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Three Advantages Of Custom USB Drives

custom flash drives

Custom USB drives are becoming as ubiquitous as coffee mugs and pens for many marketers. Nearly everybody uses them. We can spot four at our desk as we’re writing this post. It’s our guess that you have a few stationed at your workspace, too.

Promotional USBs may be small (that’s the point), but they’re mighty marketers. Learn more about custom flash drives, and check out three big reasons you should be using these promotional powerhouses:

1. They’re cost-effective tech giveaways.

Pricing on flash memory is controlled by global supply and demand, and that pricing is about to spike. If you’ve had your eye on promotional USBs, now’s the time to buy. And, hey, as a perk for reading our blog, you’re the first to know about special pricing on some of ePromos’ most popular custom USB drives. We’re keeping this pricing through March 29, so stock up now, and keep reading our blog. You never know when we might give you the skinny on a good deal.

2. They do more than just promote a company name.

You can’t beat the versatility of promotional USB drives. From training documents and sales materials to photos and videos, you can put any kind of information into your audience’s hands. It’s a whole lot more efficient than giving out a huge stack of papers or CDs.

3. They last. And last.

Customize a promo USB drive, and your message will be around for years. Most flash drives are designed to last about 10,000 writes, and some can last a staggering 100,000 writes. As for the number of reads? Virtually limitless.

Promo know-how tip:

Don’t skimp on memory size. There should be enough memory on your promotional USBs to make them useful for recipients. Keep this in mind: A single gigabyte (GB) is good for about 200 songs, 250 10-megapixel pictures or 500 e-books. Work with our Brand Consultants on choosing the right flash drives for your promo. 


Promotional USBs: FAQ

promotional usb

Promotional USB drives: They’re small, handy and perfect for passing and storing information. Add your logo, and you have a smart giveaway your customers can use at work and at home. Want some promo know-how on the tiny but mighty promotional USB? Check out this FAQ and click the video below.

1.      What exactly is a promotional USB drive?
It is a solid-state storage medium that reads and writes to flash memory. It combines flash memory with a way to transfer the files stored on it through an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. It’s small, inexpensive and durable. Custom USB drives are most commonly used to transport and store personal files such as documents, pictures and videos. They can be inserted in most any type of computer and accessed in the computer’s files system, making it simple to add or remove files, and then transport in a pocket.

2.      What does USB stand for?
Universal Serial Bus

3.      What are other names for a promotional USB drive?

  • Flash drive
  • Thumb drive
  • Memory stick
  • Pen drive

4.      What are the different styles of custom USB drives?
USB drives come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular style is the swing drive which features a swinging cap closure. Other drives have various caps, some retract, some are built in to shapes, and some are wearable in the form of bracelets. Some come as part of pens hidden in the cap, and there are even eco-friendly styles built from bamboo. The limit is only your imagination.

5.      How long will files last on the promotional USB drive?
Our USB drives have a 10-year shelf life. Most of the USB drives that we sell will be good for 10,000 writes with virtually no limit on the number of reads.

6.      Can the drive be preloaded?
Absolutely! Preloading a drive is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your promotion. The first time your customers use the promotional USB drive, they can see your file in the directory. You can put any file you choose on the drive. When customers click it, they can instantly see the information you want them to have. Our customers appreciate the time and money they save by having us preload their USB drives for them.

7.       What does “plug and play” mean?
The device will not need any configuration or files installed; just plug it in. Your customers will be immediately ready to drag and drop files.

8.      What are the largest promotional USB drives available on the market today?
Flash drives up to 256 GB are available, with plans to release a 2 TB in the near future.

9.      Are there other uses for promotional USBs?
Due to the size, portability, and durability of USB drives, they are used to move files around and for extra storage. Even Xbox 360, PlayStation3, DVD players and DVR devices, and some smartphones have USB ports.

10.  Why does pricing change so much with promotional USBs?
Flash memory is a commodity, and pricing is controlled by global supply and demand.  Case in point: The 2011 earthquake in Japan caused pricing to go up around 30% over one weekend.



Smart Promo Idea: Custom USB Flash Drives

custom USB flash drive

Custom USB flash drives—aka memory sticks and jump drives—are handy little storage devices that allow you to pass information to your customers quickly and efficiently. They’re way more convenient than handing over a CD or wad of papers.

Plus, they’re about the size of a disposable lighter, which means they’re perfect for stuffing in a pocket or bag. Wherever your customers take them, promotional USB flash drives are up to the task. They can be dropped, jostled or trampled without sustaining internal damage.

Custom USB flash drives can be used in a number of creative ways, but they’re ideal for tradeshows and conventions. Rather than distributing a boatload of papers and forms, hand your customers a promotional USB flash drive. Your content gets presented exactly as you want it, and your logo gets seen with every use.

