Care For Any Custom Apparel With That Cupcake?

Baked goods aren’t the only thing NYC’s Magnolia Bakery is churning out—the iconic bakery also sells a fantastic collection of custom apparel.

custom apparel

We love the idea of showing your affinity for cupcakes by wearing your favorite bakery’s logo, and Magnolia Bakery is serving up exactly what we want. Its custom apparel is stylish and fun, from army-style caps to fitted tees.

It even offers custom apparel for little ones. Customers can pick up a onesie (it’s “deliciously soft” in 100% cotton) that features the bakery’s logo on the back and “Baked Fresh” on the front.

If the red velvet cupcakes didn’t win us over, this adorable onesie certainly did.

We’ve seen coffee shops sell custom apparel, and it’s also a smart move for bakeries and restaurants. There are two main reasons why:

 1.    Customers want to show their affection for your brand.

Whether they’re craving a cupcake or an iced coffee, when fans gotta have it, they head straight to your shop. That deep-rooted affinity is there—now make it visible with custom apparel. When customers are passionate about your brand, they’re happy to show it by wearing custom apparel with your logo.

2.    You have a captive audience.

When customers are waiting in line to purchase their treat, give them something to look at: custom apparel. Add a shelf of folded custom t-shirts behind your bakery window or display custom apparel by the registers. They just might decide to splurge on a calorie-free takeaway.

Magnolia Bakery is doing it exactly right. It’s giving customers a reason to come back for more (delicious baked goods), and it’s using custom apparel to turn those customers into brand ambassadors.

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional t-shirts appeal to the largest audience, but you can also sell custom apparel such as aprons, scarves and beanies. Our promotions specialists will work with you to determine the best apparel for your business.

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