves as a memorable free gift that instantly markets your brand. Custom logo golf balls also make a unique leave-behind gift. From training a new staff or giving a sales presentation, leaving behind a logo golf ball is a creative approach to branding.

Whether you are a golfer or not, a logo golf ball is a fantastic promotional tool for companies of any size. Create your custom balls with ePromos and get them out on that course and tee off to put your business in play.


San Francisco Giants: Promotional Product All-Stars

The San Francisco Giants certainly know how to hit a home run with their promotional giveaways. They don’t just dole out free stuff—they co-market with community interests in mind.

custom bobblehead

This week included a promotion to celebrate the 70th birthday of San Francisco’s own Jerry Garcia. Fans could score a special-event ticket package that included great seats and a special-edition promotional giveaway: custom bobbleheads.

The team took the promotion a step further and donated ticket proceeds to the Rex Foundation, along with other nonprofits associated with the Grateful Dead. This promotion was perfect for San Francisco, home of the free love movement in the late 1960s and, of course, the Grateful Dead.

We’re also impressed with the other promotional giveaways the Giants have lined up. They’re giving fans custom games (bocce ball sets) for Italian Heritage Night, custom t-shirts for Filipino Heritage Night and promotional yoga mats for Yoga Day at the Park, a chance for fans to participate in a morning yoga session on the field at AT&T Park.

promotional bobblehead

The Giants are connecting with the community in a number of ways—from hosting a Healthcare Workers Night to an Alzheimer’s Awareness Night. And that’s just in August and September.

For Frank Sinatra Night in a couple weeks, they’re giving custom bobbleheads. We wonder, though, if they’ll play “New York, New York.” That would be music to our ears, but then again, the tune wouldn’t sound as sweet outside of Yankee Stadium. In our humble opinion, anyway.

Hats off to the brilliant marketing done by the San Francisco Giants. They’ve got some serious promo know-how.

Promo know-how tip: Determine who your audience is, and use promotional products to reach out to them in a specific, personal and memorable way.


Promotional Products Can Become Treasured Memorabilia

Think promotional giveaways are throwaways? Not at all. In fact, many promotional products can become treasured memorabilia that your customers hang on to for years.

custom baseball bats

Consider these custom baseball bats signed by Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports. He autographed them for fans after his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last week.

These custom baseball bats went straight into the hands of his admiring fans, who will no doubt proudly display this promotional giveaway.

Kudos to the marketing crew at Hendrick Motorpsorts. They showed some real promo know-how by using promotional products to connect with fans. These custom giveaways are destined to stick around for the long haul because they have value to Kahne’s fans.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional products don’t have to be signed by a celebrity or athlete to become a keepsake. Use logo giveaways to mark momentous occasions such as graduations or grand openings. If it’s an event your audience wants to remember, they’ll always hold on to your custom giveaway.