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Auburn BCS Championship Swag

I’ve always been impressed by how quickly a championship-winning sports team gets their hands on customized apparel. It seems that just a few seconds after the win goes into the books, every player on the team has a promotional hat, a custom shirt, and an imprinted towel!

Last night’s BCS championship game was no exception. And why shouldn’t apparel retailers rush to smother players with custom gear? The winners get plenty of air time in post-game footage and interviews, and that’s a quality marketing opportunity. Fans see the newest apparel, and before you know it there’s a line out the door!

I’m not exaggerating either. Here’s a picture from’s Twitter account which shows the boxed Auburn schwag before the win:

promotional sports apparel

…and those same boxes a few minutes later as a line of hungry fans commemorate the win with apparel of their own:

customized sports apparel

Congratulations to Auburn!

custom sports gear


Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Riverkeeper’s “I Bottle My Own”

Here in New York City, it’s widely known that we have access to some of the freshest, cleanest, and best-tasting tap water in the country. So why do so many New Yorkers insist on purchasing disposable plastic water bottles by the truckload?

At least one clean water advocacy organization is working to make it possible for NYC citizens to bottle their own water. Riverkeeper is a member-supported watchdog organization dedicated to defending the Hudson River and its tributaries to protect the drinking water supply of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents.

To encourage New Yorkers to break their bad bottle water habits, Riverkeeper sells customized stainless steel water bottles imprinted with the slogan “I Bottle My Own. 100% Fresh NYC Tap Water.” The custom eco-friendly water bottles sell for $20, which seems steep until you consider the fact that they’ll quickly pay for themselves. And of course, the profits from the promotional water bottles fund the continued efforts of the Riverkeeper organization.

promotional stainless water bottleDo you have a cause you are trying to raise money or awareness for? Promotional products are great fundraising and brand awareness items. Contact ePromos to see how they can help your company!


World Cup Apparel: Weighted Brazillian Shirt

custom soccer apparelCheck out this creative guerrilla campaign from Centauro, the largest sporting goods retail chain in Brazil. To boost sales of team Brazil’s iconic yellow football jersey during the World Cup, the store created an apparel promotion based on “the weight of the shirt” – a phrase used by many Brazilians to express the celebrated history of the team and its 5 world championship victories.

For this campaign, Centauro sourced custom clothes hangers with a special 2 kg (4.5 lbs) weight attached to them. When customers picked up the jersey on the hanger, they were surprised to find that “the weight of the shirt” was no longer just a catchphrase! Centauro ran this promotion in 120 stores and reported a 15% increase in sales of custom sports apparel during the 2-week campaign.



Houlihan Lawerence: Logo Soccer Ball Giveaway

What I really like about promotional products is the way that they benefit both the company giving them and the people getting them. Everybody wins! Here’s one of thousands of examples I’ve found:

To score some points with the community, real estate brokerage firm Houlihan Lawerence gave away branded soccer balls featuring the company’s logo and colors. Kids may not be in the market for real estate, but their parents are a different story. Kudos to the company for finding this indirect yet effective way to reach their target audience.

The kids get a free soccer ball and Houlihan Lawerence gets a reputation boost in the eyes of grateful parents. They also get free on-field advertising for the remainder of the soccer season and beyond! That sounds like a true win-win promotion to me.

Want some on-field exposure of your own? Promotional soccer gifts are especially hot with the World Cup in full swing.

custom soccer gifts


World Cup 2010 Schwag: Custom T-Shirt

With the World Cup kickoff only two days away, soccer fans are rejoicing and World Cup schwag is popping up everywhere. Check out this fun custom t-shirt, which has the first internal imprint I’ve ever seen!

For those who don’t watch much soccer, a common player (and fan) celebration is to lift their jerseys over their heads following a goal. This shirt has a face imprinted for exactly this occasion.

Stay tuned for more quality World Cup schwag throughout the tournament!

custom t shirt


Car Antenna Fishing Rod

The love-hate relationship I have with guerrilla car-vertising is leaning more towards love today. These custom fishing bobbers were tied to car antennas in Milan to market a blog that covers the Urban Island 09 event. Although I’d probably be upset if I had to untie fishing line from my car antenna, you have to admit it does make a pretty nice-looking promotion.

Car Antenna Fishing Rod