4 Creative Ways To Use Custom Stress Balls

There are lots of ways marketers can use custom stress balls, those squishy little spheres that everyone loves to squeeze. Here are a few ideas for using them in promotions:

1. Party favors

Hosting a corporate gathering, meeting, luncheon, or some other get-together? Send guests home with promotional stress balls as a memento. They’re lightweight and easy to bring back to the office, and they’re fun to keep on the desktop. Tip: Think outside the sphere. Stress balls don’t have to be ball-shaped – they can be custom shapes to fit the theme of your event.

2. Employee wellness

More than 60% of illness and disease is a result of stress, according to the American Medical Association. Help your staffers slash their stress with the ultimate stress-busters: custom stress balls. Tip: Give each employee a stress ball and keep some in big, glass jars in conference rooms, too. Try instituting company-wide stress-ball breaks as a way to promote a healthy, relaxed work environment.

3. Leave-behind gifts

Do you have a sales team that regularly visits clients? Have them bring imprinted stress balls to meetings. Everybody loves freebies, and it’s a unique way to show that you’re in the business of solving problems. Tip: Use scented stress balls to engage their sense of smell. Depending on the scent, you can promote feelings of energy or relaxation.

4. Event giveaways

Stress balls have some serious brand-building power, and they easily fit into most marketing budgets. That’s why they’re ideal giveaways for conferences, tradeshows and other events. Tip: Don’t try to cram too much into the imprint. Stress balls are most effective when customized with a company logo only – not lines and lines of text.

custom stress ball

An Example Of Stress Balls In A Promotion

Here’s a look at how our client, Diane Evans, used stress balls for the City of Dallas – which happens to be #9 on Forbes’ list of the “Most Stressful Cities.”

Evans needed custom imprinted stress balls for a presentation on stress the city was conducting as part of its WellAware Program, which is designed to improve the health of employees, retirees and their families.

She needed them fast, and as a first-time ePromos customer, she was thrilled with the service we provided. “The customer service was extremely phenomenal,” she raves.

Evans had 250 stress balls in assorted colors ready to go at the venue as attendees walked in to the presentation. The promos were perfect for the topic – stress – and they were useful reminders to cope with stress as it happens.

When you want to give people a tangible reminder about your business or message, custom stress balls can be a fun, creative way to do it. People naturally want to give stress balls a squeeze, and when they do, your logo will be right there.

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