4 Reasons To Give Custom Koozies At Your Next Class Reunion

Custom koozies, those handy foam or fabric devices to insulate drinks, are a must if you’re planning a class reunion. You can add your school logo or mascot, or even a clever saying about your class year, and voila: You have a great favor for the event.

Here are four reasons promotional koozies belong at class reunions:

1. They’re affordable.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your giveaways to be the hit of the party. Many custom koozies are priced well under a buck a piece. This means you don’t have to bust the budget for the alum and his or her significant other to take home a favor.

2. People can use them right away.

Koozies aren’t giveaways that get stashed in a purse or bag for later – they get used immediately. Whether attendees are sipping soda, beer or bottled water, promo koozies keep those beverages cold.

3. They’re fun keepsakes.

Every time people use the koozies, they’ll think back on the class reunion – and that goes back to the reason above. Give people something they can use on the spot, and your giveaway will spur memories of the event every time it’s used.

4. They fit the party atmosphere.

Class reunions are all about good times and bringing people together. When attendees are enjoying cold drinks and mixing with old friends, promotional koozies fit right in. That’s why they’re so popular at weddings. When it’s a festive environment and people are imbibing, koozies are a great fit.

promotional koozies

An Example Of How Custom Koozies Were Used At A Class Reunion

ePromos provided more than 100 promo koozies for our client, Leah Pollock, who helped organize the 20-year reunion for Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, a private high school in Wichita, Kansas.

The koozies were incorporated into place settings, making a nice presentation as attendees sat down to dinner.

“They were a last-minute addition to our event, and everyone loved them,” Pollock says. “I was blown away by the quality of the product. It couldn’t have been a better gift – the bar served can beer at our event.”

When people take the time and make the investment to attend a class reunion, give them promotional products that show off their alma mater. Custom koozies are ideal party favors – whether they’re included in place settings as our client has done, or they’re given to attendees in another way. Let our Brand Consultants discuss some creative ways to kick up your class reunion with custom koozies.

We want to hear from you: What promo products do you love to receive at class reunions, weddings, parties and other events?

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