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Custom Drinkware Gets A Secret-Agent Twist In Sony Promotion

Anybody see Skyfall, the latest installment of the James Bond franchise? Movie-goers in Sweden got an action-packed start to the film—and it began with custom drinkware.

Sony, one of the movie’s official sponsors, wanted to promote its Xperia smartphone (which happens to be Bond’s waterproof phone of choice). It filled promotional cups with free soda and handed them out to audience members as a nice surprise.

But the surprise wasn’t just a free soft drink—some of the logo cups contained a brand-new Xperia smartphone. Before the previews started rolling, a video popped up on screen, telling unsuspecting movie-goers that if they heard a ringing from their promotional cups, they had just won the Xperia phone inside.

What a clever, secret-agent style way to prove that the phone is waterproof. Some might be skeptical that the phones would still work after being submerged in a syrupy sweet beverage. This was the way to show them otherwise and creatively promote the Sony brand.

It was excellent guerilla marketing for Sony, which has the Xperia all over the movie (talk about great product placement), and aims to express the message: “Even a man working alone needs technology that works together.”

If you ever wondered if promotional drinkware could be exciting, here’s your proof.


Promo know-how tip:

As Sony shows, logo cups are great vehicles for other items. Consider placing custom candy or a promotional t-shirt inside to double your brand exposure.  



Promotional Products Appear In AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

The widely successful AMC show, Vince Gilligan’s brilliant “Breaking Bad,” really gets the promo culture and how using promotional products can create authenticity. The show is so realistic that it actually created a brand identity for its fictional fast-food chain, Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish for “The Chicken Brothers”), which is, viewers know, a front for the famous blue meth manufactured by Walt White and Jesse Pinkman.

promotional air freshener

We love the way the show incorporates a promotional air freshener in episode S4E12—it takes a lot of work for TV producers to create scenes so realistic that they actually include custom promotional products.

The brand also extends to cool t-shirts, and various websites are picking up and capitalizing on the trends. Case in point: promotional t-shirts, promotional t-shirts and yet more promotional t-shirts.

Get caught up on Netflix—Season 5 just started in July 2012—and watch how the show creatively weaves in promotional products.

Promo know-how tip: Make your customers feel like an insider with your brand by using logo items.


Give Your Audience What They Want: Grateful Dead Promotional Products

Grateful Dead custom tote bag

Grateful Dead, one of Rolling Stone‘s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time, is more than a rock legend — it’s a marketing powerhouse.

The band is selling various promotional items online at — everything from custom tote bags and t-shirts to promotional keychains and picture frames.

What a classic example of monetizing and extending a brand. The band continues to rake in money and get exposure because it’s smartly using Grateful Dead promotional products showcasing their logo.

It has a pre-established, loyal audience (hello, Deadheads!), and they’re happy to wear, carry and display promotional products that bear the Grateful Dead name. As a result, the Grateful Dead brand gets continued visibility and growth. That’s some serious promo know-how.

Promo know-how tip: If your company has a dedicated fan base, put your brand to work by selling your audience promotional products.


Promotional Products Get Fans Geared Up For Movie Release

movie marketing

Are you pumped about the opening of The Dark Knight Rises? We are, too. And we love how promotional products are being used to generate excitement for the film.

Here’s the scoop: Mountain Dew teamed up with the movie to create DewGothamCity, an online experience where Batman fans can score loads of promotional products. They first collect codes from Mountain Dew packs, earning them points to cash in on Gotham City promotional items.

Consumers can snag promotional products such as custom t-shirts, promotional belt buckles, custom watches, custom hoodies and promotional tablet skins. Each promotional item is limited edition, giving it an exclusive feel.

This campaign has great interactive elements, too. Consumers can upload their mug shot at the Gotham City Police Department, earning them a badge to become a Gothamite. They can pick up a virtual issue of The Gotham City Observer at the Gotham City convenience store or even head to the Bat Cave to see excerpts of the film before it opens.

This campaign has it all: excitement, intrigue, exclusivity and some really great promotional products.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional products can add a whole new dimension to your company’s event—whether it’s a grand opening or a tradeshow. Make it exciting by using promotional products to build suspense and keep your audience engaged.


Promotional T-Shirts Star In Album Pre-Release

Matisyahu delivers more than reggae fusion tracks for his fans—he also kicks in promotional t-shirts.

His new album, “Spark Seeker,” is available next month, and to drive pre-orders, Matisyahu is using promotional t-shirts as part of a collector’s edition package. The promotional t-shirts are packaged with a collector’s edition photo book, hand-signed graffiti lithographs and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl.

promotional t-shirt

Matisyahu’s fans would likely snag the new album eventually, but by using promotional t-shirts, Matisyahu is creating an unmistakable buzz.

Promo know-how tip: Make like Matisyahu and use promotional t-shirts as part of a combo package. You could tuck a promotional t-shirt inside a logo sport bottle, for example, or place a promotional t-shirt inside a custom bag.


Case Study Monday: “It Takes A Thief” Collector’s Set

Challenge: Entertainment One was planning to re-release “It Takes a Thief”, a favorite spy television show from the sixties, and was looking for a way to refresh the classic series for contemporary markets. The company decided to sell the complete television series on a set of DVDs in an effort to modernize the iconic show in order to rekindle original fans and attract younger audiences as well. To incentivize customers to purchase the disc set, they revamped the graphics with bold colors and cutouts and were looking to include a promotional gift-with-purchase to sweeten the deal for consumers.

Solution: The client approached ePromos Account Executive Caren Aardema with the idea of including a custom coaster with the DVDs – a useful and relevant promotional giveaway considering the fact that it could be used while the customer watched the DVD in their home. The client initially inquired about a single coaster with a basic one color imprint, however, Aardema utilized her industry experience to locate a factory with custom capabilities who could produce an entire set of the coasters plus unique packaging that coordinated with the rest of the disc set. Not only was the complete set less expensive than some of eOne’s original suggestions, but the factory was also very close to the client’s distribution point, which saved the client money on freight costs and provided additional time for the custom design process.

Result: The coaster sets were completed and delivered well in advance of the release of the DVD sets. Within weeks of the initial release a second batch was scheduled for production! Consumers have responded positively to the free gift and sales of the collector’s set have exceeded expectations.