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San Francisco Giants: Promotional Product All-Stars

The San Francisco Giants certainly know how to hit a home run with their promotional giveaways. They don’t just dole out free stuff—they co-market with community interests in mind.

custom bobblehead

This week included a promotion to celebrate the 70th birthday of San Francisco’s own Jerry Garcia. Fans could score a special-event ticket package that included great seats and a special-edition promotional giveaway: custom bobbleheads.

The team took the promotion a step further and donated ticket proceeds to the Rex Foundation, along with other nonprofits associated with the Grateful Dead. This promotion was perfect for San Francisco, home of the free love movement in the late 1960s and, of course, the Grateful Dead.

We’re also impressed with the other promotional giveaways the Giants have lined up. They’re giving fans custom games (bocce ball sets) for Italian Heritage Night, custom t-shirts for Filipino Heritage Night and promotional yoga mats for Yoga Day at the Park, a chance for fans to participate in a morning yoga session on the field at AT&T Park.

promotional bobblehead

The Giants are connecting with the community in a number of ways—from hosting a Healthcare Workers Night to an Alzheimer’s Awareness Night. And that’s just in August and September.

For Frank Sinatra Night in a couple weeks, they’re giving custom bobbleheads. We wonder, though, if they’ll play “New York, New York.” That would be music to our ears, but then again, the tune wouldn’t sound as sweet outside of Yankee Stadium. In our humble opinion, anyway.

Hats off to the brilliant marketing done by the San Francisco Giants. They’ve got some serious promo know-how.

Promo know-how tip: Determine who your audience is, and use promotional products to reach out to them in a specific, personal and memorable way.


Promotional Products Can Become Treasured Memorabilia

Think promotional giveaways are throwaways? Not at all. In fact, many promotional products can become treasured memorabilia that your customers hang on to for years.

custom baseball bats

Consider these custom baseball bats signed by Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports. He autographed them for fans after his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last week.

These custom baseball bats went straight into the hands of his admiring fans, who will no doubt proudly display this promotional giveaway.

Kudos to the marketing crew at Hendrick Motorpsorts. They showed some real promo know-how by using promotional products to connect with fans. These custom giveaways are destined to stick around for the long haul because they have value to Kahne’s fans.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional products don’t have to be signed by a celebrity or athlete to become a keepsake. Use logo giveaways to mark momentous occasions such as graduations or grand openings. If it’s an event your audience wants to remember, they’ll always hold on to your custom giveaway.


Go For The Gold With Promotional Products

custom medal

People are pumped about the 2012 Summer Olympics—the Olympics Twitter account has 740,000+ followers, and the Games don’t begin until July 27. Your company can leverage the excitement of the Summer Games with promotional products.

Custom products that tie into the Olympics—think logo sport items—help you build a community with your customers. When you dive into something your customers care about, it’s easy for them to form a connection with your company.

Plus, landmark events such as the Olympics call for celebration and fanfare. Don’t let London have all the fun—your customers can use promotional products wherever they are to cheer on their favorite athletes or celebrate a victory.

While some revelry with custom products is all good, know that there are some copyright and trademark limitations. For example, using the Olympics logo (those iconic, six multi-colored rings) is a promo no-no.

However, your logo is fair game. Why not add it to one of these promotional items to spark some Olympic-sized enthusiasm for your brand?

custom drawstring backpack Volleyball has long been one of the most top-watched sports in the Olympics, making this custom drawstring backpack the perfect giveaway. Add your logo and message, and you’re set for an exciting promotion.
promotional basketball and hoop set Net some big-time exposure for your company with this promotional basketball and hoop set. It’s equipped with two suction cups on the back, and it’s even pre-assembled so your customers can set it up, shoot and score.
custom noisemaker Your customers can make some noise for their favorite Olympic soccer players with this custom noisemaker. Your logo is a can’t-miss imprint on the front, so it’s always seen as recipients flap it back and forth to show their support.
promotional goggles Get youth swimmers in the competition with these promotional goggles. They feature UV, anti-fog lenses with silicone straps. Your logo gets seen before every swim as a bold imprint on the travel case.

Promo know-how tip: Don’t blatantly use the Olympics logo or name in your promotion or try to tie your business to the Olympics. Instead, use promotional products as a way to generate excitement and share in this worldwide event with your customers.


10 Ideas For A Beach-Ready Promotion

You know how to get your body ready for the beach: eat right, squeeze in some exercise and nab the perfect swimwear.

But what about your promotions—are they ready for beach season? Consider this: About 75 million Americans are heading to the beach this summer. These sun-seekers represent a gigantic, sunscreen-slathered market to get your message across.

Beach resorts, travel agencies and cruise lines have a prime opportunity for giving guests logoed beach items, but they’re not the only ones. Any business can benefit by giving their customers promotional beach items they can use while playing or relaxing in the sun.

Memorial Day is the kickoff to summer, which means beach season is drawing near. Try these 10 beach products to add a little surf, sand and sun to your next promotion.

