Adidas Reinvents Their Business Cards On A Shoestring

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Business cards definitely aren’t the most exciting way to spread the word about your business. Everybody uses them, and more often then not they wind up in lost or in the garbage before they get a chance to do their job. But not every business card has to be completely dull and lifeless. When you use inexpensive promotional products as your blank slate, the possibilities for creative and engaging business cards are endless.

Here’s one example of a tangible product being used as a business card from Adidas stores in Brazil. The brand wanted to experiment with something more memorable than a cheap white paper card, and came up with the idea to print their store information on something all of their customers would recognize – a custom shoelace!

Studies have shown that tangible products lead to greater brand recognition, so the next time you’re about to pour money into your business cards, consider investing in something more powerful!

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