Toy & Game Promos


Joupi Toy Stores: Promotional Shopping Bag

Check out this cute promotional shopping bag from Joupi, a French toy retailer. The store’s slogan is “Expert in Children Smiles”, and these bags bring that tagline to life. Each bag features an unhappy looking kid imprinted on the side. When the bag is filled with toys and lifted by the handle, a rotating insert built into the bag transforms the dejected faces into happy smiling ones! This is a great¬†interactive¬†custom bag that’s sure to capture attention and put a smile on customers’ faces! Click below to watch this imprinted bag in action:


Custom Puzzle: Faces Will Be Rearranged

Today I’m keeping with yesterday’s theme of custom puzzles. What I like about these recent campaigns is that they use promotional puzzles as more than simple entertainment for recipients. These customized scrambler puzzles do some proactive marketing for products and events. In this case Duco Events imprinted the faces of two fighters going head-to-head in an upcoming bout. The tagline printed on the puzzle promises fans that “faces will be rearranged.”

This awesome interactive promotion garners much more attention than a traditional print ad would for the same event. This is one of those perfectly-executed campaigns that make you think long and hard about the most creative use of your marketing and advertising budget.

Custom Puzzle


Siemens: Compact Dishwasher Puzzle

To communicate the main selling point of their new line of compact appliances, Siemen’s enlisted the help of a unique promotional puzzle. Usually these puzzles have a large picture broken down into separate tiles that have to be arranged in order. In this case, each product was imprinted on it’s own separate tile to show customers that the appliances could literally “fit anywhere” in their kitchens. No matter where the recipients slide the tiles, the imprinted appliances fit perfectly!

siemens-compact-appliances-promotional puzzle


Stand At Attention

The last time we saw toy soldiers, was urging us all to find new jobs. This time, the toy soldier promotion isn’t playing around. This package of what looks like soldiers was sent to UNICEF supporters and potential corporate sponsors. The “soldiers,” however, aren’t really soldiers at all. Each one of the figurines is actually a child doing things like riding a bike, reading a book, playing soccer, and other childhood activities. The message is that there are too many children being forced into combat in developing countries, especially on the African continent. This powerful promotion does a good job of raising awareness about the situation.

unicef-toy-soldier children


Giant Promotional Rubik’s Cube?

Or tiny storm troopers?

lg-rubiks cube


Vending Machine Animal

Vending machines are widespread in Japan, offering a variety of both cold and hot beverages, soups, and much more. Some have humans inside, and other times, humans just dress up like vending machines. In addition to your beverage, you may get a promotional item, or, by mechanism similar to this patent, you may get a plush toy in a container the shape of your beverage. vending-machine toy