When you dole out custom USB flash drives, you’re making life easier for your customers. They aren’t bogged down with papers that can get lost—everything they need is right on the USB drive, whether you load it with training materials, company information, catalogs or sales materials.

It’s smart, easy marketing. Want more on how to use promotional USB flash drives for your business? Click here.

Custom USB flash drive fast facts:
Most USB flash drives weigh in at 1 ounce or less.
A flash drive is a solid state drive (SSD) technology that stores data.
The larger the flash drive, the faster it transfers files.

Promo know-how tip: Bump up the cool quotient by using a custom USB flash drive in a fun shape or bold color. Snag them while they’re on sale … which happens to be NOW!


The eBook Revolution And Why It Matters To Your Brand

When the Amazon Kindle first hit the market in 2007, a lot of people were skeptical. Would people really welcome the age of digital books with open arms? A few years later it’s safe to say that the answer to that question has been a resounding YES. While print books aren’t quite dead yet, Amazon reported nearly a year ago that consumers were already buying more Kindle eBooks than print books! The speed of this transition has been impressive, considering Amazon had been selling print books for 15 years and eBooks for less than 4 when digital copies won the top spot.

The success of eBooks isn’t limited to just Amazon and its Kindle. The entire industry is pushing more digital copies now thanks to the popularity of mobile devices like eReaders and iPad-style tablets. In fact, eBook sales tripled from 2010 to 2011 and are expected to reach a staggering $9.7 billion by 2016.

With such aggressive growth on the horizon, now is the time for your business to ride the coattails of these skyrocketing trends!

There are already dozens of custom iPad cases, promotional eReader cases, and logo media sleeves available for your business to take advantage of. These products are a smart, savvy way to promote your brand and impress customers and prospects that own these devices. Putting your logo or marketing message on a case or sleeve will ensure it’s seen every time the device is used, which is ideal for any business that wants more advertising reach and brand exposure in schools, offices, crowded subway cars, libraries, and other public gathering spots. These custom cases also make excellent corporate gifts for companies trying to “wow” their best clients with something useful and fresh.

Don’t wait until the competition beats you to it or the market becomes saturated with custom cases – act now to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new tech trend!

custom amazon kindle case




Promo Technology: Starbucks’ Magic Valentine’s Day Promotional Cup

New technologies like smart phones, QR codes, and social media are breathing new life into traditional promotional products, giving marketers exciting new ways to make their messages more memorable.

Last year, Starbucks broke new ground with custom coffee cups designed to interact with a special smart phone app they created. Using the app, users could view the cup through their phone’s screen and watch as the imprinted designs came to life.

The snowmen on Starbucks' holiday cup sing and dance when viewed through the Cup Magic smart phone app!

The app-cup interaction is made possible by a smart phone technology known as augmented reality. Augmented reality software can see what you’re phone is looking at, and then superimpose graphics, text, other information on your screen in real-time over whatever it is you are viewing.

Days ago, Starbucks updated their Cup Magic augmented reality app to support their newest promotional coffee cup – a Valentine’s Day design that features hearts and cute love-related phrases. The app even has the ability to interact with special store signage and some of the seasonal coffee bags for sale in Starbucks stores, adding even more appeal and potential for the campaign to go viral.

The recently debuted Valentine's Day coffee cup.

The Starbucks Cup Magic app is an awesome example of the creativity is possible when you combine emerging technologies with tried-and-true promotional items. We’re looking forward to the future and the tremendous opportunities it will bring for marketers that want new ways to engage and interact with their audiences!

Click below to watch the Starbucks Valentine’s Day cup come to life in their Cup Magic app:


Mailchimp’s “Great One Million User Giveaway”

mailchimp giveaways: shirts, hats, and plushies

A couple of months ago Mailchimp found themselves on the verge of a very big milestone – one million users! Faced with this looming achievement they did what any other fun and web-savvy company would do: they put together a massive promotional giveaway campaign to celebrate!

Mailchimp planned to start their giveaway as soon as they hit their goal, so weeks before the one millionth registration they set up a real-time online countdown that everyone could follow. Visitors were encouraged to bookmark the page and check back often (“it could happen at anytime!”), or sign up for their newsletter list to be notified when the giveaway was about to start.

Mailchimp was kind enough to share their subscriber stats during September, proving that promotional giveaways do work for increasing your subscriber list, even with a double opt-in!

Clearly there were a ton of people interested in Mailchimp’s free swag. The company managed to give away 1,000 custom stuffed animals, 2,000 custom hats, and 10,000 promotional shirts in less than an hour!