Custom Fanny Packs are Seriously In Fashion – Here’s Why…

Fanny packs are hot right now. Yes, kids of the 80s, you read that right. The packs you happily strapped around your waists decades ago are back in a very BIG way. So, dig up your classic cache pack and get with it, because, like other glam trends, neon, iridescent and acid wash, these old faves are hotter than ever. Don’t believe it? Check out #fannypack on Instagram and the nearly 600,000 posts with that tag.

And if you can’t find your cache fanny pack or you just want to share the love with your customers, clients and team – we’ve got you covered. Our modern collection of fanny packs borrows from the very best of old school bags with new features, collections and fabrication that makes them a great promotional gift for anyone.

Better still, bags start at $2.29 per piece. So, whether you want a custom fanny pack complete with a built-in Koozie® (cheers to that), a standard pouch in a fun color, something for the athletes among us or a traditional running belt fanny pack – available in big, bold colors just like your 80s go-to, we’ve got something for everyone.

Granted, these custom fanny packs aren’t just trendy, they’re super functional. Think about walking a trade show floor, making your way through a theme park or, simply, racing through the airport. Having to rummage through your bag, backpack or suitcase just isn’t in the cards. Instead, with a quick “zip” you can get your essentials from your fanny pack, all without missing a beat.

And, in that vein, when you are navigating those super-crowded spots, having your valuables literally attached at the hip is great from a safety and security perspective. While bags and backpacks are easy to leave behind, easy to spill and, even, easy for sticky fingers to access, fanny packs are a body-worn fort – no one is getting in and that bag isn’t leaving your side. In other words, no more worrying about your wallet/keys/iPhone®. They’re all in the pack.

As for us, while it’s impossible to pick our favorite fanny pack, we’re loving this Camouflage Fanny Pack, perfect for can’t-miss personalization. Camo is huge right now so this fanny pack, similar to the neon running belt fanny packs, is in serious demand among nostalgic Millennials and Gen X’ers, retro Gen Z’ers and everyone in between. Get in touch to get your custom fanny packs in motion.


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