Custom Tees to Get Them Talking

Get creative with your t-shirts. These are not your average promotional t-shirts we’re talking about here. These are beautifully unique, eye-catching, bold billboards for your brand set in motion.

What are Some Unique T-Shirt Imprint Options?

Here are some examples of just a few of the unique t-shirt imprints we can do for you to help your brand stand out:

halftone imprint on tshirtHalftones: Using small dots blended together, halftone imprints give the appearance of smooth, multiple-color artwork without the cost of adding extra colors. Halftones are best used with simple designs as they will result in some loss of detail.

discharge imprint on tshirtDischarge: This type of screen printing process actually removes the shirt’s dye as opposed to putting color on top. It’s best used with darker shirts and results in a touchably soft and unique design.

eight spot color imprint on tshirtEight-Spot Color: Eight-spot color processing goes beyond the standard CMYK four-color process to include lighter shades of cyan and magenta (LC/LM) as well as a diluted yellow and black (LY/LK). This process results in a smoother gradient, less grainy, overall more photo-like image.

metallic ink imprint on tshirtMetallic Ink: Silver and gold metallic inks produce a reflective surface in your design. The liquid gold and silver inks are slightly thicker than standard inks, so they work best with designs without small details.

golf foil imprint on tshirtFoil: Bright and extremely shiny, foil transfers really pop on a shirt. The surface is adhered with clear ink for a unique-looking overlay of reflective gold or silver.

DTG: Direct-to-garment processing offers a rainbow of colors in the most cost-effective way for lower-quantity orders. It’s digital printing at its finest. Because it uses a machine akin to a large inkjet printer, you can take advantage of virtually any number of colors resulting in a beautifully crisp imprint.

What Else Should I Know About Unique T-Shirt Imprints?

When you use these types of unique and eye-catching imprints on your t-shirts, there are a few things you should expect. First and foremost is a huge and positive response from your target audience!

But these methods may not work for everyone. For example, we have found that they really work well with industries such as fashion, technology, gaming and racing. Cutting edge markets such as these often cater to millennials who respond incredibly well to these types of awe-inspiring, exclusive designs.

In addition to your target audience and your industry, consider the t-shirt material when you shop. For all of the imprint methods above, you will get the cleanest results with a shirt that is 100% pure cotton. If you choose a blend, the imprint will not be as crisp, and you will achieve a more vintage look. So it all depends on what style you’re going for.

The last consideration is timing. Often with special imprints we require a bit more time for processing than a standard screen print, for example. However, if you’re on a tight deadline we will do everything we can to work to complete your order within your timeframe – just let us know what you need and when! And of course, call us or get in touch with any other questions.

Give your company a competitive advantage with t-shirts that get people talking today!

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