Custom T-Shirts Help GOOD Fans Look, Well, Good

It’s only natural for the people at GOOD to want their fans to look good—good is what they do. That’s why the global association that seeks out all things good started selling custom t-shirts in an online store. Fans can browse The GOOD(s), as they’re so aptly called, and score custom t-shirts along with back issues of GOOD’s quarterly magazine.

custom t-shirts

We love how GOOD is using promo t-shirts to expand its brand, and we love the angle: It’s not enough to read GOOD—you gotta look GOOD too.

The promotion is catchy and fun. We can almost visualize purchasers wearing the tees while pursuing something good, whether that’s getting hands-on at a community service project or reading about other people doing good in the magazine’s latest issue.

GOOD’s marketing team gets it: Monetize the brand by selling custom t-shirts and have loyal fans spreading the GOOD name.

It’s all good in our book.

Promo know-how tip: If you already have an online store, you need to be offering your clients promotional products. As GOOD demonstrates, you don’t need dozens of items in your shop—even just one well-chosen promotional item can achieve a boost in brand exposure.

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