TV, Music & Movie Promos


Guerrilla Bookmarks: “Mr. and Mrs. Mishra”

This nifty guerrilla promotion comes to us all the way from India. To promote a TV series about a cunning crime-solving couple (Mr. and Mrs. Mishra), custom bookmarks were placed in the middle of mystery novels at various bookstores. Customers who were already on the lookout for some good mystery fiction were the ones on the receiving end of this promotion, so the campaign’s targeting was right on-point. Use this as a guiding example the next time you’re trying to find and distribute a promotional product that is guaranteed to reach your niche audience!

custom bookmarks


Wicked: Souvenir Cup

My friend got her hands on this promotional cup at a showing of Wicked on Broadway the other day. Although drinks cost a pretty penny at plays in New York City, at least you get a nice souvenir cup out of the deal. Right now she’s using it as her daily coffee mug, which is a nice testament to the branding power promotional products.

wicked-souvenir cup


A New Kind of Movie Promo

Promotional t-shirts have been used to promote countless movies, but what about promotional t-shirts for fictional businesses and organizations that were featured in movies? Well, now you can buy them. A great idea that pretty much had to happen someday, Last Exit to Nowhere sells a variety of t-shirts promoting fictional businesses from your favorite movies.

movie shirts


Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Everyone’s favorite cartoon family, who have been featured on this blog countless times, are now going to be on postage stamps. Why now? I have no idea. They aren’t even dead yet.

simpsons-postage stamps


The Coraline Boxes

What better way to market a quirky, meticulously animated movie, than by sending 50 unique, handmade boxes to 50 bloggers?

coraline-box 1

That’s what the marketers of Coraline did, and it generated quite a bit of buzz. Most of the bloggers who received the boxes wrote about and posted photos of them.

coraline-box 2

Because many of the items included in the boxes were used in the actual movie, it was a great way to generate interest for the unique (at least in these days of CGI) animation techniques that were used.

coraline-box 3


Metal China

Pierre Blanc metals up some fine china. I can’t read French, but if I ever get married, my registry will be there.

metal china