Toy & Game Promos


Cool Promos for Toy Car Fans

Ninco, a manufacturer of toy cars, has added some great promotional items to their repetoire, and even got featured on the blog Slot Car News, which I guess features news about this kind of thing. They seem to have made some good picks as far as merchandise: a nice promotional cap so fans can brand themselves and a cool carrying case for their product!

ninco promos


Is this Ballvertising or Dogvertising?

These tennis balls were imprinted for the biggest dog toy website in the Netherlands. On one side the balls say “Buy something different for a change.” Now, distributing tons of these balls in parks frequented by dogs and their owners is a great way to target their market, do the tennis balls undermine the message of the campaign by being such a great toy for dogs? dog balls


W Hotels Promotional Etch-a-Sketch

Forget your laptop, next time you’re at a W Hotel, you may be lucky enough to use the original tablet PC. Having a promotional Etch-A-Sketch in your room, W can remind you that even though you’re there on business, it’s okay to have a little fun after your meetings. Now if only they started making them with Bluetooth. w-hotel-etch-a sketch


Giant Toy Promotion Down Under

Normally, people can’t be promotional products. Unless the people are imprinted. However, if you dress someone up like a soldier and attach a gigantic hand to their back, then they are, kinda. Of course, the notion of a life-size toy soldier is kind of like land monkeys: they’re like sea monkeys, except they’re just real monkeys.

giant-toy promo


Action Item One: Make Custom Action Figures

You can get a long way with good product selection and a creative imprint, but sometimes you just gotta go all out and custom make your own perfect promo, like this truly awesome “super recruiter” action figure given out to promote Yahoo’s Hot Jobs. When the stakes are high, like the competitive world of career placement, sometimes only the most unique promo you’ve ever seen will do, and the way to do that is to make a new product and pay attention to all the details down to the packaging and copy. You’ll need to have someone help you custom manufacture it overseas, but the end result can be incredible. Or at least super. super-recruiter-action figu


GTA Mirror vs. Anti-Tobacco Promos

While one blogger feels that this promotional mirror given out at the launch party for the controversial video game Grand Theft Auto III, the Department of Health is using promotional items tied into the Little League World Series to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco, particularly chewing tobacco. This isn’t the first time promos have been alleged to encourage or discourage drug use. gta mirror.JPG