Logo Hat Promotional Poetry

I was just checking out a blog by one of our competitors, Branders, and I wanted to share a passage of considerable beauty and whimsy:

Baseball caps as promotional allocations are such, within essence. First worn within the morning 20th hundred, they possess since concluded with various panel styles, erected blueprint plans and even finish. And they retain designing, with belief athletic marks composing dry-fit, greatly colorfast and reflective logo caps that would produce Babe Ruth proud. Possibilities? Endless.

Each in our own way, we strive to shine a light on the oft-forgotten corner of human existence that is the promotional products industry. Me, through my observations and writing, which are perhaps more often repetitive and tiresome than illuminating. They, through computer-generated (I hope!) text that, while entirely devoid of meaning, is overflowing with a bright and confusing charm. To work alongside them (it?) truly produce me proud!

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