  1. Beach balls. Take an unexpected route and use these for company picnics, birthday parties or concerts.
  2. Beach mats. Make sure to find one that’s water- and sand-resistant to keep your logo vibrant.
  3. Beach towels. Logos pop against a crisp, white background, but tropical colors are irresistibly fun for beach towels.
  4. SPF lip balm. Protect your customers’ kissers with promotional SPF lip balm in an array of tantalizing flavors.
  5. Beach bag. Help beachgoers corral their logoed beach items with a promotional beach bag. Multiple pockets are ideal, especially ones sized for water bottles.
  6. Sunglasses. Hop on the aviator sunglasses trend for a promotional gift your customers can use in any season.
  7. Beach buckets and toys. Promote your brand and playtime with logoed items for kids. Many beach toys double as bath toys, so you get twice the exposure with parents.
  8. Sunsceen. Look for promotional sunscreen with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a beach bag or tote.
  9. Water bottles. Promote hydration with a logoed water bottle. Try packing some promotional sunscreen or lip balm inside for an easy beach kit.
  10. Coolers. Wheeled coolers are best for shuttling drinks from the car to the coastline.

Promo know-how tip: Logoed beach items are fun, useful and perfectly on time for the summer season. Score some sizzle with our hot summer specials happening now!


Golf Season Is Here…Is Your Business Ready?

According to a 2009 study, CEOs who don’t play golf are paid 17% less (on average) than those who do! Golf has long been considered a favorite sport of business professionals, buy why? Julian Small, CEO of Wentworth Golf Club in London, has a few ideas. First, golf is a sport that accommodates players of every age – even frail 65-year old bosses can get it on the action without taking health risks. Secondly, thanks to the handicap system, players at different skill levels can still enjoy competitive matches against each other without embarrassment. The third reason, and maybe the most important, is that golf isn’t exactly the most action-packed sport in the world. This means in a four-hour game, most of the time can be spent talking business, with short breaks to actually, you know – play the game.

Small also thinks that golf can be a good judge of a person’s character. The best players are those who perform well under pressure, stay even-tempered, and think strategically.

With golf season starting to ramp up across the country, your business has the opportunity to reach golf-loving business professionals in the places where they are making their biggest decisions: on the green! Here are a few best-selling promotional golf gifts that span the gamut from budget-friendly to “wow!”

Custom golf tees are great for smaller budgets or companies trying to reach large audiences. This simple accessory is a must-have in any gear bag, and is comparable to giving out inexpensive logo pens in a corporate office environment. They are cheap, useful, and used often. Imprint your company name and contact info so that clients remember your business during every one of their golf outings.
Logo golf towels are a nice mid-range gift for golfers. These towels come with a special hook that allows you to affix the towel to your golf bag where it will be on display all day long. Golf towels are used to clean balls, clubs, and wipe that stray bit of sweat from your forehead during tense matchups. They are available in a variety of colors to match your corporate color scheme, and provide a large space for your logo or marketing message.
For the most important occasions, milestones, and business relationships, you need to pull out the big guns. This custom leather golf shoe bag is guaranteed to wow any true golf fan. This quality gear bag keeps expensive shoes and other accessories in good shape, and it looks great while doing it. Putting your logo on a top-tier golf gift like this one is going to associate with your brand with quality, class, and attention to detail.

For more great promotional golf items, don’t miss our 2012 Top 10 Golf list!


Secret Weapon? MSG Uses Promo T-Shirts In Their Battle With Time Warner Cable

For 48 days, New York Knicks fans with with Time Warner Cable were left in the dark. Due to to a contract dispute between the cable company and MSG  – the network that airs most Knicks games – fans found themselves missing out on one of the most exciting and talked-about team story lines in years.

The dispute was 37 days old when Jeremy Lin suddenly came out of obscurity to become the Knicks’ starting point guard, a fairy-tale rise to stardom that sparked a global phenomenon, a six-game win streak, and soaring ratings. The sudden fascination with Lin and his story put added pressure on MSG and Time Warner to find a resolution to their conflict – fast.

The companies feuded back-and-forth in print and television ads leading up to the blackout, each trying to shed the blame and win public support. When the blackout went into effect, MSG tried a new PR strategy: they hosted dozens of game parties in NY restaurants for the fans who were missing out. At one game viewing party at Nom Wah Tea Parlor in Chinatown, NY (where Lin-sanity was understandably at fever pitch – Lin is Chinese-American), MSG broke out the big guns: promotional t-shirts imprinted with pun-tastic slogans like “Time Warner Cable Is Keeping Fans In the Dark” and “Just Lin It”. All of the fans at the viewing event got a free custom t-shirt, bolstering consumer support for Team MSG and casting a negative light on Time Warner Cable. Some thought this was a great use of team sports apparel.

Sure enough,  the standoff finally came to an end on February 17th after Governor Andrew Cuomo helped to arrange an agreement. We like to think it was the t-shirts.

Kudos to MSG for finding an easy and inexpensive way to use promo apparel to serve customers while also pulling a smart chess move on your opponent.